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Friday, October 25, 2013

Released: 10/25/94 Various Artists - Even More Dazed And Confused: Even More Songs From The Film

Winter 1994 Dazed And Confused Sndtrk Ad (No. 2)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Various Artists including:
The Edgar Winter Group/ Alice Cooper/ Steve Miller Band/ Head East/ War/ Seals and Crofts/ Dr. John/ ZZ Top/ Black Oak Arkansas/ Foghat/  Peter Frampton

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Starts Today! 07/17 - 20/13 Moondance Jam 22 @ Walker, MN

07/17 - 20/13 Moondance Jam 22 @ Walker, MN

Moondance Jam 2013 kicks off today in Walker, MN with the annual "Pre-Jam Party," this year featuring Transit Authority/ The Fabulous Armadillos/ Hairball. The full festival gets underway starting Thursday night and continues through Saturday with one of the better lineups of talent the festival has had in recent years. Starting off with a relatively small lineup of local and regional bands back in 1991, Moondance Jam, now in its 22nd year, has grown into one of the most anticipated and highly attended classic rock music festivals in the Midwest.

Full festival details: Moondance
Keep up with all the action as it happens at:

I'll update here with some video as it becomes available...

Update: 07/18/13 - 5:40am

Update: 07/19/13 - 3:05am

Update: 07/19/13 - 1:00pm

Thursday night 07/18/13 - Buckcherry

Thursday night 07/18/13 - Cheap Trick

Thursday night 07/18/13 - Motley Crue

Update: 07/19/13 - 7:10pm

Friday afternoon 07/19/13 - Sweet

Update: 07/20/13 - 8:00pm

Friday night - Blue Oyster Cult

Friday night - Slash

Saturday, October 20, 2012

One For The Must See List: "Texxas Jam '78" (2012)

I've long agonized over not being old enough to have attended this one, from my standpoint what must have been one of the most amazing days of rock and roll in the entire decade of the 1970's. Stumbled across the documentry trailer (below) this past week while slumming around Youtube looking for something completely unrelated. The movie here is called "Texxas Jam '78," an Archway Pictures production released earlier this summer. IMDb lists release date as 07/04/12

Texas World Music Festival 1978 (day 1) (aka) Texxas Jam II - 1978
@ The Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX
/w/ Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush/ Aerosmith/ Ted Nugent/ Heart/ Journey/ Head East/ Atlanta Rhythm Section/ Eddie Money/ Van Halen/ Walet Eagan/ Blackstone/Cheech & Chong

Tickets: $13.00
Attendance: 100,000+
High Temperature: 104*

Additional footage...for such a monster show there is, surprisingly, very little available.

Ch. 8 T.V. News (Dallas, TX) Report /w/ Van Halen footage

Heart (Fan produced video)
Video uploader/creator, "Necrocosmicannibal," describes the Heart video:
"This is a video I put together of Heart Live at the 1978 Texxas World Music Festival (Texxas Jam) with a slideshow of pictures and memorabilia I collected from the web of the show. Only 5 of the photos are mine, as denoted by 'JD' in the bottom right. The rest of the photos are from the web - special thanks to the owners of those. The audio is from an old cassette tape of mine I had recorded later that year from Dallas/Ft.Worth radio station KZEW - The Zoo."

Aerosmith (full set including "Milk Cow Blues" /w/ Ted Nugent)
 (Aerosmith "Texxas Jam '78" VHS - 1988)

Friday, April 8, 2011

04/07 & 08/79 California World Music Festival @ Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

04/07 & 08/79 California World Music Festival (T-Shirt Detail)
Detail from a rare California World Music Festival T-Shirt.
(Image via an expired eBay auction)

"110,000 Attend California Festival"
by Sally Rayl
Rolling Stone Magazine - 05/17/79

The two-day California World Music Festival, held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum April 7th and 8th, drew some 110,000 rock fans and grossed approximately $1.2 million, according to Jim Rissmiller of Wolf & Rissmiller, promoters of the event. Nevertheless, the festival, which cost about $1.4 million to produce was a financial failure.

"I didn't get into it expecting to lose money," Rissmiller said, "but I was prepared for that. My major concern was making the concept work, and in terms of everyone's cooperation, it was a success." He added that he still hopes to make the festival an annual, perhaps seven-to ten-day affair.

Rissmiller had expected that as many as 180,000 people would attend the event, and he blamed last year's California Jam II for the poorer turnout. "It seemed people were afraid this would be another Cal Jam II, which wasn't nearly as organized as this show," he said.

The festival was the first big rock concert held within L.A. city limits since Jethro Tull played the Coliseum in August 1976. About 120 people were arrested at teh show, mostly because of then-Police chief Ed Davis' crusade against Marijuana, and as a result of the crackdown, most shows were moved to neighboring Anaheim, Inglewood or Santa Monica. About 125 people were arrested at teh festival but Rissmiller called that figure "insignificant for the number of people in attendance."

For the most part the festival was orderly and nonviolent; it was also fairly uninspiring musically. Festival vets Ted Nugent and Aerosmith headlined, but Cheap Trick (whose Rick Nielson threw a $700 guitar to the throng) and Van Halen turned out to be the crowd's favorites. Other groups didn't fare as well with the hard-rock audience: The Fabulous Poodles were pelted with fruit and vegetables, and the Boomtown Rats faced an occasional onslaught of paper cups. Rats singer Bob Geldof managed to work the crowd well enough, however, to get an overall good response.

The festival also featured a midway on surrounding grounds and a rock & roll supermarket in the adjacent Sports Arena. The supermarket's best seling items, appropriately enough, were Cheap Trick t-shirts and jackets and Roper 714 candy Quaaludes.

Oddly, video from this festival seems to be in short supply - I only came across two (admittedly, I did NOT spend hours looking for more) - this one of Aerosmith (below), from a local L.A. TV station news broadcast, and one of some silent, Super 8 fan-filmed footage of Van Halen, but that was of such bad quality I declined to add it here.

Monday, December 28, 2009

12/28/02 - 7 Years Ago Today in St. Paul, MN - B.T.O./Head East/Mark Farner

12/28/02 BTO/Head East/Mark Farner @ St. Paul, MN (Ad)
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

A few days after Christmas 2002 I found myself with not much to do and I'd been hearing radio spots for this show in St. Paul featuring B.T.O., Head East, and Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad. The price certainly was right - only $9.92 (+ those damn Ticketmaster fees - which actually were not so bad back in '02) so I decided what the hell, I might as well go.

12/28/02 BTO/Head East/Mark Farner @ St. Paul, MN (Ticket)

I left a bit early in the afternoon to do a little browsing in St. Paul before the show. One of the antique stores I stopped in at actually had a small selection of vinyl so I went through it and turned up a 7" single of "Bad Time" by Grand Funk from 1975. It only cost a dollar so I thought I might as well pick it up and bring it to the show on the off chance I might manage to meet Mr. Farner. Glad I did...

A 7" single by Grand Funk from 1975 - "Bad Time" - autographed by Mark Farner.

Mark Farner(who left Grand Funk behind when they disbanned in 1977) and his band of Detroit musicians were up first and they played a great set of blues-based material, including several Grand Funk classics. After they were finished I moved myself over to the security gates that were near the right front of the stage, and sure enough, several others were lining up there as well for a chance to meet Mr. Grand Funk. A few minutes later he appeared and was happy to greet his fans and sign autographs. I was glad I'd picked up that 7"!!

Mission accomplished, I headed upstairs to the upper deck for a better spot to view the rest of the show. Head East played next and I was surprised I knew so many of their tunes without ever having owned one of their albums - I guess years spent listening to local classic rocker KQRS-FM was probably the reason for this.

Then B.T.O. came out and they sounded really amazing actually. I always thought they'd be kinda cheesy live, this was the first time I'd seen them despite having had several chances to do so previously, and I was really impressed. They sounded...heavy! The singer even commented on this about half-way through their set, saying "Wow. I don't know what it is about this place (the Roy Wilkens Auditorium) but we sound like a Heavy Metal band in here!" I don't know if I'd go that far, but they did sound thick and heavier than I expected. Actually, most bands I've seen over the years at the Roy Wilkens (and there have been MANY) have sounded very good - there's just something about that venue thats very condusive to live music. Anyway, the show was a great way to spend a late December evening with three bands who had produced so much classic rock through the years - it was like stepping back into the late 1970's for an evening and it was, unlike the title of the Grand Funk 7" pictured here, a very good time.