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Bette Midler - Bette On The Boards
CowDuck - Graphic Arts & Design
Craig B. Highberger - Books/DVD's
Craig B. Highberger (Myspace)
Ed Siejka - Contemporary Poetry
Gallery & Studio
Kii - Graphic Arts
LaLa Land Gallery - The Art of Kii Arens
Mykola - Adult Fiction/Erotica

Music - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

AC/DC - Official
American Standard (Myspace)
Anton Fig - Official
Aucoin Globe Entertainment - RIP William "Bill" Aucoin" - The Ultimate Metal News Site - The Ultimate Black Sabbath Fan Site
Black Sabbath - Tony
Black Sabbath - Geezer
Black Sabbath - Bill
Blue Oyster (Official)
Blue Oyster Cult - Hot Rails To - The Ultimate B.O.C. Fan Archives
Carmine (Official)
Cellout (Facebook/Official)
Celtic (Official)
Cheap (Official)
Division Nine (Facebook/Official) - Central MN Classic Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Division Nine -
Druel (Myspace)
Encyclopedia Metallum
Grand Funk (Official)
Gun Shy
Hard Rock
Heavy Rock The Playlist Blog
Horns Up Rocks
Iron Maiden - - Iron Maiden Tour History Website
J. - Official website of former White Zombie Guitarist J. Yuenger
Judas (Official)
Judas Priest - Glen (Official)
Judas Priest - K.K. Downing's Steel Mill (Official) (Official)
Kiss - Ace (Official)
Kiss - - The Ultimate Kiss Fan Site
Kiss - (Fan Site)
Kiss - Bruce (Official)
Kiss - Gene (Official)
Kiss - Peter (Official)
Kreator (Official)
Lazarus A.D. - Let's Get Real /W/ Jeff Paulick
Metal Sludge
Minneapolis Metal Music Examiner
New York Hard Rock/Metal Music Examiner
Nuclear Blast Records
Ozzy Osbourne - Official
Powermad - Official
Prong - Official
Richie (Official)
Richie Scarlet - Official
Rock & Metal (Official)
Rush Is A - Ultimate Rush Fan Site
Seance Film & Music
Skateboard Marketing (Official)
Starz (Official)
Testament (Official)
Testament - Alex (Official)
Twin Cities Metal Blog

Music - Modern/Alt Rock/Post-Punk

The Black Bows - NYC based modern garage rock
Grant Lindberg's Bandcamp Page - Twin Cities-Based Guitarist/Songwriter
The Gear Daddies - Americana Rock Cult Favorites from Austin, MN
The Modern Me (Facebook) - Twin Cities Modern/Alt Rock/Power Pop

Music - No Wave/Experimental

Bush Tetras (Myspace)
Bush Tetras - Laura Kennedy Liver Fund Blog
New York No Wave Archive
No New York Blog
Sonic (Official)

Music - Miscellaneous

All Tomorrow's Parties
Andy Schwartz' New York Rocker Blog
Blog To Comm
Connect Artists - Minneapolis-based Artist Marketing/Etc.
Daily Vinyl Blog
Dogmatic Blog
Flaming Pablum
Garland Jeffreys (Official)
Garland Jeffreys - Wild In the Streets - Garland Jeffreys Fan Site
Hive 45 Blog
Izzy Presley Productions
Jonathan Siejka - Musician
Little Kids - Charity for Continued Music Education In Public Schools
Live! I See Dead People - Well Known Album Covers Minus Deceased Musicians
Moonlight Dust Productions (Myspace)
My First
Peghead Records
Primary Wave Music - Publishing/Talent Management/Marketing/Promotions
Proud Foot Sound Blog
Proud To Be A Pirate Blog
Queer Music
Rock Scene Magazine Blog
Rock Scenester Blog
Rock Steady
Sugar Buzz - Twin Cities, MN Modern & Classic Rock Covers Band
The Family Of Rock - Official Home of Rck Family Trees
The Gear Daddies - Legendary Minnesota Americana Rock
The Lefsetz Letter
The Metal/Punk Continuum
The Musics Over - Music Business/Musician Obituaries
There Is A Sight That Never Goes Out
This Day In
Tony Fletcher's
Twin Cities Music Highlights
Wolfgang's Vault
33 1/3 Blog

Music - Pre-Punk/Punk/Hardcore (Official)
Blondie - Rip Her To - Blondie Print Archives
Bobby Steele/The Undead (Myspace)
Cherry (Official)
Death - Detroit, MI 70's Punk Rock
Dictators (Myspace) (Official)
Dictators - DFFD Blog
Dictators - H.D.M. Maniblog
Down At The Rock And Roll Club (Myspace)
Everything New York Dolls
Flipp (Official)
Flipp (Myspace)
From The
Harold's Loft 210 - 5th Avenue (Myspace)
Jim Carroll - Catholic
JLP Originals
Joan Jett & the Black (Official)
John Holmstrom's Blog
Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge
Johnny (Unofficial Fan Site)
Magic Tramps (Myspace)
Magic (Official)
Mickey (Official)
Manic Panic NYC (Myspace)
More Than A Witness - Hardcore Bootleg Archive
Natasha NYC - Punk Fashion & Clothing Design
New York (Official) (Official)
Please Kill
Punk (Official)
Punk Turns 30 Blog
Punking Out (a 1977 CBGB Documentary)
Rags (Official)
Rags - Joe Valentine (Myspace)
Ramones - Joey (Official)
Ramones - Ramones Mania Minneapolis Tribute Show (Myspace)
Ratcage Records (Myspace)
Richard (Official)
Ruby And The (Official)
Ruby And The Rednecks (Myspace)
Street Punk - John Montgomery (Myspace)
Teenage Lust and the Lustettes (Myspace)
Teenage Lust and the Lustettes (Official)
Television - Gig List/Archives
The Blank Generation (a film starring Richard Hell)
The Blessed (Myspace)
The Brats (Myspace)
The Brats - Rick Rivets (Myspace)
The Cramps - Miriam Linna's Kicksville 66
The Mob (Facebook) - Classic N.Y.H.C.
The Rousers (Myspace)
The (Official)
The Violators
Tish & Snooki (Myspace)
Wayne/Jayne County & The Electric Chairs (Myspace)
Jayne (Official)

Music - Radio/Radio Shows/Webcasts/Etc

I Heart
Intoxica Radio /w/ Howie Pyro - Los. Angeles, CA
Pavek Museum Of Broadcasting - St. Louis Park, MN
Slippery When Wet Radio - (Facebook)
WFMU 91.1FM - Jersey City, NJ

Music Business & Odds and Ends

0260GroupNYC - NYC based Music Promotions & Digital Strageties
Backseat - Philadelphia, PA based Video Production Company
Casablanca Records
Get Back To Work!
J's Jewelry - Custom Designed Necklaces
Neat Stuff Blog
Opacity - Urban Ruins Exploration
Super 70'
This Isn't Happiness Blog
Unusual Adult Party Items
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Photographers and Photography

Bob (Official) - Rock & Roll Photography
Brad Elterman - Rock & Roll Photography
Eugene - Rock & Roll Photography (Official) - Rock & Roll Photography
Godlis Blog - Diary Of A Lunatic Photographer
Jason Knox Photography - All Events Photography
Jerry Schatzberg Photography - Photographer/Film Director
John Nikoli Photography - Art & Music Photography
RKH Images - Rock & Roll - Wedding Photography and More
Rob Shanahan - Rock & Roll Photography
View Of The Blue - Rail Photography


Suggested additional reading for your further Rock 'N' Roll enlightenment.


"CBGB Opens A Second Front With Week Long Festival"
-by Dan Oppenheimer (N.M.E. 01/21/78)

"CBGB Founder, Hilly Kristal Dies At Age 75"
-(PRNewsWire 08/29/07)

"Less Than A Year After CBGB Closes, Hilly Kristal Dies"
-by Jen Carlson ( - 08/29/07)

"Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Steven Van Zandt On Hilly Kristal And The Significance Of CBGB"
-By Elizabeth Goodman (Rolling - 08/29/07)

"Debunking CBGB Myths - An Interview With Dana Kristal"
-by Nat Towsen ( - September 2007)

"CBGB Made Hilly Kristal A Millionaire - His Ex Got Nothing"
-by Michael Clancy (Village - 09/11/07)

"Goodbye CBGB, Hello...John Varvatos?"
-by Jen Carlson ( - 10/23/07)

"Varvatos Boutique Opens To Small Protest"
-by Jen Carlson ( - 04/10/08)

"Backstage All-Access Passwear"
-by Mike Albo (New York Times - 05/08/08)

"CBGB Rocks Again"
- (PRNews Wire - 12/04/08)

"Rebirth Of CBGB"
- ( - 12/10/08)

Cherry Vanilla

*Interview With Joe "Zecca" Esquibel
- ( - 08/25/03)

*Interview With Joe "Zecca" Esquibel
- ( - 11/24/03)


"Cars 'N' Girls: The Dictators"
- Interview with Andy Shernoff (May 1996)

"Lou Reed Is A Creep: Discourse With Two Dictators"
- Interview with Andy Shernoff/Ross "The Boss" Friedman (2001)


"25 Years Later, Disco Fire Haunts It's Survivors"
-by Joseph Berger (New York Times - 07/01/99)

Manic Panic

*Interview With Tish & Snooky Bellomo
- (

Max's Kansas City

"Life At Max's Kansas City 1978 - 1980"
-by Cliff Hausman
*Part I
*Part II
*Part III
*Part IV
*Part V
*Part VI

"Ghosts Of Max's Kansas City: An Excerpt from Hoodlum Heart"
-by Ed McCormack with photos by Anton Perich (Gallery And Studio Magazine - April/May 2010)

Mercer Arts Center

"A Dramatic Effort"
- by John Donohoe (

"City Freed Of Liability In '73 Hotel Collapse"
- A.P. (New York Times - 06/15/83)

New York Dolls

"Johnny Thunders, 38, Hard Rock Guitarist" - Obituary
- (New York Times - 04/25/91)

"Arthur Kane, Punk Rock Bassist For New York Dolls, Dies At 55" - Obituary
- (New York Times - 07/16/04)

New York Rocker/Andy Schwartz

"Lost Music Venues Of Manhattan"
- by Andy Schwartz (2008)

"The Tin Palace"
- by Andy Schwartz (October 2008)

No Wave

"A Brief, Noisy Moment That Still Reverberates"
- by Ben Sisario (New York Times - 06/12/08)


"Wendy O. Williams, 48, Star Of Explosive Punk Rock Act" - Obituary
- by Neil Strauss (New York Times - 04/09/98)

"Opinion Are Like Assholes...Everybody's Got One And They All Stink But Mine"
- Assorted Plasmatics Articles Archive (

Punk Magazine

*An Interview With Punk Magazine Founder John Holmstrom
- by Sarah L. Meyers ( - September 2007)


"70's Invasion New York Underground: Rags, Teenage Lust & The Lustettes"
- ( - 08/18/08)


"Joey Ramone, Punk's Influential Yelper, Dies At 49" - Obituary
- by Ann Powers (New York Times - 04/16/01)

"Eulogy: Bono Remembers Joey Ramone"
- by Bono (Time Magazine - 04/22/01)

"Dee Dee Ramone, Pioneer Punk Rocker, Dies At 50" - Obituary
- by Jon Pareles (New York Times - 06/07/02)

"Johnny Ramone, Pioneer Punk Guitarist, Is Dead At 55" - Obituary
- by Ben Sisario (New York Times - 09/17/04)

"Ex-Manager For Ramones Beaten To Death"
- Associated Press (USA Today - 11/01/07)

"Real Estate Agent Found Slain In 5th Ave. Home"
- by Bruce Lambert (New York Times - 11/01/07)


*Suicide Chronology
- (From The

Teenage Lust

"70's Invasion New York Underground: Rags, Teenage Lust & The Lustettes"
- ( - 08/18/08)


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