Sunday, December 8, 2013

From The TATSOL Email Inbox: Early 1970's St. Adrian Company Matchbooks!

The St. Adrian Company Matchbooks (1970-1971)(Richard Schuster Collection)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives - very special thanks to reader Richard Schuster!)

Long time readers of this blog may remember a few posts we put up back in 2008 concerning a long-vanished New York City bar which also served as an occasional live music venue called The St. Adrian Company, (1968 - 1972) located at 673 Broadway, in the lower level of the also long-gone Broadway Central Hotel. If you are unfamiliar with the place or just missed the story, just click the link there to check it out.

We were pleasantly surprised over the weekend to receive a great email from a reader, Richard Schuster, who used to spend some time at The St. Adrian Company. After reading our St. A's post, Richard took the time to dig out and photograph a trio of exceedingly rare St. Adrian Company matchbooks and was kind enough to pass the photo along so we could share it with all of you as well...

Part of his email reads...

"...hung out there in 70-71, before I started going to Max's and before the fire that brought it down.  I  tripped over your posts from a year or two ago.  You mentioned being excited about the matchbooks on your blog and requested a scanned image.  I knew I had some somewhere although I hadn't seen them for years.  A little searching and came up, to my surprise, with 3. Took a picture for you. Believe it or not 2 of the 3 are completely full of matches, untouched!"

Thanks a million, Richard! Although I was just a bit too young to have hung at St. Adrian's (I was all of 2 years old when they closed the doors) I do know some other people who did hang there and I just know they will love to see this photo as well!

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Edmund said...

hey Bryan-

Surprised to find this photo of matches from St. Adrian's. And thanks to Richard the way I hung out at St. A's from 1971 until it closed down.