Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today! Darkness Day 2012 featuring Headliner Set by Powermad @ Surly Brewery, Brooklyn Center, MN

10/27/12 Powermad/ Wolvhammer/ We Are Legion/ God Came From Space @ Surly Brewery, Brooklyn Center, MN
(Image via Powermad)

Just a reminder - reclusive Minneapolis thrash legends Powermad will be headlining this FREE 21+ event celebrating the Surly Brewery's annual limited edition release of thier "Darkness" brew. Food provided by Chef Shack, Caribou Coffee, Stanley’s On Wheels, Natedogs, Barrio, Groveland Confections, Scratch Food Truck, and Smack Shack.

Set Times:

11:00am - God Came From Space
1:00pm - We Are Legion
3:00pm - Wolvhammer
5:00pm - Powermad

More information:
Darkness Day 2012 Facebook Event Page
Powermad Facebook Page

Hope to see you there!

Tonight! 10/27/12 Michael Schenker @ Neisen's Sports Bar & Grill, Savage, MN

10/27/12 Michael Schenker @ Neisen's, Savage, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Tonight! 10/27/12 God Johnson/ Emerson, Lake & Lyndale @ Whiskey Junction, Minneapolis, MN

10/27/12 God Johnson/ Emerson, Lake & Lyndale @ Whiskey Junction, Minneapolis, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

One From The Archives: 10/27/07 - 11/17/07 W.A.S.P. UK Tour

10/27/06 - 11/17/06 W.A.S.P. UK Tour
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New York City Images As Album/CD Cover Art #93: "American Velvet" A Tribute To The Velvet Underground (2010)

American Velvet A Tribute To The Velvet Underground (2010)

Various Artists including:
Jane Wiedlin/ Frank Agnew/ Hunt Sales Memorial/ Michael Doman/ Temple Of Ho/ Christine Martucci/ Mich Easter/ Abby Travis/ 20-20/ The Ivy Walls/ Jevon Piper/ Jack Grisham/ Jonathan Richman

Title: American Velvet - A Tribute To The Velvet Underground
Released: 04/20/2010

*Listen to song samples and/or order a copy at

One From The Archives: 10/24/84 W.A.S.P./ Thor/ Wrathchild @ The Lyceum, London, England

10/24/84 WASP/ Thor/ Wrathchild @ The Lyceum, London, England
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

W.A.S.P. "Live at the Lyceum" VHS

Blackie Lawless/ Chris Holmes/ Randy Piper/ Steve Riley

On Your Knees/ The Flame Hellion/ L.O.V.E. Machine/ Sleeping (In The Fire)/
Tormentor/School Daze/The Torture Never Stop/ I Wanna Be Somebody/
Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)

One From the Archives: 10/24/03 - 11/01/03 Ozzy Osbourne UK Tour

10/24/03 - 11/01/01 Ozzy Osbourne UK Tour
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/23/12 In Stores Today: Peter Criss "Makeup To Breakup" + NYC Book Signing Today

10-23-12 Peter Criss Makeup To Breakup Book

After nearly 25 years of threatening to do so, today founding Kiss member/drummer Peter Criss releases his version of the events surrounding his tenure as Kiss' original out of control catman drummer. The book is titled "Makeup To Breakup" (get it?) and judging from the previews we're read in the weeks leading up to today's release...this ain't gonna be pretty. Can't wait to sink our claws into this one!

For those of you Kiss Army freaks lucky enough to find yourselves in New York City today, Peter will be doing an in-store book signing session at the Barnes & Noble Books location at 555 Fifth Avenue at 46th Street. Start time is 12:30 p.m. After you get your book signed maybe you want to hang around and read it for a few hours and wait to catch Rod Stewart as he too signs copies of his new book at the 555 Fifth Avenue B&N location beginning at 5:30pm.

Monday, October 22, 2012

R.I.P. Steve Paul - Owner, Steve Paul's The Scene

I have to keep my source anonymous, but word is circulating this afternoon that Steve Paul, owner of the legendary "Steve Paul's The Scene" has passed away. No further details are known at this time. Steve Paul's The Scene club, located at 301 West 46h Street in New York City, opened for business in 1964.

Update 10/24/12:

10/23/12 New York Times: "Steve Paul Dies at 71; Owned '60s Club In New York"

Tonight! 10/22/12 P.ublic I.mage L.imited @ Mill City Nights, Minneapolis, MN

10/22/12 PIL @ MPLS, MN

October 22, 8:00PM
111 5th St. North
Minneapolis MN
$29.50 advance / $32 doors
More Info:

Additionally, Twin Cities radio  89.3FM The Current will host P.I.L. for a LIVE on-air in-studio session on Monday afternoon before the show. Click the link to listen in.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

One For The Must See List: "Texxas Jam '78" (2012)

I've long agonized over not being old enough to have attended this one, from my standpoint what must have been one of the most amazing days of rock and roll in the entire decade of the 1970's. Stumbled across the documentry trailer (below) this past week while slumming around Youtube looking for something completely unrelated. The movie here is called "Texxas Jam '78," an Archway Pictures production released earlier this summer. IMDb lists release date as 07/04/12

Texas World Music Festival 1978 (day 1) (aka) Texxas Jam II - 1978
@ The Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX
/w/ Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush/ Aerosmith/ Ted Nugent/ Heart/ Journey/ Head East/ Atlanta Rhythm Section/ Eddie Money/ Van Halen/ Walet Eagan/ Blackstone/Cheech & Chong

Tickets: $13.00
Attendance: 100,000+
High Temperature: 104*

Additional footage...for such a monster show there is, surprisingly, very little available.

Ch. 8 T.V. News (Dallas, TX) Report /w/ Van Halen footage

Heart (Fan produced video)
Video uploader/creator, "Necrocosmicannibal," describes the Heart video:
"This is a video I put together of Heart Live at the 1978 Texxas World Music Festival (Texxas Jam) with a slideshow of pictures and memorabilia I collected from the web of the show. Only 5 of the photos are mine, as denoted by 'JD' in the bottom right. The rest of the photos are from the web - special thanks to the owners of those. The audio is from an old cassette tape of mine I had recorded later that year from Dallas/Ft.Worth radio station KZEW - The Zoo."

Aerosmith (full set including "Milk Cow Blues" /w/ Ted Nugent)
 (Aerosmith "Texxas Jam '78" VHS - 1988)

Tonight! 10/20/12 The Smashing Pumpkins @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium, St. Paul, MN

10/20/12 The Smashing Pumpkins @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium, St. Paul, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/27/12 - Powermad To Headline "Darkness Day 2012" @ Surly Brewery, Brooklyn Center, MN

10/27/12 Powermad/ Wolvhammer/ We Are Legion/ God Came From Space @ Surly Brewery, Brooklyn Center, MN
(Image via Powermad)

Beer. Food. Metal. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Reclusive Minneapolis thrash legends Powermad will be headlining this FREE 21+ event celebrating the Surly Brewery's annual limited edition release of thier "Darkness" brew. Food provided by Chef Shack, Caribou Coffee, Stanley’s On Wheels, Natedogs, Barrio, Groveland Confections, Scratch Food Truck, and Smack Shack.

More information:
Darkness Day 2012 Facebook Event Page
Powermad Facebook Page

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tonight! 10/14/12 Brad Barnett Benefit @ The Bowery Electric, NYC, NY

10/14/12 Brad Barnett Benefit @ Bowery Electric, NYC, NY
(Image via Jesse Malin Facebook)

Sunday, October 14th, 8:00pm at The Bowery Electric in New York City. A benefit in honor of Brad Barnett (The Blessed drummer who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer). Along with D*Generation, The Waldos, The Blessed, Andy Shernoff and more. Money will be raised for the Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation.
Come out and support a wonderful cause - tickets available at

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tonight! 10/13/12 Exodus/ Impaler/ Black Rainbow/ Mordwolf @ Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN

Not even remotely interested in most of the activities related to the 8th Annual Zombie Pub Crawl taking place today and tonight across Minneapolis and St. Paul. Gin Blossoms? Pass. D.M.X.? Please. Exodus and Impaler show at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis? That I would go see. But, as fate would have it, I'll be stuck at home tonight, recouperating from a surgical procedure I was so fortunate to undergo on Friday. Despite the overwhelming temptation to attend I don't think an Exodus inspired mosh pit full of drunken Zombie people is the place to recover properly.

10/13/12 Zombie Pub Crawl Minneapolis, MN (Exodus/Impaler @ Triple Rock Social Club)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Oddfathers Update

Here's the latest from The Oddfathers...

"The Oddfathers are making their debut performance on November 20th and chose the Pioneer Place Theater in St. Cloud as the place to unleash the band on the world.

  Fronted by Brynn Arens (FLIPP, Obsession, Funhouse, American Standard) on vo cals and guitar, The Oddfathers strait forward rock and roll sounds bring together the songwriting tastes of the entire band. Arens is joined by an all-star collaboration of veteran Minneapolis musicians that create the backbone of a good, old fashioned, American rock and roll band. With Casey Gooby on guitars & vocals, Krys Baratto on bass and vocals, and the solid as a rock Tom Cook on drums and vocals.

Their debut EP is called Double Live 45 RPM on Rock Steady Records and will be available for the first time ever to the public the night of the show.

The lead single “Another Tear Goes Dry” can be heard on 101.7 Rockin’ 101."

New York City Images As Album/CD Cover Art #91: Various Artists - "CBGB Recorded Live Off The Board" (1987)

Various Artists - CBGB Live Off The Board (1987)
(Image via

Various Artists Including:
Damage/ Tulpa/ Jing/ Ed Gein's Car/ Chemical Wedding/ Rods and Cones
Title: CBGB Recorded Live Off The Board
Released: 1987

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kiss' "Monster" In Stores Today - Updated

Kiss Monster (2012)

As an active soldier in the Kiss Army since 1977, I see it as my sworn duty to pass this news on to those of you civilians who may be unaware: Kiss' latest studio album, titled "Monster," hits North American store shelves everywhere today, October 9th, 2012. Many years ago this would have been cause for great anticipation and celebration.

But...time marches on. And not always so kindly.

Due to the obviously rushed, incredibly lackluster and downright cheezy material contained on Kiss' 2009 release "Sonic Boom," the fact that Ace Frehley is still out of the band and not coming back, and the fact that Paul Stanley's once powerful voice has definately seen better days, I hold little hope that the Commanding Officers are going to deliver the goods this time around either, despite their best efforts to do so.

I know, I know...disobedience in the ranks is not good for troop morale. But in my opinion, the morale of the troops who's opinions matter most (those fans above age 30 or so - sorry to all you kids who saw your first Kiss show on the "Rock The Nation 2004" Tour!) has been in serious decline for years now. We remain loyal to the cause but are finding ourselves just a bit disgruntled as to how the mission is proceeding in recent years.

So with that ringing out and get a copy! You know Gene needs your dollar.

Despite my trepidation, I'll have a copy in my hands by lunchtime today. I hope it's at least a bit better than I'm expecting.

It's gotta be at least better than "Sonic Boom"...right? Please! [sigh]...

...and if it's not? At least we'll always have 1977.

10/09/12 - 5:01PM UPDATE

Picked up a copy at Best Buy over my lunch hour today then returned to work and gave 'er a few spins. Here are some initial thoughts after a few casual listens.

1. The cover art is much better than Sonic Boom and the "Best Buy Exclusive" 3-D cover art sticker is a pretty cool bonus. Not quite as cool as the posters you used to get in a new Kiss vinyl album...but those days are long gone. I miss those days.

2. The playing by all four members of the band seems to have stepped up a notch above what was evident on Sonic Boom as well. You can immediately tell that work on these songs, musically anyways, took at least a little bit longer than anything on Sonic Boom - they don't sound nearly as rushed or uninspired. And thank god for that.

3. On the other hand, lyrically, this album is more of the same. No big surprise there, after all these years I don't really expect Gene or Paul to come up with something surprising in the lyrics department. But lines like "It feels right, it feels good, you give me pleasure like a big girl should" and "I'll take you on a cruise you'll never forget, she said we better move it 'cause I'm already wet"? Please. Still trying to top Gene's infamous "I'm gonna put my log in your fireplace" line I guess.

4. The fact Gene and Paul continue to keep having Tommy relegated to singing some sort of "spaceman" inspired songs? It's pretty lame. Too bad they won't let him stretch a bit. One compliment to Thayer? I do find that I enjoy his vocal performance. I still think his song "When Lightning Strikes" is probably the best song on "Sonic Boom" and I think his track "Outta This World" is one of the stronger songs on "Monster."

5. Eric Singer should never be allowed to do a vocal on another Kiss song ever again. He has done justice to "Black Diamond" live in concert for years now, but here, his "All For The Love of Rock And Roll" sounds like some reject song from a lost Peter Criss solo album. Singer may be a superior drummer to the original "catman" but his vocals don't even come close.

6. Paul's habit of writing "Me against the world no matter the odds" lyrics is wearing a bit thin also. How many different ways can you write this kind of stuff? They all start to sound the same after repeated listens. One begins to wonder (or at least I do) why Paul feels so threatened(?) or insecure(?) as to constantly reiterate a "We are strong, no one can take us down" mentality in his lyrics. Who's trying to take him down or hold him back? Curious minds want to know.

7. Paul did manage to produce the band very well on this outing, the overall sound of the album is something I cannot lodge a single complaint against - it does sound really good. And that may be the single best compliment I can pay to this release at this time. I'm guessing that after repeated listens over the coming days my opinion of it will be "eh, not too bad." I'm just happy it seems to be better than it's predecessor...that's all I was really hoping for. I wasn't expecting any miracles here. I guess only time will tell where "Monster" falls into the list of "mediocre" Kiss albums. It's definately not their worst...but it's no "Creatures Of The Night" or "Rock And Roll Over" either.

Initial grade: 5/10.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

10/06/12 Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain Read From "Please Kill Me" In Minneapolis

10/06/12 Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain @ Belmore/The New Skyway Lounge, Minneapolis, MN

Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain wrapped up their brief promotional/book reading tour last night in Minneapolis, reading to an intimate gathering of maybe 50 people at the not-quite-yet-open Belmore/New Skyway Lounge, located at 25 North 4th Street. I think at one point I overheard the owner saying the place officially opens for business next Friday.

We arrived early and hung out on the sidewalk for a while before being spotted through the window and invited inside by the owner. We spotted Legs behind the bar, he was reading something rather attentively and barely paused to look up. The owner of the place introduced us to the very freindly Gillian McCain who was chatting up a few of the other early arrivals. We were offered a slice of pizza, and a minute later we seated ourselves at the far end of the bar and relished the chance to warm up after having spent the previous few hours wandering around downtown Minneapolis just enjoying an afternoon/early evening of city-gazing. After a bit I got up and ran to the small market across the street to grab us each a soda as the event was a B.Y.O.B. affair.

Shortly before things got underway, back outside once again, I found myself sharing a smoke with Legs on the sidewalk out front. He said they'd been having a great time on the road but had spent much of the previous day, Friday, resting and watching T.V. We made conversation for a few minutes then he stubbed out his smoke, went inside and just a minute or so later he was up on the small makeshift stage, lighting up aother, receiving a nice round of applause as he introduced himself and told us a bit of backgound information on the first piece he was going to read, a work that is still in progress.

10-06-12 Legs McNeil-Gillian McCain @ Minneapolis, MN 001
(Images and video via NYCDreamin Archives)


After wrapping up the reading of this surprisingly intimate and obviously emotional chapter of his life, Legs introduced his co-author on "Please Kill Me," Gillian McCain, who joined him on the stage for a brief round of Q&A before they moved on to trading off reading selections from their book of legendary punk rock stories.

10-06-12 Legs McNeil-Gillian McCain @ Minneapolis, MN 003

Brief Q&A

"Open Up And Bleed" - The story of Iggy Pop/etc. on the loose in Los Angeles. As told by Leee Black Childers, Cyrinda Fox, Ron Asheton, Sable Starr, Bebe Buell.

"Separation Anxiety" - The Story of Arthur Kane and Dee Dee Ramone's crazy girlfirend Connie Grip. As told by Sylvian Sylvian, Peter Jordan, Eileen Polk, Dee Dee Ramone, Malcolm McLaren, Bob Gruen, Nancy Spungen, Sable Starr.

Receiving a nice round of applause, the two authors wrapped things up with another round of humourous Q&A that lasted maybe 15 minutes and then said they'd hang around and sign books and talk and answer any additional questions if anyone had any. A few people got up and left almost immediately, but most stayed to meet the authors, shake hands and get some autographs.

After hanging at the bar for just a few minutes longer and surveying the scene, we joined the others in line and when our turn came I had them autograph my rather used and abused copy of "Please Kill Me." After saying our goodbyes and zipping up our multiple layers to protect from the crisp fall chill awaiting us on the other side of the door, we were up and on out to make our way home for the evening, stories of crazed punk rock debaunchary filling our impressionable young minds...

10-06-12 Legs McNeil-Gillian McCain (Autographed 'Please Kill Me')

Monday, October 1, 2012

RIP Eva Eisen

Kiss and Parents @ Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY (02/21/77)
02/21/77: Paul, Ace and Peter along with their parents and then-manager Bill Aucoin and his parents, backstage at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, NY. Paul's mother, Eva Eisen, is pictured seated at the bottom left. Gene's mom and step-father were not present for this photo.
(Photo by unknown)

 Reports began to circulate yesterday that Eva Eisen, mother of Kiss rocker Paul Stanley (born Stan Eisen), passed away on Saturday, September 29, 2012. She was 88 years old. No cause of death has been reported.