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Another Look At "CBGB" The Movie

Summer 2006 - CBGB Wristband (Red Checker-Board)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

A slideshow of 13 images capturing behind the scenes and on-set action at the "CBGB" movie production, filmed mostly in Savannah Georgia earlier this summer, has been posted over at "Behind The Scenes of CBGB." The movie is slated for release in 2013.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Joey's Love Song To New York City

This spectacular and fun to watch video for "New York City," the third track on Joey Ramone's recently released second solo CD "Ya Know?" made it's official debut earlier today. Watch just might recognize a few of these people.

Watching this makes me want to drop everything and get on a bus and go to NewYork right now!
Then again, just about everything makes me want to go to New York.

Crank it up...and sing along!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tonight! 09/24/12 Rush @ Target Center, Minneapolis, MN

Rush Clockwork Angels Tour Graphic
(Image via

09/24/12 Rush @ Target Center, Minneapolis, MN (Ticket)

09/24/12 Rush @ Target Center, Minneapolis, MN (Rush Mech. Siezure Order Notice)

Intro-Subdivisions/ Big Money/ Force Ten/ Grand Designs/ The Body Electric/ Territories/ The Analog Kid/ Bravado/ Where's My Thing? (/w/ Drum Solo)/ Far Cry/ (Intermission) / Caravan/ Clockwork Angels/ The Anarchist/ Carnies/ The Wreckers/ Headlong Flight (/w/ Drum Solo)/ Halo Effect/ Seven Cities Of Gold/ The Garden/ Manhattan Project/ Drum Solo/ Red Sector A/ YYZ/ The Spirit Of Radio/ Tom Sawyer/ 2112 Part I: Overture/ 2112 Part II: The Temples Of Syrinx/ 2112 Part III: Grand Finale

Mpls. Star Tribune: "Rush Runs Like Clockwork In 3 Hour Target Center Show"
St. Paul Pioneer Press: "Four Decades Later Rush Is Proving It Still Matters"

One From The Archives: 09/24/06 Firehouse/ T'N'T/ Toby Jepson/ Bob Catley/ Snakeryder/ Lost Weekend/ Dante Fox/ Eden @ JB's, Dudley, UK

09/24/06 Firehouse/ T'N'T/Toby Jepson/Bob Catley @ JB's, Dudley, UK
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beautiful Photography. New York City. London. Rush. What's Not To Like Here?

Just stumbled upon this little gem while wasting time wandering the far corners of Youtube.

Be A Winess To The Launch Of "The Oddfathers"

The latest project from Flipp mastermind Brynn Arens...coming soon.
Rock and roll is about to get a good swift kick in the ass.
Follow along on Facebook.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sights and Sounds 09/20/12: Silversun Pickups/ School Of Seven Bells/ Atlas Genius @ State Theater, Minneapolis, MN

09/20/12 Silversun Pickups/ School Of Seven Bells/ Atlas Genius @ STate Theater, Minneapolis, MN (Ad)
(Images and video: NYCDreamin Archives)

09/20/12 Silversun Pickups/ School Of Seven Bells/ Atlas Genius @ STate Theater, Minneapolis, MN (Ticket)

Maybe about a year ago, The Gorgeous One introduced me to this band I had not previously heard of. They were definately not something that might have ever crossed my radar had she not done so, despite the fact they were well enough known to have been nominated for a Grammy Award a few years back. Not that I pay attention to those kinds of shallow music industry accolades much anyway. The band in question are a Los Angeles outfit called "Silversun Pickups." The Gorgeous One would be in the computer room listening to this band from time to time, and I'd hear it from the other room and it always got my attention because of the heavily distorted and incredibly "fuzzy"  sounding guitars. And the songs sounded very serious - insistent and heartfelt. So I asked her who they were and she filled me in on what I'd been missing.

Then, earlier this summer, I noticed the Silversun Pickups would be coming to Minneapolis, touring behind their recently released (05/08/12)  "Neck Of The Woods" CD and I knew the Gorgeous One would probably like to go see 'em. I figured I enjoyed their studio stuff enough and I thought (correctly, as it turns out) that they'd be even better in a live setting. So we snatched up a pair of tickets the day they went on sale. This past Thursday, we finally got to use them.

We arrived just before the show was scheduled to start at 7:00pm and quickly made our way inside the beautiful State Theater and upstairs to the balcony. We found our seats, settled in and within maybe 10 minutes the show was underway.

First up were Australians "Atlas Genius." They played for maybe 30 minutes and were well received by the smattering of people actually inside the theater at that time. I found them to be OK, nothing more, nothing less. They were kind of cramped to the center of the stage amongst the gear of all three bands, dwarfed by the size of the large stage and they didn't really get to move around much. They, to me, sound like just another average talent, loved by the college crowd "alt-rock" outfit like so many before them. But compared to what came next? Atlas Genius can at least play their instruments and write cohesive songs. The same could not be said for the band that followed them.

The second band of the evening was the four-piece "School Of Seven Bells." By the end of their first song I knew I was gonna hate 'em. By the end of the second song I knew my first opinions of them were corect. This band flat out sucks. I don't even know what you call the music they play other than "shite pop."

The guitarist was playing through some pedal rack/laptop computer setup and he sounded weak as he fidgeted around with various settings during and between songs. The guitar, most of the time, didn't really even sound much like a guitar. I could see him plying it, but I couldn't hear it. Strike one.

Then there was the singer. She was playing bass for the first few songs of their set, but then she  put it down and just sang and did her little shimmy-dance, the keyboardist picking up her bass lines (among other things she was "playing"). Her vocals were mixed way to "bright" sounding and I don't think I really understood a single lyric througout their entire set. I kind of just wished she'd shut up. Strike two.

The drummer may have been the most talented member of the band as he kept a soild, grooving beat for all the other keyboard drenched crap that was going on around him.

Ah, the keyboard player. Strike three. Prominent in the sound mix. Too prominent. And from our vantage point above the stage we could see just how much she was contributing to this disaster. She stood there with one finger on the keyboard alot of the time, looping noise that the others were "playing" over. Then she'd switch to a different key and BOOM - a whole different set of noise as the song tempo shifted or whatever. And then, I noticed, she seemed to be doing some precussion on the keyboards as well. The drummer was holding this kind of steady cha-cha-cha beat at one point and there was all this other percussive stuff going on - he wasn't playing it - I was looking right down on him. The keyboardist was playing it. Meanwhile the guitarist was wussing it up on the other side of the stage. The best thing about this band was definately the cheezy looking muti-color LED light displays they had on each side of the stage.

After what seemed like a near eternity but in all actuality was probably only 40 minutes, they finished up and walked of the stage...while receiving a surprisingly boisterous applause from the crowd. This development left me seriously wondering about the musical tastes of most of those in attendance.

After a brief set change, the lights went down and the headliners Silversun Pickups made their way to the stage amidst thunderous cheering and applause from the crowd. A minute or so later the band were off on their intense, hour-plus musical journey.

So as you hear near the end of that clip, I was shut down almost immediately by security just a minute into the first song! She was decent enough about it but seemed adament. I kept my eye on her and a few minutes later, Mrs. Buzzkill nowhere in sight, band still in the first song of the set, I tried again.

A minute and thirty seconds later and damn if she didn't bust me a second time! So I'm a bit annoyed and distracted by this now as the band continue on through their second song. I'm trying to pay attention to them and the security guard at the same time - I really want to film this show and I won't give up too easily. She, on the other hand, is wise to my game, and stands, arms crossed menacingly, keeping an eye on me from not too far away for the next several minutes. I'm reminded how, a few years ago, I was shut down while trying to film Snow Patrol by security at this same venue. "What's up with the security here," I'm wondering and a few minutes later as she continues to keep her eye on me, I decide to give up on video and just shoot some photos. You can see those in the slideshow at the bottom of the post here.

A few songs in, the singer/guitarist greets the Minneapolis crowd and mentions the band had had the previous day off and spent it in town and had enjoyed themselves very much. He gave a special shout out to Pizza Luce..."for having some of the greatest pizza ever." Then, he also mentioned how, for this tour, the usual SSP bassist Nikki Monninger was not able to be with them as she is home with a pair of newborns. I think that's what he said. Or she was about to have them. Something like that. Anyway, he introduced fill-in bassist Sarah Negahdari of fellow southern California rockers The Happy Hollows. The energetic and fun to watch Negahdari seemed a natural, filling in well and interacting with the band and looking like she was having a blast.

After shooting photos for a bit and marvelling at how good this band sounds live while mentally cursing the security lady for preventing me from documenting it, maybe 3 or 4 songs into the set, I had to get up and use the mens room or there was gonna be a problem. So as I'm walking through the lobby, I actually spot Mrs. Security Lady and several of her co-enforcers leisurely flipping through a magazine off in a small alcove by one of the bars. She'd left her post, at least momentarily. So I finish my mens room mission a.s.a.p. and return to my seat. I visually scan the area and see that the Security woman has not returned - so it's on - camera is back out and we're finally in business. I just hope she stays away and leaves me alone.

My wish comes true and I have no further issues with her or anyone else for that matter.

I was thinking this next tune, "Panic Switch," might be the closing number of the evening for the band, but they pulled it out mid-set. Killer? Yes it was. It doesn't quite come across in the audio here (which is actually pretty good all things considered) just how great the guitarist was mixed into the overall sound of the band, a very important factor for me at least. The whole band sounded just incredible.

And it was very fun to watch high-energy drummer Christopher Guanlao pounding out a very thick sounding rhythm for all he was worth, hair all a-whirl.

Subtlety. And sweet fuckin' noise! This was the final song of the main set.

After a few minutes the band reappeared much to the delight of the fans for a three song encore.

...and with one last blast of sublte yet forceful sonic beauty, it was over and the band left the stage to a roaring approval from the Minneapolis crowd. It was certain no one went home feeling the headliners didn't deliver the goods and then some. Great, great band. We'll definately be glad to go see them any time they are in town and if you have a chance to check them out in a city near you I highly reccomend doing so. I can't imagine you'd be disappointed. Unless all you listen to is Cannibal Corpse that is.

After a short break the bands next appearance is as part of the "Buzzfest" in Bagwell, Texas on October 6th. Their October 14th show at Terminal 5 in NYC has sold out and a second show for October 15th also at Terminal 5 has been added.

09/20/12 Silversun Pickups @ Minneapolis, MN - Image Slideshow

Long Running Central MN Hard Rockers Division Nine Call It Quits

Division Nine - FINITO (September 2012)

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Got the word from our pals D9 late yesterday that after nearly 13 years of rockin' their way back and forth across central Minnesota, bringing 80's and 90's era hard rock/heavy metal to the masses, the band have decided to pull the plug and move on to other things.

"So the cat is out of the bag! Yes if you haven't already heard D9 has called it quits! Too much info to explain all the details! But I want to thank the clubs we've played throughout the years and thank the fans for your support! We have been together for almost 13 years.. and that is more than most bands that have been around can say. We have met alot of great people through the years and are grateful for that. We all remain friends....and who knows what the future will bring. Good luck to all and thanks!!"

TATSOL would like to wish all the D9 guys all the best of luck in your new projects, whatever those may be. Hope to see you all soon.

05-28-11 Division Nine @ Bonfire Bar, Litchfield, MN 087
Division Nine - 05/28/11 @ Bonfire Bar & Grill, Litchfield, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

-"Supercharger Heaven" - 09/17/11 @ Bonfire Bar & Grill, Litchfield, MN

Tonight! 09/22/12 Faribault Harley Davidson 35th Anniversary /w/ Skid Row/ L.A. Guns/ Annex @ Faribault, MN

09/22/12 Skid Row/ LA Guns @ Faribault, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tonight! 09/19/12 Melvins/ Tweak Bird @ Grumpy's, Minneapolis, MN

09/19/12 Melvins/ Tweak Bird @ Grumpy's, Minneapolis, MN
(Image via)

More info:

CBGB Movie Filming Wraps In NYC - 2013 Release Scheduled

Summer 2006 - CBGB Wristband (Red Checker-Board)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

"Produced for less than $10 million, CBGB will feature more than 40 songs of the period, though Savin admits "the music decisions are not done yet," because "some bands are more cooperative than others."

Read more:
"CBGB Film Finishes Shooting; Release Planned For 2013"

New York City Images As Album/CD Cover Art #88: Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - "The Message" (1982)

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five "The Message" (1982)

Artist: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
Title: "The Message"
Relased: 1982

One From The Archives: September-October 2007 Misfits/ The Briefs U.K. Tour Ad

September/October 2007 The Misfits/ The Briefs U.K. Tour Ad
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Opens 10/04/12: Vincent Castiglia "Resurrection" @ Sacred Gallery, NYC, NY

Triptykon (Hoodie Back Print)
"Triptykon" (Blue on Hoodie) - from an original painting by Vincent Castiglia.
The original piece will be on display as part of an exhibition of Castiglia's works at the Sacred Gallery in New York City throughout the month of October.
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

What: "Resurrection" - a showing of the works of artist Vincent Castiglia
When: 10/04/12 - 10/31/12
Where: Sacred Gallery - 424 Broadway (2nd floor), NYC, NY

From the Sacred Gallery Vincent Castiglia press release:

"World-famous surrealist and New York City native VINCENT CASTIGLIA is pleased to announce his upcoming solo art exhibition entitled ‘Resurrection’, taking place from October 4th-31st at Sacred Gallery NYC (located at 424 Broadway 2nd Floor between Canal and Howard, NYC). The gallery will host an opening reception on October 4th from 8-11pm. This retrospective encompasses all of Vincent’s available work from the beginning of his career and aims to examine the congruency of life and death. Propelled by correlated personal experiences just this year, his deep and continually renewed understanding of the consistency between the two themes will come to prominence at this haunting and memorable exhibition.

‘Resurrection’ will include a striking collection of Vincent’s paintings, which are created exclusively in his own blood. Vincent’s figures, their musculature and skin, are painted with what could be thought of as “liquid flesh”. Its tendency to quicken the subjects is likely inapproachable by any other medium---as it is actual tissue with which it is being rendered. In this way the subject’s realism is not merely an optical illusion due to its level of detail, but rather is an actual transference of flesh and blood to each work."

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Next Weekend: 09/21 - 22/12 Rockin' Fall Break /w/ Great White/ Dokken/ Nelson @ Northern Lights Casino, Walker, MN

Northern Lights Casino, Walker MN (Logo)

"Rockin' Fall Break" 2012

Great White Logo
Friday, Sept. 21st 8pm - GREAT WHITE

Great White is...
Mark Kendall - Guitar
Michael Lardie - Guitar
Audie Desbrow - Drums
Scott Snyder - Bass
Terry llous - Vocals

Nelson Logo
Saturday, Sept. 22nd 5pm - NELSON

Nelson is...
Matthew Nelson
Gunnar Nelson

Dokken Logo
Saturday, Sept. 22nd 8pm - DOKKEN

Dokken is...
Don Dokken - Vocals
Jon Levin - Guitar
Sean McNabb - Bass
"Wild" Mick Brown - Drums

@ Northern Lights Casino Entertainment Center
6800 Y Frontage Road NW
Walker, MN

Single ticket good for all three shows!
Advanced Tickets: $29/$36
Day of Show: $34/$41


*After a busy summer 2012 season, things are actually a bit quiet in Minnesota casinos right now as far as live rock and roll is concerned. Seems like the only upcoming shows announced at this time at any of the casinos in the state consist of a lot of country music artists and "Chippendales" male stripper-type shows to entertain the ladies as the men head off into the woods to kill stuff as they are known to do around here at this time of year.

But there is this 80's hair rock lovers show next weekend at the Northern Lights Casino in Walker, MN, just down the road from where they host the annual "Moondance Jam" festival each July. The advance ticket price of $29/$36 for one ticket for ALL THREE SHOWS seems like a pretty good entertainment value for your buck.

And I just keep wondering, why, twenty-some-odd years ago, when I lived in North-Central Minnesota and I was bored out of my mind half the time, why didn't they have casinos that had rock concerts up there in those days?

I think I was robbed...


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tonight! 09/15/12 Bob Mould @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

09/15/12 Bob Mould @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

*Update: 09/16/12
Long time friend of the blog Jeff O. made it out to the show and reports the following...

"I try to not miss bob when he swings through. Tore through Copper Blue and then a great mix of tracks off the new album along with some great selections from the catalog. Tight backing band, including the amazing Jon Wurster of Superchunk on drums."

One From The Archives: 09/15/06 - 09/24/06 Waysted U.K. Tour

09/15/06 - 09/24/06 Waysted U.K. Tour Ad
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Before And After: "Better Be Good To Me"

I'm totally stealing the "Before And After" theme of this post from Tim B.'s Stupefaction.

I think I first read about the band "Spider" at some point in the mid-late 90's. It was definately while I was consuming as much printed Kiss-and-related history as I could get my hands on. Current "Late Night with David Letterman" drummer Anton Fig has some Kiss related history it turns out and that led me to finding "Spider."

Most Kiss die-hards know, of course, that Anton appeared as the drummer on Ace Frehley's 1978 solo album. He also filled in on the skins for Peter Criss (who was too busy devoting time to being a new father and a semi-out-of-control coke fiend) when Kiss were recording their "Dynasty" album in 1979 and its follow up, "Unmasked" in 1980 - Fig presumably landing the gig through his connection with Ace.

Well, Anton also had a band of his own at the time as well. They were called Spider and were based out of New York City. And here is another Kiss connection: Spider were actually managed by Kiss' manager at the time, Bill Aucoin. The band was comprised of the following players:

Amanda Blue - lead vocals
Anton Fig - drums, percussion, vocals
Holly Knight - keyboards, vocals
Keith Lentin - guitars, vocals
Jimmy Lowell - bass, vocals

Formed in 1977, finally, in 1980, Spider released their self-titled debut album which yieled the minor hit "New Romance (It's A Mystery)." Yeah, I don't remember it either. A year later, in 1981, the band released a second (and final) album titled "Between The Lines." In my opinion it is a far superior album to their debut.

Anyway, shortly after learning of the band, I found myself flipping through the used vinyl at Cheapo Records in Minneapolis one afternoon and I remembered I wanted to check out the Spider albums. I was in luck - both were in stock and I think I paid maybe $3.99 each for them. Upon my first listen to each album I was thinking it was too bad the band never really hit. Evidently, some time shortly after the release of "Between The Lines" they renamed the band "Shanghai" and in 1982 released one album (which I've yet to hear) under that name.

I enjoyed (and still enjoy) both Spider albums, but as I stated above, I found "Between The Lines" to be easily the better of the two. As I was listening to it for the very first time, I was surprised to hear the beginning notes of this one song. I knew I'd heard it before. And then, as the song progressed into the first verse, I recognized it!

That was a Tina Turner song! From 1984! So it WASN'T her song after all! I was impressed to learn that it wasn't hers at all but instead a song from a rather obscure band that no one I knew at the time even knew about. And I was immediatly even more impressed with the original Spider version - it has better production and a more "rock" edge to it.

Not sure if Spider tried to release "Better Be Good To Me" as a single, but it seems they might have as they performed the song on at least one (to me unknown) TV show. The video turned up on Youtube a few years back and for the longest time it was the only Spider tune I could find on Youtube.

Spider - "Better Be Good To Me" (TV Performance - 1981)

Pretty cool. But the TV performance version, all 2:49 of it - omits several minutes of original track. The LP version of the song clocks in at a much more meaty 7:25.

Spider - "Better Be Good To Me" (LP Version - 1981)

A few years later, in 1984, Tina Turner released her huge mega-hit "Private Dancer" album. I can't remember the first time I heard Tina's version of "Better Be Good To Me," but I did like it at the time. That is, until many years later when I heard Spider's original version. In comaprrison, Tina's version sounds a bit too "slicked up" and in the process loses some of the edge of the original version. Of course Tina's version went on to become a huge hit single for her. I'm sure the members of Spider weren't too bummed out about that fact either - an influx of song writing royalties on a million selling hit single must have been nice to recieve a few years after the fact.

Tina Turner - "Better Be Good To Me" (1984)

Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain Book Tour/Readings Announced

Sept.-Oct. 2012 Legs McNeil "Please Kill Me" Book Readings (Detroit/Chicago/Minneapolis)
(Image via

09/30/12 - Detroit, MI - Facebook event page
10/02/12 - Chicago, IL - Facebook event page
10/06/12 - Minneapolis, MN - Facebook event page

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

09/14/12 Division Nine Show In Atwater Cancelled

09/14/12 Division Nine @ I.D.K. Sports Bar & Lanes, Atwater, MN - CANCELLED

A rather unfortunate update from our pals D9 -

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, this Fridays show @ the IDK has been cancelled.
Sorry to anyone who was planning to come out."

Fan response so far has been a sense of shocked disbelief.
Division Nine - Facebook

New York City Images As Album/CD Cover Art #87: Various Artists - "The Concert For New York City" CD/DVD (2001)

The Concert For New York City CD (2001)

Various Artists
Title: The Concert For New York City
Recorded: 10/20/01 @ Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY
Released: 11/27/01 (CD) & 01/29/02 (VHS/DVD)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RIP Mark Abrahamian - Guitarist, Starship

(Image via


NORFOLK, Neb. (AP) -- Mark Abrahamian, the lead guitarist for the rock band Starship, died of a heart attack after a concert in Norfolk, Neb. [on Sept. 2nd], his road manager said. He was 46 years old.

Starship road manager Scott Harrison said Abrahamian collapsed after a performance Sunday night. "We had just finished the show. We were back in the dressing room eating.

He apparently told the bass player he wasn't feeling well," Harrison said Monday. Abrahamian went into the next room and was talking to his fiance on the phone when he collapsed, Harrison said. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Harrison said Abrahamian hadn't mentioned any health problems to him, but he apparently had been telling his fiance.

"He had been having chest pains for a while," Harrison said.

One From The Ozone: 09/04/04 McBrain Damage/ KissNation/ LiveWire @ B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill, NYC, NY

09/04/04 McBrain Damage/ Kissnation/ Livewire @ B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, NYC, NY
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)