Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In Stores Today! Testament "Dark Roots Of Earth"

Testament 'Dark Roots Of Earth' CD (2012)

After what seems like an eternal wait, the latest smoldering offering of extreme metal from Bay-Area legends Testament hits store shelves across North America today.

My advice: Instead of downloading it, why not haul your ass on down to your local music retailer and pick up an actual physical copy?! Remember how to do that? I'll be picking up the official TATSOL in-house copy on my lunch break later today. I'm sure it won't leave the CD player any time soon.

Track listing:

1. ‘Rise Up’
2. ‘Native Blood’
3. ‘Dark Roots of Earth’
4. ‘True American Hate’
5. ‘A Day in the Death’
6. ‘Cold Embrace’
7. ‘Man Kills Mankind’
8. ‘Throne of Thorns’
9. ‘Last Stand for Independence’
Bonus Deluxe Edition Tracks:
10. ‘Dragon Attack’ (Queen cover)
11. ‘Animal Magnetism’ (Scorpions cover)
12. ‘Powerslave’ (Iron Maiden cover)
13. ‘Throne of Thornes’ (extended version)

Testament recently shot a video for the track "Native Blood."
The video was released yesterday to coincide with the CD release.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 2012 New York City, NY (XIV): Best Ending To A New York City Vacation Ever: 07/11/12 Ace Frehley @ Best Buy Theater

07/11/12 Ace Frehley/ Cashmier @ Best Buy Theatre, NYC, NY
(Images and videos: NYCDreamin Archives) - Unless otherwise noted with *

Wednesday July 11th was our 12th and final full day in New York City. We'd originally planned to check out and leave for home on the 10th. Then, out of nowhere, Ace Frehley announced a one-off show at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square on July 11th. We sure couldn't miss that by only one day, so, enduring a bit of hassle just to make it all worth while, we changed our hotel arrangements (to another hotel - our original hotel was booked for the additional days we needed to extend our stay) and travel plans to work the concert into our schedule.

The tickets for the concert were the ultimate wedding gift to me from my amazing and loving wife...she knows how much it means to me to see Ace Frehley any time I can and that to be able to see him in New York City would be just about as cool a gift as you can get. Thanks, Baby!

07-11-12 Ace Frehley/Cashmier @ Best Buy Theatre, NYC, NY (Ticket)

The final full day of our vacation arrived and we had no real plans other than to grab a bite for lunch and to hang out in the hotel and kill time, packing up our luggage until it was time to head up to the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. We decided that we wanted to arrive rather early and hang out. When we arrived just after 5:00pm there were already around 50 people lined up on the sidewalk outside the theater. We joined them and a few minutes later more people filed into the line behind us. By 6:00pm the line stretched most of the way up the block and out into the pedestrian chaos that is late-afternoon/early-evening Times Square. The doors were scheduled to open at 7:00pm with music starting at 8:00pm.

July 2012 NYC 338


Pretty much right on time the doors opened and after making our way through the Best Buy's sleek, modern looking concession area, we made our way down a longish hallway and then into the theater itself. The Best Buy is a good sized room and very well air conditioned. After being outside in the heat for a few hours it seemed rather chilly inside. We made our way down in front of the stage and managed to get into the second row, just to the right of center. We thought this was pretty good...but decided just a few minutes later that the seemingly always present super-tall guys in front of us would be a problem to our sightlines. We stepped around to the far right of the stage and onto a stairway area that was elevated a bit from the main floor and which led to a set of exits behind us. We got a prime viewing spot with a railing in front of us to lean on - and -  no tall guys in front of us to block our view. The only drawback to our spot was we could not see the drum kit at all. We decided that if that was the worst of our problems we were in pretty good shape.

Around 8:00pm, Cashmier came out on stage after their bombastic intro music finished up...and tried to impress the crowd with a set of dated sounding 80's style cock-rock anthems. It was a colossal failure from minute one. These guys pulled out every bad 80's cliche they could muster throughout their set. They certainly buy into what they are doing but I don't think the audience was having it. When the crowd response still hadn't erupted into any kind of acceptance or appreciation by the end of their set, they resorted to doing a "tribute to Ace Frehley," and cranked their way through a half-ass version of "Rock And Roll All Nite," complete with audience sing-along at the ending of the song. It was a desperate move from my point of view. Thankfully, when it was over, so was their set. After a smattering of polite applause, Cashmier left the stage and the stage crews began taking their stuff down and replacing it with Ace's gear.

The Gorgeous One leaned over a few minutes into the set cahnege and asked how long I thought it would take for Ace to come out. I told her, "He's a diva. It's gonna be a while."

And it was.

The set change progressed along at a good clip and then it was just random crew guys doing last minute spot-checks on microphones and guitars for what seemed like forever. Nearly an hour crept by as the main floor crowd near us consumed epic quantities of alcohol and became progressively rowdier and louder. This as the super sweet smell of some seriously strong marijuana smoke enveloped the floor, exhaled clouds of which could occasionally be seen rising and expanding through the air. A few drunkenly half hearted "We Want Ace!" chants were started...and abandoned just as quickly.

And then, finally, long time friend and tireless promoter of Ace Frehley's career, Eddie Trunk and his "That Metal Show" co-host Don Jamieson came out and announced the band, mentioning that "there might be a surprise or two during the show." I was hoping, as I'd been all afternoon, that this meant that Peter Criss was in the house and might join his former Kiss bandmate on stage for a song or two.

A few minutes later the house lights went down for the second time and Ace's intro music began. It had been just over 4 years since the last time I'd witnessed my all-time rock and roll guitar hero live on stage and I was definately more than ready to see what he and his band were gonna pull out this time around.

*As usual, we had our camera with us. Or I should say, our neighbor's camera. Ours was mostly full with two weeks of vacation photos and videos already. We'd brought along this secondary backup camera, hoping we'd have enought memory to film the entire Ace show. Turns out the memory card in the neighbors camera was a bit smaller than ours. With the 100 or so photos that were already on his camera, we only wound up having enough memory to film 4 songs and shoot a few photos. The rest of the videos you see here were shot by other people who were in attendance. These individuals have been credited, using their Youtube user names, beneath each of their videos.

Intro/Rip It Out

July 2012 NYCII 094


July 2012 NYCII 095


July 2012 NYCII 097

Frustrated and with nothing I could do about it, after "Sister," I decided I'd save what was left of the camera memory to shoot "the surprise," whatever that might be. About mid-way through the show, Ace announces he has a pair of special guest who are going to come out and do a number. As he makes the introductions, former Frehley's Comet members (guitarist) Richie Scarlett and (drummer) Anton Fig came out on stage, to great applause, to rip with Ace on a version of Hendrix's "Foxy Lady." I was a bit disappointed that the "surprise" wasn't an appearance by Peter Criss, but it was still a very cool development as I had never seen Anton play with Ace and it had been since 1994 since I'd last seen Richie play with him.

Foxy Lady - /w/ Richie Scarlett and Anton Fig

And with that, the one-song, 3/4 Frehley's Comet reunion was over, and the show continued on...

July 2012 NYCII 098

Snowblind/Rock Soldiers


July 2012 NYCII 099

Love Her All I Can

2000 Man


July 2012 NYCII 100

She/Hard Times


July 2012 NYCII 101

New York Groove


Flaming Youth


July 2012 NYCII 102

Rocket Ride


Strange Ways


July 2012 NYCII 103

Shock Me


Shout It Out Loud


July 2012 NYCII 104



July 2012 NYCII 105

Watchin' You/Love Gun


After finishing off with "Cold Gin" and "Black Diamond," (neither of which I can find on Youtube at the moment) Ace and his tight, hard rocking band called it an evening, taking their bows while receiving a thunderous and long lasting applause from what looked to be a nearly sold-out Best Buy Theatre audience. I felt very happy and proud to watch all those people cheer so wildly and enthusiastically for my hero on the close of another ass kickin' hometown show.

And then he was gone.

And immediately I started to wonder when (or if) I'd ever get a chance to see him again. If not, I thought, this was a great way to remember him.

07-11-12 Ace Frehley @ Best Buy Theater, NYC, NY (Setlist)
*(Image via KissFaq.com)

A few minutes after the show ended we made our way back outside, into the heat and people-clustered madness of Times Square. It was around 11:30pm and the streets were completely jammed with people. We made our way - slowly - south along 7th Avenue and finally, around 30th street, the crowds of people began to dissipate. By the time we walked another four blocks south to 26th Street there weren't many people on the streets at all. It was nice. It was now just after 12:00am and, finding nothing else of better quality open in the immediate vicinity, we decided to stop at the 24-hour McDonalds (home of the world's most unhappy employees it seems) on 6th and 28th and have a cheeseburger...just something small to hold us until morning since we'd kind of skipped dinner earlier. After wolfing down our mid-night snack we walked the few blocks back to the hotel and called it an evening.

Up early the next morning, we showered and cleaned up as we reminesced about all we'd seen and experienced during the previous 12 days. We straightened up our room and half-ass-edly watched and laughed at a bit of "Who's My Baby's Daddy?" on Maury as we re-organized and re-packed our luggage one final time for our return trip home. At around 10:00am we gave one last look at our home for the previous two weeks...and with a bit of reluctant hesitation we stepped out into the hallway and pulled the door to room 1206 closed behind us.

A few hours later, after 12 amazing, fun-filled days spent together making memories and rocking and rolling our way through much of our honeymoon in New York City, the Gorgeous One and I were sitting in the very back of a westward-bound Greyhound Bus, watching the skyline of the city of New York recede into the distance. Finally, with some regret at having to leave, we were on our way back home.

-end: July 2012 NYC, NY

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tonight! 07/28/12 Cinderella/ Sebastian Bach/ Lita Ford @ Myth, Maplewood, MN

07/28/12 Cinderella/ Sebastian Bach/ Lita Ford @ Myth, Maplewood, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Tonight! 07/28/12 Ted Nugent @ Treasure Island Casino, Welch, MN

Ted Nugent @ Treasure Island Casino, Welch, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Tonight! 07/28/12 Tesla/ Jason and the Scorchers @ Vetter Stone Amphitheater at Riverfront Park, Mankato, MN

07/28/12 Tesla/ Jason and the Scorchers @ Vetter Stone Amphitheater at Riverfront Park, Mankato, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

July 2012 NYC, NY (XIII): A City Sightseeing New York Twilight Cruise Around Lower Manhattan

July 2012 NYCII 001
(Images and video via NYCDreamin Archives)

Sunday, July 8th, another very warm day in NYC. After a quick stop by Nathan's on 7th Avenue Avenue across from Madison Square Garden to satiate my Philly Cheasesteak craving, the Gorgeous One and I made our way over to the Hudson River and arrived at the City Sightseeing New York dock at 38th Street at around 6:00pm. We went inside and purchased a pair of the $28 "Twilight Cruise" tickets.

July 2012 NYCII 002

After waiting for just over an hour, and being glad that we did get there early as this cruise was gonna be packed from the looks of things, we boarded the boat and found a choice seat for what was billed as a 90 minute twilight cruise around lower Manhattan then out into New York Harbor and back over to the West Side.

July 2012 NYCII 004

As we departed the dock, this guy in maybe his early-mid 50's gets on the microphone and after laying down a few cruise rules, he begins to narrate about what we're seeing on the shore as we pull out into the river. Within a few minutes I decide I really like this guy. He's funny as hell and very factually accurate and tells you a lot of interesting and historic facts about New York City. He announces at one point that he was born here and has lived here all his life and you can tell from how he lovingly speaks about liviug here and you hear the awe in which he still holds the city, that he would never even entertain living someplace else.

We pull away from the dock and begin to make our way south down the Hudson...as we pull out into the river a cool-ish breeze begins to sweep across the upper deck and it feels great to get some relief from the heat for a while.

July 2012 NYCII 007

July 2012 NYCII 013

July 2012 NYCII 016

A while later we are cruising slowly around the southern tip of Manhattan where it is pretty cool to see the new One World Trade Center dominating the skyline, as it does when viewed from most anyplace in the city now.

July 2012 NYCII 021

This is the view of New Jersey across the river to the West as the sun begins to sink below the horizon...

July 2012 NYCII 022

As we begin to cruise up the East River, this NYC Water Taxi sped by us...

July 2012 NYCII 023

July 2012 NYCII 027

The Brooklyn Bridge, currently undergoing some structural renovations and general tidying up.

July 2012 NYCII 030

Empire State Building as seen from the East River at sundown...

July 2012 NYCII 033

July 2012 NYCII 035

On our way back south down the East River and back down into the Harbor, an absolutely packed early evening Staten Island Ferry cruised on by...

July 2012 NYCII 042

...and then we cruised out into the Harbor to take a quick swing past Lady Liberty. This was the view of the Manhatan skyline behind us.

July 2012 NYCII 044

The recently married couple, enjoying yet another adventure during their NYC honeymoon.

July 2012 NYCII 046

July 2012 NYCII 048

After taking a swing by the lady in the harbor, we began to make our way back to Manhattan...

July 2012 NYCII 054

...cruising back up the Hudson once more past the now lit up One World Trade Center.

July 2012 NYCII 061

July 2012 NYCII 064

July 2012 NYCII 068

As we came back up the Hudson, I figured the cruise was nearing its eventual ending, so I switched the camera over to video mode and shot the last 3 and a half minutes of the cruise on video. You can hear the cool announcer guy in the background if you listen closely.

...and a few seconds later we were pulling back into the dock at 38th Street. Our big adventure for the day now complete, we departed the boat and were soon making our way back over to West 26th Street to settle in to our hotel room for the evening and try to make some kind of plan as to how to spend our time on Monday and Tuesday while waiting for Wednesday evening's Ace Frehley concert at the Best Buy Theater - our final full day in the city.

If you ever get a chance to visit New York, especially in the summer months, make sure you include a "City Sightseeing New York" twilight cruise on your itinerary...it's $28.oo well spent, the views are spectacular and it makes a great way to spend an enjoyable evening with someone you love. And you might even learn something too!

...more July 2012 NYC stories and photos soon!

July 2012 NYC, NY (XII): Down And Out In New York City

July 2012 NYCII 074
Seemingly Ominous Warning - Near the Hudson Yards, West Side, Manhattan.
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

One way I can try to guage New York City, in lieu of the fact that I'm not there all the time, at best once for a week or so every year or so, are the fluctuations in the numbers of panhandlers and homeless people I observe on the streets.

July 2012, comparing to July 2010, the apparent number of homeless persons on the streets in New York City is, from my view, on the rise. In my daily, early morning wanderings, I'd see them everywhere, and depending where I'd wander, sometimes I'd see disturbing and distressing numbers of them.

July 2012 NYC 328

The Mystery Cart (above). This shopping cart filled with recycleables treasured by the homeless "appeared" on the sidewalk, across the street from our hotel. It appeared to have been momentarily left behind. I was sure it would either (a) be sighted by another homeless guy wandering through the neighborhod, or (b) it would sit there for a day or so until the sanitation department picked it up, or (c) the guy who left it there would return to claim it.

Day 1 goes by. The following morning and mysteriously(!) the cart has moved - it is now on our side of the street, kind of off to the side from the entry to our hotel, but still firmly in the street in the lane where the cabs like to park in front of the hotel.  There it sits, smoldering in the hot city heat for day 2. Day 3 dawns. The cart never moves an inch. Finally, on the 4th morning that we were watching this thing...it was gone when we got up. Not sure if the trash guys finally figured it out and grabbed it, or if the random homeless guy mentioned above previously finally located and then made off with the cart and it's valuable contents.

Then there was this pair. This first photo (below) was shot around 5:30am on July 4th, 2012, along 7th Avenue between West 24th and 25th streets.

July 2012 NYC 212

Same couple (below), the following morning, July 5th, again, around 5:30am. This time I spotted them a few blocks north, just off 7th Avenue on West 27th Street.

July 2012 NYC 330

This one (below) was just fucking creepy. July 7th, 2012, around 6:30 am. This was shot on 8th Avenue near 32nd Street. This woman (I think) was propped up slightly, against this still closed newsstand on the corner of the block. I did a double take, wondring momentarily, as I looked around at people passing by n the sidewalk, if someone had dumped a body! No shit! My confusion only lasted a second as I saw her(?) move ever so slightly as she exhaled a breath and inhaled another to replace it.

July 2012 NYC 351

(Below) July 7th, 2012 - Early AM near Penn Station

July 2012 NYC 352

(Below) July 7th, 2012 - Early AM, near Penn Station

July 2012 NYC 353

July 8th, 2012, ear;y AM. Same couple from the top two photos, still a bit further north, now crashing in front of the closed-up Peep World on West 33rd Street, just off 7th Avenue.

July 2012 NYCII 071

...more July 2012 NYC, NY photos and memories coming soon!

Friday, July 27, 2012

July 2012 NYC, NY (XI): At The CBGB Festival - Day 3

07/07/12 CBGB Festival Free Stage @ Times Square, NYC, NY (Handbill - Front)
(Images and video via NYCDreamin Archives)

07/07/12 CBGB Festival Free Stage @ Times Square, NYC, NY (Handbill - reverse)

When: 07/07/12
What: CBGB Festival - Day 3 - Free Concert & Film Screening
Where: Times Square, NYC, NY and
             Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Street, NYC, NY

July 7th, day 8 of our vacation and day 3 of the 2012 CBGB Music Festival. The weather forecast was for heat - temps were to top out at around 100* later in the day. This would be the final day of CBGB related events for us as we had no plans to attend any of the events scheduled for Sunday the 8th.

I got up early, just after 5:30am, and after waking up for a while, wandered up to Times Square from our hotel to have a look and see if the CBGB festival crews were there yet setting up the twin free stages for the multi-band show scheduled to begin at noon.

They were indeed.

This (below) was the "South Stage", located at 46th & Broadway. I do have to admit, it was a bit strange to see a CBGB-adorned stage plopped down in the middle of Times Square among all the fancy giant electronic billboards and such. Like I said in a previous post, it was about as far from 1977 as you could get. But I was definately excited to see it there for the simple fact that later in the day, untold numers of people would be exposed to some new music. And wasn't that what that little Bowery dive was famous for?

July 2012 NYC 343

Same stage, different hottie...

July 2012 NYC 344

Crews are just beginning to move sound equipment onto the stage...

July 2012 NYC 345

A while later I walked a few blocks, up to 51st and Broadway, and had a peek at the "North" stage. The guys over here were litereally minutes behind the south stage crew in how far along they were with their setup.

July 2012 NYC 347

Another shot of the North Stage...

July 2012 NYC 348

Several of these CBGB banners had been erected on Broadway, between 46th and 51st streets. There was also a good sized area roped off for what appeared would be different concessions...when they arrived later. It was still maybe only 6:30am.
July 2012 NYC 346

So I eventually made my way back down to West 26th. I picked up some breakfast and then went back to the hotel to wake The Gorgeous One. On the way up to our room, I decided to stop at the hotel's "Business Center" and check my Facebook and see what was happening in the world. Imagine my surprise at seeing the news a few seconds later on my newsfeed about the "Harley Flanagan Incident" at Webster Hall the previous evening! I finished up on the computer and went back up the wake Sleeping Beauty and tell her about the Cro-Mags thing. She found it equally bizarre and expressed relief that we hadn't gone, even after all our effort trying to get in to that show.

We lounged around our hotel room a bit, ate our breakfast, watched some TV and then an hour or so later we got ready to head back up to Times Square. We stopped and grabbed a litre bottle of water for each of us and about 20 minutes later we were back in Times Square. It was just after 11:00am and the area was filling up fast with the CBGB festival faithful who had come out on what was turning out to be a real scorcher. Mid-day tourists, many oblivious as to what was going on were also thronging the area.

We stepped up to chek out the final setup on the 46tth Street stage - it looked like everything was ready to go.

July 2012 NYC 355

I decided we'd wait until the first few people started lining the baricade down front then we would quickly make our move and join them in the front row. In the mean time, wanting to make sure the south stage was indeed where Duff McKagan's band would be appearing and to try and confirm the set time of 12:40pm, we walked around the back of the stage and tried to find someone who might be able to confirm our info. A few minutes later we'd confirmed our information was good. We headed back around the stage, making our way past the luxurious makeshift "backstage" area where today's performers could take refuge from the heat. Sort of.
July 2012 NYC 354

Back around the front, and still no one lined up on the barricade, we took the opportunity for a quick photo-op. A few minutes later, we ran into the CBGB staffer who'd made sure we got our film passes. She was busy and friendly as ever, stopping what she was doing when she saw us and asking if we were having a good time. She then had a request: Would one of us take her picture with her friend she was with? She tells her friend as she's handing me the camera, "I know these guys won't rip off my camera." We chatted for just a minute or so and her phone rang and, excusing herself, she was off to attend to some more festival business.

July 2012 NYC 356

With the show scheduled to get underway at 12:00pm, a few people finally wandered up to the barricades along the front of the stage around 11:30.  We jumped up and joined them, settling in  just a bit to the right of center stage, right in the front row - and right in a viscious sun glare as well.  People began to fill in the area right in front of the stage and,looking back we could see the Times Square "grandstands" were pretty full of people as well. Behind us, near the soundboard, a large crane-mounted video camera was set to capture all the action.

It definately felt like 100*. Both the Gorgeous One and I had drained our 1 litre bottles of water some time before the show began. We figured we could make it through at least 2 bands before we'd need additional liquids, so we settled in and waited for the music to kick off.
Around 12:00pm, as scheduled, the South Stage came to life with an announcer taking the stage and thanking everone for coming out and for helping make the CBGB Festival something special. After yammering on a bit more about something or another (it was hot, did I mention that? And I really wasn't listening), he finaly got around to announcing a "great new band," and the members of Zulu Wave walked out, strapped on and plugged in and proceeded to play their 20-minute or so opening set. The crowd seemed to appreciate them - they received pretty good applause after each number. To me their songs were not so bad, really, but they were a bit repetitive and just never seemed to go anywhere. Once in a while when the lead guitarist would peal off a bunch of feedback drenched notes they sounded pretty good, but mostly I found Zulu Wave (below) sterile and lacking emotional connection to their music. Then again, maybe it was just me. I was hot (I think I mentioned that already, didn't I?) and I was beginning to get impatient to see Duff and his band.

July 2012 NYC 359

First though, as soon as the music ended on the south stage, the north stage over on 51st came to life. The crowd thinned a bit behind us as everyone either turned and stood or turned and made their way over to the north stage. After a brief announcement opening the north stage, the next band were announced: "Upper West!"

And so they began their set. The audio was pumped through the north stage PA so people on that end could here nice and clear what was happening on the other stage. Unfortunately, for us anyway, "Upper West" was some kind of cliche'd sounding hip-hop outfit and we were bored with them from the minute they took the stage.

While we were trying to block it all out the best we could, the crews on the south stage were making quick work of dispensing with Zulu Wave's gear and replacing it with McKagan and Co.'s gear. While we were looking around, the Gorgeous One spotted our pal Dave who we'd met the previous evening at the Ramones film screening at the Anthology Film Archives. We yelled over to him (we were not moving from our prime front row spot) and he came over and we caught up a bit on the events of the past 24 hours including the Cro-Mags incident at Webster Hall. Dave assured us that Duff and his band kicked much ass. I was pretty sure he would, but since I hadn't really kept up with his band or actually ever even heard them, I was glad for the reassurance. And Dave seemed to have pretty good taste in music, so I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe 20 minutes went by as Upper West continued doing...whatever that is they do. And then, mercifully, they were done. And all attention returned to the south stage. We pivoted around and dug in and I grabbed the camera. Here, for those of you who couldn't make it to the show, is what transpired over the following 35 minutes or so. And our man Dave? He was correct. Duff McKagan's Loaded definately delivers the goods.

And if this show wasn't kicking enough major ass as it was, Duff and his band had one last sweet surprise in store for the show's finale for the sun-drencehd and sweat-soaked Times Square crowd...

Fuck! Yeah!

As the guys left the stage and the north stage came alive with whatever band played next over there (we didn't really care at all, we'd just seen what we'd come to see), we made our way out of the front row. It took a few seconds for me to get my bearings on reality as I was literally almost on a wierd kind of music induced high. I was having a hard time comprehending I'd really just seen what I'd just seen! Between the great, hard rocking set turned in by Duff and his band, in Times Square in the heart of my beloved New York City and then the appearance of Punk Rock legend Glen Matlock  to round out the show, and the fact that is was blazing ass hot out...it was all making me feel a bit overwhelmed...but in a very good and positive way.

But now, we decided, we'd had enough sun and were more than ready to find someplace to get a cold soda and something to eat. As whatever band was playing on the north stage continued through their set that was basically serving as background noise for our escape, we made our way out Times Square, walking over to 9th Avenue to try and avoid some of the heavy Saturday afternoon foot traffic.

July 2012 NYC 369

The south stage, seen as we were leaving Times Square. Most of the people who had been watching Duff's set had moved over to the north stage or gone off to get water and/or other refreshments by this point. We'd had enough sunshine and heat for one day by this point and quickly made a break for it.

July 2012 NYC 371

Almost immediately after we left Times Square and began walking south on 9th, clouds began to blow in and blot out some of he sun's strength. It was still hot as fuck, but their was some relief to be felt. We walked back down to 23rd street, a trek that seemed to be the longest of our entire trip for me but was in fact not even close to it, and landed, finally, at the New York Burger Company. We'd really enjoyed our lunch there a few days prior and had decided it worth a second visit. And it was.

We returned to the hotel to rest and recoup for a few hours, then around 5:30 we set out on the R train from West 28th and Broadway, down to Prince and Broadway. From there we retraced, for the final time, our steps from the previous two evenings: East on Prince, North on Bowery to Houston. Right on Houston to 2nd Avenue. Right on 2nd Avenue, cross the street to the Anthology Film Archives on the corner of 2nd and 2nd.

We arrived for the 7:00pm screening of "Sid And Nancy" - surprise surprise - early. The place was literally deserted to look at it. We went in and inquired as to when they would begin seating. "Shortly. Have a seat," came the reply from the dude working the ticket booth. So we sat. I leafed through a CBGB Festival program booklet for the umpteenth time, not really reading it so much as just looking at it for something to kill the time. One or two other people arrived and joined our little line. Around maybe 6:40pm we were told to go ahead, go on upstairs. Unlike the previous evening's cramped to overflowing audience for the Ramones "End Of The Century" screening in the much smaller downstairs theater, the "Sid and Nancy" screening was upstairs in the much larger theater.

It wasn't looking like they were gonna have a very good turnout by the time we were seated. Of course we chose seats in the exact center of the room. Maybe a dozen other people were seated in the room before the house lights went down at 7:00pm and the film started with no introduction. A few more may have wandered in during the early minutes of the movie, bringing the total number of persons we observed in the room to definately 20 or less. Actors from the film Perry Benson (Paul Cook) and Sara Sugarman (Abby) were scheduled to make an appearance but we saw neither of them before the film began. We figured they'd make an appearance after the film and felt a bit bad there weren't a few more people here to catch the film.

So the movie begins...

...and maybe around half-way through the movie, this guy gets up from his seat a few rows in front of us and turns and storms up the aisle like he was upset about something. He yells out, "This movie fucking SUCKS!" and continues out the door.

So we go back to watching the movie.

And about 10 or 15 minutes go by, and then this guy comes storming back in, down the aisle to our left, trying to return to his seat. He is followed closely by a guy who appears to be in some sort of authority who is yelling at the guy "Hey! No! You're OUT! OUT!" The guy resists the theatre guy and there, as the movie rolls, is a minor struggle as the dude from the theatre manages to get this guy by his jacket (he's wearing a jacket and it 100* that day...) and pull him from his seat. He gets the better of the guy and begins "escorting" him back up the aisle and out of the room. I seriously thought, as they went through all this commotion, "What if this fucker has a gun?" Luckily, he did not, or he didn't pull it if he did. He was handily dealt with and the rest of us continued, again, and this time without further inerruption, to watch the movie...

...and when it was over, without waiting to see whether or not the actors would show up, the Gorgeous One and I were up and out of there as fast as you can say...uh...something that doesn't take long at all to say.

After 4 movies at two theatres over 3 days, surviving being in the same room as Harley Flanagan for 20 minutes, meeting 2 Ramones and seeing Bob Gruen speak about his career in rock photography, and a rock concert in 100* heat thrown in for good measure...all of it for FREE...our adventures at the 2012 CBGB Festival were now concluded. Both of us were a bit wore out perhaps, but nothing so bad a good night's rest couldn't cure. I think our experiences over the preceeding 3 days had far surpassed anything either of us had expected and I really wish I'd gotten the name of that cool, friendly girl from the CBGB's promotions/organization who got us our passes so I could try to thank her personally for a great time.

...more July 2012 NYC Images and Stories to come soon!