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RIP Steeve Hurdle - Guitarist - Gorguts, Negativa

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News is belatedly circulating that guitarist Steeve Hurdle (Gorguts, Negativa) passed away on Sunday, May 20th due to "post-surgical complications." Hurdle was 41 years old.  Further details are unknown at this time.

TATSOL Turns 4 Today

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Well...there's another year gone by...and just like that, now we're 4!

Crazy, right?! We can hardly believe it ourselves!

On this most momentous of occasions, we could go on and on in some big, convoluted, self congratulatory puff piece about "what it all means" and how ThisAintTheSummerOfLove has helped change the world for the better during the past 4 years. But since you and I both know that's a complete load of B.S., we feel a sincere "thank you" to each and every one of you who takes the time to read, comment and/or submit ideas will suffice.

So..."Thank You!"

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A New York Minute: Random Images And Stories From New York City - Circa 1974

As recently threatened, here we go with the lastest batch of images and stories from the ongoing NYCDreamin Archives "Purge & Reorganize" project.

This time we're re-visiting 1974 era New York City.

*Images and stories have been soure credited where available.

New York City - 1974

01-01-74 New York Times (City Greets 1974)
01/01/74 New York Times

1974 New York City: Bella Abzug at ERA Rally @ Federal Memorial Hall
(John Soto - The New York Times)
Rep. Bella Abzug (D., NY) speaks at Federal Hall Memorial in New York City during an Equal Rights Amendmwnt rally by feminists in celebration of Women's Equality Day on August 26.
1974 New York City: Stuntman Dar Robinson Seven Story Leap for NYPD
(Neal Boenzi - The New York Times)
Stuntman Dar Robinson, halfway through a seven-story leap, is about to demonstrate a new fast-inflating air cushion device to fire and police officials in New York City.

1974 New York City: Otis Electrobus
(Otis Elevator Co. - Electrobus Division)
The Otis Electrobus, a fume-free, fuel-saving vehicle that is battery powered, began regular runs in New York City at year's end. The bus, which accomodates about 45 passengers, runs at a top speed of 35 mph and requires a battery charge every 50 miles.

1974 New York City: Ed Eismann conducts psychotherapy in Brooklyn, NY
(Don Hogan Charles - The New York Times)
Edward Eismann (top right, gesturing) conducts a psychotherapy session for youngsters in a closed off Bronx NY street. The session that Eismann termed part of a therapeutic community were an extension of the nearby Lincoln Community Health Center.

1974 New York City: 05/23/74 Rolling Stone Magazine - Rolling Stones Movie Review
05/23/74 Rolling Stone Magazine
"Ladies and Gentleman, The Rolling Stones" film review.

1974 New York City: August 1974, Lionel Hampton @ The Rainbow Grill
August 1974 - Lionel Hampton @ The Rainbow Grill, NYC, NY

1974 New York City: Le Jockey Club Ad
August 1974 - Ad for Le Jockey Club @ The Americana Hotel, NYC, NY

1974 New York City: Sha Na Na Concert Review
07/07/74 New York Times - Sha Na Na Concert Review

June 1974 New York City: Sly Stone Married at Madison Square Garden (Rolling Stone 05/19/05)
05/19/05 Roling Stone Magazine - Sly Stones 06/74 NYC Wedding

1974 New York City: Willie Nelson by David Gahr (Rolling Stone Magazine - Date N/A)
(Photo by David Gahr)
(Undated) Rolling Stone Magazine - Willie Nelson, NYC 1974

08/07/74 New York Times - 2 Teenagers Held In Sniper Shooting
08/07/74 New York Times

08/07/74 New York Times (Murder Trial Article)
08/07/74 New York Times

08/07/74 New York Times (Police Blotter)
08/07/74 New York Times

08/07/74 New York Times (Fights at MSG)
08/07/74 New York Times

08/07 & 8-10/74 Lenny Bruce @ Players Theater, NYC, NY
08/07 - 08 & 10/74
The Wolrd of Lenny Bruce @ Players Theater, NYC, NY

05/16/74 Neil Young @ The Bottom Line, NYC, NY (Bootleg Review from Rolling Stone Magazine - Issue N/A)
05/16/74 Neil Young @ The Bottom Line, NYC, NY
(Undated) Rolling Stone Magazine - Bootleg review

08/08/74 Minneapolis Star (800,000 In Securities Found)
08/08/74 The Minneapolis Star Newspaper

1974 New York City: Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe (Rolling Stone Magazine - Issue N/A)
Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe, NYC, 1974.
(Undated) Rolling Stone Magazine

08/07/74 New York Times (New Theater In Park Is Planned)
08/07/74 New York Times (New Theater In Park Is Planned)
08/07/74 New York Times

August 1974 Andy Warhol's Frankenstein in 3-D - NYC Theaters Ad
August 1974 Andy Warhol's Frankenstein in 3-D, NYC Theaters Ad

08/08/74 Minneapolis Star (Tightrope Walker Was Dying Of Happiness)
Philippe Petite walks the wire!
08/08/74 The Minneapolis Star Newspaper

1974 New York City: Philippe Petit atop the World Trade Center
(Wide World)
Philippe Petit high above NYC

08/08/08, Man On Wire Movie Ad (Philippe Petit)
08/08/08 Man On Wire Theatrical Debut Ad

August 2008 Man On Wire Movie Review (City Pages)
08/06/08 City Pages "Man On Wire" film review.

09/16/74 Time Magazine (The Education Of Sonny Carson Review) 09/16/74 Time Magazine (The Education Of Sonny Carson Review)
09/16/74 Time Magazine
The Education Of Sonny Carson film review

09/16/74 Time Magazine (Non Fertility Dance, Central Park, NYC)
09/16/74 Time Magazine
Non Fertility Dance In New York's Central Park

09/16/74 Time Magazine (Robert Moses The Power Broker Book Review)01
09/16/74 Time Magazine (above & below)
"The Power Broker"  by Robert A. Caro book Review

09/16/74 Time Magazine (Robert Moses The Power Broker Book Review)02

11/04/74 Time Magazine (Taking Of The Pelham 1-2-3 Review)
11/04/74 Time Magazine
The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three film review

1974 New York City: 2nd Avenue Subway Construction (Time Magazine - Issue N/A)
(Undated, Unknown Magazine Clipping)
Second Avenue Subway Tunnel Construction, NYC, NY

11/04/74 Time Magazine (Ripoff At The Chelsea)
11/04/74 Time Magazine - Rip-Off at the Chelsea

11/21/74 Rolling Stone Magazine (10/16/74 Jefferson Starship at Radio City Music Hall Review)
11/21/74 Rolling Stone Magazine
10/16/74 Jefferson Airplane @ Radio City Music Hall concert review

...and thats it from the NYCDreamin Archives 1974 New York City Files!

*Previously: Images and Stories from New York City - Circa 1973
*Check back soon for 1975.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New In Stores Today: Joey Ramone "...Ya Know?"

05-22-12 Joey Ramone '...Ya Know?' CD Released

As ya may (or may not) know, the long awaited 2nd posthumous solo album by Joey Ramone, titled "...Ya Know?" hits the shelves of music stores today. It may seem like a lot of work and maybe a bit old-school, but do yourself (and your local music retailer) a favor and stop by on your way home from work this afternoon and pick up a copy for your CD collection. Or you can do it the easy way and just sit right where you are and order up a copy from Amazon.com. Either way you win - just check out some of the coolness that drips from this album in this handy-dandy pre-release Electronic Press Kit:

I can hear you now: "All those people played on this album? I didn't know that."

Ahhhh...well, now...ya know! And now you want a copy, don't you?

Go! Now! Get in your car! Drive fast and take chances! Do what you gotta do, but just get to the damn record store already and get a copy!

And, just as a completely random side observation...seems that Joey and I (yes, that would be me - the hairball with the ripped up jeans in the center of this circa 1989 photo here) shared the same idea about pants...that maybe, just maybe, less is more.

09-01-89 Metal Heads in Duluth, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)