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Turn Out The Lights...The Party's Over.

For a few various reasons which I really don't want to expound upon, this is it. Just shy of our 4-year anniversary, I'm pulling the plug here at TATSOL. I'll be leaving the site up so people can continue to enjoy (or hate) what we've done here. A big Thank You to all who have browsed, read, commented, linked and/or supported.

05/28/08 - 03/23/12

Tonight! 03/23/12 Vince Neil/ Downtread @ Medina Entertainment Center, Medina, MN

03/23/12 Vince Neil/Downtread @ Medina, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

TATSOL Sunday Night Rock Show #3: May 1991 Queensryche: Operation LiveCrime @ Madison/ Milwaukee/ LaCrosse, WI

Welcome to Sunday and to another TATSOL Sunday Night Rock Show! This week we're going back to May of 1991 to witness something that is still amazing 20 years later - in my opinion, one of the greatest rock shows I've ever seen.

In the spring of 1991 Queensryche were out on the road in the U.S. with Suicidal Tendencies tagging along as support. The 'ryche were promoting their then newly released album "Empire" with a lengthy U.S. tour that saw the band, as just a part of their show each evening, performimg their previous release, the brilliant "Operation Mindcrime" concept album, live, in its entirety, for the first time, with absolutely stunning results. The band have tried, over the years, to replicate these types of performaces from time to time and have never even come close to matching the intensity of these 1991 shows.

I caught the tour in Duluth MN on May 7th and it was just simply an amazing show that still stands out among the best I've ever seen. I commented to my friends with whom I'd attended the show as we were leaving that I was sure hoping they'd record the tour at some point and release a live album or video. Little did I know that just a few nights later, beginning on May 10th in Madison, Wisconsin (and continuing for the following two evenings, May 11th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and May 12th in LaCrosse, Wisconsin) the band were doing just that - rolling tape for a planned live release.

Several months later in the fall of 1991, to my great satisfaction, "Operation LiveCrime" was released and hit store shelves: a Cassette/VHS or CD/VHS "box set" documenting the "Operation Mindcrime" segment of Queensryche's 1991 Tour in all it's amazing viusual and sonic glory. I could hardly wait to get home to rip the sucker open and view it when it was first released. It did not disappoint.

May 10-11-12, 1991
@ Madison, WI / Milwaukee, WI/ Lacrosse, WI

Geoff Tate - vocals
Chris DeGarmo - guitar
Michael Wilton - guitar
Eddie Jackson - bass
Scott Rockenfield - drums

01. I Remember Now
02. Anarchy-X
03. Revolution Calling
04. Operation Mindcrime
05. Speak
06. Spreading the Disease
07. The Mission
08. Suite Sister Mary
09. The Needle Lies
10. Electric Requiem
11. Breaking the Silence
12. I Don't Believe in Love
13. Waiting for 22
14. My Empty Room
15. Eyes of a Stranger

Now it is 20 years later and the memories of this tour remain just as vivid for me now as then, thanks to that same video, "Operation LiveCrime," which you are about to witness for yourself. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...and still do. So grab a something cold to drink, and use the bathroom now... because once you hit the play button you're not gonna want to leave your seat. In fact, you'll most likely be glued to it and won't be able to get up even if you want to.


I doubt it. But let's get to it...


Hey, pal, c'mon, the show's over.
Glad you enjoyed it, but it's time to get up and move along now.
Thanks for coming...have a nice evening.


Check back right here next week for another TATSOL Sunday Night Rock Show!

One From The Archives: 03/18/06 Impaler/ Civil Defense/ Ed Gein Fan Club @ 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN

03/18/06 Impaler/Civil Defense/Ed Gien Fan Club @ 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN0001
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

One From The Archives: 03/17/10 Experience Hendrix Tour @ Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN

03/17/10 Experience Hendrix @ Orpheum, Minneapolis, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Scene On The Street: CBGB Festival 2012 Flyer Spotted at SXSW, Austin, TX

Our pal Tim B. of Stupefaction fame has been in Austin, TX this past week, attending a myriad of activities connected to the annual SXSW Music Festival. The other day he sent along this snap of a CBGB Music Festival 2012 flyer he spotted on the street somewhere along his adventures.

As reported HERE, the still anonymous new owners/promoters of the CBGB brand and festival are in Austin rounding up talent for what they are hyping as "one of New York’s largest and most energetic music events in recent history."

Thursday, March 15, 2012

July 2012 CBGB Music Festival A Step Closer To Reality - Preliminary Festival Details Announced

07/03 - 07/12 CBGB Music Festival, NYC, NY

Back near the end of January, rumors began to circulate that there were plans being made for a "new" CBGB club to open in Manhattan and that a CBGB music festival was to take place in the city as well, in July 2012. The above graphic quickly made the rounds and got everybody either: A) excited, or B) disgusted. The positive and negative chatter went on for a week or so and then seemed to die off as no new information on the CBGB club revival and/or festival have been forthcoming. The CBGB website has, for the past few months, been reduced to just a logo on the front page with no additional content.

I randomly checked this morning, as I occasionally do, to see if any additional information on the re-opening of the legendary punk dive and/or its rumored music festival has been released in the past few weeks - and lo and behold - the official website front page has all new graphics and design features. More interestingly, news of the CBGB Music Festival is featured prominently on the new front page, along with new dates. It looks now like the festival will take place July 4th - July 8th. Location is still not listed and neither are there any lists of talent scheduled to appear.

But, near the bottom of the front page, there is a line asking the question, "Want To Play At The CBGB Festival?" Clicking the link takes you to a information page that reveals the following information:

"The CBGB Festival is a five day celebratory showcase of music, film, distilled spirits and learning. From The Bowery and the Lower East Side to the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, join them as they turn it up as loud as it will go this year during the 4th of July holiday week. July 4-8, 2012: Named for the greatest rock-n-roll venue in the world; they proudly introduce the first Annual CBGB Festival. Experience four energy-fueled days & nights of music, rock-n-roll films, insider-industry workshops, and intimate storytelling; all LIVE, all in New York City. CBGB has defined music and culture for generations of people around the world. Universally recognized as the birthplace of punk, CBGB continues to define new music and popular culture by fostering live performances & personal expression from artists around the city and across the globe.

The CBGB Festival will produce one of New York’s largest and most energetic music events in recent history . Rounding out the festival will be hundreds of performances, showcase concerts and music themed filmed parties & events in all five boros of NYC with a special focus on the Lower East Side & Brooklyn.

Attendees of the CBGB Festival will have a rare opportunity to showcase their creative talents to the numerous music fans from around the globe inclusive of leading record executives, award winning producers, managers, agents and globally published media. CBGB has always believed in supporting live music and new talent. The CBGB Festival aims to continue this tradition for many years to come."

"One of New York’s largest and most energetic music events in recent history?" Sounds pretty promising. And, according to that information, it seems this "festival" will be spread out across the city, taking place in multiple locations over several days. I'd imagine that for an event of this proposed size and scope to generate enough interest, and to bring in enough asses to fill the seats in order to be a success, that advertising and additional information will be released shortly. Of course, we'll update right here at TATSOL as we learn more details.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Damn Chocolate Easter Bunny Hippies!

A chocolate Easter bunny named "Hippy?" What in the sam hell is this country coming to?!? Look at his eyes...this guy is twacked!! You can't tell me there's not some indication that there might be some LSD or maybe some X in those brightly clored easter eggs he's got in his basket! Keep close eye on your kids candy...uh...stash...this Easter season!

Hippy The Chocolate Easter Bunny
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

TATSOL Sunday Night Rock Show #2: 08/10/93 White Zombie @ The Marquee, Norwalk, CT

Welcome to the TATSOL Sunday Night Rock Show #2! We enjoyed it so much last we decided, hey, what the hell, lets give it another go this week!

So, tonight, for round two, we're featuring a sweet sounding and surprisingly visually impressive set from White Zombie, recorded in Norwalk, CT on August 10, 1993. On this particular night 'Zombie were near the end of the touring cycle for their "La Sexorcisto Devil Music Vol. I" CD and found themselves in the middle of a blistering summer US tour, playing second on a three band bill featuring openers Quicksand and headliners Anthrax. Anthrax were out supporting their then recently released "Sound Of White Noise." I'd seen the same tour a few weeks prior, on July 30th in St. Paul, MN and always remember it as a great show. Here, from Norwalk, CT a few weeks later, we have audio and visual proof that my memory does not lie...White Zombie were clearly a band on the upward climb. It wouldn't be long until they were headlining much bigger venues on their own.

White Zombie:
Rob Zombie - vocals
Sean Yseult - bass
J. Yuenger - guitars
Phil Buerstatte - drums

Grind House (A Go-Go)
Black Sunshine
Feed The Gods
Welcome To Planet MotherFucker/Psychoholic Slag
Rat Finks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls
Spiderbaby (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
ThunderKiss '65

So let's step back now to August 1993 and enjoy the soul soothing sounds of White Zombie, recorded LIVE!


And with that, lets call it an evening. We hope you've enjoyed yourself.
Join us again next Sunday for another TATSOL Sunday Night Rock Show!

Norwood, MN Native Rob Shanahan: Photographer To Rock's Royalty

(Image via)

03/09/12 - Chaska - Shooting For The Stars

"It may have taken a couple of decades, but the Norwood native (pre-Young America merger) has worked his way up in the ranks to become one of the preeminent music photographers of his generation. He’s a favorite among artists like Joe Walsh, Sheila E. and Ringo Starr. And he’s got a book full of photos (with forward written by Starr himself) to prove it.

Shanahan will sign copies of his first book — the aptly named “Volume 1: Through the Lens of Music Photographer Rob Shanahan” — at the Jeune Lune in Minneapolis on March 15. The event is also a gallery show where a limited number of prints from the book will be available for purchase."

Enjoy more imagery and information at:

A New York Minute: Central Park 1858 -vs- 1972

1858 NYC Central Park Painting - Frederick Law Olmstead
In a prospectus for New York City authorities in 1858, [Frederick Olmstead used dreamy watercolor vignettes like this one to help describe the landscape effects he hoped to create in Central Park.

Ariel View, Central Park, NYC, NY - Circa 1972
Olmstead foresaw that Central Park would become hemmed in by buildings. Today (1972) it serves magnificently, as he hoped it would, as a refuge from the bustle and jar of the streets.
(Unknown Magazine - 1972)

A New York Minute: Random Images From New York City Circa 1972

Here's the latest sort and dump from the NYCDreamin Archives - Random Images and items from New York City circa 1972.

Random Images Of New York City Circa 1971

A New York Minute
Random Images From New York City circa 1972
(Items are source-credited where available)

February 1972 BSA, NYC (Neal Boenzi - New York Times)
The 62nd birthday of the Boy Scouts of America was celebrated in February 1972. The Scouts planned to be more responsive to the needs of members and prospective members. Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew (far left) attended the Scouts Dawn Patrol Breakfast in New York City and he praised the organization for its efforts to preserve the environment.
(Niel Boenzi - New York Times)

June 1972 Abortion Rights March, NYC, NY (John Soto - New York Times)
In June a group of demonstrators, primarily women, marched on Fifth Avenue in New York City to defend the right to legalized, safe abortions. A man demonstrated against abortion within the group, ignoring the sign "our bodies, our lives, our right to decide."
(John Soto - New York Times)

April 1972 War Demonstration, NYC, NY (Leslie Leon from Keystone)
About 40,000 demonstrators marched through New York City in the rain in April to protest the war in Southeast Asia. The group, carrying banners, talking to bystanders and chanting, was mostly young people with a liberal sprinkling of middle-aged men and women.
(Leslie Leon - Keystone)

1972 Amtrak Metroliner Car (Mike Lien from New York Times)
New Metroliner, or 'Red Lion' cars were added to the New York-Washington DC route when Amtrak increased the number of trains scheduled on the popular East Coast run.
(Mike Lien - New York Times)

1972 - NYSE, NYC, NY(Dave Burnett from Life Magazine)
There was jubilation at the New York Stock Exchange when the Dow-Jones industrial agerage passed the 1,000 mark - and then crossed above 1,000 for the first time ever.
(Dave Burnet - Life Magazine)

1972 Injured Policeman, Harlem, NYC (Wide World)
Two plainclothesmen brandish pistols while an injured policeman is dragged to safety during disturbances in New York City's Harlem.
(Wide World)

April 1972 Attica PR Photo (Wide World)
A photo released in April by the New York State Special Comission on Attica shows guarded inmates after the rebellio of the previous September.
(Wide World)

1972 Harlem Hospital Workers Protest, Harlem, NYC (New York Times)
Staff members at Harlem Hospital in New York City block streets with hospital beds during a demonstration for better medical care.
(New York Times)

1972 Yeshiva Student Protest, NYC, NY (Edward Hausner - New York Times)
New York City Jews protest the conviction in Israel of two Yeshiva students arrested for attempted arson of a pornography shop.
(Edward Hausner - New York Times)

July 1972 Burnt Feeder Cables, NYC, NY (Wide World)
Power failure caused by burned out feeder cables affected more than 215,000 New York City residents during a summer hgeat wave in July.
(Wide World)

1972 Good Earth Shopper, NYC, NY (Chie Nishio - Nancy Palmer Agency)
A shopper selects organically grown produce at the Good Earth, one of more than 100 heatlth food stores in New York City. In 1962 there were barely a dozen such stores in the city.
(Chie Nishio - Nancy Palmer Agency)

1972 NYPD Examine Letter Bomb, NYC, NY (Jack Smith - New York Daily News)
New York City police demolition experts examine a letter bomb. More than 50 such devices were sent to Israelis and Jews in a number of countries. Arab terrorists were responsible.
(Jack Smith - New York Daily News)

1972 Tending Plants at the Jewish Braile Institute, NYC, NY (Barton Silverman, New York Times)
A new garden for blind people was opened at the Jewish Braile Institute in New York City in 1972. Special Features included braile signs. Plants were chosen for fragrance and texture.
(Barton Silverman - New York Times)

October 1972 Thomas Mallias and Family, NYC, NY (Meyer Liebowitz from the New York Times)
Thomas Mallias and his family, who overpowered the crew of a Albanian trawler to escape to Corfu, Greece, arrived in New York City in October.
(Meyer Liebowitz - New York Times)

1972 Welfare Island-Manhatan Subway Tunnel, NYC, NY (Lee Romero from the New York Times)
A new subway tunnel linking Welfare Island and Manhatan Island in New York City was being built with prefabricated sections laid under the East River.
(Lee Romero - New York Times)

1972 Community Resources Institute, NYC (Community Resources Institute of New York)
The Community Resources Institute of the City University of New York runs special workshops for teachers and professionals to equip them for working with children in open classrooms.
(Community Resources Institute of the City University of New York)

1972 Male ATT Operator, NYC, NY (Wide World)
Two men operate a switchboard for the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. in New York City. The telephone industry was a leader in breaking down sex barriers to employment.
(Wide World)

1972 Brooklyn Museum School of Art Advert. Image (Arnold Beckerman for Brooklyn Museum School of Art from Keystone)
As part of a new ad campaign for the Brooklyn Museum School of Art, this striking ad by Dick Levy not only brought in its share of new students but won four national awards as well.
(Arnold Beckerman - Brooklyn Museum School of Art - Keystone)

1972 Unemployment Rally, NYC, NY (Leonard Freed for Magnum)
Vocal veterans rally for jobs in New York City. Even educated vets are finding it hard to get employment.
(Leonard Freed - Magnum)

1972 Bo Diddley @ MSG, NYC, NY
Bo Diddley - Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY
(Rolling Stone Magazine - Issue N/A)

1972 Bo Diddley-Chuck Berry @ MSG, NYC, NY
Bo Didley & Chuck Berry, Madison Sqaure Garden, NYC, NY
(Rolling Stone Magazine - Issue N/A)

1972 NYC Subway Grafitti (Wide World)
The walls of New York City subway cars are favorite locations for grafitti "artists." The city spends millions of dollars each year to repaint such walls.
(Wide World)

02-19-72 Lee Morgan Killed @ Slugs, NYC01
02-19-72 Lee Morgan Killed @ Slugs, NYC02
02/19/72 Lee Morgan gunned down at Slug's, NYC, NY
(Rolling Stone Magaine - 03/30/72)

1972 Bowie-Iggy-Reed @ NYC by Mick Rock
Bowie-Iggy-Reed - NYC, 1972 by Mick Rock
(Rolling Stone Magazine - Issune N/A)

Rolling Stones @ Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY - 1972

(Newsweek Magazine - 08/07/72)
08-07-72 Newsweek Magazine (Rolling Stones NYC)04

08-07-72 Newsweek Magazine (Rolling Stones NYC)01

08-07-72 Newsweek Magazine (Rolling Stones NYC)02

08-07-72 Newsweek Magazine (Rolling Stones NYC)03

(Rolling Stone Magazine - Issue N/A)
1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY01

(Rolling Stone Magazine - 08/31/72 - Partial)
1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY02a
1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY02b
1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY02c

1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY03b
Bianca Jagger got out of the plane while Ahmet Ertegun was still at the top of the stairs.

1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY03
A cigarette was proffered to Bianca, Mick and Ahmet.

1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY04
Andy Warhol, Princess Radziwill and Truman Capote travelled the poloroid circuit.

1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY05
Not all the show was on stage. The audience starred in the streets where tickets were going for up to $250.

1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY06

1972 Rolling Stones @ MSG, NYC, NY07
Rolling Stones on stage at Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY

1972 Raquel Welch Press Conference, NYC, NY
(Source N/A)

03-30-72 Newsmen as NYPD News Item(Rolling Stone Magazine)
(Rolling Stone Magazine - 03/30/72)

1972 Dick Cavett, Bronx, NYC
(Rolling Stone Magazine - 08/31/72)

09-12-72 Faces @ MSG, NY (Rolling Stone Magazine)
09/12/72 Faces @ Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY
(Rolling Stone Magazine - 10/12/72)

1972 John Lennon - Central Park, NYC, NY
John Lennon- Central Park, 1972
(Rolling Stone Magazine - Date N/A)

Newport in NY '72 Ad(top)
Newport in NY '72 Ad(bottom)
Newport in NYC 1972

1972 Rikers Prison Book Drive Teen, NYC (12/15/72 Life Magazine)
Full Bookshelves for a Prison
(Life Magazine - 12/15/72)

1972 De-Polluting A NYC Pond (12/15/72 Life Magazine)
De-Polluting a neighborhood pond
(Life Magazine - 12/15/72)

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, NYC, 1972
Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, NYC, NY

-end 1972

*Coming Soon: Random Images of New York City circa 1973