Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Saturday! 02/04/12 Division Nine @ Scotty's Bar & Lounge, Benson, MN

Our friends Chad, Mikey, Steve and Rob, collectively known as Division Nine kick off their 2012 concert season with a one night only show this Saturday evening in Benson, MN.

Division Nine (Drum Head)
(Image via D9Rocks.com)

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 - 9:00pm
Division Nine
@ Scotty's Bar & Lounge
300 - 14th Street South
Benson, MN

*D9 was formed in 2001 as a rock cover band, covering music from the 70's to current. D9 is based out of St. Cloud and plays in the central Minnesota area. Email us for bookings or for any comments or question you may have at: chad@D9rocks.com.
Hope to see you at our next show!

And Now, Something Nice For All You C.S.F.'s...

Updated 02/02/12

As longtime TATSOL readers are aware, any time some new Flipp video surfaces from wherever it's been stashed away for much of the past decade or longer, we're gonna be pretty excited here. Thanks to Youtube use "alceonmusic," who uploaded this pair of sweet little video gems just a few days ago, giving all us long-deprived C.S.F.'s a rare and much needed fix.

Flipp - "Can't Hardly Wait"
@ Sound Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Flipp - "Let It Be"
@ Red Carpet, St. Cloud, MN

Flipp CSF Logo

Old Postcards From New York City To Back Home #41: Hell Gate Bridge, New York

NYC Postcard - Hell Gate Bridge (Front)

NYC Postcard - Hell Gate Bridge (Reverse)
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

Sent to:
Mr. Edward Kessel[?] -c/o- Mrs. J.E. Bratt, Siloam Springs, Ark.


Card reads:
"Dear Edward: I wish you and Auntie Maurie and Auntie Bertha might continue your tour as far as this city and far enough beyond to reach White Plains. It would give me a great thrill. Since that is not possible I hope you are having a perfectly gorgeous time and that your trip back [?] [?] might be a continuation of that good time. Love, Aunt Helen.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Amid Rumors of Legendary Punk Dive's Possible Summer Return, "Bye Bye CBGB" Opens Today @ Clic Gallery, NYC, NY

(Image and info via Clic Gallery.com)


January 30 - February 28, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 2, 6-8PM

Clic Gallery NYC
255 Centre Street


"On October 14th, 2006 people came from all other the world to say “Bye Bye” to CBGBs before the club shut its doors for good. Indoors, there were 48-hours of star-studded performances, but it was the emotionally-charged going-ons right outside the club’s doors that captivated multimedia artist Bruno Hadjadj. Using sketches, photography, and videos, he immortalized the anonymous throngs who queued up outside to pay their final respects. For two days people dedicated poems, artworks, mementos, and performances to the legacy of the greatest rock club of all time. Hadjadj’s resultant body of work not only tells the tale of an era coming to an end, but also pays testament to the incredible endurance of CBGBs influence."

Old Postcards From New York City To Back Home #40: North View From Empire State Building At Night

NYC Postcard - View North From Atop E.S.B. (Front)

NYC Postcard - View North From Atop E.S.B. (Reverse)
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

Sent to:
Mr. & Mrs. E.H. Corp[??], Owatona, MN


Card Reads:
"Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Have been having a wonderful time in NYC. Will spend tomorrow in New Haven. We are a top the Empire State Building now. John."

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old Postcards From New York City To Back Home # 39: The Manhattan Bridge - New York & Brooklyn

NYC Postcard (Manhattan Bridge - Front)

NYC Postcard (Manhattan Bridge - Reverse)
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

Sent to:
Mr. Carl Lauritzen, Minneapolis, MN


Card reads:
"Dear Carl, If you thought Chicago was some place you should see New York. I suppose you would be so interested in the good looking girls cafes etc. that you wouldn't see much else here but it certainly is ][ great. I certainly am having a fine time. Tell you all about it when I get back. With love, Max."

Thursday, January 26, 2012

R.I.P Mark Reale (Guitarist - Riot)

A recent Riot promo photo, guitarist Mark Reale, center.
(Image via MetalExpressRadio.com)

Source: Blabbermouth.net:

"Mark Reale, founding guitarist of the long running legendary New York metal band RIOT, passed away earlier today (Wednesday, January 25) in a San Antonio, TX hospital due to complications of Crohn's disease — an ailment he has battled for most of his life. He was 56 years old.

Reale had reportedly been in a coma for the past two weeks after suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage on January 11.

RIOT said in a statement: "To friends and fans of Mark Reale and RIOT, we are deeply saddened to confirm that Mark has lost his battle with a lifelong illness. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated by Mark's family, friends, and bandmates at this difficult time."

We here at TATSOL extend our deepest condolences to Mark's family, friends and bandmates.

Riot - Live @ My Father's Place, Roslyn, Long Island, NY 09/15/81

CBGB Summer Music Festival Scheduled For July 3 - 7 In New York City?

Details are a bit short in supply at this time, but Bowery Boogie has the latest on this still developing story as they are known as of today.

More details here as they become available.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Love Finding Newly-Surfaced Video Of Shows I Was At: 08/08/97 Druel @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

I first posted this flyer and ticket back in August 2009. It's for an August 1997 Suicidal Tendencies show at First Avenue in Minneapolis. I was there.

08/08/97 Suicidal Tendencies/Druel/Stray Bullets (Flyer)(Top)
08/08/97 Suicidal Tendencies/Druel/Stray Bullets (Flyer)(Bottom)

08/08/97 Suicidal Tendencies/Druel/Stray Bullets (Ticket)
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

Here's what I said about this show when I originally posted the flyer...

"I don't remember much in particular about this show except that Druel (one of the best ever from Minneapolis) kicked major league ass and Suicidal Tendencies seemed to be a shadow of their former self - they were not very good on this particular evening."

Well! Fuckin' Hooray for Youtube! A few years later, some sweet video has surfaced (apparently from someone associated with the band) that proves my memory correct - Druel DID kick some serious ass that evening!

This seems to be a full set video (in 3 parts), so go grab something cold to drink, kick back in your computer chair, press play and witness for yourself.

Or, if you prefer, you can just hit the play button, crank it up nice and loud...wait for the right minute when the music moves you just so....and then proceed to destroy the room!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A New York Minute: Random Images From New York City circa 1970

*I'm continuing on my seemingly never-ending mission to clean out, re-organize and purge the TATSOL/ NYCDreamin' Archives. As such, here, for your perusal, viewing pleasure and consideration, nearly forty additional 1970-era NYC images (color and B&W) from old magazines, books, etc. I've listed source/credit where available.

NYC 'Round Shot' (1970's)

1970 NYC Skyline - Smog
Smog-choked NYC Skyline - 1970
(New Book of Knowledge Annual 1970)

1970 Smog Covered NYC Skyline
A blanket of air pollution hangs over New York City, all but hiding the sun.

1970 Kids Plant Flowers On Broadway, NYC
Kids plant flowers on Broadway in New York City, Earth Day 1970.

Earth Day 1970 - NYC Children March For Mother Earth
New York City children demonstrate against air pollution on Earth Day.
(Photo by Leslie Keystone)

1970 Garbage Riots, Brownsville, NY
Angry because garbage had not been picked up for days, some residents of Brownsville in New York City started garbage fires and looted stores.
(New York Times)

1970 East Bay, Long Island, NY
This photograph of East Bay, Long Island, NY, shows the extensive los of wetlands due to housing, roads, and commercial developments, which also pollute the waters of the bay. Population density is a key feature of this suburb.
(Laurence R. Lowry from Ralph Guillumette)

NYC Construction Workers Demonstration - World Wide Photos
Construction Workers in New York City march to City Hall, waving flags and carrying placards to demonstrate their massive support for U.S. President Richard M. Nixon.
(Wide World)

NYC Construction Workers Demonstration (by Unknown)

NYC Construction Workers Demonstration - David Moore-Black Star
Hard Hat Demonstrator - 03/08/70
(David Moore/Black Star)

GAMS Demonstration, NYC (1970)
Mini-clad Phyllis Tweel (right), founder of GAMS (Girls against More Skirt) leads her group in a demonstration against the maxi and the midi.

Statue Of Liberty - Women's Rights Banner  - 1970
1970 was a year of demonstrations for equal rights. A new force on the scene was Women's Liberation. Dozens of different groups, attracting women of all ages, were organized togain "first class citizenship" for women.

Women's Rights Demonstrator, NYC, 1970
Their rallying cry was "Women of the world unite," and their demands ranged from "equal pay for equal work" to free day-care centers.

1970 Womens Right March, NYC
Satire played a role in some demonstrations for women's rights, as in New York City, where the point was made that women are not robots, chattel, or toys.
(Marc and Evelyne Bernheim from Rapho Guillumette)

Jewish Anti-Soviet Demonstration, NYC, 1970
New York City Jews demonstrate against Soviet support of the Arab states. Other demonstrations protested discrimination against Jews in Russia.

6-28-70 Gay Liberation Day, NYC
Chanting "Say it loud, Gay is proud!" thousands of young people marched for Gay Liberation on June 28th in New York City. They were led by the Gay Activist Alliance and other homosexual groups.
(Russell Reif from Pictorial Parade)

June 1970 - Publishing Industry Workers Anti-War Campaign, NYC
Thousands of people in the book publishing and film industries in New York City stopped work for one day in June to campaign for peace candidates and to distribute boks and leaflets against the Indochina war.
(New York Times)

1970 Lincoln Hospital Occupation, Bronx, NYC
A militant group took over a building of the Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, New York City, to protest inadequate medical care.
(UPI Compix)

1970 Ralph DeJesus Testifies @ Legislative Hearing, NYC
Twelve-year-old heroin addict Ralph DeJesus testifies at a state legislative hearing in New York City. The boy, accompanied by his doctor, described his experiences to the legislators.
(Wide World)

Phoenix House, NYC, 1970
A member of Phoenix House, a New York City supported home for treatment of youthful drug users - tells young people about the dangers of drug use. The pre-teenagers were contestants in an antinarcotics poster contest.

Welfare Clients, Brooklyn, NY, 1970
Welfare recipients are among the clients of this mental health center in Brooklyn, NY. A group discusses the rearing of children.
(New York Times)

NY Lottery Billboard, NYC, 1970
Millions of New Yorkers participated in the summer lottery of 1970 in New York State. THe first prize was $1 million. The winner will be paid at the rate of $50,000 per year for the next 20 years, to reduce the income tax rate.
(Russell Reif from Pictorial Parade)

Feb. 1970 - Outside Bach and Co., NYC
The largest transfer of stocks and bonds in the history of Wall Street was made in February [1970.] Security guards survey the movement of $3 Billion worth of certificates to the new location of the brokerage house Bache and Co.
(UPI Compix)

1970 Peter Huang Arrest, Plaza Hotel, NYC
Policemen arrest Peter Huang outside the Plaza Hotel in New York City after his abortive attempt to assinate Chiang Ching-kuo, son and heir apparent of Nationalist China's leader Chiang Kai-shek.
(Wide World)

1970 Robert Dick, Tea Taster, NYC
Robert Dick was head taster of the Federal Board of Tea Tasters until the board was bloished by U.S. President Richard M. Nixon in February [1970.] In his large New York City office, Dick samples some tea. He estimated that he tasted 20,000 cups of tea a year while the board was in operation.
(Wide World)

1970 Port of NY Computer Upgrades
A new computer hiring system replaces the old hiring hall for longshoremen who work on a daily basis for the Port of New York.
(New York Times)

1970 Architects Renewal Committee, Harlem, NYC
In New York City an increasing number of black people were taking advantage of a program of architectural training that was sponsored by the Architects Committee in Harlem.
(New York Times)

1970 'Cotton Comes To Harlem'
The hilarious spoof 'Cotton Comes To Harlem' proved to be a box-ofice smash in 1970. It was a wild detective comedy featuring a large cast of blacks.
(United Artists)

October 1970 Queens House Of Detention Prison Riot
In October inmates of the Queens House of Detention in Newe York City took over the prison and seized seven hostages. The men were demanding major prison reforms.
(Wide World)

Dinosaur Trailside Park Dedication, NYC, 1970

Sesame Street, NYC (Unknown Book - 1970)
(From unknown book)

Sesame Street, NYC (Unknown Book - 1970)02

Sesame Street, NYC (Unknown Book - 1970)03

Youngsters of East 100th Street, NYC, 1970 (Bruce Davidson)
This photograph is from the exhibition "East 100th Street" by Bruce Davidson at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. THe exhibition prints and the book from which they were taken are the result of Davidson's two-year photographic study of the residents of a single block in East Harlem.
(Bruce Davidson from Magnum)

1970 Alexander Calder Street Art, NYC
Sidewalk art on Madison Avenue between 78th and 79th streets in New York City is the work of artist Alexander Calder.
(Wide World)

1970 Artist Housing, NYC
An office building in New York City has been transformed into Westbeth artists' housing with loft-type living and working units.
(Laurence Fried)

1970 Flat Iron Building, NYC
Flat Iron Building, New York City

1970 The Westyard Building, NYC
THe Westyard Building in New York City, designed by Davis, Brody & Associates, is built over railroad tracks (bottom of photograph). Such use of airspace above railroads and highways in crowded cities is becoming more common.

CSNY @ Fillmore East, NYC, 1970
CSNY @ Fillmore East - 1970
(Rolling Stone Magazine - Issue N/A)

2006 Neil Young and Crazy Horse @ Fillmore East 1970 (Ad)
(2006 Rolling Stone Magazine Advertisement)

Coming soon: Random Images from New York City circa 1971.

For additional random NYC images, many seen right here at TATSOL during the past 3 and a half years, some of them not seen here previously, visit my NYC Image Archives on Flickr:
-NYCDreamin NYC Archives Vol. I (1,000 images)
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