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Remember That One Time At CBGB's?

Remember That One Time At CBGB's?
An Ongoing Chronological CBGB Archive Project

GBGB 1995
CBGB - 1995
(Photo by Alex Smith/Flaming Pablum - used with kind permission)

Most Recent Updates:
06/22/13(*Added 265 new show dates)
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This bulk of this chronology was researched and put together beginning in Summer 2012 and went live here (a few days early) on December 30, 2012. It is by no means to be considered complete.
Additional information to be added as it is compiled.

-Section One-

"Hilly's On The Bowery"


12/..../69 With a $20,000 investment, Hilly Kristal opens "Hilly's on the Bowery" at 315 Bowery, New York City


01/02/71 Bowery Chamber Music Society
01/10/71 Bowery Chamber Music Society
01/17/71 Bowery Chamber Music Society
02/07/71 Bowery Chamber Music Society

Meanwhile, Hilly continued to operate his other live music and drinking establishment, "Hilly's" at 62 West 9th Street, NYC, NY.

08/19/71 Hilly's ad
08.19.71 (Village Voice) Hilly's (62 West 9th Street Ad)


*The bar at 315 Bowery was closed for an extended period during 1972 but was reopened by mid-October.

October 1972 Hillys

10/19/72 "Grand Opening" of "Hilly's on the Bowery"
...../W/ Jeremy Stieg/Ralph Towner/Miroslav Vitous/Magic Tramps

10/20/72 Jeremy Stieg/Raplh Towner & Guests/Ray Draper's Presence
10/21/72 Jeremy Stieg/Ralph Towner/Miroslav Vitous

November 1972 Hillys

11/09/72 Jeremy Stieg
11/10/72 Jeremy Stieg
11/11/72 Jeremy Stieg

December 1972 Hillys

12/14/72 Chico Hamilton Quartet
12/15/72 Chico Hamilton Quartet
12/16/72 Chico Hamilton Quartet
12/21/72 Chico Hamilton Quartet
12/22/72 Chico Hamilton Quartet
12/23/72 Chico Hamilton Quartet

12/31/72 Jeremy Stieg/Oregon
12/31/72 Larry Coryell/ Foreplay

..../..../72 Marta Heflin
..../..../72 Bette Midler


01/??/73 Chuck Wayne/ Joe Puma

February 1973 CBGB

02/15/73 Hakim Jami Quintet/Rashied Ali Quintet
02/16/73 Hakim Jami Quintet/Rashied Ali Quintet
02/17/73 Hakim Jami Quintet/Rashied Ali Quintet
02/18/73 Hakim Jami Quintet/Rashied Ali Quintet
02/22/73 Medodic-Art-Tet/Rashied Ali Quintet

(02/22/73 New York Times)
02-22-73 New York Times (Hilly's On The Bowery)

02/23/73 Medodic-Art-Tet/Rashied Ali Quintet
02/24/73 Medodic-Art-Tet/Rashied Ali Quintet
02/25/73 Medodic-Art-Tet/Rashied Ali Quintet
03/01/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/02/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/03/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/04/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/08/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/09/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/10/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/11/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/15/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/16/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/17/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/18/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/22/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/23/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/24/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
03/25/73 Rashied Ali Quintet
07/18/73 Hilly Kristal/ Virgil and the Young Ones
07/19/73 Hilly Kristal
07/25/73 Hilly Kristal/ Virgil and the Young Ones
07/26/73 Hilly Kristal
08/01/73 Hilly Kristal
08/02/73 Hilly Kristal
08/22/73 Hilly Kristal
08/23/73 Hilly Kristal

C.B.G.B. & O.M.F.U.G.

12/..../73 "Hillys On the Bowery" name changed to "C.B.G.B."

"I opened CBGB because I thought country music was going to become the big thing. And it did, though not here." - Hilly Kristal


03/14/74 Conform Band
03/28/74 Elly Greenberg/ Erik Frandsen
03/29/74 Elly Greenberg/ Erik Frandsen
03/30/74 Elly Greenberg/ Erik Frandsen

March 1974 CBGB

03/31/74 Television
04/07/74 Television
04/14/74 Jeremy Stieg & Company

April 1974 Television CBGB

04/14/74 Television/ Leather Secrets
04/15/74 Squeeze
04/16/74 Squeeze
04/17/74 The Central Park Shieks
04/18/74 The Central Park Shieks
04/19/74 The Central Park Shieks
04/21/74 Television/ Leather Secrets

04/28/74 Television/ Leather Secrets
04/28/74 Jeremy Steig & Company

04/29/74 The Torpedoes
05-05-74 CBGB 05/05/74 Television/ Stillettoes

May 1974 CBGB

05/10/74 Leather Secrets/ Dorian & Zero
May 1974 Television-Stillettos CBGB

05/12/74 Television/ Stillettoes
05/26/74 Television/ Stillettoes
06/05/74 Stillettoes

June 1974 CBGB

06/07/74 The Fast/ Suicide
06/08/74 The Fast/ Suicide
06/15/74 Television/ Stillettoes
06/16/74 Television
07/21/74 Television
07/25/74 Virgil and the Young Ones
08/15/74 Hilly Kristal
08/16/74 Hilly Kristal
08/16/74 Ramones/Angel and the Snake
*1st Ramones show at CBGB / *Angel and the Snake 1st show (Pre-Blondie)

08/17/74 Ramones
08/24/74 Ramones
08/25/74 Ramones
08/29/74 Ramones
08/30/74 Ramones

08-31-74 CBGB 08/31/74 Ramones/ Angel and the Snake
*2nd and final Angel and The Snake show (Pre-Blondie)

(06/24/04 Rolling Stone Magazine)
Angel And The Snake at CBGB - 1974

09/01/74 Ramones
09/07/74 Ramones
09/08/74 Ramones
09/15/74 Ramones (V)

09/15/74 Ramones
"Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue"
"I Don't Want To Go Down In The Basement"
"Judy Is A Punk"
"Ramones It's Alive 1974 - 1996" DVD

09/17/74 Ramones
09/22/74 Ramones
09/24/74 Ramones
10/01/74 Ramones
10/06/74 Ramones
10/08/74 Ramones
Oct. 1974 CBGB 10/11/74 Emilio Cubeiro
10/12/74 Ramones/ Blondie
10/13/74 Ramones/ Blondie

October 1974 CBGB

10/16/74 Poetry /w/ Donald Lev/ Phylis Capeilo
10/18/74 New Cats Pajamas
10/19/74 New Cats Pajamas
10/20/74 Ramones
Oct. 1974 CBGBII 10/30/74 Poetry /w/ Dean Lattimer/ Emily Chewning + Open Readings
10-31-74 CBGBII 10-31-74 CBGB 10/31/74 Savage Voodoo Nuns/ Ramones/ Blondie
11/01/74 Savage Voodoo Nuns/ Ramones/ Blondie
11/02/74 Savage Voodoo Nuns/ Ramones/ Blondie
11/03/74 Savage Voodoo Nuns/ Ramones/ Blondie
11/06/74 Poetry /w/ Charles Haseleff/ William Packard + Open Readings
11.13-17.74 CBGB 11/13/74 Poetry /w/ Shirley Powell/ Ginny Weidmann + Open Readings
11/15/74 New Cats Pajamas
11/16/74 New Cats Pajamas

November 1974 CBGB

Date N/A - New Cats Pajamas "Brugas"

Date N/A - New Cats Pajamas "Lakachaka"

Date N/A - New Cats Pajamas "Gomlo"

11/17/74 Ramones/ Blondie


The Palace Hotel and it's next door neighbor at 315 Bowery, CBGB.
(Photo by Michael D. Zettler - 1975)
Palace Hotel & CBGB Awning - 1975

01/12/75 Television/ Blondie *Jam with Johnny Thunders
01.15.75 CBGB 01/15/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
01/15/75 Poetry /w/ Barbara Baracks/ Pamela Davis + Open Readings
01/16/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
01/17/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
01/17/75 Television/ Blondie

January 1975 CBGB

01/17/75 Television "Psychotic Reaction"

01/18/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
01/18/75 Television/ Blondie
01/19/75 Television/ Blondie
01.22.75 CBGB 01/22/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
01/22/75 Poetry /w/ Mel Yosso + Open Readings
01/23/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
01/24/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
01/24/75 Television/ Blondie
01/25/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
01/25/75 Poetry /w/ Bill Packard with Slides
01/25/75 Television/ Blondie
01/26/75 Television/ Blondie

01/??/75 Television "Poor Circulation"
01.29.75 CBGB
01/29/75 Poetry /w/ Bob Heman and Alix Caldiero (AFC)
01/30/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
01/31/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
02/01/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune

02/02/75 Television/ Blondie
02.05.75 CBGB 02/05/75 Poetry /w/ Norman Rosten/ Andrew Glaze
02/06/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
02/07/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
02/08/75 (Early Show) Banish Misfortune
02/09/75 Television/ Blondie

February 1975 CBGB

02/21/75 Television/ Mumps
02/22/75 Television/ Mumps
02/23/75 Television/ Mumps
02/28/75 Television/ Mumps
03/01/75 Television/ Mumps
03/02/75 Television/ Mumps
03/06/75 Ramones
03/07/75 Ramones
03/08/75 Ramones
03/23/75 Patti Smith/ Television

March 1975 CBGB

03/27/75 Patti Smith/ Television
03/28/75 Patti Smith/ Television
03/29/75 Patti Smith/ Television
03/30/75 Small Dogs/ Marbles

April 1975 CBGB

04/03/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/04/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/05/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/06/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/07/75 Blondie/ Marbles
04/08/75 Blondie/ Marbles

April 1975 CBGB02

04/10/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/11/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/12/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/13/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/14/75 Ramones/ Marbles
04/15/75 Ramones/ Marbles

April 1975 CBGB03

04/17/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/18/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/19/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/20/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/21/75 Mumps/ Marbles
04/22/75 Mumps/ Marbles

April 1975 CBGB04

04/24/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/25/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/26/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/27/75 Patti Smith/ Television
04/28/75 City Lights/ White Lightning

04-28-75 Village Voice (CBGB)
(04/28/75 Vilage Voice)

04/29/75 City Lights/ White Lightning

May 1975 CBGB

05/01/75 Television/ Modern Lovers
05/02/75 Television/ Modern Lovers
05/03/75 Television/ Modern Lovers
05/04/75 Television/ Modern Lovers
05/05/75 First/ Planets
05/06/75 First/ Planets

May 1975 CBGB02

05/08/75 Unholy Modal Rounders/ Sting Rays
05/09/75 Unholy Modal Rounders/ Sting Rays
05/10/75 Unholy Modal Rounders/ Sting Rays
05/11/75 Unholy Modal Rounders/ Sting Rays

May 1975 CBGB03

05/12/75 Ramones/ Marbles
05/13/75 Ramones/ Marbles

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
Ramones at CBGB - 1975 (Bob Gruen)0001 Ramones at CBGB - 1975 (Bob Gruen)0002

05/15/75 Television/ Planets
05/16/75 Television/ Planets
05/17/75 Television/ Planets
05/18/75 Television/ Planets

May 1975 CBGB04

05/19/75 City Lights/ Marbles
05/20/75 City Lights/ Marbles

May 1975 CBGB06

05/22/75 Emilio Cubeiro/ Edwin's Hot Little Band/ The Demons
05/23/75 Emilio Cubeiro/ Edwin's Hot Little Band/ The Demons
05/24/75 Emilio Cubeiro/ Edwin's Hot Little Band/ The Demons
05/25/75 Emilio Cubeiro/ Edwin's Hot Little Band/ The Demons
05/26/75 David Kelley/ Rainbow Daze
05/27/75 David Kelley/ Rainbow Daze

June 1975 CBGB

05/29/75 Jeremy Stieg Quintet/ City Lights
05/30/75 Jeremy Stieg Quintet/ City Lights
05/31/75 Jeremy Stieg Quintet/ City Lights
06/01/75 Jeremy Stieg Quintet/ City Lights
06/02/75 The Planets/ The Shirts
06/03/75 The Planets/ The Shirts

July 1975 CBGB02

June 1975 CBGB02

June 1975 CBGB03

06/05/75 Ramones/ Talking Heads/ The Mumps
06/06/75 Ramones/ Talking Heads/ The Mumps
06/07/75 Ramones/ Talking Heads/ The Mumps
06/08/75 Ramones/ Talking Heads
06/09/75 Special Rock Showcase
06/10/75 Special Rock Showcase
06/11/75 City Lights/ Mink DeVille
06/12/75 City Lights/ Mink DeVille

June 1975 CBGB04

06/13/75 Television/ The Shirts
06/14/75 Television/ The Shirts
06/15/75 Television/ The Shirts
06/16/75 Rock Showcase
06/17/75 Rock Showcase
06/18/75 John Collins/ Rainbow Daze
06/19/75 John Collins/ Rainbow Daze

June 1975 CBGB06

June 1975 CBGB05

06/20/75 Ramones/ Talking Heads
06/21/75 Ramones/ Talking Heads
06/22/75 Ramones/ Talking Heads

06/??/75 Ramones "Judy Is A Punk"

06/23/75 CBGB Rock Festival Showcase Auditions
06/24/75 CBGB Rock Festival Showcase Auditions

June 1975 CBGB07

06/27/75 The Demons/ Tuff Darts
06/28/75 The Demons/ Tuff Darts
06/29/75 The Demons/ Tuff Darts
06/30/75 CBGB Rock Festival Showcase Auditions
07/01/75 CBGB Rock Festival Showcase Auditions
07/02/75 The Shirts/ Talking Heads
07/03/75 The Shirts/ Talking Heads
07/04/75 Ramones/ Blondie
07/05/75 Ramones/ Blondie
07/06/75 Ramones/ Blondie

07/07/75 The Heartbreakers (A)
07/07/75 CBGB Rock Festival Showcase Auditions

07/08/75 CBGB Rock Festival Showcase Auditions
07/09/75 Mink DeVille/ Johnny's Dance Band
07/10/75 Mink DeVille/ Johnny's Dance Band


07/11/75 Jelly Roll/ Day Old Bread
07/12/75 Jelly Roll/ Day Old Bread
07/13/75 Jelly Roll/ Day Old Bread

07/16 - 27/75 CBGB Rock Festival Top 40 New York Unrecorded Rock Talent


07/16/75 Ramones/ Blondie/ Tuff Darts/ Talking Heads/ White Lightning
07/17/75 Ramones/ Blondie/ Tuff Darts/ Talking Heads/ White Lightning
07/18/75 Ramones/ Blondie/ Tuff Darts/ Talking Heads/ White Lightning

07/18/75 Blondie "Heatwave"

07/19/75 Jelly Roll/ Pretty Poison/ Mink DeVille/ Sniper/ Antenna
07/20/75 Jelly Roll/ Pretty Poison/ Mink DeVille/ Sniper/ Antenna

07-21-75 Village Voice (CBGB)01 07-21-75 Village Voice (CBGB)02
(07/21/75 Village Voice)

07/21/75 Planets/ Day Old Bread/ Rainbow Daze/ Mantas/ Ice
07/22/75 Planets/ Day Old Bread/ Rainbow Daze/ Mantas/ Ice


07/23/75 Patrick David Kelly & Tavio/ Demons/ John Collins/ Johnny's Dance Band/
               Trilogy/ The Movies

(07/23/75 - New York Times)
07-23-75 New York Times (CBGB)

07/24/75 Patrick David Kelly & Tavio/ Demons/ John Collins/ Johnny's Dance Band/
Trilogy/ The Movies

07/25/75 Heartbreakers/ The Shirts/ Stagger Lee/ Mad Brook/ Second Wind
07/26/75 Heartbreakers/ The Shirts/ Stagger Lee/ Mad Brook/ Second Wind
07/27/75 The Shirts/ Stagger Lee/ Mad Brook/ Second Wind


07/30/75 CBGB Rock Festival
Uncle Son/ Sting Rays/ Johnny's Dance Band/ Hambone Sweets/ Cross

July 1975 CBGB03

07/31/75 CBGB Rock Festival
Ramones/ Blondie/ Sting Ray/ Johnny's Dance Band/ Hambone Sweets/ Silent Partners

08/01/75 CBGB Rock Festival
Ramones/ Blondie/ Talking Heads/ Punch/ Dancer

08/02/75 CBGB Rock Festival
Television/ Marbles/ Talking Heads/ Ruby & The Rednecks/ Mad Brook/
Uneasy Sleeper/ Stagger Lee

08/03/75 CBGB Rock Festival
Television/ Marbles/ Talking Heads/ Ruby & the Rednecks/ Mad Brook
Uneasy Sleepr/ Stagger Lee

August 1975 CBGB

August 1975 CBGB02

08/06/75 The New Harlots/ The Fast
08/07/75 The New Harlots/ The Fast
08/08/75 The New Harlots/ The Fast
08/09/75 The New Harlots/ The Fast
08/10/75 The New Harlots/ The Fast

August 1975 CBGB03

08-13-75 CBGB 08/13/75 Stagger Lee/ The Movies
08/14/75 Stagger Lee/ The Movies
08/15/75 The Heartbreakers/ Talking Heads/ Blondie

08/15/75 Blondie "Lullabye"

08/16/75 The Heartbreakers/ Talking Heads/ Blondie
08/17/75 The Heartbreakers/ Talking Heads/ Blondie
08/18/75 Uneasy Sleeper
08/19/75 Uneasy Sleeper

August 1975 CBGB05

08/20/75 Tuff Darts/ Dancer
08/21/75 Tuff Darts/ Dancer

August 1975 CBGB04

08/22/75 Ramones/ Mink DeVille
08/23/75 Ramones/ Mink DeVille
08/24/75 Ramones/ Mink DeVille


08/27/75 Quacky Duck/ The Movies/ Antenna
08/28/75 Quacky Duck/ The Movies/ Antenna
08/29/75 Quacky Duck/ The Movies/ Antenna
08/30/75 Quacky Duck/ The Movies/ Antenna
08/31/75 Quacky Duck/ The Movies/ Antenna
09/03/75 Zymosis/ Uneasy Sleeper
09/04/75 Zymosis/ Uneasy Sleeper


09/05/75 The Heartbreakers/ Tuff Darts
09/06/75 The Heartbreakers/ Tuff Darts
09/07/75 The Heartbreakers/ Tuff Darts


09/10/75 Bananas/ Mushroom
09/11/75 Bananas/ Age

09-15-75 Village Voice (CBGB)
(09/15/75 Village Voice)

09/12/75 Shirts/ Talking Heads
09/13/75 Shirts/ Talking Heads
09/14/75 Shirts/ Talking Heads

(09/16/75 - New York Times)
09-16-75 New York Times (Talking Heads and The Shirts at CBGB)


09/17/75 Laney Thompson/ Robert James & Co.
09/18/75 Laney Thompson/ Robert James & Co.
09/19/75 Ruby & the Rednecks/ Dancer/ Joe & Blake
09/20/75 Ruby & the Rednecks/ Dancer/ Joe & Blake
09/21/75 Ruby & the Rednecks/ Dancer


09/24/75 Milk 'N' Cookies/ Dean Landrew Trio
09/25/75 Milk 'N' Cookies/ Dean Landrew Trio
09/26/75 Marbles/ Orchestra Luna
09/27/75 Marbles/ Orchestra Luna
09/28/75 Marbles/ Orchestra Luna
10/01/75 The Demons/ Dodger
10/02/75 The Demons/ Dodger
10/03/75 City Lights/ Mink DeVille/ Planets
10/04/75 City Lights/ Mink DeVille/ Planets
10/08/75 Ready Teddy/ Honey Davis
10/09/75 Ready Teddy/ Honey Davis
10/22/75 Best/ Somebody Good
10/23/75 Best/ Somebody Good
10/24/75 Ramones/ Blondie/ Demons(?)/ Baby Moon(?)
10/25/75 Ramones/ Blondie/ Demons(?)/ Baby Moon(?)
10/26/75 Ramones/ Blondie
10/28/75 Poetry Open Readin
10/29/75 City Lights/ Mink DeVille/ Rice Miller Band/ Uneasy Sleeper/ Eeels
10/31/75 Heartbreakers/ Tuff Darts/ Manster
11/01/75 Blondie/ Shadow
11/02/75 Blondie/ Shadow
11/04/75 Poetry /w/ Sharon Matlin/ Hannah Weiner
11/11/75 Poetry /w/ George Economou
11/18/75 Poetry /w/ Spencer Holst
11/21/75 Ramones
11/22/75 Ramones
11/23/75 Ramones
12/03/75 August/ Manster
12/04/75 August/ Manster
12/05/75 Television/ Talking Heads
12/06/75 Television/ Talking Heads
12/11/75 Xmas Rock Fest /w/ The Heartbreakers
12/12/75 Xmas Rock Fest /w/ The Heartbreakers
12/13/75 Xmas Rock Fest /w/ The Shirts
12/14/75 Xmas Rock Fest /w/ The Shirts

*Other bands scheduled to appear on the Xmas Rock Fest Bills included:
Antenna/ August/ Bonjour Aviators/ Best/ Buzzy Weiler/ Babyface/ Baby Moon/ Cats/ City Lights/ Hambone Sweets/ Eels/ Jasper Wrath/ Joe and Blake/ Kid Blast/ Kane Bros. Blues Band/ Kieran Liscoe/ The Movey/ The Great Mistique/ Manster/ Marbles/ Orchestra Luna/ Poppies/ Quinn Bros./ Ramones/ Ricemiller Band/ Shadow/ Sphinx/ Somebody Good/ Stars/ Storm/ Steel House/ Sub Zero/ Television/ Talking Heads/ Tricks/ Tsk/ Tuff Darts/ Wildchild/ Zabnicks/ Zymosis

12/18/75 Ramones
12/19/75 Ramones
12/31/75 Television


CBGB 1976

01/07/76 Blue Yonder/Billy Falcon's Sunshine Thunder Band
01/08/76 Blue Yonder/Billy Falcon's Sunshine Thunder Band
01/09/76 Marbles/ Milk 'N' Cookies
01/10/76 Marbles/ Milk 'N' Cookies
01/11/76 Marbles/ Milk 'N' Cookies
01/12/76 Audition Showcase
01/13/76 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1976

01/14/76 Poppees/ Uncle Son/ Orr & Ocasek
01/15/76 Poppees/ Uncle Son/ Orr & Ocasek

01-19-76 Village Voice (CBGB)
(01/19/76 Village Voice)

01/16/76 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band
01/17/76 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band
01/18/76 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band

CBGB 1976

01/21/76 Great Mistaque/ Razor's Edge/ Kongress
01/22/76 Television/ Talking Heads
01/23/76 Television/ Talking Heads
01/24/76 Television/ Talking Heads

(01/24/76 - New York Times)
01-24-76 New York Times (CBGB)

01/25/76 Television/ Talking Heads
02-02-76 Village Voice (CBGB)02 02-02-76 Village Voice (CBGB)03
(02/02/76 Village Voice)

CBGB 1976

01/28/76 Guardian/ Storm/ Cats
01/29/76 Guardian/ Storm/ Cats

02-02-76 Village Voice (CBGB)
(02/0/276 Village Voice)

01/30/76 The Heartbreakers/ Ramones
01/31/76 The Heartbreakers/ Ramones
02/01/76 The Heartbreakers/ Ramones

CBGB 1976

02/04/76 Jordan Kaplan/ Kid Blast

February 1976 CBGB

02/05/76 Uncle Son
02/06/76 Mink Deville/ City Lights/ Great Mistaque
02/07/76 Mink DeVille/ City Lights/ Honey Davis
02/08/76 Mink DeVille/ City Lights/ Shadow
02/10/76 Billy Falcon's Sunshine Thunder Band

CBGB 1976

02/11/76 Battle Axe/ Shamus/ Zymosis
02/12/76 Battle Axe/ Shamus/ Zymosis
02/13/76 Blondie/ Miamis/ Razor's Edge
02/14/76 Blondie/ Miamis/ Razor's Edge
02/15/76 Blondie/ Miamis/ Razor's Edge

CBGB 1976

02/18/76 The Wretched Refuse String Band/ Dicey/ Ross Band
02/18/76 Television/ Talking Heads
02/19/76 Poppees/ Clear Cloud/ Cold Fever

February 1976 CBGB02

02/20/76 Shirts/ Startoon/ Uncle Son
02/21/76 Shirts/ Honey Davis/ Manster
02/23/76 Audition Showcase
02/24/76 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1976

03/03/76 Shirts/ Nantucket

March 1976 CBGB

03/04/76 Wayne County/ Tuff Darts
03/05/76 Wayne County/ Tuff Darts
03/06/76 Wayne County/ Tuff Darts
*Handsome Dick Manitoba -vs- Wayne County

(03/07/76 - New York Times)
03-07-76 New York Times (Wayne County and Tuff Darts at CBGB)

03/07/76 East/ Great Mistaque
03/08/76 Audition Showcase
03/09/76 Guardian/ Dodger

CBGB 1976

03/10/76 Harry Toledo/ Smoker Craft

March 1976 CBGB02

03/11/76 Television/ Mong
03/12/76 Television/ Mong
03/13/76 Television/ Mong

March 1976 CBGB03

03/14/76 Planets/ Endgame
03/15/76 Audition Showcase
03/16/76 Poppees/ Sundance
03/17/76 Kieran Liscoe Band/ Laughing Dogs

03/18/76 Blondie (?)
03/18/76 The Heartbreakers/ The Miamis/ Blondie/ Milk N Cookies/ Marbles/ Talking Heads/ Ramones(?)

03/19/76 The Heartbreakers/ The Miamis/ Blondie/ Milk N Cookies/ Marbles/ Talking Heads/ Ramones(?)

03/20/76 The Heartbreakers/ The Miamis/ Blondie/ Milk N Cookies/ Marbles/ Talking Heads/ Ramones(?)

??/??/76 David Johansen interviews Johnny Thunders outside CBGB

03/28/76 Uncle Son

CBGB 1976

03/31/76 Stuart's Hammer/ Outer Space/ Yarbles

April 1976 CBGB03

April 1976 CBGB

04/01/76 Ramones/ Milk 'N' Cookies
04/02/76 Ramones/ Milk 'N' Cookies
04/03/76 Ramones/ Milk 'N' Cookies

April 1976 CBGB02

04/04/76 Blondie/ Rice Miller Band
04/05/76 Audition Showcase
04/06/76 Galactus/ Sundance

CBGB 1976

04/07/76 Quiet Fire/ L.O.K.
04/08/76 Shirts/ Laughing Dogs
04/09/76 Shirts/ For Shakes Sake
04/10/76 Shirts/ Galactus
04/11/76 Mink DeVille/ Martian Rock Band
04/12/76 Audition Showcase
04/13/76 Uproar

CBGB 1976

04/14/76 Camille O' Grady Band/ Laughing Dogs/ Hambone Sweets
04/15/76 Television/ Mumps
04/16/76 Television/ Mong
04/17/76 Television/ Mong
04/18/76 Television/ Mong
04/19/76 Audition Showcase
04/20/76 Airborne/ Aliens

CBGB 1976

04/21/76 Metteyyas Voice
04/22/76 The Heartbreakers/ Blank Generation Film Screening

1976 Ivan Kral & Amos Poe's "The Blank Generation" Film Trailer

04/23/76 The Heartbreakers/ Blank Generation Film Screening
04/24/76 The Heartbreakers/ Blank Generation Film Screening
04/25/76 Quiet Fire/ Charles Street Choir/ Blank Generation Film Screening
04/26/76 Audition Showcase
04/27/76 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1976

04/28/76 Talking Heads/ Manster
04/29/76 Orchestra Luna/ The Mumps
04/30/76 Orchestra Luna/ The Mumps
05/01/76 Orchestra Luna/ The Mumps
05/02/76 Joe Cool/ Stuart's Hammer
05/03/76 Audition Showcase
05/04/76 For Shake's Sake
05/05/76 Buzzy Weiler Band/ Special Guest
05/06/76 The Miamis/ Marbles/ Fox/ John Lansing
05/07/76 The Miamis/ Marbles/ Fox/ John Lansing

(05/07/76 - New York Times)
05-07-76 New York Times (CBGB)

05/08/76 Miamis/ Marbles/ Fox/ John Lansing
05/09/76 Kingress/ Harry Toledo

CBGB 05-12-76

05/12/76 The Poppees/ Laughing Dogs/ Elmer City/ Rambling Dogs

(Undated) Rolling Stone Magazine
Ramones at CBGB - 1976

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
Ramones at CBGB (Undated)

05/13/76 Ramones
05/14/76 Ramones
05/15/76 Ramones
05/16/76 Tuff Darts/ Big Apple Kid
05/17/76 Audition Showcase
05/18/76 Mushroom/ Yarbles
05/19/76 Musica Orbis/ Startoon

05/20/76 Talking Heads/ Milk 'N' Cookies/ Yarbles
05/20/76 Ramones/ Milk 'N' Cookies/ Joe Cool

05/21/76 Talking Heads/ Milk 'N' Cookeis/ Yarbles
05/21/76 Ramones/ Milk 'N' Cookies/ Joe Cool

05/22/76 Talking Heads/ Milk 'N' Cookies
05/21/76 Ramones/ Milk "n' Cookies/ Joe Cool

05/23/76 Billy Falcon's Sunshine Thunder Band/ Shogun
05/24/76 Audition Showcase
05/25/76 Television/ Mong

CBGB 05-26-76

05/26/76 Television/ Mong
05/27/76 Television/ Mong
05/28/76 Orchestra Luna/ Talking Heads
05/29/76 Orchestra Luna/ Talking Heads
05/30/76 Orchestra Luna/ Talking Heads
05/31/76 Audition Showcase
06/02/76 "Live at CBGB" LP Test Sessions
06/03/76 "Live at CBGB" LP Test Sessions

06/04/76 "Live at CBGB" LP Recording Sessions + Free Buffet
Blondie/ Mink DeVille/Shirts/ Talking Heads/ Tuf Darts/ Others

06/05/76 "Live at CBGB" LP Recording Sessions + Free Buffet
Blondie/ Mink DeVille/Shirts/ Talking Heads/ Tuf Darts/ Others

06/06/76 "Live at CBGB" LP Recording Sessions + Free Buffet
Blondie/ Mink DeVille/Shirts/ Talking Heads/ Tuf Darts/ Others

CBGB 06-09-76

06/09/76 Dodger/ Silver Dollar
06/10/76 The Shirts/ Uncle Son/ Rockids
06/11/76 The Shirts/ Uncle Son/ Rockids
06/12/76 The Shirts/ Sun/ L.O.K.
06/13/76 The Shirts/ Sun/ L.O.K.
06/14/76 Audition Showcase
06/15/76 Acme Band/ Big Apple Kid

CBGB 06-16-76

06/16/76 Big Apple Kid/ Acme Band/ The Aliens
06/17/76 Blondie/ Mumps/ Punch
06/18/76 Blondie/ Mumps/ Punch
06/19/76 Blondie/ Mumps/ Punch/ For Shakes Sake
06/20/76 For Shakes Sake
06/21/76 Audition Showcase
06/21/76 Sun
06/22/76 Laughing Dogs/ Cabria
06/23/76 Laughing Dogs/ Cabria
06/24/76 Tuff Darts/ Mink DeVille/ August Rock Band
06/25/76 Tuff Darts/ Mink DeVille/ August Rock Band
06/26/76 Tuff Darts/ Mink DeVille/ August Rock Band
06/27/76 Billy Falcon's Sunshine Thunder Band

CBGB 06-30-76

06/30/76 Television
06/30/76 Talking Heads/ Orchestra Luna

07/01/76 Talking Heads/ Orchestra Luna
07/02/76 Talking Heads/ Orchestra Luna

(07/02/76 - New York Times)
07-02-76 New York Times (CBGB)

07/03/76 Talking Heads/ Orchestra Luna

-Special CBGB at Hampton Bays
07/03/76 Tuff Darts/ Sun/ Stuarts Hammer/ Laughing Dogs

07/04/76 Talking Heads/ Orchestra Luna

-Special CBGB at Hampton Bays
07/04/76 Tuff Darts/ Sun/ Stuarts Hammer/ Laughing Dogs

07/05/76 Joe Cool/ Sun/ L.O.K. + CBGB Festival Auditions
07/06/76 Listen/ Endgame/ Rambow
07/07/76 City Lights/ Baby Moon
07/08/76 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band

(07/09/76 - New York Times)
07-09-76 New York Times (CBGB)

07/09/76 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band
07/10/76 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band

CBGB 07-14-76

07/14/76 Milk 'N' Cookies
07/15/76 Orchestra Luna
07/16/76 Orchestra Luna
07/17/76 Orchestra Luna
07/18/76 Elliot and the Demons/ Day Old Bread
07/19/76 Big Apple Kid + CBGB Festival Auditions
07/20/76 Smoker Craft/ DeWaves

CBGB 07-21-76

07/21/76 City Lights/ Planets
07/22/76 Miamis/ Motor City Rockers/ Infliktors
07/23/76 Miamis/ Motor City Rockers/ Infliktors
07/24/76 Miamis/ Motor City Rockers/ Infliktors
07/25/76 The Dictators + CBGB Festival Auditions
07/26/76 Blondie/ The Dictators
07/27/76 Blondie + CBGB Festival Auditions

CBGB 07-28-76

07/28/76 Television/ Talking Heads
07/29/76 Television/ Talking Heads
07/30/76 Television/ Talking Heads

07/30/76 Talking Heads "Theme (Instrumental)"

07/31/76 Television/ Talking Heads
08/01/76 Kidblast/ The Brats/ John Paris Band
08/02/76 Runaways/ Milk 'N' Cookies
08/03/76 Runaways/ Tuff Darts

(08/04/76 - New York Times)
08-04-76 New York Times (Runaways at CBGB)

08/04/76 Special Showcase

CBGB 1976

08/05/76 "Live at CBGB's Vol. I" LP available for sale at CBGB

Live at CBGB Vol. 1 LP (1976)
Live at CBGB Vol. I
Featuring: Tuff Darts/ The Shirts/ Mink Deville/ The Lauging Dogs/
Manster/ Sun/ Stuarts Hammer

"Live at CBGB Vol. I"
Tuff Darts "All For The Love of Rock 'N' Roll"

"Live at CBGB Vol. I"
Willy DeVille "Cadillac Moon"

08/05/76 CBGB Underground Rock Festival
Shirts/ Mink DeVille/ Manster/ Sun/ Stuart's Hammer

08/06/76 CBGB Underground Rock Festival
Shirts/ Mink DeVille/ Manster/ Sun/ Stuart's Hammer

August 1976 CBGB

08/07/76 Tuff Darts/ The Miamis/ Laughing Dogs/ Eels/ Frenzy Band
08/08/76 Tuff Darts/ The Miamis/ Laughing Dogs/ Eels/ Frenzy Band
08/09/76 de Waves/ The Great Mistaque/ Cabiria/ Philip Rambow/ The Jesse Fields Band
08/10/76 de Waves/ The Great Mistaque/ Cabiria/ Philip Rambow/ The Jesse Fields Band

CBGB 1976

08/11/76 The Poppees/ Smoker Craft/ Startoon/ Aliens/ Sleet
08/12/76 Planets/ Just Water/ PVC Kids/ Hambone Sweets/ Rockspurs
08/13/76 Planets/ Just Water/ PVC Kids/ Hambone Sweets/ Rockspurs
08/14/76 Elliot & The Demons/ T.V. Toys/ Uncle Son/ L.O.K./ Vernon Hall
08/15/76 Elliot & The Demons/ T.V. Toys/ Uncle Son/ L.O.K./ Vernon Hall
08/16/76 Orchestra Luna/ Mink DeVille/ Custers Last Band/ Endgame
08/17/76 Shirts/ Orchestra Luna/ Custers Last Band/ Silver Dollar

CBGB 1976

08/18/76 Shirts/ Mozambique/ Rock Kids/ Day Old Bread/ Mystic Ravens/ Cyd-R-Thor
08/19/76 The Infliktors/ Mickey Clean & the Mezz/ Yarbles/ Hotram
08/20/76 The Infliktors/ Mickey Clean & the Mezz/ Yarbles/ Hotram
08/21/76 The Real Kids/ The Boiz/ Bon Jour Aviator/ The Dead Boys
08/22/76 The Real Kids/ The Boiz/ Bon Jour Aviator/ The Dead Boys/ Orchestra Luna
08/23/76 Tenet/ Taxi/ Zag/ 2nd Flight/ Quiet Fire

CBGB 08-24-76

08/24/76 Laughing Dogs/ Stuart's Hammer/ Manster/ Charles Street Choir

August 1976 CBGB02

08/26/76 Marbles/ Mumps/ City Lights/ Joe Cool
08/27/76 Marbles/ Mumps/ City Lights/ Joe Cool

(08/27/76 - New York Times)
08-27-76 New York Times (CBGB)

08/28/76 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band/ Somebody Good/ Jesse Fields Band
08/29/76 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band/ Somebody Good/ Jesse Fields Band/ Frenzy
08/30/76 Audition Showcase for "Live at CBGB Vol. 2"
08/31/76 Audition Showcase for "Live at CBGB Vol. 2"

CBGB 1976

09/01/76 Talking Heads/ Black Eagles
09/02/76 Test Recording for "Live at CBGB Vol. 2"

September 1976 CBGB

09/03/76 The Dictators/ Joe Cool
09/04/76 The Dictators/ The Demons
09/05/76 The Dictators/ Sun

(09/05/76 - New York Times)
09-05-76 New York Times (Dictators at CBGB)

09/06/76 The Dictators/ City Lights
09/07/76 Recording for "Live at CBGB Vol. 2"

September 1976 CBGB02

09/08/76 Recording for "Live at CBGB Vol. 2" - Joe Cool

CBGB 1976

09/09/76 Ramones/ The Poppees
09/10/76 Ramones/ The Poppees
09/11/76 Ramones/ The Fast
09/13/76 Audition Showcase for "Live at CBGB Vol. 2"

09/14/76 Recording for "Live at CBGB Vol. 2"

CBGB 1976

09/15/76 Recording for "Live at CBGB Vol. 2"
/W/ The Planets/ Marbles/ Jesse Fields Band/ Rice Miller Band/ Honey Davis/ Joe Cool
Orchestra Luna/ de Waves/ Cabiria/ Alies/ Just Water/ Smoker Craft

September 1976 CBGB03

09/16/76 The Heartbreakers/ Harry Toledo
09/17/76 The Heartbreakers/ Harry Toledo/ Fuse
09/18/76 The Heartbreakers/ Harry Toledo/ Susan/ Fuse
09/19/76 The Shirts/ Mink DeVille
09/20/76 Audition Showcase
09/21/76 The Laughing Dogs/ Shoguns

CBGB 1976

09/22/76 Recording for "Live at CBGB Vol. 2"
Orchestra Luna/ City Lights/ The Thieves/ The Eels

09/23/76 Talking Heads/ Black Eagles (or) High Winds
09/24/76 Talking Heads/ Black Eagles (or) High Winds
09/25/76 Talking Heads/ Black Eagles (or) High Winds
09/26/76 Musica Orbis/ Jessee Fields Band
09/27/76 Audition Showcase

09/28/76 Dixie Dregs/ Fuse
09/28/76 Pez Band

CBGB 09-29-76

09/29/76 "Live at CBGB Vol. I" Release Party
/w/ The Shirts/ The Miamis/ Mink DeVille/ Sun/ Manster/ The Dixie Dregs

09/30/76 "Live at CBGB Vol. I" Release Party
/w/ The Shirts/ The Miamis/ Mink DeVille/ Sun/ Manster/ The Dixie Dregs

10/01/76 "Live at CBGB Vol. I" Release Party
/w/ The Shirts/ Mink DeVille/ The Miamis/ Sun/ Manster/ Stuarts Hammer

10/02/76 "Live at CBGB Vol. I" Release Party
/w/ The Shirts/ Mink DeVille/ The Miamis/ Sun/ Manster/ Stuarts Hammer

10/03/76 Frenzy Band/ Flesh Tones
10/04/76 Audition Showcase
10/05/76 Audition Showcase + DeWaves/ Uncle Son

CBGB 10-06-76

10/06/76 L.O.K./ Cabria/ Dakota
10/07/76 L.O.K./ Cabria/ Dakota
10/08/76 The Good Rats/ Jerry Laurence Band/ The Planets
10/09/76 The Good Rats/ Jerry Laurence Band/ The Plantets
10/10/76 Day Old Bread/ Smile
10/11/76 Audition Showcase
10/12/76 Custer's Last Band/ Pez Band

CBGB 10-13-76

10/13/76 Sun/ Custer's Last Band
10/14/76 Tuff Darts/ The Brats/ Stuarts Hammer
10/15/76 Tuff Darts/ The Brats/ The Miamis

(10/15/76 - New York Times)
10-15-76 New York Times (CBGB)

10/16/76 Tuff Darts/ The Brats/ Laughing Dogs
10/17/76 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band
10/18/76 Audition Showcase
10/19/76 The Poppees/ Startoon

CBGB 1976

10/20/76 The Poppees/ Big Apple Kidd/ Blumer
10/21/76 Orchestra Luna/ The Marbles/ Charles Street Choir
10/22/76 Orchestra Luna/ The Marbles/ Charles Street Choir
10/23/76 Orchestra Luna/ The Marbles/ Charles Street Choir
10/24/76 de Waves/ Quiet Fire
10/25/76 Audition Showcase
10/26/76 City Lights/ The Eeels

CBGB 1976

10/27/76 City Lights/ L.O.K.
10/27/76 L.O.K./ Smoker Craft

10/28/76 Talking Heads/ Frenzy Band/ T.V. Toy
10/29/76 Talking Heads/ Frenzy Band/ T.V. Toy
10/30/76 Talking Heads/ Frenzy Band/ T.V. Toy
10/31/76 The Dictators/ The Demons

11/01/76 Audition Showcase
Suicide/ The Dead Boys/ The Cramps *The Cramps 1st ever live concert

11/02/76 The Dead Boys/ The Cramps

CBGB 1976

11/03/76 The Aliens/ Shamus
11/04/76 The Aliens/ Shamus

November 1976 CBGB

November 1976 CBGB02

11/05/76 The Miamis/ The Planets/ Travan
11/06/76 The Miamis/ The Planets/ Travan
11/07/76 The Miamis/ The Planets
11/08/76 Audition Showcase
11/09/76 Big Apple Kidd/ Fleshtones/ Icarian

CBGB 1976

11/10/76 Big Apple Kidd/ Fleshtones/ Day Old Bread

November 1976 CBGB03

11/11/76 Mink DeVille/ Joe Cool/ Stewart's Hammer
11/12/76 Mink DeVille/ Joe Cool/ Stewart's Hammer
11/13/76 Mink DeVille/ Joe Cool
11/14/76 Cabiria DeWaves
11/15/76 Audition Showcase
11/16/76 Blaze/ Garage

CBGB 1976

11/17/76 Quiet Fire/ The Feelies

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
Richard Hell - Voidoids @ CBGB - 1976

11/18/76 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ The Screws
11/19/76 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ The Screws
11/20/76 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ The Screws
11/21/76 Charles Street Choir/ Moonbeam
11/22/76 Audition Showcase

11-22-76 Village Voice (Live at CBGB Vol. 1 LP Review)
(11/22/76 Village Voice)

11/23/76 Sun + Audition Showcase

CBGB 11-24-76

11/24/76 Eddie Benitez and Nebula/ The Jerry Lawrence Band
11/25/76 Eddie Benitez and Nebula/ The Jerry Lawrence Band
11/26/76 Eddie Benitez and Nebula/ The Jerry Lawrence Band
11/27/76 Eddie Benitez and Nebula/ The Jerry Lawrence Band
11/28/76 Icarion/ Zobus
11/29/76 Audition Showcase + Tentwater
11/30/76 Audition Showcase + Raver

CBGB 12-01-76

12/01/76 Joanne Bant Group/ Raver
12/01/76 Raver/ Frenzy

12/02/76 Blondie/ The Mumps/ Thieves
12/03/76 Blondie/ The Mumps/ Thieves
12/04/76 Blondie/ The Mumps/ Thieves
12/05/76 Hot Rain/ Cryers
12/06/76 Audition Showcase + Flying Tigers
12/07/76 The New Legion Rock Spectacular/ Suicide Commandos

CBGB 1976

12/08/76 The New Legion Rock Spectacular/ Suicide Commandos
12/09/76 The Good Rats/ Rock Kids
12/10/76 The Good Rats/ Rock Kids
12/11/76 The Good Rats/ Rock Kids
12/12/76 Hot Rain
12/13/76 Honey Davis + Audition Showcase
12/14/76 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers/ Earth Opera

CBGB 1976

12/15/76 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers/ Earth Opera
12/16/76 The Shirts/ Laughing Dogs/ Reddy Teddy
12/17/76 The Shirts/ Laughing Dogs/ Reddy Teddy
12/19/76 John Cale/ Dakota
12/20/76 Manster + Audition Showcase

12-20-76 Village Voice (Talking Heads at CBGB)
(12/20/76 Village Voice)

December 1976 CBGB02

12/21/76 /Talking Heads/ Joe Cool/ Steve Forbert
December 1976 CBGB

CBGB 1976

12/22/76 Marbles/ The Feelies

December 1976 CBGB03

12/23/76 John Cale/ Joe Cool/ Steve Forbert
12/23/76 Blondie (?)

12/24/76 John Cale/ Joe Cool/ Steve Forbert
12/25/76 John Cale/ Joe Cool/ Steve Forbert

12/26/76 Kongress/ Charles St. Chior/ Public Program
12/27/76 Television/ City Lights
12/28/76 Television/ City Lights

CBGB 1977

12/29/76 Television/ City Lights
12/30/76 Television/ City Lights
12/31/76 Orchestra Luna/ The Shirts

(Source & Date - N/A)
(Undated) CBGB - 1970s


(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
CBGB 1977

01/01/77 Orchestra Luna/ The Shirts/ Steve Forbert

01/02/77 Orchestra Luna/ The Shirts/ Steve Forbert
*Taped for an unknown TV broadcast

01/03/77 The Demons + Audition Showcase
01/04/77 The Demons + Audition Showcase

CBGB 1-5-77

01/05/77 Rice Miller Band
01/06/77 Dirty Tricks/ Rice Miller Band
01/07/77 Dirty Tricks/ Willie Alexander & the Boom Boom Band
01/08/77 Dirty Tricks/ Willie Alexander & the Boom Boom Band
01/09/77 Dead Boys/ Day Old Bread
01/10/77 Audition Showcase
01/11/77 Honey Davis/ Paul Starfield and the Mutant Kings

CBGB 1-12-77

01/12/77 Stuart's Hammer/ Cabiria/ Fuse
01/13/77 Talking Heads/ The Fans
01/14/77 Talking Heads/ The Fans
01/15/77 Talking Heads/ The Fans
01/16/77 The Fans/ The Feelies
01/17/77 Audition Showcase
01/18/77 The Shirts/ Manster/ Planets

CBGB 1-19-77

01/19/77 The Shirts/ Planets
01/20/77 John Cale/ The Mumps
01/21/77 John Cale/ The Mumps
01/22/77 John Cale/ The Mumps
01/23/77 T.V. Toy/ Gary Wilson
01/24/77 Audition Showcase
01/25/77 L.O.K./ Flying Tigers/ Shogan
01/26/77 Wowii/ A Daydream
01/27/77 Rice Miller Band/ Charles Street Choir
01/28/77 The Dictators/ Jett Black
01/29/77 The Dictators/ Jett Black

01/??/77 Blondie

CBGB 2-2-77

02/02/77 Orchestra Luna/ The Shirts/ + Video Screenings
02/03/77 Ramones/ Suicide
02/04/77 Ramones/ Suicide
02/05/77 Ramones/ Suicide
02/06/77 Cryers/ Milena
02/07/77 Audition Showcase
02/08/77 Joe Cool/ Pure Kids

CBGB 2-9-77

02/09/77 Honey Davis/ Cabiria
02/10/77 John Cale/ The Mumps
02/11/77 John Cale/ The Mumps
02/12/77 John Cale/ The Mumps
02/13/77 John Cale/ The Mumps
02/14/77 Audition Showcase
02/15/77 Exit/ Fuse

CBGB 2-16-77

02/16/77 Stuart's Hammer/ DeWaves
02/17/77 The Good Rats/ Rock Kids
02/18/77 The Good Rats/ Rock Kids
02/19/77 The Good Rats/ Rock Kids

(02/20/77 - New York Times)
02-20-77 New York Times (CBGB)001

 02-20-77 New York Times (CBGB)002

02/20/77 Audition Showcase/ + Dead Boys
02/21/77 Audition Showcase/ + Dead Boys
02/22/77 The Shirts/ The Cars

CBGB 02-23-77

02/23/77 The Shirts/ Uncle Son
02/24/77 Television/ The Fans
02/25/77 Television/ The Fans

(02/25/77 - New York Times)
02-25-77 New York Times (Television at CBGB)

02/26/77 Television/ The Fans
02/27/77 The Planets/ Charles Street Choir
02/28/77 The Planets + Audition Showcase
03/01/77 Danny Kalb Band/ Custer's Last Band

CBGB 3-2-77

03/02/77 Danny Kalb Band/ The Feelies
03/03/77 Talking Heads/ Alex Chilton
03/04/77 Talking Heads/ Alex Chilton
03/05/77 Talking Heads/ Alex Chilton

*A Talking Heads fan writes of his memories of the bands March 3/4/5 1977 shows with Alex Chilton at CBGB. You can read that HERE.

03/06/77 Wow II/ Infliktors
03/07/77 Audition Showcase/ Travin
03/08/77 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1977

03/09/77 "Boston Bands Showcase"
Susan/ Marc Thor/ DMZ/ Willie 'Loco' Alexander and his Boom Boom Band
03/09/77 Paul Starfield and the Mutant Kings/ Boyfriends

03/10/77 Orchestra Luna/ Steve Forbert
03/11/77 Orchestra Luna/ The Shirts
03/12/77 Orchestra Luna/ The Shirts

03/13/77 Lipservice
03/13/77 Day Old Bread/ China

03/14/77 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1977

03/15/77 Cryer/ Travin
03/16/77 The Hounds/ Lawrence Talbot Band
03/17/77 Alex Chilton/ The Feelies
03/18/77 Alex Chilton/ The Marbles
03/19/77 Alex Chilton/ The Dead Boys
03/20/77 The Dead Boys/ The Cramps
03/21/77 The Dead Boys/ The Cramps
03/22/77 The Dead Boys/ The Cramps

March 1977 CBGB02

CBGB 1977

03/23/77 Willie 'Loco' Alexander & the Boom Boom Band
03/24/77 Thundertrain/ Susan/ Marc Thor/ The Real Kids
03/25/77 The Infliktors/ DMZ/ Thundertrain/ The Boize
03/26/77 The Infliktors/ DMZ/ Thundertrain/ The Boize
03/27/77 "Live from The Rat": 9 Bands from Boston, MA
03/28/77 John Cale/ Laughing Dogs
03/29/77 John Cale/ Laughing Dogs/ For Shakes Sake

CBGB 3-30-77

03/30/77 The Shirts/ For Shakes Sake
03/31/77 Ramones/ 2 Guest Bands
04/01/77 Ramones/ The Cramps
04/02/77 Ramones/ Joe Cool
04/03/77 Ramones/ Joe Cool
04/04/77 Audition Showcase
04/05/77 Pearl/ Lance

CBGB 4-6-77

04/06/77 Pearl/ Lance

(04/07/77 -Rolling Stone Magazine)
Girls Who Are Hip...(Rolling Stone - 04-07-77)

(04/07/77 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
04-07-77 Rolling Stone (Paul Simon, Tom Verlaine at CBGB)

04/07/77 The Damned/ Dead Boys
04/08/77 The Damned/ Dead Boys
04/09/77 The Damned/ Dead Boys
04/10/77 (Special Early Show) - The Damned/ Dead Boys
04/10/77 (Special Late Show 12:00am) - Patti Smith/ La Ressurection
04/10/77 (Special Late Show 2:00am) - Patti Smith/ La Ressurection
04/12/77 Skafish/ Somebody Good

CBGB 4-13-77

04/13/77 Mumps/ Skafish
04/14/77 Richard Hell and the Voidoids/ Paul Starfield  and the Mutant Kings
04/15/77 Richard Hell and the Voidoids/ Paul Starfield  and the Mutant Kings

(04/15/77 - New York Times)
04-15-77 New York Times (CBGB)001 04-15-77 New York Times (CBGB)002

04/16/77 Richard Hell and the Voidoids/ Paul Starfield  and the Mutant Kings
04/17/77 Werewolves/ Bitch
04/18/77 Audition Showcase
04/19/77 The Cryers/ Dr. C.

CBGB 4-20-77

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
Ramones @ CBGB - 1977

04/20/77 Ramones/ The Cramps
04/21/77 The Shirts/ Rice Miller Band
04/22/77 The Shirts/ Billy Falcon's Sunshine Thunder Band
04/23/77 The Shirts/ Miamis
04/24/77 Kieran Liscoe/ Wonderland Band/ Travan
04/25/77 Audition Showcase + The Shirts
04/26/77 Suicide/ Hot Lunch/ China

CBGB 4-27-77

04/27/77 Stuart's Hammer/ The Cryers/ Rocks
04/28/77 Television (Cancelled)
04/28/77 Sun/ Clear Cloud
04/29/77 Television (Cancelled)/
04/29/77 The Dictators/ Dead Boys
04/30/77 Television (Cancelled)
04/30/77 The Dictators/ Dead Boys
05/01/77 Television (Cancelled)
05/01/77 Alex Chilton/ The Feelies
05/02/77 Dirty Angels/ The Shirts
05/03/77 Dirty Angels/ The Shirts

CBGB 5-4-77

05/04/77 Punk Magazine Benefit Show
Richard Hell/ Ivan/ J.D./ Bob/ Lenny/ Blondie/ Alex Chilton/ Dictators

05/05/77 Punk Magazine Benefit Show
Richard Hell/ Ivan/ J.D./ Bob/ Lenny/ Dead Boys/ Patti Smith Group

05/06/77 Special Audition Showcase
05/07/77 Special Audition Showcase
05/08/77 Special Audition Showcase
05/09/77 Special Audition Showcase
05/10/77 Manster/ Lido
05/11/77 The Dictators?/ Marbles/ The Miamis  *Broadcast on French radio
05/12/77 Mink DeVille/ The Planets
05/13/77 Mink DeVille/ The Cryers
05/14/77 Mink DeVille/ Jah Malls

CBGB 5-18-77

05/18/77 Sun/ Cryers/ Steve Forbert *Broadcast on French Radio
05/18/77 Ruby and the Rednecks/ For Shakes Sake
05/19/77 Tuff Darts/ Alex Chilton
05/20/77 Tuff Darts/ Alex Chilton
05/21/77 Tuff Darts/ Alex Chilton
05/22/77 Sun/ Travin
05/23/77 Audition Showcase
05/24/77 Uncle Son/ Hot Lunch/ Werewolves
05/25/77 Uncle Son/ Hot Lunch/ Werewolves
05/26/77 The Shirts/ Public Problem/ Special Guest Band
05/27/77 The Shirts/ Public Problem/ Special Guest Band
05/28/77 The Shirts/ Public Problem/ Special Guest Band

CBGB 5-31-77

05/31/77 (9:00pm) Patti Smith Group "Basic Training"
05/31/77 (12:00am) Dead Boys/ Boyfriends
06/01/77 Criminals/ Jans
06/02/77 Dead Boys/ Spector
06/03/77 Spector/ Harry Toledo
06/04/77 Dead Boys/ Werewolves
06/05/77 Cryers/ Razz

CBGB 6-8-77

06/08/77 Patti Smith Group "Basic Training"
06/09/77 Ramones/ The Cramps

06/10/77 Ramones/ The Cramps (V)
*Ramones - I's Alive 1974 - 1996
Blitzkrieg Bop/ Sheena Is A Punk Rocker/ Beat On The Brat/ Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/ Rockaway Beach/ Cretin Hop/ Oh, Oh I Love Her So/ Today Your Love Tomorrow The World

06/10/77 Ramones @ CBGB (Part 1 and 2)

06/11/77 Ramones/ The Cramps
06/12/77 Lester Bangs/ Alex Chilton
06/13/77 Lester Bangs/ Alex Chilton
06/14/77 Lester Bangs/ Alex Chilton/ China (aka Mars) *1st Mars Show

CBGB 6-15-77

06/15/77 Dead Boys/ Slander Band/ Boyfriends
06/16/77 The Shirts/ Deaf School/ The Fans
06/17/77 The Shirts/ Deaf School/ The Fans
06/18/77 The Shirts/ Deaf School/ The Fans
06/19/77 The Miamis/ Laughing Dogs/ The Senders
06/20/77 Audition Showcase
06/21/77 Moonlight/ Spit/ Lawrence Talbot

CBGB 6-22-77

06/22/77 Suicide/ Fuse/ China (aka Mars)
06/23/77 Richard Hell and the Voidoids/ The Feelies/ The Erasers
06/24/77 Richard Hell and the Voidoids/ The Feelies/ The Erasers
06/25/77 Richard Hell and the Voidoids/ The Feelies/ The Erasers
06/26/77 Blondie/ The Senders
06/27/77 Audition Showcase
06/28/77 The Shirts

CBGB 1977

06/29/77 Dorian Zero/ Spicey Bits
06/30/77 Peppy Castro Band - CANCELLED
06/30/77 Planets/ Public Problems/ Jasper Hooks & The Dirty Looks
07/01/77 Peppy Castro Band - CANCELLED
07/01/77 Planets/ Public Problems/ The Criminals
07/02/77 Peppy Castro Band - CANCELLED
07/02/77 Planets/ Public Problems/ The Criminals
07/03/77 Peppy Castro Band - CANCELLED
07/03/77 The Slander Band/ Fuse/ The Criminals
07/04/77 Peppy Castro Band - CANCELLED
07/04/77 The Slander Band/ Werewolves/ The Criminals

CBGB 1977

07/05/77 Audition Showcase
07/06/77 L.O.K./ Kieran Liscoe
07/07/77 The Cramps/ Viletones/ Diodes/ Teenage Head/ Boyfriends
07/08/77 The Cramps/ Viletones/ Diodes/ Teenage Head/ Boyfriends
07/09/77 The Cramps/ Viletones/ Diodes/ Teenage Head/ Boyfriends
07/10/77 The Cramps *Miriam Linna's final show with the Cramps
07/11/77 Showcase Audition
07/12/77 The Shirts/ The Romantics

CBGB 1977

07/13/77 The Shirts/ The Romantics
07/14/77 Robert Gordon with Link Wray/ The Cryers
07/15/77 Robert Gordon with Link Wray/ The Cryers
07/16/77 Robert Gordon with Link Wray/ The Cryers
07/17/77 Sun/ Eddie Paul & the Make/ Spit/ Police

07/18/77 Renovations for new CBGB sound system - bar is open.
07/19/77 Renovations for new CBGB sound system - bar is open.

CBGB 1977

07/20/77 Renovations for new CBGB sound system - bar is open.
/w/ soundchecks from The Shirts/ The Dead Boys

07/21/77 CBGB "New Sound System" Press Conference
07/21/77 The Dead Boys/ Rubber City Rebels/ The Shirts
07/22/77 The Dead Boys/ Rubber City Rebels/ The Shirts
07/23/77 The Dead Boys/ Rubber City Rebels
07/24/77 Mars/ Bitch/ Spicey Bits
07/25/77 Audition Showcase
07/26/77 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1977

07/27/77 WBAI Benefit /w/ Uncle Son/ Boyfriends/ Sun/ The Feelies/ Erasers
07/28/77 WBAI Benefit /w/ Uncle Son/ Just Water/ Sun/ L.O.K./ Manster
07/29/77 Special Showcase - Many Bands
07/30/77 Specail Showcase - Many Band
07/31/77 Paul Starfield and the Mutant Kings/ Stumblebunny/ Peter Tork

CBGB 1977

08/02/77 Machine/ Suicide Commandos
08/03/77 Machine/ Suicide Commandos
08/04/77 The Planets/ John Collins Band/ DMZ
08/05/77 The Planets/ John Collins Band/ DMZ
08/06/77 The Planets/ John Collins Band/ DMZ
08/07/77 Roger Bruce Band/ Travin/ Clear Cloud
08/08/77 Aalon/ Chris Stamey
08/09/77 Aalon/ Chris Stamey

CBGB 1977

08/10/77 Steel Tips/ Sun
08/11/77 Willie 'Loco' Alexander and his Boom Boom Band/ Mumps
08/12/77 Willie 'Loco' Alexander and his Boom Boom Band/ Mumps
08/13/77 Willie 'Loco' Alexander and his Boom Boom Band/ Mumps
08/14/77 Paul Starfield and the Mutant Kings/ Rousers
08/15/77 Audition Showcase
08/16/77 Just Water/ Raver

CBGB 1977

08/17/77 Spicey Bits/ Gary Wilson
08/18/77 The Dead Boys/ Thundertrain
08/19/77 The Dead Boys/ Thundertrain
08/20/77 The Dead Boys/ Thundertrain
08/21/77 Erasers/ Lido
08/22/77 Audition Showcase
08/23/77 The Hounds/ Revolver

CBGB 1977

08/24/77(??) Marbles/ Avengers/ Guest

08/24/77 The Dictators/ AC-DC *Broadcast on BBC radio
08/25/77 Talking Heads/ Laughing Dogs
08/26/77 Talking Heads/ Laughing Dogs
08/27/77 Talking Heads/ Laughing Dogs
08/28/77 Talking Heads/ Laughing Dogs/ Lemur & Flamingo
08/30/77 The Victims/ Front Page

CBGB 1977

08/31/77 Roger Bruce & the New York Rockers/ East Coast Turnaround
09/01/77 The Slander Band/ Sic F*cks/ Steel Tips/ Tumbleweed/ Nervous Eaters/ Walter Steding
09/02/77 The Slander Band/ Sic F*cks/ Steel Tips/ Tumbleweed/ Nervous Eaters/ Walter Steding
09/03/77 The Slander Band/ Sic F*cks/ Steel Tips/ Tumbleweed/ Nervous Eaters/ Walter Steding
09/04/77 The Slander Band/ Sic F*cks/ Steel Tips/ Tumbleweed/ Nervous Eaters/ Walter Steding
09/05/77 The Slander Band/ Sic F*cks/ Steel Tips/ Tumbleweed/ Nervous Eaters/ Walter Steding
09/06/77 Mozart's People/ Rudies

CBGB 1977

09/07/77 Wow II/ Acme Band
09/08/77 Blondie/ Suicide/ Walter Steding

(09/08/77 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
09-08-77 Rolling Stone Magazine (RE: Dead Boys/CBGB)

09/09/77 Blondie/ Suicide/ Walter Steding
09/10/77 Blondie/ Suicide/ Walter Steding
09/11/77 Blondie/ Suicide/ Walter Steding
09/12/77 Audition Showcase
09/13/77 Elephant's Memory 10th Anniversary (live recording)/ Guest

September 1977CBGB

CBGB 1977

09/14/77 Alex Chilton/ Shooting Star/ Erasers
09/15/77 Screaming Jay Hawkins/ The Shirts/ Flamingo Road
09/16/77 Screaming Jay Hawkins/ The Shirts/ Flamingo Road
09/17/77 Screaming Jay Hawkins/ The Shirts/ Flamingo Road/ Machine
09/18/77 The Feelies/ Mars
09/19/77 Audition Showcase
09/20/77 Spit/ Striders

CBGB 1977

09/21/77 Cryers/ East Coast Turnaround

(09/22/77 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
09-22-77 Rolling Stone Magazine (Peter Tork at CBGB)

09/22/77 The Mumps/ Lemur & Flamingo/ Nervous Rex
09/23/77 The Mumps/ Lemur & Flamingo/ Nervous Rex
09/24/77 The Mumps/ Lemur & Flamingo/ Steel Tips/ The Senders
09/25/77 The Mumps/ Lemur & Flamingo/ Steel Tips/ The Senders
09/26/77 Audition Showcase
09/27/77 Spicey Bits/ The Rousers

CBGB 1977

09/28/77 White Boxs/Stu Daye's Streethearts
09/29/77 Suicide (A)/ Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
09/30/77 Dead Boys/ Steel Tips/ Harry Toledo & the Rockets
10/01/77 Dead Boys/ Steel Tips/ Harry Toledo & the Rockets
10/02/77 Dead Boys/ Steel Tips/ Harry Toledo & the Rockets
10/03/77 Showcase Audition
10/04/77 Paul Starfield & the Mutant Kings/ Weals

CBGB 1977

10/05/77 Emily/ Steve Forbert
10/06/77 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers
10/07/77 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers
10/08/77 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers
10/09/77 The Shirts/ Konolrad
10/10/77 Showcase Audition
10/11/77 Elodie Lauten & the All American Boys/ Guest

CBGB 1977

10/12/77 Laughing Dogs/ The Kojaks
10/13/77 The Criminals/ Just Water
10/14/77 The Criminals/ Just Water

October 1977 CBGB

10/15/77 The Jam/ DMZ
10/16/77 The Jam/ DMZ
10/17/77 Audition Showcase
10/18/77 Moonlight/ Nervous Rex

CBGB 1977

10/19/77 Moonlight/ Roger Bruce & his New York Rockers
10/20/77 Tuff Darts/ 2 Timers
10/21/77 Tuff Darts/ 2 Timers
10/22/77 Tuff Darts/ 2 Timers
10/23/77 Sandy Bull/ Harry Toledo/ The Rockets
10/24/77 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1977

10/25/77 E. Walter Band/ The Poles
10/26/77 The Fleshtones/ The Cryers
10/27/77 Ramones/ Boyfriends
10/28/77 Ramones/ Boyfriends
10/29/77 Ramones/ Suicide
10/30/77 Ramones/ Suicide
10/31/77 The Shirts/ Helen Wheels/ Steel Tips
11/01/77 Sirius Trixon & the Motor City Bad Boys/ Rudies

CBGB 1977

11/02/77 Sirius Trixon & the Motor City Bad Boys/ Rudies
11/03/77 The Cramps/ Sic F*cks
11/04/77 The Cramps/ Sic F*cks
11/05/77 Erasers/ Viletones/ The Senders
11/06/77 Erasers/ Viletones/ The Senders
11/07/77 Lauging Dogs + Audition Showcase
11/08/77 Spicey Bits/ Straight Edge/ Guest

CBGB 1977

11/09/77 Spicey Bits/ Straight Edge/ The Guest
11/10/77 Nervous Rex/ Uncle Son/ The Fans
11/11/77 Nervous Rex/ Uncle Son/ The Fans
11/12/77 Steel Tips/ Konelrad/ The Cravers
11/13/77 Steel Tips/ Konelrad/ The Cravers
11/14/77 The Dead Boys/ Boyfriends
11/15/77 The Dead Boys/ Boyfriends

CBGB 1977

11/16/77 Tuff Darts/ Marbles
11/17/77 Dr. Feelgood/ The Planets/ Rudies
11/18/77 Laughing Dogs/ The Planets/ The Kojaks
11/19/77 Laughing Dogs/ The Planets/ The Kojaks/ Moonlight
11/20/77 Harry Toledo & the Rockets/ Moonlight/ Guest
11/21/77 Showcase Audition
11/22/77 Reggae Night /w/ Soul Syndicate/ Jah Malla

CBGB 1977

11/23/77 Moon Ruckus/ Spit/ The Cryers

November 1977 CBGB02

11/24/77 Helen Wheels/ 2 Timers/ Spicey Bits
11/25/77 Helen Wheels/ 2 Timers/ Spicey Bits
11/26/77 The Shirts/ Just Water
11/27/77 The Shirts/ Just Water
11/28/77 Showcase Audition

11-28-77 Village Voice (CBGB)
(11/28/77 Village Voice)

November 1977 CBGB

11/29/77 Regae Night /w/ Full Hand featuring Kwame Heshimu/ New Breed

CBGB 1977

11/30/77 David Peel and Death/ The Squirrels/ The Disgustings/ The Atlantics
11/30/77(??) Screaming Mad George and Disgusting
12/01/77 Suicide/ Real Kids/ DMZ
12/02/77 Suicide/ Real Kids/ DMZ
12/03/77 Suicide/ Real Kids/ DMZ
12/04/77 The Geeks/ Baseball/ The Nails
12/05/77 Audition Showcase
12/06/77 Reggae Night /w/ House of Assembly/ Moreyaka

December 1977 CBGB02

CBGB 1977

12/07/77 Boyfriends/ Quincy/ The Cryers

December 1977 CBGB03Cramps

12/08/77 The Cramps/ Skafish/ Rudies
12/09/77 The Cramps/ Skafish/ Rudies
12/10/77 The Cramps/ Skafish/ Rudies
12/11/77 Clear Cloud/ Sorrows/ Elodie Laughton & the All American Boys
12/12/77 Audition Showcase
12/13/77 Reggae Night /w/ The Slickers/ Moya Nya

CBGB 1977

12/14/77 The Feelies/ Erasers
12/15/77 The Mumps/ The Poles/ Fox Pass
12/16/77 The Mumps/ The Poles/ Fox Pass
12/17/77 Lauging Dogs/ The Kojaks/ Fox Pass
12/18/77 Eddie & the Hot Rods
12/19/77 The Cryers/ Just Water
12/20/77 Reggae Night /w/ BLack Eagles/ Guest
12/21/77 Dead Boys (TV Filming)/ Steel Tips/ Guest
12/21/77 Special Midnight Show /w/ Hot Lunch

CBGB 1977

12/22/77 Harry Toledo & the Rockets/ 2 Timers/ Boo Hoo Band/ Sorrows
12/23/77 Harry Toledo & the Rockets/ 2 Timers/ Boo Hoo Band/ Sorrows
12/24/77 Harry Toledo & the Rockets/ 2 Timers/ Boo Hoo Band
12/25/77 Audition Showcase
12/26/77 Audition Showcase

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
David Byrne at CBGB 2nd Ave Theatre - 1977

12-26-77 Village Voice (CBGB-Talking Heads)
(12/26/77 Village Voice)

12-26-77 Village Voice (CBGB)
(12/26/77 Village Voice)

December 1977 CBGB

December 1977 CBGB05

12/27/77 CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater Opens

12/27/77 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
Talking Heads/ Tuff Darts/ Luna Band/ The Shirts
*Due to a late start time, the Tuff Darts were not allowed to play.

12/27/77 Reggae Week: Heptones/ New Breed

CBGB 1978

12/28/77 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
The Dictators/ Dead Boys/ Steel Tip

CBGB 1978

12/28/77 Reggae Week: Mojo Nya

CBGB 1977

12/29/77 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
Patti Smith/ Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Mars

12/29/77 Reggae Week: Horace Andy/ Sylvesters Inc.

12/30/77 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
Patti Smith/ Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers

12/30/77 The Shirts/ The New Luna Band

01-02-78 Village Voice (CBGB)
(01/02/78 Village Voice)

12/31/77 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
Patti Smith/ Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Richard Lloyd/ Jamal

12/31/77 The Shirts/ The New Luna Band


January 1978 CBGB02
(January 1978 Village Voice)

01/01/78 Audition Showcase
01/02/78 Audition Showcase
01/03/78 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1978

01/04/78 Hard Attack/ The Disgustings
01/05/78 Sic F*cks/ Rudies
01/06/78 Sic F*cks/ Arrival
01/07/78 Sic F*cks/ Arrival
01/08/78 Spicey Bits
01/09/78 Audition Showcase
01/10/78 The Melodians/ Morelations

CBGB 1978

01/11/78 The Cryers/ Davis Ryder Band/ DNA
01/12/78 The Cramps/ The Marbles/ The Visitors
01/13/78 The Cramps/ The Marbles/ Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
01/14/78 The Cramps/ The Marbles/ The Senders
01/15/78 The Sorrows/ Contortions
01/16/78 Audition Showcase

01-23-78 Village Voice (CBGB)
(01/23/78 Village Voice)

01/17/78 Rock Therapy/ Romantic Noise

CBGB 1978

01/18/78 Sun/ Rock Therapy/ "Performance" film screening
01/19/78 The Erasers/ Sun
01/20/78 The Erasers/ DNA/ Fast Car
01/21/78 The Erasers/ DNA/ Fast Car
01/22/ 78 Testors/ Slumlords
01/23/78 Audition Showcase
01/24/78 Boo Hoo Band/ Nails

CBGB 1978

01/25/78 The Cryers/ The Heat
01/26/78 Tuff Darts/ Helen Wheels Band
01/27/78 Tuff Darts/ Helen Wheels Band
01/28/78 Tuff Darts/ Helen Wheels Band
01/29/78 Kongress/ Disgusting
01/30/78 Audition Showcase
01/31/78 Just Water/ Romantic Noise

CBGB 1978

02/01/78 Hot Lunch/ Romantic Noise

January 1975 CBGB

02/02/78 Suicide/ Fleshtones/ Contortions
02/03/78 Suicide/ Fleshtones/ Contortions
02/04/77 Suicide
02/05/77 Mars/ D.N.A.
02/06/78 Audition Showcase
02/07/78 Bitch/ Fuse Band

CBGB 1978

02/08/78 2 Timers/ Spicey Bits

February 1978 CBGB02

02/09/78 Boyfriends/ The Poles
02/10/78 Boyfriends/ The Poles
02/11/78 Boyfriends/ The Poles
02/12/78 Teenage Jesus & the Jerks/Shrapnel
02/13/78 Audition Showcase
02/14/78 Baseball/ Ducktails

CBGB 1978

02/15/78 Steve Forbert/ Nails
02/16/78 The Cryers/ Miamis/ Sorrows
02/17/78 The Cryers/ Miamis/ Sorrows

02/18/78 The Dictators
02/18/78 The Cramps/ The Senders
02/19/78 The Cramps/ The Senders

02/20/78 Audition Showcase
02/21/78 The Screamers/ Guest

CBGB 1978

02/22/78 The Heat/ Four Skins
02/23/78 The Shirts/ Erasers
02/24/78 The Shirts/ Erasers
02/25/78 The Shirts/ Erasers
02/26/78 Rudies/ B-52's
02/27/78 Audition Showcase
02/28/78 The Marbles/ The Scruffs

CBGB 1978

03/01/78 Acme Band/ The Scruffs

03-28-78 Village Voice (CBGB)
(03/02/78 Village Voice)

February 1978 CBGB03

February 1978 CBGB01

CBGB 1978

03/02/78 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
Robert Gordon with Link Wray/ X-Ray Spex with Poly Styrene - CANCELLED

March 1978 CBGB

03/02/78 Pere Ubu/ Suicide Commandos

03/03/78 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
Robert Gordon with Link Wray/ X-Ray Spex with Poly Styrene - CANCELLED

03/03/78 Pere Ubu/ Suicide Commandos

03/04/78 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
Robert Gordon with Link Wray/ X-Ray Spex with Poly Styrene - CANCELLED

03/04/78 Pere Ubu/ Suicide Commandos
03/05/78 Stumblebunny/ The Nails
03/06/78 The Cryers + Audition Showcase
03/07/78 The Traitors/ The Pigs

CBGB 1978

03/08/78 The Traitors/ The Pigs
03/09/78 Sic F*cks/ Sun
03/10/78 Sic F*cks/ Nervous Rex
03/11/78 Sic F*cks/ Hot Lunch
03/12/78 The Accidents/ Action
03/13/78 Audition Showcase
03/14/78 Dead Boys/ The Blessed

CBGB 1978

03/15/78 Dead Boys/ The Blessed
03/16/78 Helen Wheels Band/ The Senders
03/17/78 X-Ray Specs with Poly Styrene/ Spicey Bits
03/18/78 X-Ray Specs with Poly Styrene/ Spicey Bits
03/19/78 X-Ray Specs with Poly Styrene/ Sorrows
03/20/78 Audition Showcase
03/21/78 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1978

03/22/78 The Runaways/ The Hand Grenades
03/23/78 The Runaways/ Rudies
03/24/78 X-Ray Specs with Poly Styrene/ Marie et les Garcons
03/25/78 X-Ray Specs with Poly Styrene/ DNA
03/26/78 X-Ray Specs with Poly Styrene/ Testors
03/27/78 Audition Showcase
03/28/78 Mars/ The Invaders

CBGB 1978

03/29/78 Mars/ The Invaders
03/29/78 The Planets/ Tamerlane
03/30/78 Suicide/ Real Kids

April 1978 CBGB

03/31/78 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
The Jam/ Tuff Darts/ Guest

03/31/78 Suicide/ Real Kids

April 1978 CBGB02

04/01/78 Suicide/ Real Kids/ Hot Lunch
04/02/78 Corpse Grinders/ Tears
04/03/78 Mission Mountain Wood Band (Recording session)
04/04/78 Just Water/ Flip City

CBGB 1978

04/05/78 Visitors/ The Nooz
04/06/78 Miamis/ Dots
04/07/78 Miamis/ Come On

April 1978 CBGB03

04/08/78 Boyfriends/ Son

(04/08/78 - N.M.E.)
04-08-78 NME Magazine (Richard Hell and Poly Styrene at CBGB)

04/09/78 Boyfriends/ The Contortions
04/10/78 Audition Showcase

04/11/78 @ CBGB 2nd Avenue Theater
The Cramps/ Erasers/ Sic F*cks/ Hot Lunch/ Shrapnel

04/11/78 Stilletto/ Guest

CBGB 1978

04/12/78 Stilletto/ Slumlords
04/13/78 The Cramps/ Come On
04/14/78 The Cramps/ Contortions
04/15/78 The Cramps/ Steel Tips

April 1978 CBGB04

04/16/78 Rudies/ Spicey Bits
04/17/78 Audition Showcase04/18/78 Public Problems/ The Banned

CBGB 1978

04/19/78 Senders/ Stumblebunny
04/20/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers/ Ghost
04/21/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers/ Ghost
04/22/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers/ Ghost
04/23/78 Teenage Jesus & the Jerks/ Student Teachers
04/24/78 Audition Showcase
04/25/78 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1978

04/26/78 The Heat/ The Rousers
04/27/78 Slander Band/ Straight Edge
04/28/78 The Shirts/ Student Teachers
04/29/78 The Shirts/ Mickey Clean in Mezzopotamia
04/30/78 The Shirts/ Nervous Rex
05/01/78 Audition Showcase
05/02/78 The Planets/ Spicey Bits

CBGB 1978

05/03/78 Paul Starfield & the Mutant Kings/ The Zantees

May 1978 Johnny Blitz Benefit
via GoNightClubbing.com

05/04/78 Johnny Blitz Benefit
/w/ Contortions/ Corpse Grinders/ Erasers/ Ramones/ Sic F*cks/ Spicey Bits/ Stilletto

05/05/78 Johnny Blitz Benefit
/w/ Criminals/ Dictators/ Fleshtones/ Mumps/ Slander Band/ Stumblebunny/ Student Teachers

05/06/78 Johnny Blitz Benefit
/w/ Corpse Grinders/ Criminals/ Dead Boys/ Ghost/ Helen Wheels Band/ Shrapnel

05/07/78 Johnny Blitz Benefit
/w/ Dead Boys/ Dots/ Rudies/ Senders/ Steel Tips/ Suicide

Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine
1979 Rolling Stone Magazine (Johnny Blitz Benefit at CBGB)

05/08/78 Audition Showcase
05/09/78 Vex/ Come On

CBGB 1978

05/10/78 Testors/ The Accidents
05/11/78 Sic F*cks/ Shrapnel
05/12/78 Sic F*cks/ Shrapnel
05/13/78 Sic F*cks/ Shrapnel
05/14/78 Startoon/ Invaders
05/15/78 Audition Showcase
05/16/78 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1978

05/17/78 The Nooz/ Tamerlane
05/18/78 Dots/ Public Problems

May 1978 CBGB

05-18-78 Rolling Stone Magazine (CBGB)0001
(05/18/78 - Rolling Stone Magazine)

05/19/78 UK Squeeze/ Rudies
05/20/78 UK Squeeze/ Rudies
05/21/78 UK Squeeze/ Rudies
05/22/78 Audition Showcase
05/23/78 Nervous Rex/ Rozz

CBGB 1978

05/24/78 The Cramps/ Testors
05/25/78 Suicide
05/25/78 Senders/ Contortions
05/26/78 Senders/ Contortions
05/27/78 2 Timers/ Hot Lunch
05/28/78 2 Timers/ Hot Lunch/ Kongress
05/29/78 The Mumps/ Student Teachers
05/30/78 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1978

05/31/78 Startoon/ Jake Tobasco and his Rhythm Artists

(06/01/78 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
06-01-78 Rolling Stone Magazine (Johnny Blitz Benefit at CBGB)

06/01/78 The Dickies/ B-52's
06/02/78 The Dickies/ B-52's
06/03/78 The Dickies/ B-52's
06/04/78 Dots/ The Drastics
06/05/78 Audition Showcase
06/06/78 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1978

06/07/78 The Vex/ Crayola
06/08/78 UK Squeeze/ Rozz
06/09/78 UK Squeeze/ Rudies
06/10/78 UK Squeeze/ Slander Band
06/11/78 Come On/ Paul Starfield & the Mutant Kings
06/12/78 Audition Showcase
06/13/78 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1978

06/14/78 The Poles/ Spit
06/15/78 The Mumps/ Helen Wheels Band
06/16/78 The Mumps/ Helen Wheels Band
06/17/78 The Mumps/ Helen Wheels Band
06/18/78 Kongress/ The Communists
06/19/78 Audition Showcase
06/20/78 Audition Showcase

CBGB 1978

06/21/78 Corpse Grinders/ Stilletto

June 1978 CBGB

06/22/78 B Girls/ Erasers
06/23/78 B Girls/ Erasers
06/24/78 B Girls/ Steel Tips
06/25/78 Steel Tips/ The Shades
06/26/78 Audition Showcase
06/27/78 DMZ/ The As

CBGB 1978

06/28/78 Rosie & the Shadows/ Lawrence Talbot Band

July 1978 CBGB02

06/29/78 The Shirts/ Rudies
06/30/78 The Shirts/ Rudies
07/01/78 The Shirts/ Rudies
07/02/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ The Feelies
07/03/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ The Feelies
07/04/78 Panic + Showcase Bands

July 1978 CBGB

CBGB 1978

07/05/78 The Visitors/ Man Kazam
07/06/78 Dead Boys/ Shrapnel
07/07/78 Dead Boys/ Shrapnel
07/08/78 Dead Boys/ Shrapnel
07/09/78 Human Sexual Response/ La Peste

July 1978 CBGB03

CBGB 1978

07/10/78 Sham 69/ Spicey Bits
07/11/78 Sham 69/ Spicey Bits
07/12/78 Sham 69/ Spicey Bits
07/13/78 Wire/ Contortions
07/14/78 Wire/ Student Teachers
07/15/78 Wire/ Student Teachers
07/16/78 Regina Richards & Red Hot/ Ludacer
07/17/78 UK Squeeze/ Nervous Rex
07/18/78 The Nuns/ Rubber City Rebels

CBGB 1978

07/19/78 The Nuns/ The Jonsez
07/20/78 The Know
07/21/78 The Know
07/22/78 The Feelies
07/23/78 DNA/ The Blessed
07/24/78 Richie Teeter 5/ The Planets
07/25/78 The Rozz/ Mars

CBGB 1978

07/26/78 Hot Lunch/ The Plasmatics
07/27/78 The Poles/ Tragic Flaw
07/28/78 Boyfriends/ 2 Timers
07/29/78 Boyfriends/ Slander Band
07/30/78 Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
07/31/78 Audition Showcase
08/01/78 Sic F*cks/ Birdland with Lester Bangs

CBGB 1978

08/02/78 Stumblebunny/ Come On
08/03/78 Specail Showcase Weekend
08/04/78 Specail Showcase Weekend
08/05/78 Specail Showcase Weekend
08/06/78 Public Problems/ Zantees
08/07/78 Audition Showcase
08/08/78 Erasers/ The Necessaries

CBGB 1978

08/09/78 Erasers/ Lawrence Talbot Band
08/10/78 Just Water/ Urban Verbs
08/11/78 The Cramps/ Urban Verbs
08/12/78 The Cramps / The Action
08/13/78 Bruce Brody/ Jay Dee Daugherty/ Richie Fliegler/ Richard Lloyd/ Fred Smith/ Guest
08/14/78 Audition Showcase
08/15/78 Stilletto/ Regina Richards & Red Hot

CBGB 1978

08/16/78 Miamis/ Startoon

August 1978 CBGB

08/17/78 The Shirts/ Rudies
08/18/78 The Shirts/ Rudies
08/19/78 The Shirts/ Rudies
08/20/78 Screaming Mad George/ The Mad Birdland /w/ Lester Bangs
08/21/78 Audition Showcase
08/22/78 Shrapnel/ The Rozz

CBGB 1978

08/23/78 The Plasmatics/ Ludacre/ Rod Swensons Video Tapes Screening
08/24/78 The Nuns/ The Dots
08/25/78 The Nuns/ The Dots
08/26/78 The Nuns/ Hot Lunch
08/27/78 Invaders/ Victims
08/28/78 Audition Showcase
08/29/78 Son/ Nervous Rex

CBGB 1978

08/30/78 Student Teachers/ DNA

September 1978 CBGB

08/31/78 Dead Boys/ Siren
09/01/78 Dead Boys/ Steel Tips
09/02/78 Dead Boys/ Steel Tips
09/03/78 Dead Boys/ Mighty Minds
09/04/78 Audition Showcase
09/05/78 Empire/ Nooze

CBGB 1978

09/06/78 2 Timers/ Chris Stamey
09/07/78 Dead Boys/ B Girls
09/08/78 Dead Boys/ B Girls
09/09/78 Dead Boys/ B Girls
09/10/78 Audition Showcase
09/11/78 Audition Showcase
09/12/78 Son/ B Girls

CBGB 1978

09/13/78 Son/ B Girls
09/14/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Nervous Rex
09/15/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Nervous Rex
09/16/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Nervous Rex
09/17/78 Corpse Grinders/ Tom Carey Band
09/18/78 Audition Showcase
09/19/78 The Plasmatics/ Quincy/ Rod Sensons Video Tapes Screening

CBGB 1978

09/20/78 The Plasmatics/ Quincy/ Rod Sensons Video Tapes Screening
09/21/78 B-52's/ Urban Verbs/ The Necessaries/ The Bees
09/22/78 B-52's/ Urban Verbs/ The Necessaries/ The Bees
09/23/78 B-52's/ Urban Verbs/ The Necessaries/ The Bees
09/25/78 Audition Showcase

September 1978 CBGB02

09/26/78 The Nails/ The Jonsez

CBGB 1978

09/27/78 Edith Massey of Pink Flamingoes/ Steel Tips
09/28/78 Edith Massey of Pink Flamingoes/ Steel Tips
09/29/78 Edith Massey of Pink Flamingoes/ Steel Tips

September 1978 CBGB03

09/30/78 Rudies/ Son/ Startoon/ The Latest
10/01/78 Stuart's Hammer/ Bloodless Pharoes
10/02/78 Audition Showcase
10/03/78 Fleshtones/ Zantees

CBGB 1978

10/04/78 Slander Band/ Survivors
10/05/78 Erasers/ Mumps
10/06/78 Erasers/ Mumps
10/07/78 Erasers/ Mumps
10/08/78 Sorrows/ Rousers
10/09/78 Audition Showcase
10/10/78 Pins/ Come On

October 1978 CBGB

CBGB 1978

10/11/78 Laughing Dogs/ Scruffs
10/12/78 The Cramps/ 2 Timers
10/13/78 The Cramps/ 2 Timers
10/14/78 The Cramps/ 2 Timers
10/15/78 The Planets/ Regina Richards & Red Hot
10/16/78 Audition Showcase
10/17/78 The Screamers/ The Terrorists

CBGB 1978

10/18/78 The Screamers/ The Dots
10/19/78 The Shirts/ Student Teachers
10/20/78 The Police/ Fans
10/21/78 The Police/ Fans

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
Police at CBGB - 1978

10/22/78 Razor/ Flies
10/23/78 Fliues + Audition Bands
10/24/78 B Girls/ Excalibur

CBGB 1978

10/25/78 B Girls/ Model Citizens

10/26/78 St. Mark's Fire Benefit Weekend /w/ Poetry and Rock
10/27/78 St. Mark's Fire Benefit Weekend /w/ Poetry and Rock
10/28/78 St. Mark's Fire Benefit Weekend /w/ Poetry and Rock
/w/ Lou Reed/ Allen Ginsburg/ Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ John Ashberry/ John Cale
Erasers/ Anne Wildman/ B Girls/ Ted Berrigan/ The Rudies/ John Giorno/ Nervous Rex/
Peter Orlovsky/ Son/ Ron Padgett/ Stimulators/ Andrei Voznesensky/ Student Teachers/
R. Richard/ Tome Carey Band/ Kathy Acher/Many More

10/28/78 Elvis Costello/ Richard Hell/ The Erasers (?)
10/29/78 Sorrows/ Stumblebunny
10/30/78 Audition Showcase
10/31/78 Dictators/ Regina & the Red Hots

CBGB 1978

11/01/78 Nervous Rex/ Ludacer
11/01/78 Radio Ethiopia Salutes St. Mark's /w/ Patti Smith

11/02/78 Suicide/ Fleshtones
11/03/78 Suicide/ Teenage Jesus & the Jerks/ DNA
11/04/78 Suicide/ Walter Steding

11/05/78 CBGB (Theater) Flea Market @ 2nd Aveneu between 3rd & 4th Streets
*Grand Opening (Weekends  - at least through the end of 1978.)

11/05/78 Revelon/ Alda Reserve

11/06/78 "No New York" LP released

11/06/78 Audition Showcase
11/07/78 The Decks/ Cult Heroes
11/08/78 Startoon/ Dots

CBGB 1978

11/09/78 Pere Ubu/ Urban Verbs
11/10/78 Pere Ubu/ Urban Verbs
11/11/78 Pere Ubu/ Urban Verbs
11/12/78 The Necessaries/ Judy Nylon
11/13/78 Audition Showcase
11/14/78 The Police/ The Reds

CBGB 1978

11/15/78 The Police/ The Reds
11/16/78 Uncle Son/ Tamerlane
11/17/78 Rudies/ X
11/18/78 Rudies/ X
11/19/78 Judy Nylon/ The The

11/20/78 Audition Showcase
11/20/78 CLOSED

11/21/78 Rosie & the Shadows/ Art

CBGB 1978

11/22/78 The Plasmatics/ The Drastics

11/23/78 - 12/06/78 CBGB recording 65-75 bands for upcoming double album project

CBGB 1978

CBGB 1978

12/07/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers
12/08/78 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers
12/09/79 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Erasers
12/10/78 The Cools/ La Peste
12/11/78 - 12/13/78 CBGB recording 65-75 bands for upcoming double album project

CBGB 1978

12/14/78 Judy Nylon/ Nervous Rex/ *Chelsea (Cancelled)
12/15/78 Judy Nylon/ Nervous Rex/ *Chelsea (Cancelled)
12/16/78 Judy Nylon/ Nervous Rex/ *Chelsea (Cancelled)

12/17/78 - 12/24/78 CBGB recording 65-75 bands for upcoming double album project

CBGB 1978

12/22/78 Model Citizens/ Come On
12/23/78 Rudies/ The Pets
12/24/78 Miamis/ The Latest

12/25/78 "An Old Fashioned Christmas at CBGB"
/w/ Bill Arning/ Louis Bova/ Joe Katz/ Lisa Kristal/ Jeff Miller/ Judy Nylon/ The Senders/
Tich & Snooky/ Startoon/ Cosmo Ohms/ Horace Johnson/ The Tractrors/ More

CBGB 12-27-78

12/27/78 Rozz/ Ludacree

January 1978 CBGB

12/28/78 John Cale/ Slander Band
12/28/78 Reggae CBGB: Mojo Nya
12/29/78 John Cale/ The Necessaries
12/29/78 Reggae CBGB: Horace Andy/ Sylversters, Inc.
12/30/78 John Cale/ The The
12/31/78 John Cale/ The The

"CBGB Blitzkrieg Bop" Documentary Introduction (Date N/A)


01/01/79 CBGB Party
01/02/79 The Terrorist/ Bloodless Pharos
01/03/79 Birdland featuring Lester Bangs/ Dirty Looks
01/04/79 XTC/ Quincy
01/05/79 XTC/ Guest Band
01/06/79 XTC/ Guest Band
01/11/79 The Shirts
01/12/79 The Shirts
01/13/79 The Shirts

CBGB 01-17-79

01/17/79 Teenage Jesus & The Jerks/ DNA
01/18/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions: Quincy/ 2 Timers/ Excalibur
01/19/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions: Pets/ Reptiles
01/20/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions: Model Citizens/ Come On
01/21/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions: Nervus Rex/ Guest Band Recording
01/22/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions + Audition Showcase
01/23/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions + Audition Showcase

CBGB 01-24-79

01/24/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions: Decks/ Bloodless Pharoahs
01/25/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions: Student Teachers/ Stimulators
01/26/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions: The Rudies/ Chemicals Made From Dirt
01/27/79 CBGB Vol. II Recording Sessions: Sapho/ Son

01/28/79 The Music Industry Casualties
/w/ Cheetah Chrome/ Billy Balls/ Ty Styx + The The

01/29/79 Audition Showcase
01/31/79 Audition Showcase

CBGB 01-31-79

01/31/79 Turner & Kieran of Wexford/ Joy Ryder & Avis Davis
02/01/79 Regina Richards and the Red Hots/ Mumps
02/02/79 Regina Richards and the Red Hots/ Mumps
02/03/79 Regina Richards and the Red Hots/ Mumps
02/04/79 The Necessaries/ Extreme Unction
02/05/79 Audition Showcase
02/06/79 The Decks/ Comateens

CBGB 02-07-79

02/07/79 Rosie & The Shadows/ The Latest
02/08/79 Quincy/ Reptiles
02/09/79 Quincy/ Bloodless Pharoahs
02/10/79 Quincy/ Judy Nylon
02/11/79 Alda Reserve/ The Mad
02/12/79 Audition Showcase
02/13/79 DNA/ Shivers
02/14/79 Old Fashioned Valentines Day Party /w/ Guest Bands

CBGB 02-15-79

02/15/79 Model Citizens/ Urban Verbs
02/16/79 Model Citizens/ Urban Verbs
02/17/79 Model Citizens/ Urban Verbs
02/18/79 Kongress/ Torpid Liver
02/19/79 Nico and John Cale/ The The
02/20/79 The Last Men/ Swimming Pool Q's

CBGB 02-21-79

02/21/79 Clear Cloud/ Dirty Looks
02/22/79 Rudies/ Bloodless Pharoeahs/ Nervous Rex
02/23/79 The Rudies/ Nervus Rex
02/24/79 The Rudies/ The Pets
02/25/79 Startoon/ Broken Hearts
02/26/79 Audition Showcase
02/27/79 The Lines/ The Space

CBGB 02-28-79

02/28/79 Birdland featuring Lester Bangs
03/01/79 Plasmatics/ Excalibur
03/02/79 Plasmatics/ Sorrows
03/03/79 Plasmatics/ Son
03/04/79 Richard Lloyd Quartet/ Necessaries
03/05/79 Audition Showcase
03/06/79 Audition Showcase

A Night at CBGB, March 1979
via GoNightClubbining.com

CBGB 03-07-79

03/07/79 Quincy/ Hot Lunch
03/08/79 Nico/ The The
03/09/79 Nico/ The The
03/10/79 Nico/ The The
03/11/79 Dead Boys/ The Jonesz
03/12/79 Audition Showcase
03/13/79 Audition Showcase

CBGB 03-14-79

03/14/79 Belle Star/ Extreme Unction
03/15/79 Dead Boys/ Bloodless Pharoahs
03/16/79 Dead Boys/ Student Teachers
03/17/79 Dead Boys/ Necessaries
03/18/79 Dead Boys/ Decks
03/19/79 Audition Showcase
03/20/79 Audition Showcase

CBGB 03-21-79

03/21/79 The Feelies/ Chris Stamey & the db's
03/22/79 Richard Lloyd Quartet/ Quincy
03/23/79 Richard Lloyd Quartet/ Quincy
03/24/79 Richard Lloyd Quartet/ Quincy
03/25/79 Tickets/ Cuban Heels
03/26/79 Audition Showcase
03/27/79 Audition Showcase

CBGB 03-28-79

03/28/79 The Rudies/ Zantees
03/29/79 The Shirts/ Maroons
03/30/79 The Shirts/ Sorrows
03/31/79 The Shirts/ Revelons
04/01/79 April Fools Party for The Shirts /w/ Pets and other Guest bands
04/02/79 Audition Showcase
04/03/79 The Casuals/ Ludacer

__/__/79 The Lounge Lizards (via GoNightclubbing.com)

CBGB 04-04-79

04/04/79 Birdland/ Son
04/05/79 Stilletto's Fad /w/ Tish, Elda and Snooky
04/06/79 Teenage Jesus & the Jerks/ DNA
04/07/79 Suicide/ Bloodless Pharoahs
04/08/79 The Police/ The The

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
Police @ CBGB - 1979

04/09/79 N.Y. Gong /w/
Daevid Allen/ Gill Smyth/ Stu Martin/ Fred Frith/ Gary Window/ ZU

04/10/79 Policemens Bulletproof Vest Fundraiser Concert - Ramones
*Final Ramones show ever at CBGB

04/11/79 Walter Stedding with Martin Rev

CBGB 04-18-79

04/18/79 Sorrows/ Flies
04/19/79 Plasmatics/ Classic Ruins
04/20/79 Plasmatics/ Classic Ruins
04/21/79 Plasmatics/ Classic Ruins
04/22/79 Quincy/ Casuals
04/23/79 Audition Showcase
04/24/79 The Nails/ Baby Bones

CBGB 04-25-79

04/25/79 U.S. Apes/ Blenders
04/26/79 Come On/ Revelons
04/27/79 Desire featuring Susan Springfield/ Son/ Cocktails
04/28/79 Desire featuring Susan Springfield/ Dirty Looks/ Nuclear Energy
04/29/79 Honey Davis/ The Firebirds
04/30/79 Audition Showcase
05/01/79 Ludacre/ Coachmen

CBGB 05-02-79

05/02/79 The Shirts/ Tickets
05/03/79 Jimmy Angle & the Wise/ Quincy
05/04/79 The Rudies/ Regina Richards & Red Hot
05/05/79 The Rudies/ Regina Richards & Red Hot

05/06/79 Benefit for the Cosmopolitan Dance Troupe
/w/ Chris Stamey & the db's/ Fleshtones/ Information/ Bobby 'Boris' Pickett/ Big Help

05/07/79 Audition Showcase
05/08/79 Invaders/ Dirty Looks

CBGB 05-09-79

05/09/79 The Miamis/ The Mezz
05/10/79 Lucky Strike/ Wild One
05/11/79 Cheap Perfume/ Son/ Jonesz/ Comateens
05/12/79 Woody Moon & The Professionals + Guest Band
05/13/79 The Mad/ Bitch
05/14/79 Audition Showcase
05/15/79 The A's/ Fleet/ The Rudies

CBGB 05-16-79

05/16/79 Baby Bones/ Blow Gun
05/17/79 Nervous Eaters/ The Necessaries
05/18/79 Nervous Eaters/ The Necessaries
05/19/79 Nervous Eaters/ The Maroons
05/20/79 Walter Stedding/ Tragic Flaw/ Art
05/21/79 Audition Showcase
05/22/79 The Tickets/ The Blades

CBGB 05-23-79

05/23/79 Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space/ New York Niggers/ Casbah
05/24/79 Special Night
05/25/79 Richard Lloyd Quartet/ Marbles
05/26/79 Richard Lloyd Quartet/ John Berenzy Group
05/27/79 DNA/ Information
05/28/79 Audition Showcase
05/29/79 Casuals/ Tina Peel
05/30/79 Fools/ Cyclone
05/31/79 Fools/ The Rattlers
06/01/79 Suicide/ Tragic Flaw/ Bloodless Pharoahs
06/02/79 Suicide/ Tragic Flaw/ Bloodless Pharoahs
06/03/79 Judy Nylon

CBGB 06-05-79

06/04/79 Audition Showcase
06/05/79 New York Niggers/ Startoon

CBGB 06-06-79

06/06/79 Come On/ Richard Deans
06/07/79 Plasmatics/ Lyres
06/08/69 Plasmatics/ Lyres
06/09/79 Plasmatics/ Lyres
06/10/79 The A's/ Two Timers
06/11/79 Audition Showcase
06/12/79 The Blades/ Rentals
06/13/79 John Cale/ Chris Stamey & the db's
06/14/79 John Cale/ The The
06/15/79 John Cale/ Cheap Perfume
06/16/79 John Cale/ Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space

CBGB 06-20-79

06/20/79 The Voo Doo Shoes with Richard Lure and Donna Destri/ The Ants
06/21/79 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Bloodless Pharoahs
06/22/79 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Autistics
06/23/79 Richard Hell & the Voidoids/ Boneheads
06/24/79 Paul Uanase/ Baby Bones/ Testors
06/25/79 Audition Showcase
06/26/79 Honey Davis/ Penetrators

CBGB 06-27-79

06/27/79 2 Times/ Firebirds
06/28/79 Cheap Perfume/ Son/ The Cyclones
06/29/79 Cheap Perfume/ Son/ The Blenders
06/30/79 The Rudies/ Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space/ The The
07/01/79 "Guitar Extravaganza" /w/ DNA/ Rudolph Grey/ Eugene Chadbourne
07/02/79 Audition Showcase

CBGB 07-03-79

07/03/79 Come On/ Voo Doo Shoes featuring Richie Lure and Donna Destri
07/04/79 Von LMO/ The Nails
07/05/79 Student Teachers/ Bloodless Pharoahs/ Colors
07/06/79 Student Teachers/ Bloodless Pharoahs/ Dirty Looks
07/07/79 Steel Tips/ Tragic Flaw/ Casuals
07/08/79 A Band/ Grim Reaper
07/09/79 Audition Showcase
07/10/79 Destroy All Monsters/ Startoon

CBGB 07-11-79

07/11/79 Squirrels/ The Ants

07/12/79 CBGB Welcomes Back Skylab Boo Boo Party
/w/The Wild Ones/ Thrills/ Colors

07/13/79 The Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space/ Thrills/ The Humans From Earth
07/14/79 The Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space/ Chemicals Made From Dirt/ Firebirds
07/15/79 The Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space/ Ego Tones/ Religions of the World
07/16/79 Audition Showcase
07/17/79 Hot Rod Angels/ Rentals

CBGB 07-18-79

07/18/79 Casuals/ Editors
07/19/79 Paul Vanase/ Baby Bones/ The Latest/ Coachmen
07/20/79 Honey Davis/ The Maroons/ Super Dude Party
07/21/79 The Marbles/ Penetrators/ Tension Envelopes
07/22/79 U.S. Ape/ The Rouse
07/23/79 Audition Showcase
07/24/79 Terrorists/ Panic Squad

CBGB 07-25-79

07/25/79 The Shirts/ The Proof
07/26/79 The Shirts/ Comateens
07/27/79 The Shirts/ The Units
07/28/79 Student Teachers/ Voo Doo Shoes/ The Ants/ Colors/ Cutthroats
07/29/79 Information/ N.N.B.
07/30/79 Audition Showcase
07/31/79 Dirty Looks/ Subway

CBGB 08-01-79

08/01/79 The Victims/ Power Tools
08/02/79 Warm Jets/ Prince Valiant/ The Edge/ Mischief/ Liquid Idiot
08/03/79 Lynn Todd & Peroxide/ Prince Valiant/ Skunk/ Horace Johnson
08/04/79 The Maps/ Chinese Forehead/ Skunks/ Double Cross/ The Lords
08/05/79 DNA/ Morales
08/06/79 Audition Showcase
08/07/79 Chris Stamey & the db's/ The Editors

August 1979 Richard Hell and The Voidoids
via GoNightclubbing.com
Richard Hell and the Voidoids August, 1979 from The Local East Village on Vimeo.

CBGB 08-08-79

08/08/79 The Penetrators/ Startoon/ Prince Valiant
08/09/79 Cyclone/ Colors/ The Sinatras
08/10/79 Honey Davis/ Remote Control/ Connection
08/11/79 Fashion/ Jumpers
08/11/79 Special Midnight Show: Radio Ethiopia
08/12/79 Fashion/ The Nerves
08/13/79 Audition Showcase
08/14 Torpid Liver/ The Minx

CBGB 08-15-79

08/15/79 The Ants/ Click
08/16/79 Tina Peel/ The Casuals
08/17/79 The Rudies/ The Decks/ Subway
08/18/79 Voo Doo Shoes/ The Colors/ Dirty Looks/ The Lords/ The Dots
08/19/79 Von LMO/ Tension Envelope
08/20/79 Audition Showcase

08/21/79 The Public Access Synthesizer Studio Benefit
/w/ UT/ Boris Police Band/ Futants/ Bob Ostertag/ Youthanasia

CBGB 08-22-79

08/22/79 The Public Access Synthesizer Studio Benefit
/w/ DNA/ New Americans with Rhys Chatham/ Steve Piccolo and Evan Lurie/ Material

08/23/79 Steel Tips/ Honey Davis/ Gary Wilson & The Blind Dates
08/24/79 Steel Tips/ Honey Davis/ Gary Wilson & The Blind Dates
08/25/79 Steel Tips/ Honey Davis/ Gary Wilson & The Blind Dates
08/26/79 Come On/ Bone
08/27/79 Audition Showcase
08/28/79 Destroy All Monsters/ Coney Island Whitefish/ Max Fraction

CBGB 08-29-79

08/29/79 Destroy All Monsters/ Tuf Blu/ Cigarettes
08/30/79 The Rudies/ The Proof
08/31/79 Bloodless Pharoahs/ Colors/ Neighbors/ Allies
09/01/79 Bloodless Pharoahs/ The Decks/ Sick Kids
09/02/79 Bloodless Pharoahs/ Editors/ The Decks
09/03/79 Audition Showcase
09/04/79 College Radio & Press Conference for The Shirts/ + 2 Guest bands
09/05/79 Plasmatics/ Unnatural Axe
09/06/79 Plasmatics/ Unnatural Axe
09/07/79 Plasmatics/ Unnatural Axe
09/08/79 Plasmatics/ Unnatural Axe

09/21/79 Helen Wheels Band
09/22/79 Helen Wheels Band

09/XX/79 Helen Wheels Band via GoNightclubbing.com

10/19/79 Honey Davis
10/20/79 Honey Davis
10/21/79 Honey Davis
10/25/79 Levi and the Rockats/ Jerry Nolan/ The Colors
10/26/79 Levi and the Rockats/ Jerry Nolan/ The Colors
10/27/79 Levi and the Rockats/ Jerry Nolan/ The Colors October

1979 - Levi and the Rockats via GoNightclubbing.com
10/31/79(?) The Rudies/ Helen Wheels Band @ CBGB, NYC, NY
*This poster hung for several years by Hilly's desk at CBGB. Clive Davis of Arista records also had a copy of this one hanging in his office as well.

10/31/79 The Rudies/ Hellen Wheels Band

(Date N/A - Rock Scene Magazine)
(Undated) Rock Scene Magazine (The Blessed at CBGB)


02/06/80 Curlew
02/13/80 Ex-Husbands

(02/21/80 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
02-21-80 Rolling Stone Magazine (John Cale at CBGB)0001

03/17/80 Ex-Husbands
04/27/80 Ex-Husbands
05/28/80 Ex-Husbands
07/18/80 Ex-Husbands
08/06/80 Ex-Husbands
10/04/80 Ex-Husbands
10/09/80 Ex-Husbands

(12/11/80 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
B-52's In The Alley Behind CBGB's (Rolling Stone Magazine 12-11-80)


07/13/81 NADA

07/15/81 - 07/25/81 CBGB Ad
(Ad courtesy The Stuart Newman Collection - The Roustabouts)

07/15/81 The Coup/ Chris Moffa & The Competition/ The Looters/ Crazies
07/16/81 Swollen Monkeys/ The Coolies/ Public Servants
07/17/81 Helen Wheels Band/ Excalibur/ The Decoys
07/18/81 Marshall Crenshaw/ Ex-Husbands/ Afraid Of The Dark
07/19/81 Audition Showcase
07/20/81 Audition Showcase
07/21/81 Audition Showcase
07/22/81 Richard Lloyd/ Straight Jackets/ The Snapshots

07/23/81 TV-CBGB Taping
 /w/ The Roustabouts/ The Hard/ Jo Marshall/ Idiot Savant/ The Statix/ Leisure Valley Singers

07/24/81 The Roustabouts/ The Hard
07/25/81 Shrapnel/ The Rattlers
07/30/81 NADA

08/05/81 - 08/08/81 CBGB Ad
(Ad courtesy The Stuart Newman Collection - The Roustabouts)

08/05/81 Schmoozers/ The Feds/ Metropolis/ The Spigots/ The Nationals

08/06/81 TV-CBGB Taping
/w/ Sic Fucks/ The Hard/ The Roustabouts/ Shrapnel/ Jo Marshall/ Rogue/ Idiot Savant

-An episode (maybe the only one?) of TV-CBGB featuring footage from:
07/23/81 & 08/06/81

08/07/81 The Windows/ The Boogles/ The Kelvins
08/08/81 Jo Marshall/ The Times/ Blue Fyre

11/06/81 Konk
11/14/81 Bad Brains/ Even Worse/ The Mob
11/15/81 Agnostic Front/ Youth Defense League


01/12/82 The Mob/ Ultraviolence/ False Prophets
03/18/82 Double-O/ Government Issue/ Void
05/22/82 The Misguided/ Urban Waste
05/25/82 TheArticle/ The Lost Topics/ Keystone/ The Boogles
05/26/82 Bad Brains/ The Mob/ Blood Clots
05/27/82 Crucial Truth/ Killer Instinct
05/28/82 Certain Generals/ Cool In Reba/ Chain Gang
05/29/82 The Outsets/ The Youth/ Timmy Capello & The Ken Dolls
05/30/82 Frank Maya/ Body/ Red Park Sweet
05/30/82 Audition Showcase
05/31/82 Audition Showcase
06/02/82 Cries/ Tot Rocket/ Junglefish/ Bopster
06/03/82 Paralell Fifth/ Curved Units/ Crampled Comix/ The Schemers
06/04/82 The Headlickers/ Butch Lust & The Hypocrites - CANCELLED
06/04/82 Eddie Dixon/ Velveteen/ Special Guest
06/05/82 Barbara Ess/ Listen To The Animal/ Mofungo/ Special Guest
06/23/82 Yap Yap Research/ Male Model/ Soviet Sex/ Kool Rays
06/24/82 Richard Lloyd/ Arthur Monroe Zone/ Candy Apple/ Going Straight
06/25/82 DNA/ Rudolf Grey/ Regressive Aid
06/26/82 DNA/ Public Servants/ Dog Eat Dog
06/27/82 Audition Showcase
06/28/82 Audition Showcase
06/28/82 Live Recording Sessions: Love Of Life Orchestra/ La Guapa Papa
06/29/82 Live Recording Sessions: Love Of Life Orchestra/ Linda Hudes Power Trio
06/30/82 Live Recording Sessions: Love Of Life Orchestra/ Neo Sublet/ Randy Gunn Band
07/01/82 Treble Boys/ Statix/ Eau Jest/ Bagdads
07/02/82 The Breakfast Club/ The Vipers/ Guests
07/03/82 Racer X/ The Youth/ Boys Life/ The Corpsicle
07/07/82 Electric Armageddon
08/07/82 The Abused/ Reagan Youth
09/04/82 Kraut/ Giligan's Revenge/ Borscht
10/10/82 Shrapnel
10/30/82 Misguided/ False Prophets
11/07/82 The Cramps
11/20/82 Beastie Boys/ Reagan Youth/ The Young & The Useless
11/20/82 Bad Brains/ Scream/ Double-O/ Soviet Sex
11/21/82 Meat Puppets/ Bloodclot/ Frontline
12/04/82 The Adused/ Agnostic Front
12/15/82 Health Hen/ Glory/ Never Never
12/16/82 Modern English/ The Id/ Final Seconds
12/17/82 The Nitecaps/ The Roustabouts/ Barracuda
12/18/82 The Individuals/ Peter Holsapple/ The Egyptians
12/18/82 Hard Core Matinee /w/ The Mob/ Minor Threat/ Urban Waste/ Interferance/ The Corvairs
12/19/82 Audition Showcase
12/20/82 Audition Showcase
12/21/82 The Penetrators/ Mistaken Identity/ The Wind
12/22/82 Connie & the Linguistics/ Kool Rays
12/23/82 d Sublette
12/24/82 Bad Brains/ Scram/ Moving Target
12/25/82 Bad Brains/ Channel 3/ The Mob/ Articles
12/26/82 Bad Brains/ SS Decontrol/ Frontline/ Antidote
12/29/82 Sylvain Sylvain & the Roman Sandals

"Bad Brains Live At CBGB 1982" DVD


02/17/83 Sonic Youth/ Swans/ Heart Attack
04/02/83 Void/ Urban Waste/ Armed Citizens
04/06/83 Leap Of Faith/ Extravaganza/ Code-X/ Richard X/ Hey Man
04/07/83 Ned Sublette/ Poor Boys/ Naux
04/08/83 Breakfast Club/ Finn and the Sharks/ The Affectives/The Burning with Bonnie Parker
04/09/83 Sic F*cks/ Eddy Dixon/ Blue Fyre
04/09/83 Hardcore Matinee: Misguided/ Marginal Man/ Tribal Hounds
04/10/83 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Government Issue/ The Abused/ Bitter Uproar
04/10/83 Audition Showcase
04/11/83 Audition Showcase

04/11/83 Rock & Roll Memorial for Patrick Mack (Stimulators Vocalist)
/w/ Antidote/ Artless/ Beastie Boys/ The Cooties/ The Dots/ False Prophets/ Frontline/ Iceman (1st gig)/ Khmer Rouge/ Morning Noise/ Murphy's Law/ No Control/ Sonic Youth/ Stimulators/ Swans/ This Way To Glory/ Ultra Violence/ Undead/ Whorelords/ The Young And The Useless

04/12/83 Contraband/ The Vacations/ Newton/ Peggy Healy Band
04/13/83 The Bandits/ Play By The Numbers/ The Pagans/ Auen Comic
04/17/83 Twelth Night
04/23/83 Heart Attack/ The Mob
05/01/83 Helen Wheels + special appearance by The Dictators
05/14/83 Flipper
06/04/83 The Mob/ Agnostic Front/ Murphy's Law
06/08/83 Unknown Gender
08/07/83 Abused/ Reagan Youth
11/07/83 Antidote
12/04/83 Agnostic Front/ Crucifix
12/13/83 Sadistic Exploits


01/08/84 Channel 3/ Adrenaline O.D.
01/26/84 Del Lords/ Midnight Wailers/ The Break Downs/ Buddy Love
01/27/84 The Shirts/ Twenty One/ The Bandits
01/28/84 Helen Wheels Band/ Hoy Boy & The Doys/ Beau Jest
01/29/84 Sylvain Sylvain & The Roman Sandals/ Swinging Madisons
01/29/84 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Misguided/ F.U.'s/ Jerry's Kids
01/30/84 Audition Showcase
01/31/84 audition Showcase
02/01/84 The Wind/ Sly Society/ The Cartoon/ Wrinkle Music
02/02/84 Dee Slade/ The Pinch/ Syntax

March 1984 New York Rocker Magazine
March 1984 New York Rocker Magazine (CBGB)

March 1984 New York Rocker Magazine (CBGB)

March 1984 New York Rocker Magazine (CBGB)

03/31/84 Government Issue/ Satan's Cheerleaders/ No Control
04/07/84 D.R.I. (A)(V)/ The Prevari Cators/ Corrosion Of Conformity
04/25/84 Glenn Philips/ Visitorz/ Dada
04/26/84 Foreign Legion/ Spurs
04/27/84 Hi-Fi Tie/ Leap Of Faith/ Syntax Error
04/28/84 Mondo Boffo/ Bop Apocalypse/ Life Boat
04/28/84 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Agnostic Front/ Violent Children/ Gilligan's Revenge/ Blood
04/29/84 The Egyptians (Live Recording Session)
04/30/84 Audition Showcase
05/01/84 Double "O" Zeroes/ Limousine/ Chris Mack/ Mathematics
06/03/84 The Replacements
06/27/84 The Egyptians/ Fantastic Life/ Of A Mesh
06/28/84 The Raunch Hands/ The Clintons/ Killdozer
06/29/84 The Ordinaries/ Fishman/ Detail at 11:00/ Museum
06/30/84 Human Switchboard/ Costa Rocka/ Antietam
07/01/84 Reagan Youth/ BGK/ Cause For Alarm/ Bloodclot
07/02/84 Audition Showcase
07/03/84 Ground Control/ The Losers/ Indecision/ Limousine

07/04/84 Heart Attack/ H.R./ Zion Train/ The Psychos/ The High and the Mighty/ Outrage/
Cro-Mags/ Chapaquiddick +5/Porcelain God/ Dog
(Final show for Jesse Malin's Heart Attack)

07/15/84 JFA/ The Faction/ Gilligan's Revenge/ Killroy
07/19/84 Agnostic Front/ N.Y. Hoods/ Nausea/ Trip 6
07/29/84 Government Issue
08/12/84 Agnostic Front/ Agression/ Murphy's Law/ Pleased Youth
08/14/84 Crumbsuckers
10/01/84 Agnostic Front/ Crumbsuckers/ Scum
10/12/84 The Replacements
10/14/84 7 Seconds/ Agnostic Front/ Death Before Dishonor/ SDP
10/21/84 Major Conflict/ Murphy's Law/ Violent Children

10/31/84 Cro-Mags/ Sacrelige/ Mammoth/ Psychos/ Ultraviolence/ Cause For Alarm/ Reagan Youth/ Murphy's Law

11/22/84 Kraut/ Channel 3
11/24/84 Human Switchboard/ The Clintos/ The Wygals
11/25/84 The Psychos/ Never More/ Barbed Wire Babies/ Crumbsuckers
11/26/84 Audition Showcase
11/27/84 The Facts/ Flaming Youth/ Rapid Pulse/ Judy Whitfield
11/28/84 86/ Life In A Blender/ 1,4,5/ Boo Ha Ha

12/09/84 The Replacements


01/12/85 Cro-Mags/ Government Issue
01/28/85 Misguided/ F.U.'s/ Jerry's Kids/ F.A.'s
02/04/85 The Mob
02/10/85 F.U.'s/ Token Entry/ Ultra Violence
02/16/85 Articles Of Faith/ Corrosion Of Conformity/ Leeway
02/17/85 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Cause For Alarm/ Justified Violence/ Sheer Terror/ Psychos
02/17/85 Decontrol/ Black Market Baby/ Accelerators/ SD.P.
02/18/85 Audition Showcase
03/02/85 Crumbsuckers/ Nuclear Assault/ Ludachrist/ Stisism
03/12/85 Crumbsuckers/ Cro-Mags/ Brain Busters
03/24/85 Gang Green/ A.O.D./ Kreig Kopf/ Stisism
03/31/85 Cro-Mags/ No Remorse/ Violent Children/ The Unwanted
03/31/85 Government Issue/ Satan's Cheerleaders/ No Control
04/21/85 Major Conflict/ Token Entry/ Crumbsuckers
04/24/85 Killdozer/ Chop Shop/ Holy Trinity
04/25/85 Helen Hooke Band/ Steve McQueen/ Frozen Concentrate/ Razor Boys
04/26/85 Holly Beth Vincent/ The Antionettes/ The Gandables/ The Cutaways
04/27/85 Sing Sing/ Big Fat Love/ Raw Youth/ In The Vines
04/28/85 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Scream/ Sub Humans/ Dr. Know/ R.K.L.

04/28/85 Legal Defense Benefit for Eddie Gregg /w/
Angat/ Hit By A Truck/ P.M.S./ Garbage/ Kretins/ Jaco Pastorius/ Gilligan's Revenge

04/29/85 Audition Showcase
04/30/85 Dr. Nerve/ A Curious Gift/ Glass Eye/ The Sweethearts
05/01/85 The Useless/ Indecision/ Desk Set/ Jackson Whites
05/19/85 Agnostic Front
07/14/85 The Freeze/ Crumbsuckers/ Broken Talent/ UPS
07/28/85 The Offenders/ NOFX/ Upright Citizens/ Diatribe
08/18/85 Mental Buse/ Sheer Terror/ Skab/ Warzone
09/12/85 Chop Shop
09/21/85 7 Seconds
09/22/85 Cro-Mags/ Crumbsuckers/ Ultraviolence/ Ludichrist
09/25/85 Sonic Youth/ Dinosaur Jr./ Antietam/ Salem 66
09/27/85 Cerebral Hemmorage/ Crumbsuckers/ Carnivore
10/16/85 The Psychos/ NYC Mayhem/ Token Entry/ The Nunskulls

10/31/85 Cro-Mags/ Cause For Alarm/ Murphy's Law/ Reagan Youth/ Psychos/ Ultraviolence/ Nevermore/ Mammoth

11/17/85 Ludichrist
11/27/85 Hallow's Eve
12/15/85 Agnostic Front

12/15/85 Agnostic Front Live @ CBGB

12/24/85 Tom Elias/ The Cumquat Cowboys
12/25/85 Modern Clix/ Band Of Some Outsiders/ East Of Eden/ Syd Straw/ Guests
12/26/85 The Broadcasters/ Greg Trouper/ The Shires
12/27/85 Velveteen/ Bicycles for Afghanistan/ Wild Kingdom/ Desk Set
12/28/85 Crossfire Choir/ Chemical Wedding/ Bla-Blah/ One X One
12/29/85 Hardcore Matinee: Mental Abuse/ The Unjust/ K-Matrians/ Sychotic Sons
12/29/85 Real Estate/ The Service/ The New Fishermen
12/30/85 Porky Darling/ Supermarket Threat/ Steve McQueen
12/31/85 The Toasters/ Hoy Boy & the Doys/ Attention


03/31/86 Cro-Mags/ No Remorse/ Violent Children/ Unwanted
04/05/86 Youth Of Today/ Altercation/ Side By Side
04/20/86 Kraut/ Token Entry/ Disorderyly Conduct/ Detention
04/24/86 Cherry Bombz/ Celibate Rifles/ Bobby Dee & the Unholy Assembly
04/25/86 Cherry Bombz/ Steve McQueen/ Previcators
04/26/86 Cherry Bombz/ Sick Man Of Europe/ Grim Jack
04/27/86 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Agnostic Front/ Carnivore/ Crumbsuckers
04/27/86 Audition Showcase

04/28/86 White Zombie @ CBGB, NYC, NY
(Image via The Sean Yseult Collection)

04/28/86 Audition Showcase /w/ White Zombie (White Zombie's 1st Concert)
04/29/86 Midnight Gypsies/ Jalloon July/ Love Gods/ The Outnumbered
06/26/86 Crippled youth/ Rest In Pieces/ Youth Of Today/ Warzone
07/05/86 Cro-Mags/ Cause For Alarm/ Youth Of Today
07/13/86 Crumbsuckers/ Carnivore/ +1 More Band
07/19/86 Murphy's Law/ Ludichrist/ Good Humour
07/27/86 MDC/ Damage/ Rot
08/10/86 Nuclear Assault

08/10/86 Nuclear Assault - "Hang The Pope" @ CBGB

08/24/86 Agnostic Front/ Warzone/ Underdog
08/31/86 Token Entry/ Gorilla Biscuits/ JFA/ New York Hoods/ Jody Foster's Army

09/07/86 Youth Of Today/ Death Before Dishonor/ Crippled Youth (aka Bold)
10/19/86 Crumbsuckers/ Whiplash/ Bent Circus/ Prong

10/24/86 White Zombie/ Iron Curtain @ CBGB, NYC, NY

10/24/86 White Zombie/ Iron Curtain/ Rat At Rat R
10/26/86 Nausea/ P.M.S./ A.P.P.L.E./ Circle Kaos

10/29/86 - 11/08/86 CBGB

10/29/86 Gone/ Greg Ginn/ Ritual Tension/ Giant Metal Insects
10/30/86 Moving Targets/ Volcano Suns/ Antietam/ Christmas
10/31/86 Death Of Samantha/ Pussy Galore/ Phantom Tollbooth/ Kil Slug
11/01/86 Gut Bank/ Life Boat/ Died Pretty/ Carnival Season

11/02/86 CMJ Marathon's Marathon /w/
The Bags/ Crying Out Loud/ Damage/ Ed Gein's Car/ Honeymoon Killers/ Offbeats/ Prong/ Random Facts/ Ritual Tension/ Royal Crescent Mob/ Rude Buddha/ Treat Her Right/ White Zombie/ Rot/ Dirge/ Aggravated Assault

11/03/86 Audition Showcase
11/04/86 Inside In/ Michal/ oneXone/ Chilly Dogs
11/05/86 Insatiable/ Beat Feat/ Floor Kiss/ On The Edge
11/06/86 Saccharin Trust
11/07/86 Ordinaires
11/08/86 Live Skull
12/07/86 Youth Of Today/ Bold/ Slapshot/ Gorilla Biscuits
12/31/86 Headless Horsemen/ Rosie Rex & the Chuhifritos/ Ned Jublette/ The Jickits


01/01/87 Raging Slab/ Spineless Yesmen/ Purple Geezus/ Sloth
01/02/87 Chemical Wedding/ Antoinette's Mad Orphans /w/ Syntia Sley & Ivan Julian/Range War
01/03/87 Pussy Galore/ Happy Flowers/ Killdozer/ Big Black
01/04/87 Hardcore Matinee: SNFU/ Dirge/ The Landlords
01/04/87 Audition Showcase
01/05/87 Audition Showcase
01/06/87 R.X. Heyman/ Fly Ashtray/ Yuh Boys/ Step Outside
01/07/87 Montalbans/ The Trust/ The Cats Meow/ Children Of The Night
01/08/87 Big Iron/ Chrome Molly/ Sea Monster/ Del La Vida
01/09/87 Marcia Armitage & Feline Territories/ Bobby Radcliff/ Pop Tarts/ Backbones
01/10/87 Legal Gender/ Rebel Soul/ Toasters/ Preamatix
01/11/87 Hardcore Matinee: The Mob/ Token Entry/ Sand In The Face/ Short Fuse
01/11/87 Audition Showcase
01/12/87 Audition Showcase
01/13/87 Johnny "Gummy" Slay/ Tongues of Fire/ Bla Bla/ Traci Lords' Ex-Lovers
01/14/87 Jing/ Civilians/ Mike Rimbaud/ Slow Poke
02/03/87 The Magnolias
02/04/87 G-Jam/ Gentleman Farmer/ Children Of The Night/ Random Facts
02/05/87 Hide The Baby/ Hard Facts/ Mad Orphans /w/ Cynthia Sley & Ivan Julian/ The Deans Of Discipline
02/06/87 The Tapes/ The Graphics/ Icicle Works/ 3rd Wish
02/07/87 Life In A Blender/ They Might Be Giants/ 2nd Step/ Am Jam
02/08/87 Definately Metal Matinee: Dark Angel/ Possesed/ Napalm
02/08/87 Audition Showcase
02/09/87 Audition Showcase
02/10/87 Helen Hooke/ Eric Fields/ Paul Clements/ Perry Mason/ Looses

02/11/87 Stalkingheads '87 Black Rock Nation Time Festival /w/
Cookie Watkins/ Michael Gregory/ J.J. Jumpers/ Uptown Atomics

02/12/87 Stalkingheads '87 Black Rock Nation Time Festival /w/
Banzai/ Living Colour/ Ellie & I/ The Deed/ Superjam /w/ Ronny Drayton/ Michael Hapmton/ Dr. Know

02/13/87 Invisible House/ Jesse Malin & Hope/ O.K. Savant/ Ions
02/14/87 Connotations/ Das Furlines/ Antionettes/ Look Left
02/15/87 Hardcore Matinee: Dag Nasty/ Verbal Assault/ Bold
02/15/87 Deep Six/ Gutbank/ Soul Asylum/ The Scene Is Now
02/17/87 Krishna/ Noise Petals/ Dark's Pandemonium/ Kids After Dark
02/18/87 Kenny Young & the Eggplants/ One Big Vacation/ The Coolies
02/19/87 Joy Askew/ Dog Bowl & the Food Stamps/ Purple Geezus/ Alice Donut
02/20/87 Cowboy & Spin Girl/ Ritual Tension/ Attention/ Honeymoon Killers
02/21/87 Food & the Grasshoppers/ Bobby Radcliff/ Drivin' & Cryin'/ The Cost Of Living
02/22/87 Hardcore Matinee: Adrenali O.D./ Flag of Democracy/ Electric Love Muffins/ Bedlam
02/22/87 Audition Showcase
02/23/87 Audition Showcase
02/24/87 Vernon Reid's Living Colour/ Jonathan Greg & the Debonaires/ Jole Blonde/ Pop Front
02/25/87 Marsh Armitage & Feline Territories/ Paris/ Bygones/ The Mushrooms
03/01/87 Straight Ahead/ Nuclear Assault/ The Mob/ NY Hoods
03/03/87 White Zombie
03/22/87 Leeway/ Sick Of It All/ Stillborn/ Ludachrist
04/05/87 Youth Of Today/ Warzone
05/03/87 Straight Ahead/ Beyond Posession/ Sick Of It all/ Youth Defense League
05/10/87 Underdog/ NY Hoods/ Trip Six
05/12/87 Token Entry/ Crackdown/ Side By Side/ Stillborn
05/17/87 Token Entry/ Side By Side/ Krakdown/ Stillborn
07/04/87 Reagan Youth/ Nausea/ A.P.P.L.E.
07/19/87 Agnostic Front/ Nausea/ Trip 6/ New York Hoods
07/26/87 7 Seconds/ Token Entry/ Justice League

08/08/87 White Zombie/ My Dad Is Dead/ Nice Strong Arm/ Scrawl @ CBGB, NYC, NY

08/08/87 White Zombie/ My Dad Is Dead/ Nice Strong Arm/ Scrawl/ Velvet Monkeys
08/09/87 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Breakdown/ Warzone/ Wrecking Crew/ Uniform Choice
08/09/87 Audition Showcase
08/10/87 Audition Showcase
08/11/87 Love Camp 7/ Elektrik Dik/ Lawndale/ Children Of The Night
08/12/87 The Fields/ Mod Larry
08/16/87 Adrenaline O.D./ F.O.D.
08/30/87 Government Issue
09/12/87 The Baxters/ Ben Vaughn/ Combo/ Life In A Blender
09/13/87 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Krakdown/ Rest In Pieces/ Token Entry/ Verbal Abuse
09/13/87 Audition Showcase
09/14/87 Audition Showcase
09/15/87 W.D.O./ Tom Elias/ Wild Blue Yonder
09/20/87 Adolescents/ Underdog/ Breakdown
10/18/87 Youth Of Today/ Gorilla Biscuits/ Side By Side
10/25/87 Ludichrist/ School Of Violence/ Damage/ Krieg Kope
10/30/87 Guns 'N' Roses

10/30/87 Guns 'N' Roses @ CBGB (Full set + post show interviews)

11/23/87 Ludichrist/ Straight Ahead/ Nausea/ Prong
12/06/87 Doggy Style/ Damage/ D.I./ SFA
12/13/87 Ludichrist/ Carnivore


01/09/88 White Zombie/ Live Skull/ Black Snakes/ Blind Idiot God
01/24/88 Sick Of It All/ Krakdown/ Raw Deal
02/27/88 Warzone/ Rest In Pieces/ Youth Defense League

04/10/88 The Mentors/ Prong/ Lost Cause
04/24/88 Life's Blood/ Sheer Terror/ Stillborn/ Mental Abuse/ Stillborn
07/03/88 The Icemen
07/07/88 The Magnolias
08/07/88 Breakdown/ SFA/ Division/ Burden Of Proof
08/28/88 Icemen/ Raw Deal/ Pagan Babies
09/04/88 Nausea/ Misery/ Blind Approach
09/25/88 Sick Of It All/ Absolution/ Lifes Blood

__/__/88 This Ain't No Disco (book) - by Roman Kozak (released)

This Ain't No Disco, Roman Kozak (1988)

10/09/88 Rest In Pieces/ Sheer Terror/ Unholy Alliance
10/12/88 Middle East/ The Workers/ De Spys/ Bobbo
10/13/88 Chris Moffa/ Alice Donut/ Young Wave Hunters/ Pranksters
10/14/88 Run Westy Run/ Antietam/ Ritual Tension/ Royal Trux
10/15/88 Being Don & Nothings/ Rotondi/ Ordinaires/ Child Bearing Hips
10/16/88 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Biohazard/ Hogans Heroes/ Prong/ Ludichrist
10/17/88 Syk Urmoar/ Gutter Boy/ Gary Lucas
10/18/88 Eddie Walker/ Spelvins/ The Carmaig DeForest Experience/ Doom
10/19/88 Ceiling Zero/ Tom Elias/ Kabla Machunk
10/23/88 Beyon/ Maximum Penalty/ Gorilla Biscuits/ Raw Deal/ Agnostic Front
10/23/88 Straight Ahead

"This Ain't No Disco: The Story of CBGB" by Roman Kozak
Review by: John Dougan - City Pages (10/26/88)

"This Ain't No Disco: The Story of CBGB" (Book Review - 10/26/88 City Pages)(1 of 3) "This Ain't No Disco: The Story of CBGB" (Book Review - 10/26/88 City Pages)(2 of 3) "This Ain't No Disco: The Story of CBGB" (Book Review - 10/26/88 City Pages)(3 of 3)

10/30/88 Supertouch/ Murphy's Law/ 2.4-7 Spyz/ Ultraviolent Confusion
11/13/88 Judge/ Instead/ Life Sentence
11/11/88 Nausea/ Life's Blood/ Public Nuisence/ The Radicts
11/24/88 Sick Of It all/ Krakdown/ Absolution/ Raw Deal
12/07/88 The Magnolias
12/10/88 Lifes Blood/ Crippled Youth
12/11/88 Life's Blood/ Nausea/ The Radicts/ Public Nuisance

(12/15-29/88 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
12-15-88 Rolling Stone Magazine (Tom Tom Club and Lou Reed at CBGB)


01/02/89 Agnostic Front/ Murphys Law/ Raw Deal/ Supertouch/ Straight Ahead/ Absolution/ Vision/ Sick Of It All/ Side By Side/ Gorilla Biscuits/ Wolfpack/ Nausea

01/08/89 Prong/ Maximum Penalty/ Straw Dogs/ Department Of Corruption
02/15/89 The Zippers/ Jody Bon Jovi/ Tom Elias/ Marty Leseau
02/16/89 Bluesland/ Goodguys/ JJ Jumpers/ Kelvynator/ Trio From Beyond
02/17/89 Ikon/ The Deed/ Eye & I/ Destroy All Monsters/ On-xyz
02/18/89 Black Marigolds/ Dragsters/ The Second Step/ Frank's Museum
02/19/89 Bloodsister/ Hogan's Heroes/ S.F.A./ Maximum Penalty
02/21/89 The Hopheads/ Gear Daddies/ Popealopes/ Sons Of Elvis
02/22/89 Tynan/ Mozozo/ Violent Playground/ Chalk Circle

03/01 - 08/89 CBGB

03/01/89 This Mad Enterprise/ The Shams/ Spiral Jetty/ Adele Bertei/ Several Other Men
03/02/89 Gate Crash Heaven/ Joy Askew/ Mark Berger/ Raw Youth/ Clilly & East Of Urban

03/03/89 White Zombie ("Make Them Die Slowly" Record Release)/ Ed Gein's Car/ Random Facts/ Texas Instruments

03/04/89 Message To The Troops/ Defunkt/ Deep Six/ Oswalds
03/05/89 Hardcore Matinee /w/ All For One/ Emotive Drive/ PMS/ Sacrilege
03/05/89 Audition Showcase
03/06/89 Audition Showcase
03/07/89 Susan Rankin/ 9 Ways To Sunday/ The Fugitives/ Tina/ Voice Of Angels
03/08/89 Jody Bongiovi/ The Spelvins/ Sea Monster
03/12/89 Crumbsuckers/ Cro-Mags/ Brainbuster
04/09/89 Token Entry/ Rest In Pieces/ Wrecking Crew/ No For An Answer

04/29/89 Chain Of Strength/ Abomination/ Pressure Release/ Die Hard
05/14/89 Brute Force/ Anti-Heroes/ Warzone
06/04/89 Breakdown/ Verbal Assault/ Vision
06/18/89 Raw Deal/ Krakdown/ Uppercut/ Eye For an Eye
06/25/89 Gorilla Biscuits/ Supertouch/ Bustin' Out/ Turning Point
07/14/89 Prong
07/16/89 Sick Of It All/ Raw Deal/ Icemen/ Maximum Penalty/ Killing Time
07/17/89 Tripping Shakespeare
07/26/89 The Maxx/ Jonathan Gregg/ Stradivarius/ Marc Berger/ King Casual
07/27/89 Sim Stim/ Liquid Lovers/ Lazy Aces/ Concrete Blonde/ Kissus Interuptus
07/28/89 Foob & the Grasshoppers/ Love Idiot/ The Neighborhoods/ 13 Ghosts
07/29/89 Cosmic Oven/ Snake Hips/ Mofungo/ Ikon
07/30/89 Hardcore Matinee /w/ Lost Cause/ Hogan's Heroes/ Abomination/ Murphy's Law
07/30/89 Audition Showcase
07/31/89 Audition Showcase
08/01/89 Brave New Week/ Monkey Spank/ Cafe Au Lait/ Wayne Oliver
08/02/89 Strange Cave/ Stan The Man/ Kathleen Mock/ Bebe Buell/ The Beautiful/ The Doughboys
08/06/89 SFA/ The Radicts/ Fit Of Anger/ The A.G.'s
08/27/89 Judge/ Moondog/ Affirmative Action
09/10/89 Gorilla Biscuits/ Outburst/ Bad Trip/ Slipknot
10/01/89 Sick Of It All/ SFA/ Burn/ Iron Youth
10/11/89 Anne Klein Band/ Paint/ The Incredible Casuals/ Barbara Gogan/ Hyaa!
10/12/89 Steve Weinstein/ Medicine Men/ Crossfire Choir/ Indio/ Brother - Brother
10/13/89 Bosco Blues Band/ The Lovlies/ Buzzy Lindheart/ Lubricated Goat/ Bone Club

10/14/89 Scumfest Record Release "Hall Of Scum" LP /w/
Deans Of Discipline/ Bloodsuckers/ Da Willys/ Ed Gien's Car/ Fly Ashtray/ Fastlane & More McNuggets/ George Tabb Experience/ Holy Crow/ Letch Patrol/ The Waldos/ Lunachicks/ PMS/ Norman Bates & the Showerheads/ Reverb MoFos/ Slugfest/ Traci Lords' Ex-Lovers/ Ghetto Dogs/ Hammerbrain

10/15/89 Hardcore Matinee: Token Entry/ Vision/ Capitol Punishment/ Yuppicide/ At All Cost
10/15/89 Audition Showcase
10/16/89 Audition Showcase
10/17/89 Greg Kroll Band/ The Scarecrows/ Randy Mason/ Ned Massey/ Parape
10/18/89 In Common/ Mad Daddies/ Holy Cow/ Hard Ons/ Planet Virtue
10/29/89 Cause for Alarm/ War Zone/ Radical Development/ Step 2 Far


01/26/90 The Magnolias
03/21/90 Cruel Story Of Youth/ Crosswire/ Children Of Babylon/ Daniel Wise/ Jettison Charlie
03/22/90 David Fulton's Fracas/ Samm Bennett & Chunk/ Elliott Sharp & Carbon/ Atomic Cafe
03/23/90 Cheapskates/ Cackling Crows/ Deep Six/ Vulgar Boatmen/ The Silos/ The Goats
03/24/90 Sylvia Bullit/ Springhorse of Cabbages & Kings/ Cop Shoot Cop/ Bone Seed/ Unsane
03/25/90 Marat Sade/ Bosco Blves Band/ Swig
03/25/90 Audition Showcase
03/26/90 Audition Showcase
03/27/90 Judy Bats/ The Hunt/ Vox Populi/ Concrete Jungle/ Jolley Ramey
03/28/90 Dig Wheel/ Tommy Keane/ Angle & the Drunken Gods/ Babylon Dane Band/ Fire In The Kitchen

04/22/90 White Zombie/ Excel
06/29/90 Bad Religion
07/14/90 Discipline/ Fit Of Anger/ Citizen's Arrest/ Negazione/ SFA
12/14/90 Helmet/ Melvins/ Angle Rot

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
(Undated) Brutal Truth at CBGB


07/08/91 Killing Time/ Supertouch/ Dmize/ Burn
07/15/91 Hole
08/14/91 Body Count

11/09/91 Pearl Jam

(Source N/A)
11-09-91 Eddie Vedder @ CBGB (Source N/A)


02/24/92 Social Distortion
05/30/92 The Magnolias
06/24/92 Rollins Band/ Tool
06/25/92 Rollins Band/ T
09/16/92 Shudder To Think
09/28/92 Danny B. Harvey & High Ground/ Marry On The Dash/ Hang David/ 12 Tone Funk
09/29/92 Sham 69/ Expletive Deleted
09/30/92 Sham 69/ Original Sin/ Barefoot & Pregnant
09/30/92 24-7 Spyz/ Ed Gien's Car/ Fugitives
10/01/92 Bar.B.Q. Killers/ Bastro/ Rape Man/ Boss Hogg
10/02/92 Hardcore Matinee: Breakdown/ Outburst/ Out Society/ Ironfist Bug
10/02/92 Audition Showcase
10/03/92 Audition Showcase
10/04/92 Uncle Sam/ Open Book/ Carmaig De Forest/ Sinclair
10/05/92 LuLu with Marcia Armitage/ Fabmotion/ Unknown Gender/ Cave Dogs
10/15/92 Rotondi/ Drivin' & Cryin'
10/18/92 Toasters

10/28/92 - 11/14/92 CBGB

10/28/92 Crain/ Girls Against Boys/ Wool/ Jawbox/ Quicksand/ Creamy/ Bob Evans
10/29/92 Paw/ Fossil/ Shripmboat/ Toshi Reagon/ Spectrum/ Failure
Chris Harford & First Rays of the Rising Sun/

10/30/92 The Celibate Rifles/ Cell/ Sloan/ Tumbleweed/ St. Johnny/ Sex Pod/
Queen Sarah Saturday

10/31/92 Springhouse/ Six Finger Satellite/ Wax/ Fudge/ Velocity Girl/ Magnapop/ Verve

11/01/92 Forte/ Ad/ Hidden Concept/ H2O/ Unchain/ Rougish Armament/
Fatal Roughneck Bastards

11/02/92 Audition Showcase

11/03/92 Rags/ Lovin' Kind/ Graces/ Uncle Dad/ The Veldt/ Turtle Head/ Rakes Progress
Floating Boats

11/04/92 Sweet Diesel/ The God Machine/ Spell/ Pebble and the Beach
11/05/92 Naked Sun
11/06/92 The Faith Healers/ Thinking Fellers Union 282
11/07/92 Life, Sex, Death
11/14/92 Karen Black


01/20/93 Fear/ SFA/ Sheer Terror
03/13/93 Pitchblende/ The Mummies
07/23/93 Boss Hog/ Chokebore/ Hammerhead/ Cosmic Psychosis/ Janitor Joe
09/17/93 Codeine
09/20/93 P.J. Harvey
09/26/93 Sea/ Yuppicide/ Neglect/ Bad Trip/ Mind Over Matter
10/03/93 Eyehategod/ 13/ Buzzoven/ Disassociate/ Hellno
10/22/93 The Boredoms
10/23/93 Swingin' Neckbreakers
10/28/93 Pitchblende/ God & Texas/ Wiyes/ Hypnolovewheel
12/18/93 Live
12/19/93 The Damned/ Jesus Lizard/ Pitchblende/ Don Cab/ Jack 'O Nuts


04/30/94 Pitchblende/ Wider, Kudgel & Vineland
07/21/94 Soul Coughing
09/18/94 Cro-Mags
09/21/94 Veruca Salt
09/23/94 Weezer
09/28/94 Stain Master/ Sighs/ Dead Susan/ World Of One/ Yoke/ Spite & Malice
09/29/94 Cryptic Soup/ You & What Army?/ Prayers/ Bleed/ Sulkweed
09/30/94 Love Alien/ Staple Gun/ One Spot/ Fringehead/ 3 Day Stubble/ Sacred Addiction/ Cosmic Psycos/ Zen Gorilla

10/01/94 Bill Popp & the Tapes/ Ape/ Temples/ Chemical Wedding/ Zuckerman's Famous Pig/ Lemon & Lime/

10/02/94 Audition Showcase
10/03/94 Audition Showcase
10/04/94 Cardinal Woolsey/ Evan Getz/ U.S. Hair Force/ Nzomo/ Baby Snufkin
10/05/94 Age Of Electric/ Exploding Kind/ Supreme Dicks/ Huffy/ Zen Bender
10/06/94 Cop Shoot Cop
10/07/94 Antietam
10/08/94 Jale/ Sloan


07/16/95 Sheer Terror/ Kiling Time/ Cause For Alarm/ Maximum Penalty

07/26/95 - 08/02/95 CBGB, NYC, NY

08/02/95 Clatter Bean @ CBGB, NYC, NY

08/09/95 Deep Blue Something/ Helium Angel/ Smirk/ Muzzle/ Plastic Marys/ Nothing Yet/ Jacob's Ladder

08/10/95 Enlightenment/ Cheater/ Glow/ Darla Hood/ Betty Black/ Angry Johnny
08/11/95 Sub Pop Human Torch Tour /w/ Six Finger Satellite/ The Hardship Post/ Zumpano/ Something Grey

08/12/95 Nadasurf/ The Furies/ The Living Daylights/ Flying Nuns/ McKrackens/ White Trash Debutantes/ Loose Cannon/ Violent Industry

08/13/95 Alienation/ Dead Drunken/ Discordance Axes/ Hell Child/ Candiria/ Disassociate/ Maggot
08/14/95 Audition Showcase
08/15/95 Septembers Child/ Eric & Nature/ Michael Maxwell/ Teapot/ Karma To Burn/ Monkey Grass

08/16/95 Jonathan Gregg/ Project J/ Sean O'Connor & the Lookalikes/ Crossfire Choir/ Solution A.D.

08/17/95 Govt. Mule
08/18/95 Bailterspace
10/22/95 Neurosis
12/22/95 Supertouch/ Shades Apart/ Texas Is The Reason

1995 CBGB's 20th Anniversary Album (Cassette)
04/16/95 CBGB 20th Anniversary Album (Cassette J-Card)

Side A
04/16/95 CBGB 20th Anniversary Album (Cassette Side A)

Side B
04/16/95 CBGB 20th Anniversary Album (Cassette Side B)


04/28/96 Mind War/ Floorpunch/ Killing Time/ District 9/ Dismay/ Mouthpiece
05/05/96 Sealed With A Fist/ Maximum Penalty/ Fahrenheit 451/ Damnation AD/
               Norman Mayer Group/ One Nature
06/02/96 Universal Stomp/ Candiria/ Kiss It Goodbye/ The 52x/ September Violence
06/09/96 Ten Yard Fight/ 25 ta Life/ All Out War/ Fury Of Five/ The Icemne/ 454 Big Block
06/16/96 Irony Of Lightfoot/ Lifetime/ 1008/ Floorpunch/ Two Line Filter
06/19/96 Pry/ Shift/ Orange 9mm/ Samsara/ Both Worlds/ Cross The Line
06/20/96 Perforated Head/ G-13/ The Moods/ November Tribe/ Satellite/ Superjuice/ The Droogs

06/21/96 Bigmouth/ Coyote Shivers/ Sticky/ Sisters Grimm/ Scott Graham and His Glamorous Band/ National Velvet/ The Lackadays/ DJ Nick Marc

06/22/96 Transgression/ Big Sister/ Unhinged/ Shop Class Squares/ Miss uy & The Toilet Boys/ Trick Babies/ Stiffs Inc/ Bad Popes

06/26/96 Bottle/ Creature/ The Hoods/ Ben/ Afire/ Wendy Chamlin
07/07/96 Throw Down/ Down Low/ Cold As Life/ Outburst
07/12/96 Extras/ Niacin/ Overcast/ The Magnolias/ G-/ Minderaser

07/17/96 Macintosh Music Festival New York
/w/ Holy Hand Grenade/ Mary Jane/ Grand Mal/ Drag/ Architectural Metaphor/
Chubbles/ Spitball/ Lutefisk

07/21/96 Fall Silent/ Brutal Truth/ Gehenna/ Deadguy/ Milhouse
07/26/96 Martyr/ Crisis/ Candiria/ Trick Turner/ Disassociate/ Compression

08/04/96 Benefit for Battered Women
/w/ Peaceful Nonexistence/ Hot Water Music/ Blueprint Batery/ Turmoil/ Damnation AD/

08/11/96 Kill Your Idols/ No Redeeming Social Value/ Cause For Alarm/
Against The Grain/ Manhole

08/18/96 Disgrace/ Candiria/ Merauder/ All Out War/ Faction Zero/ Kilgour Smudge

08/22/96 Tripwire (record release)/ The Promise Ring/ Texas Is The Reason/ The Van Pelt/
The Last Crime/ Reddy Kilowatt/ Joan Of Arc/ J. June

08/25/96 Ignorance Never Settles/ Breakdown/ Subzero/ Fury Of Five/ Standpoint
09/03/96 Thumper/ Plank/ Supple/ Gould's Thumb/ G'Nufuz

09/08/96 Trans-Megetti/ Lifetime/ Frodus/ Damnation AD/ Seven Storey Mountain/

09/09/96 Pebbles/ Neurosis/ Unsane/ Bloodlet/ Sweet Diesel/ Circle of Bitches
09/15/96 Coercion/ Chamberlain/ Maximum Penalty/ Clockwise/ Omaha
09/29/96 Vision Of Disorder/ Overcast/ Fahrenheit 451/ Pry
10/13/96 H2O/ Floorpunch/ Crown Of Thornz/ Tipface
10/27/96 Treehouse/ 25 ta Life/ Vision/ Killing Time/ Maximum Penalty/ Awkward Thought
11/10/96 Pressure/ Earth Crisis/ Warzone/ Merauder/ Ensign/ One King Down
11/17/96 Coercion/ Converge/ Coalesce/ Disembodied/ John Henry
11/24/96 Polyglot/ Floorpunch/ Breakdown/ Inhuman/ Stillsuit/ Cloudfront
12/02/96 Kill Your Idols/ Gang Green/ Battalion Of Saints/ SFA/ Urban Riot
12/08/96 Both Worlds/ Sick Of It All/ Ensign/ Pry
12/13/96 Survival Sounds/ Maroon/ John Brown's Body/ Faith/ Funk Face/ ncanstruction
12/22/96 Ten Yard Fight/ Sourvein/ Hands Tied/ By The Grace Of God/ Inhuman

12/29/96 Black Army Jacket/ Hot Water Music/ Assuck/ One King Down/ Endeavor/
The Rye Coalition


01/04/97 Ashra/ Dead Family/ Mighty Purple/ Dead Air/ She Wolf/ Window Of Souls
01/05/97 Kingsize Presents: Turmoil/ Pacifier/ Despair/ Brothers Keeper/ I.D.K.

01/12/97 Kingsize Presents Guillotine Fanzine Benefit
/w/ Spirit Of 88/ H2O/ Kill Your Idols/ 25 ta Life/ Warzone/ Down Low/ Vision/
Breakdown/ SFA/ Against The Grain/ Inhuman/ No Redeeming Social Value/ Lady Lunch/ Rejuvinate/ Distance/ Faction Zero/ Urban Riot/ Cold Front/ Shutdown/ Endure/ Maximum Penalty/ Indecision/ Kill Your Idols/ Subzero/ Ensign

01/26/97 Tree/ Coal Chamber/ Downset/ Fahrenheit 451/ ncanstruction/ Home 33
02/02/97 The Banned/ Kill Your Idols/ Violent Society/ Plan A Project/ Skarz/ Skezmatics
02/09/97 Dirt Nap/ Merauder/ Subzero/ Fury Of Five/ Inhuman
02/15/97 Axe To Grind/ Motherlode/ Slackjaw/ Illness/ Psycho 69/ Extra Dry
02/23/97 Ceremonium/ Cannibal Corpse/ Immolation/ Brutal Truth/ Opressor/ Buzz Oven
03/15/97 Dead Bolt/ Crisis/ Shed/ Candiria/ Cutthroat/ Hellbound
04/09/97 Puny Humans/ Unsane/ Kiss It Goodbye/ Sweet Diesel/ Gnomes of Zurich/ Iron Boss
04/19/97 Cypher/ Lordz of Brooklyn/ Plastique/ Funk Face/ Stealth
04/21/97 The Business/ Madball/ Kill Your Idols/ Crown Of Thornz/ Setback/ O.S. 101
04/22/97 The Business/ Madball/ The Krays/ Violent Society/ SFA/ Urban Riot
04/28/97 Automatic/ Botch/ Ink & Dagger/ Nineironspitfire/ Stillsuit/ Sparkmaker

05/01/97 Johnny X & the Conspiracy/ The Bouncing Souls/ The Amazing Royal Crowns/
L.E.S. Stitches

05/02/97 5 Seconds Expired/ Candiria/ Indecision/ Step Aside/ Day In The Life/ Breakdown
05/11/97 Blatant Disregard/ Trial/ Ensign/ Indecision/ Atlas Shrugged/ BumDown
05/23/97 Adam West/ Sway/ Slackjaw/ Dripping Goss/ Unband/ Smitty's

Spazz, Monster X, Braid, Get Up Kids, 97a punk hardcore flyer CBGB
(Image via ChangeZine Flickr)

06/29/97 Hardcore 1997 /w/ Spazz/ Braid/ Monster X/ The Get Up Kids/ Hemlock/ 97A/ Ethel Meserve 09/28/97 Bad Religion

10/08/97 Icons/ Zen Lunatics/ B.S./ Never On Sunday/ Papa Luna/ No Exit/ Dry Water
10/09/97 EyeWishEye/ Art Gekko/ Veal/ Needlehead/ Dead Susan/ Gary Hoon's Bag/ Pen 15

10/10/97 Stately Wayne Manor/ Stagger Stagger Crawl/ Sacred Addiction/ Toenut/ Easterpalce/ Botswana

10/10/97 CBGB Downstairs: Subverse Lounge
10/11/97 The Aggression/ Acumen Nation/ Digitals/ Clay People/ N17/ Sector 8
10/11/97 CBGB Downstairs: La Marcha

10/12/97 Memorial Benefit for the Family of Ray Beis /w/
SFA/ 25 Ta Life/ Madball/ H20/ Murphy's Law/ Agnostic Front

10/13/97 Audition Showcase

10/14/97 Karl Schuman Band/ Drop Zero/ Borgo Pass/ DeQuincey's Dream/ 50 Watt Alarm Clock/ Missing Joe/ Kahn

10/15/97 Marc Silver and 3rd Stone/ The Keepsakes/ Pihrana Bros./ Squirrels From Hell/ Weep/ Cahsmere Jungle Lords/ Mirabel

10/16/97 At/ The New Grenada/ The Plains/ Lady Luck/ Tastes Like Chicken/ Deep Sea Adventure/ Breakdown Inc.

10/17/97 Chrome Cranks/ Lorren Mazzacane/ Connors/ White Haszel/ Run-On/ Ruby Dares
10/18/97 Nickie Bach/ Drench/ Shove It/ Reckless Fortune/ Honeyfinger

10/19/97 Memorial Benefit for the Family of Ray Beis /w/
Sick Of It All/ Bouncing Souls/ Rejuvinate/ Shutdown/ Downlow/ Old School Principals

10/20/97 Audition Showcase
10/21/97 Reach/ Broke/ Contraint/ Day Of Reckoning/ Juicer

10/22/97 Faithful Dog/ Spider Monkey/ Red Radio Flyers/ Little Brown Bat/ Ropetree/ Double Naught Spy/ Dumbell/ Theoculus

10/23/97 Harper Simon/ The Resentments/ Frankenorange/ Thirst/ Underwhelmed/ Ayefoune
10/23/97 CBGB Downstairs: Angeldust
10/24/97 The Action Swingers/ Sofa King/ Chew Pamela/ Ton-Ups/ Gargantua Stole
10/24/97 CBGB Downstairs: Subverge and Kool Out Lounge
10/25/97 X25/ Axenic & Dictator Productions: Professor Plum/ Te View/ Spice & Malice
10/25/97 CBGB Downstairs: La Marcha
10/26/97 Everybody Gets Hurt/ Distance/ Against The Grain/ Down Low/ Inhuman/ All Out War
10/26/97 Audition Showcase
10/27/97 Audition Showcase

10/28/97 Be A Gathering: 4 Nights Of Peace & Love
/w/ Patty Smith/ Jay Dee Daughtry/ Lenny Kaye/ Oliver Ray/ Tony Shanahan/ Tom Clark & High Action Boys/ Chris Saver

10/29/97 Be A Gathering: 4 Nights Of Peace & Love
10/30/97 Be A Gathering: 4 Nights Of Peace & Love
10/31/97 Be A Gathering: 4 Nights Of Peace & Love
11/01/97 The Mist/ Velma/ Wellrubs/ Shirley Temple Of Doom (CD Release)/ Wobblies/ Neurobox
11/02/97 Audition Showcase
11/03/97 Audition Showcase
11/04/97 The Awarm/ Grin Cynic/ Rotors To Rust/ Affliction/ Black Dawn/ Immoral Fires/BS

11/05/97 Mark Silver & the Third Stone/ Turbulence/ The Reveals/ Shango/ Spin Cycle/ Atom Smasher

11/06/97 The Blob Mob/ Beauty Feast/ Thirst/ Colsius/ Hollow/ Syphloids
11/07/97 Redneck School Of Technology/ Motochite/ Walkin' Bird
11/08/97 Petrol/ Falling Walls/ Moonseed/ Afire/ Burn Whats Left/ Dwindle
11/09/97 No Redeeming Social Value/ The Maladjusted/ Overthrow/ The Trevents/ One 4 One
11/09/97 Audition Showcase
11/10/97 Audition Showcase
11/11/97 Love Drive/ Matt Dorsey/ Drums & Tuba/ Cradle To Grave/ The Explosives/ Lesbian Boy
11/12/97 Paint/ Guardrail/ 7th House/ Cheerleader/ Clearview/ Mobial Trip
11/13/97 Dahlia/ Smile Orange/ Selzers Evelyn Forever/ N. Presley/ Wad
11/14/97 Undead/ The Independents/ Los Gusanos/ Motor Betty/ Lolita 18
11/14/97 CBGB Downstairs: Subverse and Kool Out Lounge
11/15/97 Speed McQueen/ The Heart Drops/ Jack Black/ Stage Numb/ Jive Bomb
11/15/97 CBGB Downstairs: Chalk Art In The Rain
11/16/97 The Stratford Mercenaries/ Avs Rotten/ Plana Project/ Scabs/ React/ Distraught
11/17/97 Bottom/ Cattle Axe/ Spider Cents/ I.C.U./ Squatweiller/ Wives/ Tribe 8
11/17/97 CBGB Downstairs: Da Da Dah
11/18/97 Splendor/ Tickle/ Soupbaby/ Nalkerie/ Doug/ Twisted Root
11/18/97 CBGB Downstairs: Rene Lopez Latin Roots

11/19/97 Rene Lopez/ Perforated Head/ Bill Freed/ Sydney & the American Playboys/ Jones Crusher/ Head

11/20/97 Marily 5/ Must/ Folk Fiction/ Torn & Frayed/ Sylvain's Pet/ Water Bacon
11/21/97 James Chance & the Contortions/Boss Hog/ Speedball Baby/ White Hassle
11/21/97 CBGB Downstairs: Kool Out & Subversive Lounge

11/22/97 Jesus Chrysler/ Sisters Grimm/ Theloneous Punk/ Velvet Mafia/ Unband/ Accidental Groove

11/22/97 CBGB Downstairs: La Marche
11/23/97 Biohazard/ Hatebreed/ Kilgore Smudge/ Nothingface
11/24/97 Audition Showcase
11/25/97 Joe Taino/ Lockdown/ Dillinger/ Ritalin Boy/ The Cartel/ Big Man's Band
11/26/97 Sexy Wave/ Rogue Burn Ensemble/ RedScare/ Gunga Din/ The Flux

(11/27/97 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
11-27-97 Rolling Stone Magazine (Neil Young and Iggy Pop at CBGB)0001

11/30/97 NYS Hardest 2 /w/
12/03/97 Angel Bait/ Swarm/ Ape/ The Moths/ Laura Shawen/ Ben Phillips

12/04/97 Awkward Thought/ Kill Your Idols/ Subzero/ Cause For Alarm/ Shutdown
12/04/97 The Nerve/ D'Juke Box/ Orange Free State/ Hael Elsewhere/ Vehicle

12/05/97 Maca Sleuth/ Her Vanished Grace/ Rev. Daddy Love feat. Corey Glover/Faith/ Fontaine

12/06/97 Gore Fiction/ Sex Ceremony/ Burn Cycle/ Crayon Death/ Effigy/ Broke/ The Shakes/

12/07/97 Bomb Squadron/ The Unseen/ The Casulties/ The Pinkerton Thugs/ The Krays
12/08/97 Audition Showcase
12/09/97 Stranger Station/ Loba/ Roosevelt/ Nicholas Strause/ Happyland/ Pretty Polly
12/09/97 CBGB Downstairs: Rene Lopez Latin Roots
12/10/97 Phoids/ Bill Popp & the Tapes/ Closer/ Soma/ Mother Sound/ Toilet/ Romper Room

12/11/97 The Flash Cubes/Eye Wash Eye/ Lotion/ Prunella Scales/ Alger Hiss/ Tono Bungay/ Skulpy/

12/11/97 CBGB Downstairs: Pure Dream Ladder
12/12/97 Plastique/ Sway/ Fun/ Bottom/ Liquid State/FrankenOrange/ Smitty's/ Gorgon
12/13/97 Bush Tetras/ Stab City/ James Chance & the Contortions/ Ballshifter
12/14/97 Awkward Thought/ Kill Your Idols/ Shut Down/ Cause For Alarm/ Sub Zero
12/14/97 Audition Showcase
12/15/97 Tribes
12/15/97 Audition Showcase
12/15/97 CBGB Downstairs: Da Da Dah
12/16/97 Leison/ Alei Juan Kings/ Yumika Presley/ Stocklan/ Experiment/ The Living/ Juicy Tuna
12/16/97 CBGB Downstairs: Rene Lopez Latin Roots
12/17/97 Rhinoceros/ Lot 49/ Cheater/ The Visitors/ Birthmark/ Weep
12/18/97 Lemon Yellow Orange Orange/ Stagger Stagger Crawl/ Honus Wagner/ Like Wow

12/19/97 Big & Shiny/ Birthmark/ Double Trouble Twins & the Two For One Band/ Excalibur/ Superchunk

12/20/97 Juliana Hatfield/ Triple Fast Action/ Cardinal Woolsey
12/21/97 Down Low/ Murphy's Law/ Inspector 7/ Six and Violence/ Undermind
12/21/97 Audition Showcase
12/22/97 Action Daddy/ Frankenorange/ Record Ignite!
12/22/97 Audition Showcase
12/23/97 Mr. Terrific/ The Nudge/ Chunk Pipe/ Sun Blister/ Lunch Box Heroes
12/23/97 CBGB Downstairs: Rene Lopez Latin Roots
12/24/97 CLOSED
12/25/97 CLOSED
12/26/97 Von LMO/ Los Gusanos feat. C.J. Ramone/ Bad Popes/ Dirt Bike Annie/ Fellini's Basement
12/27/97 Wax Face/ Scissor Fight/ Adrenalin Lizards/ Mother Lodge/ Heal/ Frankenstein 500
12/28/97 Motive/ Lamagna/ Silent Majority/ Indecision
12/28/97 Audition Showcase
12/29/97 Audition Showcase
12/30/97 Missing Joe/ Section 8/ Jonas Gumby/ Blanket Party/ Boliva/ Peel Out/ Flank Fleet
12/31/97 The Jesus Lizard/ Skeleton Key/ Verbena/ Flux/ Information Society


01/03/98 Sleepyhead
01/04/98 Envy/ Up Front/ Fastbreak/ Follow Through/ O.S. 101
01/08/98 Marilyn 5
01/    /98 CBGB Downstairs: Chocolate Genius
01/    /98 CBGB Downstairs: Chocolate Genius
01/16/98 Shelf Life/ Lord Sterling/ Six Going On Seven/ Sweet Diesel/ Honkeyball/
Sweet Belly Freakdown

01/    /98 CBGB Downstairs: Chocolate Genius
01/    /98 CBGB Downstairs: Chocolate Genius
01/31/98 Haulin' Mother/ Slackjaw/ Demonspeed/ Motochronic
02/11/98 Lourds/ Section & the Chase Theory/ Waterwade/ Red Twelve
02/16/98 Pathogen *Pathogen's first live concert appearance.

02/16/98 Pathogen (Full Set)

03/08/98 Live
03/10/98 Section 8/ Legend/ The Attack/ Missing Joe/ Mad Factory/ Happy Tea Leaves
04/11/98 Scetion 8/ I.C.U./ Velvet Mafia/ Pop Psychology
04/13/98 Saul Williams/ Headspace/ Jessica Care Moore

04/22/98 Ten Miles Of Venues/ IZ/ Secion 8/ Groove Clinic/ Kelly Township/
Little Shining Man

05/13/98 Section 8/ Underwhelemed/ Ninth House/ Uncle/ Eye Wish Eye/ Burn What's Left

05/16/98 Fly Rite Tattoo Studios Presents:
Infusion/ Lunachicks/ Unsane/ Iron Boss/ Demonspeed

05/19/98 Dicky Moe/ Sgt. Scagnetti/ Old Man/ Rebels Without Applause/ Set On Stun
Cement Head

06/25/98 In My Eyes/ CIV/ Wives/ Nine Lives
10/01/98 Sick Of It All/ Burn/ SFA/ Iron Youth
10/17/98 Bisexion 69
11/07/98 Misfits

CBGB, Nov 8, 1998
(Image via By Konstantin Sergeyev Flickr)

11/08/98 Benefit for Dawn Black /w/ Furious George/ Molotov Cocktail/ Blanks 77/ World Inferno-F.S./ Asstroland/ Spider Cunts/ Dick Army/ More

(12/24/98 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
12-24-98 Rolling Stone Magazine (Vanilla Ica at CBGB)


03/31/99 Missing Joe
06/30/99 Missing Joe
09/29/99 FFEK/Devlin/ E-Town Concrete/ Candiria
09/30/99 Aberdeen Lizards/ Elegant Too/ Verbena
10/01/99 Vesper/ Rockt 69/ Stab City/ The New United Monsters Show/ Crimson Sheet
10/02/99 Speedwrench/ Scoldeze/ King Norris/ Youngster/ The Bennies/ Palm
10/03/99 Disobeyed/ Polyabuse/ 77/ The Krays
10/04/99 Digitals/ Society L/ Kevorkian Death Cycle/ Eye Candy/ DJ Bent!
10/05/99 Jar/ Jessie/ Bely Dancer/ Magnumm/ Eventide
10/06/99 Spank/ Short Happy Cafe/ Piranha Brothers/ Lionel Rocks!/ Flux Feeley
10/07/99 Noise Theory/ Bloodline/ Dynamo/ 05101/ Happy Fernandez
10/08/99 Grave Yard Sluts/ Foujin/ Locus/ Los Gusanos/ Motorbetty/ Retroliners
10/09/99 Mortimer's Pajamas/Elvis 77/ King Pao/ Mearth/ Crust Fries/ Infernos
10/10/99 Revelers/ Burn Bath/ Distance Kept/ FSO
10/11/99 Audition Showcase

10/12/99 Aberdeen/ Stick Figure Suicide/ The Magical Attraction Of Booty/ Squidboy/ Slick Pelt/ Action Cat/ Atomic Tuesdays

10/13/99 Kill By Inches/ Gargantua Souls/ Mig/ Damaged Mary/ Vagrentfuk
10/14/99 Junkman/ Sick/ Matt Turk/ Jimsons Lyric/ Practically Einstein

10/15/99 Little Debbie/ Ruby and the Rednecks/ Skrap/ The Shirts/ Thrillcraft/ Blowtop/ Detroit Darling

10/16/99 Entertianment/ Hinge/ Spilled Milk/ Today Is My Super Space Out Day/ Wesley Willis/ Sic/ Media Connection

10/17/99 Melmac/ Stand Pipe (??)/ Day 19/ Big D & the Kids Table/ Step Lively
10/21/99 Mindless Self Indulgence
10/28/99 Soldog/ Oats Paw/ Rocket Science/ Crambone/ Dead Spunk/ Viva Fidel

10/29/99 Action Cat/ New York Waste Presents: /w/
Blowtop/ Oscar and the Pidgeon Sisters/ Serpenteens/ Cult Of The Psychic Fetus/ The Chichlettos/ Furious George/ Skrap/ Sexy Xrist/ The Bullys

10/30/99 Halloween Maga Dosage /w/
Voo Doo Men/ Punk Human/ Broken Law/ Angel Rot/ Lead Foot/ Raging Slab/ Franken Orange

10/31/99 The Moony Suzuki/ The Blacks/ The Wogelsy Guitar Wolf/ Spalding Rockwell
11/04/99 Midtown/ Mindless Self Indulgance/ Punk Rock Karaoke/ Universal Chrome

11/05/99 TransAction Magazine Presents: /w/
Sky Writer/ Legs Hound/ Paxton/ Heartdrops/ Mud City Manglers/ Nova Express/ Coyote Shivers/ Starr/ DJ Suedeshe
11/06/99 Cats Paw/ The Seculars/ The Shakes/ Sish Net Stocking/ Slick Pelt
11/10/99 Lazy I/ Normans/ Chris Harford & the Band Of Changes/ Dewey Decibel/ Peelander/ Hammerbrain/ Seria

11/11/99 Dead Lazio's Place/ Stagger Stagger Crawl/ Cider/ Rhudabega/ Head Fake -w- Corey Glover/ Fly Trap/ Exit 6

(11/11/99 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
11-11-99 Rolling Stone Magazine (Roseanne Barr at CBGB)

11/12/99Penumbra/ Jeff Saphin/ Van Goh's Radio/ Shirly Temple Of Doom/ Medicine Stick/ STD/ Pretty Polly

11/13/99 Picasso Jones/ Orange Park/ Ritalin Boy/ Kittie In The tree/ Long Wave
11/18/99 The Orchard Presents: Stretcher/ Nok/ Kill By Inches/ Tang/ Persurverance
11/19/99 Aberdeen Lizards/ King Dao/ Gaji/ Juno/Ultra Bide/ The Pleasure Unit
11/20/99 Lemmings/ Rotors To Rust/ Core/ Nebula/ Atomic Bitch Wax
11/21/99 Laurence Arms/ The Krays/ The Goons/ Molotov Cocktail/ Distraught
11/24/99 Myster Jones/ Wooden/ Among Thieves/ Demon Seed/ Immoral Fibers
11/26/99 Eight Ball/ Smile Orange/ The Dwellers/ Water Bacon/ Fly Trap

11/27/99 Homo Corps Returns: Sib!/Paxton/Velvet Mafia/ Bullet/ Chloe/ Jackie Beast/ Page/ Rufus Wainright/ Taylor Mead/ Ruben Butchart

11/29/99 WSOU Presents: Crazytown
12/02/99 Plastic Eater/ Io/ Ra/ Young & Fabulous/ Ritual Sonic/ Breaking Form

12/03/99 WSMU Presents: Crisis/ Vic 20/ Antipathy/ Drop Kick Jesus/ The Last Day/ Sam Black Church

12/04/99 Last Generation/ Peridot Rose/ Lords/ Pale Green Stars/ Pleasure Swell/ Rhubarb/ Was
12/07/99 Winefield/ Good Charlotte/ Lil Red/ Dopo Yume/ Timo Ellis
12/08/99 Klam/ The 5 Deadly Venoms/ Disengage/ Keel Haul/ Red Giant
12/09/99 Jar/ Kris/ Christina Rosenvinge/ Wharton Tears Ensemble/ Larval
12/10/99 Even Tide/ Letter 27/ The Shods/ Exit 6/ Sacred Addiction/ Shove It/ Earth Eatz Dog

12/11/99 Foijin/ Do Da/ Convulsion Cabaret feat. Waletr Steding/ Dan Lama/ James Chance/ Billy Fica/ Simi/ Gawk

12/17/99 Ramones.com Launch Party /w/ The Ramonas/ Ramoves/ The Cyberpunk Blitz/ Sedated/ 1-2-3-4/ The Melnicks/ Endless Vacation/More

12/22/99 Otis Rock/ Ball In The House/ Billy Goats Gruff/ Super Blue/ Nitros/ Tragic Drive

12/23/99 Block-a-Palooza Preview 2000 /w/ On-Xyz/ 9th Chapter/ Kas Serenity/ Soul Rhythm/ Afire/ Gangster Fun/ Quacker Cage/ Friction/ Nobody's Hero/ City Slickers/ Face/ Eden Rage

12/24/99 Closed

12/25/99 Mr. Crowley's Christmas Party /w/ Speed Crazy/ Ruby & the Rednecks/ Skrap/ The Rattlers/ Von LMO

12/26/99 Audition Showcase
12/27/99 Audition Showcase
12/28/99 Beta/ Donnybrook Fair/ Hybrid/ Talking To Lois/ Soda Boy/ Action Cat
12/28/99 CBGB Downstaris: Atrocity
12/29/99 Jesus Chrysler/ Yoko Gomez/ Lady Luck/ Kaleel/ X-13/ The Electric Magic Sideshow

12/30/99 Crudase/ Dynamo/ Compression/ Cattle Press/ Meat Jack/ Dollhouse Salon/ Disassociate/ Indecision/ Candiria

12/31/99 The Voluptous Horror Of Karen Black/ Probe/ Star Spangled
12/31/99 CBGB Downstairs: DJ Pete


01/01/00 Headfake /w/ Corey Glover-Will Calhoun-Doug Wimbish/ Suburban Dog/ Mascara The Band

01/01/00 CBGB Downstairs: The Alternative New Years Day Spoken Word Performance Extravaganza

01/03/00 Aberdeen Lizards/ Today Is My Super Space Out Day/ Wesley Willis
05/21/00 Floor Punch

06/28/00 Among Thieves/ Lap Dog/ Mint/ Tea House/ Another Engine/ Drag Belly
06/29/00 WSOU Presents Point For Hope/ Cell Block 4/ Dizney Fist/ 40 Below Summer/ Ill Nino

06/30/00 East Coast Revolution /w/ Screwface/ Novena/ Earthling/ Dragpipe/ Reach Further/ Kung Pao On The Rise/ World Indifference

06/30/00 Pig Destroyer?

07/01/00 Action Cat & NY Waste Present: Smitten/ Furious George/ The Bullys/ Man Scouts Of America/ Charm School/ Oscar & the Pidgeon Sisters/ Erin Evermore

07/13/00 The Fux/ The Dairy Queens/ The Clap/ Stockyard Stoves/ Panic
07/07/00 Loud As Fuck II /w/
07/08/00 Loud As Fuck II /w/
07/12/00 Spooky Daily Pride/ Section 8/ Milorda/ Flavor Sgt./ Circus/ The Government/ 7 Minds
07/13/00 Viva Fidel/ Sepia XL feat. Jimi Hazel/ Red Betty/ Shamus McNasty/ Supercreeps

07/14/00 Overdosage /w/ Murderizer/ Sprawl/ Kung Pao/ Weed Eater/ Angel Rot/ Spirit Caravan/ Wikerman/ Soul Preacher

07/15/00 "My Rock Circus" /w/ Aytogach Kreisor/ Reid Paley/ Medicine Ball/ Hungry Bambi/ Flamboyoboy/ Death Nurse 2000/ Armada Pollack/ Julie Klein/ MC Joe Reilly/ DJ Dave Buttoy

07/18/00 Red Shift/ James Gyron/ Mind's Eye
07/21/00 Rolling Rock Weekend /w/
07/22/00 Rolling Rock Weekend /w/
07/25/00 All

07/26/00 Wretch Like Me/ Season To Risk/ All/ Summerstage Celebrates Chico Science /w/ Naleo Zumbi

07/27/00 Noisey/ Hypnoskull vs. Tunnel/ DJs Noiseguild/ Krieg/ Raolr/ Patrick Stevens
07/28/00 Candy Darlings/ The Forty Fives/ The Catheters/ The Yo-Yo's/ Murder City Devils
07/29/00 Uvula/ Iconoclast/ Negatones/ Speedball Baby/ Evan Dando (accoustic)
07/30/00 A Thousand Times No/ American Nightmare/ Damage/ Inhuman/ Nerve Agents/ Kill Your Idols

07/31/00 Gene Loves Jezebel/ Otto's Daughter/ Bitter Grace
08/01/00 F61/ Section 8/ EBS/ Sex Machine/ Nola/ Jetstar #7
08/02/00 Thanks/ Social Nerve/ Pinto 800/ Grim Place/ Alex Schneidermann/ Beauties
08/03/00 Primitive Reason/ Snowblind/ Gringo Loveshow/ Sarcasm/ Picasso Jones/ Fairwood/ Gravy

08/04/00 Rock The World.com Presents: The Subterraneans/ Double Agent Girlfriend/ Paxton-Nova Express/ The Downtowns/ Coyote Shivers/ DJ Suedeshe

08/05/00 Alan Scharing/ Flicks/ Drew Blood/ Combination Lock/ Sacred Addiction/ Stone Soup
08/06/00 The Boils/ Global Threat/ Toxic Narcotic/ Grey Area/ No Redeeming Social Value
08/09/00 Further/ The Flames/ Lasonik/ Beyond Human Preception/ M-16

08/10/00 Damien Youth/ Donnybrook Fair/ Stagger Stagger Crawl/ Hot Nude Dancers/ Universal Chrome/ Immoral Fibers/ Clay Pigeons

08/11/00 Bill Popp & the Tapes/ Kindred/ Meat Opressed/ Crucifries/ 10 Miles Of Venus/ Engine Orange/ Bitchin'

08/12/00 Rectangle/ Lit Plastic/ Jordan Gilland of Dopo Yume/ Timo Ellis of Cibo Matto/ Vespertine
08/13/00 Blind Pharoes/ Slick Pelt/ The Shakes/ X-Possibles/ Jana Peri/ Blowtop/ Speed Crazy
08/15/00 Eager Meat/ Feedback/ Sour/ Evil Adam/ Lansom/ Rude Philosophy
08/16/00 The Proteens/ The Peabodys/ Attention Deficit/ Ruth's Hat/ Dirt Bike Annie
08/17/00 The Unitard/ Kings County Queens/ Bee & Elower/ Valentine 6/ Laddie Bollocko
08/18/00 Pacific Boy Standing/ Raw/ Jerry Lee Phantom/ Kitchen/ Pop Mafia/ AKP
08/19/00 The Orchard Presents: Vitamin F/ Click/ NOK/ Elvis '77/ Nucleus
08/20/00 Cro-Mags/ Eyes Of Hate/ The Krays/ Overthrow/ No Redeeming Social Value/ Cattle Press

08/22/00 Kidnappers/ Binge/ Rudy Jane/Indian High
08/23/00 Liquid Gang/ Ultraspank/ Project 86
08/25/00 Amber Leigh/ Ucada/ Tamar & Kali
08/26/00 Amber Leigh
08/30/00 Not Saved/ Action Adventure Systems/ The Onlyville/ Vagner Luck/ Sub Atomic Genius
08/31/00 Eight Ball/ The Gricks/ Eugene Iowa/ 5 People/ Napalm Stars/ Blind Myself
09/01/00 Zymotic Flow/ The Usual/ Moonseed/ Drop Zero/ Crambone

09/02/00 The New Mixikans/ The Big Numbers/ Bobby/ Bad Wizard/ Tuuli/ Vandura/ The Candy Darlings

09/02/00 CBGB Downstairs: Fragment
09/05/00 The Six-O/The Nature Kids/ Spirit Valves/ Stephanie's Religion/ Last Taboo
09/06/00 Plane Side/ The Eventide/ Plum/ Left Of Jupiter/ Shangk
09/07/00 Pound/ Gizmachi/ Planet L Squad/ Sno Pea/ Crambone/ Metaphorax
09/08/00 Soapbox/ Tammany Hall/ Coil/ Pop Mafia/ Calamus/ Another Engine

09/09/00 Homocorps /w/ Kevin Aviance/ Velvet Mafia/ Rufus Wainright/ Bullet/ Morplay/ Yoland & the Plastic Family/ Tabboo!!

09/12/00 Cold/ Chaos Twins/ Apartment 26
09/13/00 Matt Thurk
09/14/00 OPM
09/15/00 Convulsion Cabaret/ Action Cat
09/16/00 Convulsion Cabaret

09/18/00 Mudvayne
09/18/00 M.D.C./ M. Matheum/ S. Crisis/ The Relix/ The Bristles/ INDK
09/20/00 Optown Sinclair/ Two Tides/ Ben Phillips/ Love Alien/ Bronze/ Ride The Mile/ Bullfrogs
09/21/00 Bad Ronald/ The Banned/ Bob Chy/ Suicide King/ The Turbo AC's
09/22/00 Mother Lode/ Pantheon/ M16/ Superscription/ Nuerobox/ Wired
09/23/00 Fly/ Welfare Poets/ White Collar Crime/ Ri Canstruction/ Special Guests
09/26/00 Lourds/ Tang/ Riff Randals/ Teen Idols/ Chix Diggit
09/29/00 High On Fire
10/06/00 Get Up Kids

10/18/00 Joey Ramone & Friends /w/ Ronnie Spector/ Tsing Tsing /w/ Jesse Malin/ The Independents/ The Huntingtons/ Jad Davis/ Surprise Guests

10/23/00 The Shipwrecks

(12/14/00 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
12-14-00 Rolling Stone Magazine (Joey Ramons and Friends at CBGB)


01/16/01 The Shipwrecks
02/01/01 Angelic Upstarts/ Devotchkas/ Awkward Thought/ The Relix
02/11/01 Conflict/ The Unseen/ Caustic Christ/ Awkward Thought

02/15/01 The Templars/ Major Accident/ Foreign Legion/ Adolf and the Piss Artists/
Run Like Hell/ Urban Riot

02/25/01 Iron Cross/ SFA/ Comin' Correct/ U.S. Chaos/ The Sex Machines
03/28/01 The Bowery Mission/ Fade To Black/ The Eventide/ Plainside/ Cornbread Mafia/ Shangk
03/29/01 Downpour/ Mekanizm/ Pig Mogo/ Gringo Love Show/ Murder One/ Thicker Than Water

03/30/01 The Order Of The Suffering Clown Presents: A Night of Misanthropy: Dream Into Dust/ The Sword Volcano Complex/ Loretta's Doll/ Thee Majesty/ Sorrow

03/31/01 Brought Low/ Taipan/ J.J. Paradise Players Club/ Cutthroats 09
04/01/01 Ladd Dog/ Janice Grace/ Matt Rolehst & the Constituantes/ Ride The Mole
04/04/01 Among Thieves/ Evil Adam/ Ben Phillips/ Osivia/ Forge
04/05/01 Closed For Private Prty
04/06/01 Trinity/ Big Bang/ Vial/ Bill Popp & the Tapes/ In Between Blue/ Nochola5
04/07/01 Crayola Spectrum/ 33H2/ Swati/ Babalu/ Mikeil/ BlessTheNation

04/08/01 Mad Grinderz Ball III /w/ Total Fucking Destruction/ The Esoteric/ Otophobia/ Mastodon/ Kalibus/ Dim Mak/ Luddite Clone/ Disaccociate

04/09/01 Lifer/ Flybanger/ Skrape
04/09/01 Audition Showcase
04/10/01 Tear It Up/ Last In Line/ Vitamin X/ Death By Stereo/ Kill Your Idols/ Casulties
04/11/01 Pound/ Time Bombs/ Seeing Eye Dogs/ Lead Mile Failure

04/12/01 Locked In A Vacancy/ Haste/ Scar Culture/ Blood Has Been Shed/ Noctuary/ Die Cast/ Lamb Of God/ The Haunted

04/13/01 Donnybrok/ Dopo Yume/ Mirror People/ Johnny Lives!/ Hurry Up Offense/ Aquaman Jones/ Croton

04/14/01 Homocorps /w/ Yolanda & the Plastic Family/ Johnny McGorern/ The Back Door Boys/ Morplay/ Miss Guy & Seam Pierce/ Velvet Mafia

04/17/01 Doppleganger/ The Nags/ The Shipwrecks/ Chaos Twin/ The Pillow Theory/ Red Shift/ Noose Sphere

04/18/01 Inside Mine/ Tampered/ Another Engine/ Disdian/ Everyone Else
04/19/01 Ben Phillips/ Piranah Brothers/ Ten Miles Of Venus/ Honey Red/ Blue Water
04/20/01 Vibrators/ Steel Toe Solution/ Stanpipe Siamese/ Broken/ Urban Riot/ USA Wasteland
04/21/01 Japa Keenan/ Brandt/ Abner/ Timo Ellis

04/22/01 The Arsons/ Wretched Ones/ Trenchcoat Army/ Flat Earth Society/ The Virus/ Niblick Henbane

04/23/01 Johnny Thunders Memorial Tribute /w/ Danny Lama Doo Dah/ Star Spangles/ Black Angels/ Love Pirates/ The Drossels/ Spitfire America/ Charm School/ Joy Rider/ Avis Angelo/ Alison Gordy/ Madjuana/ Incorrigibles/ Eric J. Toast/ Les Stitches

04/24/01 Swim/ Blue Karma/ Santa's Boyfriend/ Supercreeps/ Slow Ride/ Dirt Bike Annie
04/25/01 Craving Theo/ Eyes Right/ More

04/26/01 Golden Seal Record Night /w/ Red Shift/ Last Burning Embers/ High Speed Chase/ Adaharma/ Reach/ Bellevue/ Jane Johnson/ The Dolls/ Tierads


04/26/01 Green Day

04/26/01 Green Day at CBGB (despite the "2000" tag in the title)

04/27/01 Hang Sack/ Ex Number Five/ Clara Venus/ Coby/ Fly Me Contageous/ Anger

04/28/01 The Onlies/ Spin-17/ Statutaur/ Hibachi Joe/ Unearthly Trans/ Time Of Orchids/ I Am The Resurrection

04/29/01 The First Step/ Love & Hated/ Sworn Enemy/ American Nightmare/ Death Threat/ Mad Bolt

04/30/01 Remembering Joey - A Brothers Tribute by Mickey Leigh /w/ MC Dick Manitoba/ George Tabb

05/01/01 Swim/ Live On Release/ Stupid/ From Zero/ Enemy Dawn/ Liquid Solid
05/02/01 Sea Of Souls/ Supermodel/ Crossbreed/ Law/ Pound/ Daddy
05/03/01 Darwin's Waiting Room/ The Mayfield Four/ Tempered/ Collider

05/04/01 Kung Fu Chicken/ Jumbo's Kill Crane/ Kung Pao/ Elvis '77/ Tokomoshi/ Puny Human/ J.J. Parad & the Players Club/

05/05/01 Chris Harford Presents /w/ The Saras/ F-Hole/ Rana/ Jessie Harris/ Mark Mulcahy/ Squalor/ Band Of Changes

05/06/01 Toxic Narcotic/ Molotov Cocktail/ Don Chikita/ Krays/ The Relix/ Funeral Dress
05/07/01 Audition Showcase
05/08/01 Urinal Mints/ Ben Phillips/ Flytrap/ Delerium Theory
05/09/01 Celcius/ Erratic Sensation/ Vertigozer/ Authentic Pop Wonder/ The Beatings
05/10/01 Bill Popp & the Tapes/ TBA/ Crambone/ Talking To Lois
05/11/01 Ramona Pinta/ Heir/ Piranha Brothers/ Sacred Addiction/ In Between Blue/ Vial/ Sarcasm

05/12/01 Industrial Strength Records Presents Uneasy Listeneing /w/ Collin Strange/ Jerome/ Satronica Seigel/ Lenny Doe/ DJ Jappe/ Rob Gee & Natas/ Nickadeamus/ Dummy Plug

05/13/01 Dataclast/ Disassociate/ The Last Day/ No Human Voice/ Dimitri Guerrevitch Quintet/ Anodyne/ Discordance Axis

05/14/01 Audition Showcase

05/15/01 Mikeill and Poor Old Souls/ Supermodel Stalker/ The 5 o'clock Heroes/ Ded Center/ Cyanide Cupcakes

05/16/01 Soil Face/ Irthlings/ Jeff Jones and the Pale Blue Stars/ Mike Wertel
05/17/01 Puddle Of Mud/ Mercuryduster/ Erradication/ Label Horse/ Blind Myself/ M-16/ Two Minute Hate

05/18/01 Von LMO/ Sea Monster/ The Waldos/ Ruby & the Rednecks/ The Star Spangles/ DJ Mr. Earl

05/19/01 Homocorps /w/ Viroo/ Pop Star Kids/ Johnny McGovern/ Anthony Rapp/ The Velvet Mafia/ Dueling Bank Heads

05/20/01 Orophobia/ 2 Man Advantage/ Thought Crime/ The Goons/ MDK/ Molotov Cocktail/ Sub Machine

05/21/01 Audition Showcase
05/22/01 Social Hero/ Illbred/ Whirl/ Stingray U.K./ The Banned
05/23/01 40 Ft. Ringo/ Bone Head/ The Queen V/ Endgames/ Motorbetty
05/24/01 GNYC Presents: Last Tribute/ The New Mexikans/ Rosenbergs/ Lourds/ Soul Farm/ Simi
05/25/01 Wagner Luck/ Grey Scale/ Quest For Nice/ Neurobox/ Flytrap/ Law Biting Citizens
05/26/01 Guitarmageddon /w/ Fly/ Motherlode/ Paleface
05/27/01 From Austin To Ashes/ All Else Failed/ Twelve Tribes/ Cannae/ Nora/ Most Precious Blood

05/28/01 Audition Showcase

05/29/01 Street Justice /w/ Harley/John/Doug/Rocky + Crusade/Breakdown/ Scarhead
05/30/01 Street Justice /w/ Harley/John/Doug/Rocky + American Nightmare/ Front Line/ Burn
05/31/01 The Vibrators
05/31/01 Vicesquad/ The Prophets/ 86'd/ The Devotchkas/ Charm School/ The Relix/ Deviant Behaviour

06/01/01 Gravy/ 5cent Hero/ Powerface/ Lovehead/ Truckstop/ Funkface
06/02/01 Shirly Temple Of Doom/ Elvis Show/ Ra/ Stone Soup/ Eyes Right/ Paul Cote/ Run Like Hell

06/03/01 Napalm Death/ Soilent Green/ 60 Watt Shamann
06/04/01 Audition Showcase
06/05/01 Ramona Pinta/ Rose Park/ Paris Texas/ Geometry/ Icarus Line/ Amish Armada
06/06/01 Wakefield/ Liquid/ Unexplained/ Circle Guy/ Sid Catholic/ Dana Ceric & STFU
06/07/01 Dave Brockie Experience
06/13/01 Marion Basement/ Sour/ Professional Murder Music/ The Connection/ Mantik
06/14/01 Innerstate/ Bob Fields/ High Speed Chase/ American Standard/ Reach/ Motorway To Roswell/ The Unspoken

06/15/01 GNYC Presents: The Nick Clemons Band/ The New Mexikans/ Tantru/ High Society/ Tijuana Bibles/ Industry Of Overflow/ Ruby Zoo

06/16/01 Dean Johnson & Rentboy.com Present: Homocorps /w/ Reuben/ Morplay/ TV Psychic Miss Cleo/ Velvet Mafia/ Host - Hedda Lettuce

06/17/01 Headcase Productions Presents: Disaster Strikes/ Endless Struggle/ The Relix/ X-Possibles/ The Krays/ The Truents

06/18/01 Audition Showcase
06/19/01 Pound/ Ra/ Won Ton Lust/ Universal Chrome
06/20/01 Among Thieves/ Zoostory/ Gelatin/ Not Served/ 10:30 Princess
06/22/01 Adharma Pilfers
06/23/01 Annie Golden Band
06/29/01 Moony Suzuki (A)
07/14/01 Green Day

(12/27/01 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
12-27-01 Rolling Stone Magazine (April 2001 Joey Ramone Shrine at CBGB)0001

12/23/01 Harley's War

(Undated) Peter Criss (Kiss)? Marky Ramone (Ramones) @ CBGB, NYC, NY
(Undated) Peter Criss (Kiss) & Marky Ramone (Ramones) @ CBGB


(01/31/02 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
01-31-02 Rolling Stone Magazine (Shakira at CBGB)

(03/14/02 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
03-14-02 Rolling Stone Magazine (Alan Jackson at CBGB)

03/27/02 Rooney/ Evan Dando/ Phantom Planet
03/28/02 Devil May Care/ Sky Came Falling/ The Esoteric/ Isis/ Coalese
03/29/02 Audio Butter/ Mi Locomotive/ Hot Socky/ Crusi-Fries
03/30/02 Eve To Adam/ The Pop Mafia/ Vial/ Fantods
03/31/02 Deaths Head Quartet/ The Last Day/ Disassociate/ As The Sun Sets/ A Life Once Lost
04/01/02 Audition Showcase
04/02/02 Tensai Shonen/ Blind Myself/ Catheters
04/03/02 1000 Knives Presents: Long Since Forgotten/ Code Seven/ Brand New Sin/ Puny Human/ Sissor Fight

04/05/02 Evelyn Forever/ Spare Rale
04/05/02 CBGB Downstairs: The Alps/ The Act/ The Liberty Chasers/ DJ Gary Fury & Friends
04/06/02 Bantam
04/10/02 Lollipop Lust Kill/ Eve To Adam/ Medicated Sewage/ Judge Drain/ Flatback
04/11/02 My Dog Lucy/ Think/ Morgan Taylor's Rock Group/ Pop Mafia/ Effecto Secondara/ Bill Popp & the Tapes

04/12/02 Action Cat/NY Waste Present: The Polemics/ Sex Machine/ Oscar & the Pidgeon Sisters/ X-Possibles/ The Slabs/ Charm School/ Bitchcat

04/13/02 Homocorps /w/ Bob & the Glamazons/ Be Loud/ Vulgaris/ The Velvet Mafia/ Tut/ Yolanda & the Plastic Family

04/14/02 "Japunks" /w/ Dynamite Club/ Wuzzy/ Peelander Z/ Gelatin/ Blue III/ The Spunks
04/15/02 Audition Showcase
04/16/02 Kickovers/ Watch/ Slush Puppy/ Downstage
04/17/02 Spank/ Amelia Earheart Found Alive/ Mickey Clean/ B-Sides/ Kervin
04/18/02 Cactus/ Pretty Polly/ Jones Crusher/ Crambone/ 10 Miles To Venus
04/19/02 Law/ Goodbye/ Blue Monday/ Connection/ Pop Star Kids/ Vial/ Echo Station
04/20/02 Seymore Glass/ The Beauties/ Walking/ Napalm Stars/ Joker 5 Speed
04/21/02 Audition Showcase
04/22/02 Audition Showcase
04/23/02 Gruvis Malt
04/24/02 Veener/ Eve To Adam/ Bobby Stewart & the Contraires/ Low Jack/ G-Force/ Chase Theory/ Farewell To Fisher

04/25/02 Omni Blank/ Kilofax/ Morgan Taylor's Rock Group/ Face Plant/ East 46/ Another Engine
04/26/02 New Youth/ Franchise/ Mercy Killers/ Furious Styles
04/27/02 Substance/ Big Man Down/ Clara Venus/ Cruci-Fries/ Elvis '77/ Sola
04/28/02 Audition Showcase
04/29/02 Audition Showcase
04/30/02 Pure Dream Ladder/ Splash/ Plywheel/ 7th House/ Marlene/ Dog Food
05/01/02 Mystical Children/ Pillow Theory/ Baghdaddios/ Scared Of Brian
05/02/02 Gone Again/ 3 Part Damage/ Dead Betties/ Dirty Doctors 2500
05/03/02 Pierces/ Damn Wells/ The Silos/ Steve Wynn
05/04/02 Babefest 2002 /w/ Dollhouse/ Tijuana Bibles/ Joy Rider/ Otto's Daughter/ Drussells/ The Queen V/

05/05/02 Street Justice/ Skarhead/ Most Precious Blood/ Cide/ Wetnurse
05/06/02 Audition Showcase
05/07/02 Atomic Strikes Again!!/ The Beatings/ The Actual/ Pency Prep/ Fleshies
05/10/02 Nuclear Assault
05/11/02 Homocorps
05/19/02 Bowery Electric Festival /w/ Tribute To Joey Ramone/ Bowery Electric Crew feat. CJ Ramone/ Marky Ramone/ Daniel Rey/ Jed Davis/ Jerry Only/ Dez Cadena/ Walter Lure + 10 More Bands

06/14/02 RANA

06/14/02 RANA Live at CBGB

06/21/02 Kraut (A)/ Even Worse/ Adrenaline O.D./ Nihilistics
06/22/02 Kraut (A)/ False Prophets/ Even Worse/ The Mob/ Misguided
06/28/02 The Toasters (A)

(08/08/02 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
08-08-02 Rolling Stone Magazine (Sahara Hotnights at CBGB)

08/19/02 H2O

08/19/02 H2O @ CBGB, NYC, NY

09/01/02 Special Dutiez/ The Boils/ Violent Society/ Cranked Up
11/17/02 Channel 3/ Kraut

(12/26/02 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
12-26-06 Rolling Stone Magazine (Sum 41 at CBGB)


02/03/02 The Queers (A)

02/03/03 The Queers @ CBGB (CD Booklet)

(02/06/03 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
02-06-03 Rolling Stone Magazine (Shania Twain at CBGB)

03/22/03 PT Grimm/ Carfax Abbey/ Otto's Daughter
04/29/03 Alkaline Trio "Good Morning" pre-release (PRIVATE SHOW)

(05/29/03 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
05-29-03 Rolling Stone Magazine (Alkaline Trio at CBGB)

(07/24/03 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
07-24-03 Rolling Stone Magazine (Alkaline Trio at CBGB)

(Source N/A)
(Undated) Lucero @ CBGB

08/17/03 Poison The Well/ The Hope Conspiracy/ Nora

09/18/03 - 09/24/03 CBGB

09/18/03 American Popular/ Weird Chicken/ Grudge/ Dead Betties/ Violet Hour
09/19/03 Johnny Black/ Law/ The Shirts/ Palm/ Jesus Speed
09/20/03 "Meanyfest"

09/21/03 Distance/ Scrapes and Heart Attacks/ All Hell Breaks Loose/ The Take Over/
On The Rise/ Sworn Enemy

09/22/03 The Misjudged/ Lethal Agression/ Loved & Hated/ Molotov Cocktail/
Toxic Narcotic/ Discharge

09/23/03 Lady Unluck/ Cyclones/ Deacons/ Hara Kari/ Charm School/ Vibrators
09/24/03 Fluid presents: The Battle of the AD Bands to benefit NYC Public Schools
10/03/03 Viva La Punk
10/04/04 Viva La Punk
10/14/03 Jumbo's Killcrane
10/17/03 Gibbypalooza
10/18/03 Homocorps
10/22/03 CMJ Music Marathon Showcases
10/23/03 CMJ Music Marathon Showcases
10/24/03 CMJ Music Marathon Showcases
10/25/03 CMJ Music Marathon Showcases
11/24/03 Korn


(01/22/04 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
01-22-04 Rolling Stone Magazine (Lil G'N'R at CBGB)

02/13/04 Lourdis/ Ra/ Like Yesterday/ SGT/ One Day Left/ AeroVox

Looking east on Bleecker Street to CBGB on The Bowery. March 2004.
(Image via NYCDreamn Archives)
March 2004 Looking East on Bleecker to Bowery & CBGB

CBGB - March 2004
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)
March 2004 CBGB

Hilly Kristal - March 2004.
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)
March 2004 CBGB owner Hilly Kristal

05/03/04 Superjoint Ritual
05/31/04 The Used
06/10/04 Terror (A)
07/07/04 Electric Lady Bug/ Strafford/ Waiting Theory
07/08/04 Spinning Images/ Donnybrook/ Zelazowa/ Sen Urban & the Box/ Good Grief
07/09/04 Interferance/ Tonation/ Some Odd Case/ Copper Pot/ Billionaire Boys Club/ Orion
07/10/04 Shallows Of The Mundane/ Radlate/ Tripside/ Fixer/ Danglers/ Drinkfist
07/11/04 Audition Showcase
07/11/04 Agnostic Front

07/12/04 Audition Showcase
07/13/04 Modus Operandi/ Just A Pupil/ Shamra/ Drop Zones
07/14/04 Madelyn Fairmont/ Minus Scale/ Sonic Cult/ Schyler/ Plainside/ Blood From Stone
07/15/04 Martyr Records & 1000 Knives Presents: A Suburban Blood Drive/ Donnybrook/ Inhuman/ The Distance/ Murder Weapon/ Internal Affairs/ Stand & Right

07/16/04 Mrs. Grundy/ Sin Sin/ Honor Among Thieves/ Trash Light Vision/ Joker 5 Speed/ Nova Express

07/17/04 Touched By An Uncle/ Vulgaris/ GSX/ Justin Tranter/ Lisa Jackson/ Midnight/ All The Pretty Horses

07/18/04 1000 Knives Presents: Mother Night/ The Backup Plan/ Cast Aside/ Black Listed/ Champion/ Come Back Kid

07/19/04 Audition Showcase
07/20/04 Those Who Hung Heroes/ The Underwater/ The Booze/ Veterans Of Flight/ My Way My Love

07/21/04 Kissing God/ Mainline/ Donnybrook Fair/ Lovehead/ L.K.N.
07/22/04 A Life Once Lost/ Misery Signals/ It Dies Today/ If Hope Dies/ My Shining One/ Dartan Lan/ Whyoming

07/23/04 Pretty Suicide/ Good Finger/ The Outside/ New Professional/ Lourds/ The Missing/ Valeze
07/24/04 Dehydrators/ Osiris/ Inspector 71/ American Popular/ Red Sky Morning/ Joe Mazzari/ Shot/ Game Rebellion

07/25/04 Audition Showcase
07/26/04 Audition Showcase
07/27/04 Buzzkill Romantic/ Barbianna Complex/ October/ Lil Blokes/ Jade Monkey
07/28/04 Cellerdweller/ Bill Popp & The Tapes/ Kamfelah & the Government Cheeze/ De Morgan's Theory

07/29/04 Lumis Glyde/ Arcade/ Deb DeSlvo
07/30/04 Alice Donut/ Gorch Fock/ Ford Pier/ Retada/ Logs In The Main Stream
07/31/04 Reflective Insight/ Rim Jaw/ Murder Machine/ Lex Gray
08/01/04 Audition Showcase
08/02/04 Audition Showcase
08/03/04 SMFK/ Last Week/ Firecracker Blonde/ Lunicide/ Generica/ Miala Rodriguez
08/04/04 Stereogram/ Modena Vox/ Waking/ Taken From
08/16/04 Blindside/ mewithoutyou/ The Kick
08/28/04 Johnny Cage Is A Fake/ Human Decline/ Cliftons/ Chi Kara/ Vext/ Start The End
08/29/04 Audition Showcase
08/30/04 Audition Showcase
08/31/04 Pansive/ Spider Rockets/ Kronikles/ Yellow Hash
09/01/04 The Muggs/ The Mercury Stars/ The Breakups/ Loaded Dreams/ The Caulfield Sisters/ The Whores

09/02/04 Undersea Explosion/ !Moob! Vertical Gin Line/ Delegates/ Waving At Strangers
09/03/04 Spit For Antenna/ Rollo/ Cober/ De DeSalvo/ September Drive
09/04/04 Walk Hummungus/ Deadly Question/ American Pulverizer/ Saint Bastard/ Delicious/ Black Helicopter

09/05/04 Audition Showcase
09/06/04 Audition Showcase
09/07/04 Epoxy/ Goro/ St. Diablo
09/08/04 Face Parade/ Boroughs/ Disco Students/ Jesus Speed
09/09/04 5th Of July/ J. Parvis/ Dirt Bike Annie/ American Popular/ Waving At Strangers/ Rookie
09/10/04 Polonius/ The Necessary/ The Pennyroyals/ Copperpot/ Orion
09/11/04 Rock and Roll Score Presents Annual 9/11 Benefit /w/ Wild Bone/ Murr/ Guns On High Street/ The Dehydrators/ Social Hero/ Johnny Black/ Spitfire America/ Osiris/ Wrong/ Mama Cat

09/12/04 Audition Showcase
09/13/04 Audition Showcase
09/14/04 Rally Days/ Patty Murray/ Keep/ Dog Food
09/15/04 Even Out/ Cat Walk Blue/ Eddie Haskells/ Soraia
09/16/04 MeanyFest /w/ 6th Degree/ Orphans/ Tokesqueally/ Murr/ The Ordinary/ Troop 47/ Tripside/ Fall Out Freak/ Point Blank/ Ronin

09/17/04 Resistants/ Nitromusk/ The Smashups/ Mynks
09/18/04 Down To This/ Atomic Slim/ Bluish/ Day The Earth Stood Still/ Marwood/ More/ The Drive/ Fixer

09/19/04 Hazen Street/ Last Of The Famous/ Nonphixion/ The F-Ups/ Hazen Street
09/20/04 Audition Showcase
09/21/04 Hello/ Gaiah/ Melodarm/ Sweet Moss/ The Peace
09/22/04 The Ordinary/ Rally Days/ Bobby Stewart & The Contraires/ Mondaymen
09/23/04 Shell Shock/ The Basics/ Lady Unluck/ The Vibrators
09/24/04 The Rainman Suite/ Caged Heat/ Some Action/ The Star Spangles/ The Witness
09/25/04 The Must Haves/ Inspector 71/ Last Vegas/ GSX/ Shogun/ Joker 5 Speed
09/26/04 Audition Showcase
09/27/04 Audition Showcase
09/28/04 The Spunks/ Johnny Cage Is A Fake/ Down Low/ Locked In Vacancy/ Crisis
09/29/04 In Flames
09/30/04 Cell Dweller/ Broken/ Splitsense/ Hash Brown/ Coda Chrome
10/01/04 The Decibators/ RPG/ The Brought Low/ Back In Spades
10/02/04 Army Of Me/ Asobi Seksu/ The Exit/ Peter Tosh
10/03/04 Audition Showcase
10/04/04 Audition Showcase
10/05/04 Drake Equation/ Arden Reigh/ Acoustic Trauma/ Byzantine/ Children Of Tragedy
10/06/04 Tom Kafafian/ Family For Five/ Lotus/ Cheating Soccer Mom
10/07/04 Radio Nationals
10/09/04 Sheer Terror
10/10/04 Sheer Terror
10/13/04 Gratitude/ Straylight Run/ Lovedrug/ Days Away/ Action Action/ Anadivine
10/29/04 Los Ax/ Historia de la Musica/ Placipop
11/07/04 Agnostic Front
11/08/04 TheStart/Paris Texas/ The Killing Gift/ Three Years Older

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
Liz Phair - CBGB T-Shirt


01/09/05 All That Remains/ Trivium/ It Dies Today/ The Arcacia Strain/ Vext/
Locked In A Vacancy

01/13/95 Behold...The Arctopus
02/17/05 Mudvayne
02/19/05 Fahrenheit 451/ Maximum Penalty/ Charge/ The Killer/ Billy Club Sandwich/
Plan of Attack

(04/07/05 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
04-07-05 Rolling Stone Magazine (CBGB)

04/19/05 The Unlovables/ Darlington/ The Kowalskis/ Johnie 3/ Malibu Lou
05/22/05 Wierd Science/ Bane/ The Suicide File
06/14/05 Life Of Agony
06/24/05 Love Hates Lois/ Imago/ SIRSY/ Lourds/ Ghost Orgy

06/28/05 Let It Burn/ Three Merry Widows/ Psycho Charger/ Devil Spades/
Jesse Jaymes & the Country Bumpkins

CBGB's Last Matinee Laser Print
(Image via Gary Gilmore Flickr)

"CBGB & OMFUG - Thirty Years from the Home of Underground Rock"
introduction by Hilly Kristal and afterward by David Byrne CBGB & OMFUG Thirty Years From The Home Of Underground Rock (2005)

07/03/05 The Last Matinee /w/ Killing Time/ Underdog/ Bulldoze/ Billy Club Sandwich/ Subzero/ Ice Pick/ Agressive Threat/ Homicidal 08/16/05 Save CBGB Benefit Show
/w/ The Offspring/ A Wilhelm Scream/ Theo/ The Skyscrapers

08/19/05 Living Colour

08/19/05 Living Colour @ CBGB, NYC, NY

08/22/05 Kid Dynamite/ Grey Area/ Voice In The Wire

(08/25/05 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
08-25-05 Rolling Stone Magazine (CBGB)

08/26/05 Dead Boys/ Flipper/ Peter & the Test Tube Babies/ Adrenalin O.D./ Peter/
Furious George

08/27/05 Dead Boys/ Anti Nowhere League /Nihilistics/ Stimulators/ (SFA - Cancelled)
08/28/05 Sham 69/ Flipper/ Black Angel/ Cheetah Chrome, The Waldos/ Suicide Kings

08/31/05 Save CBGB Rally @ Washington Square Park, NYC, NY
/w/ Blondie/ Public Enemy/ Little Steven Van Zandt

08/31/05 C-Net Inetrview /w/ Hilly Kristal

09/01/05 CBGB's lease with the owner of 315 Bowery, The Bowery Residents Committee expires.

(09/08/05 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
09-08-05 Rolling Stone Magazine (CBGB)

09/10/05 Adolescents/ Circle Jerks/ 45 Grave/ D.I./ Channel 3

Dandy Warhols Poster By John Holmstrom
(Artwork by John Holmstrom - Image via KittyKowalsi Flickr)

09/14/05 The Dandy Warhols

09/17/05 FrenchKiss Records 2005 CMJ Showcase
/w/ The Hold Steady/ Rahim/ Turing Machine/ The Plastic Constellations/ Tangiers

(09/22/05 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
09-22-05 Rolling Stone Magazine (CBGB)

09/28/05 Helmet
11/02/05 Sanatarius/ Pale Horse/ Nurse/ Remenitia/ 20 Amps
11/02/05 CBGB Downstairs: Stephen Gaucci/ James Darcy Argues Secret Society
11/03/05 Priority 7/ Rob Dova/ Yellow Delicious/ Paul Ryder & the Riots
11/03/05 CBGB Downstairs: Downtown Underground Electric Open Mike
11/04/05 The Pill/ Fly Ashtray/ New Radiant/ Fire In The Kitchen
11/04/05 CBGB Downstairs: GNYC Presents: Afterdrama/ Joan Pontillo/ Crushmore/ Sisterblind 11/05/05 Desolate/ Union Hill/ Cortez/ Shang hifi/ Fightofyourlife
11/05/05 CBGB Downstairs: Rat Trap Bumpkin/ Somatic Habit/ The Gravelings/ Zer Zain Morello 11/06/05 Guns Up/ Have Heart/ Slumlords/ Uppercut/ Bold
11/07/05 Sintunal/ Born Of The Blackest Hearts/ M.A.D./ In Red
11/08/05 Phase 9/ Beyond Hope Lies/ Program The Dead
11/09/05 Speed Limit/ Bill Popp & the Tapes/ Lorenzo Goetz
11/09/05 CBGB Downstairs: Southcott/ The Panic Division/ Man Alive/ Ghost Town Symphony/ Race The Sun

11/26/05 Rumplestiltskin Grinder/ Danny Diablo
12/03/05 Zero Boys/ Ensign/ Hymen Holocaust/ Fearless Vampire Killers/ Insane Fight

(Issue N/A - Spin Magazine)
(Issue N/A) Spin Magazine (CBGB)0001

(Issue N/A) Spin Magazine (CBGB)0002

(Issue N/A) Spin Magazine (CBGB)0003

(Issue N/A) Spin Magazine (CBGB)0004

(Issue N/A0 Spin Magazine (CBGB)0005


01/01/06 Kill Your Idols/ Ensign/ Inhuman/ Shell Shock/ Two Man Advantage/ Urban Riot
02/03/06 Ill Bill/ Immortal Technique/ Jedi Mind Trick/ Sabac/ Staine/ Q-Unique

04/05 - 12/06 CBGB Ad

04/12/96 Diamond J and the Rough/ Augustana/ New Amsterdams

04/13- 19/06
04/13 - 19/06 CBGB Ad

04/20 - 26/06
04/20-26/06 CBGB Ad

04/26/06 - 05/02/06
04/26/06 - 05/02/06 CBGB Ad

"Blue" CBGB paid admission wristband (circa summer 2006)
(NYCDreamin Archives)
Summer 2006 - CBGB Wristband (Blue)

"Red and White Chequered" paid admission wristband (circa summer 2006)
(NYCDreamin Archives)
Summer 2006 - CBGB Wristband (Red Checker-Board)

05/13/06 Disfear/ Phobia/ 9 Shocks/ Terror/ Deathcycle/ Strong Intention/ Disassociate
05/26/06 Pungent Stench/ Putrid Pile/ Villians/ Machetazo/ Mucupurulent/ Splattehouse
05/29/06 Tragedy/ Fucked Up/ Kill Your Idols/ Mind Eraser/ Warhead/ Forward
06/06/06 Zox/ Quntus
06/15/06 Cattle Decapitation/ Job For A Cowboy
06/18/06 The Onslaughter/ The Antics/ The Lucky Fucks
06/20/06 Blue Cheer/ The Black Hollies
06/26/06 Skinless/ Dehumanized
06/30/06 Against All Authority
07/03/06 Killing Time/ Underdog/ Bulldoze/ Subzero/ Homicidal/ Billy Club Sandwich/ Ice Pick/ Aggressive Threat

07/09/06 Soilent Green/ Demericious/ Disassociate

(07/13/06 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
07-13-06 Rolling Stone Magazine (Sonic Youth at CBGB)

08/15/06 Dog Fashion Disco

09/01/06 (Book) CBGB "Decades of Graffiti" w/ introduction by Richard Hell
CBGB Decades Of Graffiti (2006)

09/04/06 Strike Anywhere/ Ignite/ Modern Life Is War/ A Global Threat
09/07/06 Sandra Bernhard/ Lords/ SIRSY/ Swati/ kHz/ Mahaavatar
09/08/06 The Avengers 09/08/06 The Avengers

09/15/06 Lucero

10/__/06 "Riffage" Interview /w/ Hilly Kristal

10/08/06 Sick Of It All/ Agnostic Front/ Murphy's Law/ Madball/ Harley's War
10/09/06 Bad Brains/ Avail/ McRad/ Dub Trio
10/10/06 Bad Brains/ Bouncing Souls/ The Mob
10/11/06 Bad Brains/ Underdog/ Stimulators

10/12/06 NY1 News Report On CBGB Closing

10/13/06 The Dictators/ Sic F*cks (A)/ Bullys

10/13/06 Sic F*cks @ CBGB (CD Front Cover)

10/14/06 The Dictators/ Debbie Harry & Chris Stein

10/15/06 Patti Smith *Final CBGB Show ever

10/15/06 Patti Smith - "Free Money"

10/16/06 CBGB closed.

10/17/06 Video Inside CLOSED CBGB

CBGB - The Roots Of Punk Documentary Parts 1 and 2

(Date N/A - Rolling Stone Magazine)
(Undated) Rolling Stone Magazine (CBGB)

(11/16/06 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
11-16-06 Rolling Stone Magazine (CBGB)


08/28/07 R.I.P. Hilly Kristal (complications from Lung Cancer)

(09/20/07 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
09-20-07 Rolling Stone Magazine (Hilly Kristal Obit)

12/27/07 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
12-27-07 Rolling Stone Magazine (Hilly Kristal)


04/01/08 (Book)
"The Heebie-Jeebies at CBGB's - A Secret History of Jewish Punk"
by Steven Lee Beeber
The Heebie Jeebies at CBGB's (2006)

(05/15/08 - Rolling Stone Magazine)
05-15-08 Rolling Stone Magazine (Tom Morello at Varvatos)


Clip from movie "Bandslam" - released 08/14/09


Early 2012 - Proposed CBGB Festival artwork begins to circulate.

07/03 - 07/12 CBGB Music Festival, NYC, NY

07/05 - 08/12 CBGB Festival 2012

07/05-08/12 CBGB Festival Poster (Music)(Danny Hellman)
(Artwork: Danny Hellman)

07/05-08/12 CBGB Festival Poster (Film)(Danny Hellman)
(Artwork: Danny Hellman)

07/05-08/12 CBGB Festival Poster (Drink)(Danny Hellman)
(Artwork: Danny Hellman)

07/05/12 CBGB Festival 2012 - NYC, NY

07/05/12 Agnostic Front/Madball @ Webster Hall, NYC, NY

07-05-12 Agnostic Front/Madball/Murphy's Law/Maximum Penalty @ Webster hall, NYC, NY

July 2012 NYC 123

07-05-12 CBGB Festival @ Bowery Electric, NYC, NY

July 2012 NYC 130

07/06/12 CBGB Festival 2012 - NYC, NY

07-06-2012 Sick Of It All/Cro-Mags/Vision Of Disorder/Absolution/Sai Nam @ Webster Hall, NYC, NY

July 2012 NYC 122

07/07/12 New York Post (Harley Flanagan -vs- Cro-Mags Incident)

07/07/12 CBGB Festival 2012 - NYC, NY

07/07/12 CBGB Festival Free Stage @ Times Square, NYC, NY (Handbill - Front)

07/07/12 CBGB Festival Free Stage @ Times Square, NYC, NY (Handbill - reverse)

July 2012 NYC 121

07/07/12 CBGB Festival: Mongrel Bith/The Whores @ Hanks Saloon, Brooklyn, NYC, NY

07/08/12 CBGB Festival 2012 - NYC, NY

07/08/12 Fishbone/ Paranoid Social Club @ Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY


10/09/13 CBGB Festival 2013 @ NYC, NY
10/10/13 CBGB Festival 2013 @ NYC, NY
10/11/13 CBGB Festival 2013 @ NYC, NY
10/12/13 CBGB Festival 2013 @ NYC, NY
10/13/13 CBGB Festival 2013 @ NYC, NY


10/08/14 CBGB Festival 2014 @ NYC, NY
10/09/14 CBGB Festival 2014 @ NYC, NY
10/10/14 CBGB Festival 2014 @ NYC, NY
10/11/14 CBGB Festival 2014 @ NYC, NY


Spring 2015
In the spring of 2015 this cool CBGB drink coaster turned up in the Venus DeMars (All The Pretty Horses) collection that was donated to the Minnesota Underground Music Archive. ATPH had played a show with Jayne County at CBGB sometime probably in the early - mid 2000's and Venus saved this. Good thing - it's a cool and probably damn rare piece of rock and roll history now. Nice to see it!

CBGB Drink Coaster (Venus DeMars Collection at Minnesota Underground Music Archive)




CBGB Record Canteen Dates


10/11/89 Comedy /w/ Russell Wolinsky/ Colored Greens/ Our American Cousin/ Lance Tate
10/12/89 Chihoga/ Sam I Am/ Wink/ Hemisphere
10/13/89 Disposable God Squad/ Brave New Week/ Temper/ Insensibles
10/14/89 Deadbeats/ Brick/ HP Zinker
10/16/89 Songwriters Workshop/ Annie Rapid/ Karen Davis/ Scott Turner
10/17/89 Laguna Moree/ The Current/ Mescal Rising
10/18/89 Krak House/ Judy Dunnaway/ Gat Nation/ Susanne Harkey


09/28/92 Hogan/ Bob's Drive In/ Troubleshooters
09/29/92 Tom Laverach/ Andy Rosen/ Dig Fence
09/30/92 Bill Pop/ Boscoe Blves Band/ Richard X. Heyman/ The Netherclass
10/01/92 Drunken Boat/ Poor Bastards/ Smoke Shop
CBGB 313 Gallery Dates

CBGB 313 Gallery - 2002
(Photo by Alex Smith/Flaming Pablum - used with kind permission)


The Rails
(Image via 536 Flickr)

04/17/93 The Rails


09/20/94 - 10/22/94 Exhibit: Frank Kozik: A Day Late and a Dollar Short
09/28/94 Leslie Nunchow/ Jane Hamper/ Edition Of Ohio/ Ash Negative Research Cabaret
09/29/94 Natl Coalition Against Censorship/ James Vidos/ Blue with Rebecca Martin/ Hub Moore/ David Patyillo

09/30/94 William Hooters "Radiation"/ Roger Greenwalt's Ordinary Boys/ Ken Butler's Voices Of Anxious Objects/ Galinsky/ Blast & T-Bo/ Kevin McBeth

10/01/94 Yuri Naumov/ Tor & the Four/ Tony Jarves/ Ban Zanes Trio



08/09/95 Pete Redmond/ The Cuts/ Dimitri & Supreme 5000
08/10/95 Bill Foley/ Doughting Thomas/ The Wicomicos/ Soul Food
08/11/95 Lincoln/ Claudine Kielson/ Katy Clements/ Generica
08/13/95 Gallinsky's 'Month Of Sundays'/ Dondi/ Venus Envy/ Bare Left/ Dragonfly
08/14/95 Stephanie Manchura/ Patty Glaser/ James Graham/ Val Hoffer/ Tyrone
08/15/95 Tamara/ Jason Springwell/ Mary Jane/ Dany Lama
08/16/95 Connie Petruck/ Jamie Leve/ David Clement/ Eric J.



10/08/97 Amanda Thorpe/ Tim Bannett/ Michael McGlore/ June's Secret
10/09/97 Robert Mainwarning/ Kit Mui/ Bili Foley Thing/ Peter Sacott
10/10/97 Deb Montgomery/ Karen Ramos/ McAtee/ Joaquin Lievano & Zazem Eva
10/11/97 Alana Davis/ Mary Connelley/ Chris O'Rourke/ Chris Moore/ Sam Antonio
10/12/97 Laura Cryer/ Laine Henderson/ Topless
10/13/97 Pamela Laws/ Rome 56/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason/ Masochistic Religion
10/14/97 Jessica Melider/ Lisa Rocks/ Bite The Wax/ God-Head (accoustic set)
10/15/97 John S. Hall/ Rene Lopez/ Paulette Powell/ Moore Cramer
10/16/97 Fig/ Mark Borger/ Painter Boy

10/17/97 Gone Again/ Omri Elisha/ David Clemente & the Orgy of Self Promotion/ Cal Ellis/ Mike Rimbaud & the Subway Sun

10/18/97 3k Sikk/ Omelewa/ David McCray

10/19/97 Dan's Death V/ TC Fall Fashion/ Funk Guru/ Thinfoil/ Cornelius/ Plankton/ She/ Satellite View/ McRobin Newman

10/20/97 Blue Rain/ Pal Shazar/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason
10/21/97 Julianna Nash/ Mark Geary/ Melissa Huffman Smith/ Jennifer Jackson/ Brendan O'Shea
10/22/97 Paul Ambrose/ J.P. Hasson/ Sam Antonio
10/23/97 Mike Garrigan of Collapse/ Bad Cat Friday/ Kristen Mainheart
10/24/97 Mark Nilsen/ Pawnshop/ Ivy Markalty/ Raw Kinder/ Mark Stewart & Rob Schwimmer

10/25/97 The 2nd Heart & Tongue Festival /w/
John S. Hall/ The Novella/ Pinataland/ Muckaferguson/ Jessica Kane/ Mimi Ott/ Tammy Faye Starlight

10/26/97 Nedra Johnson CD Release Party/ Jesse Hultberg/ David Johnson/ Mehuman Johnson Trio
10/27/97 Aaron Hondros/ Steffani Bennett/ Astro Chicken/ Helper/ Pup
10/28/97 Dave Hall/ Jessie Turner/ Django Haskins/ Laura Berman
10/29/97 Brian & Marcey/ Chris Alastair/ Matt Turk/ Muzzie Bennett
10/30/97 The Lovin' Kind/ Laurie Cagno/ Barbara Brousel/ Jo Gabriel
10/31/97 Flare/ Denison George/ Itaaliatron/ Noodle/ Diakodiakoff
11/01/97 Michael Attais/ Church Of Betty/ Life In A Blender/ Mecca Budega
11/02/97 Peter Frook/ Ecco/ John Truelove/ The Farm/ Coby Brown
11/03/97 Barbara Jacobs/ Ric Molina/ Jay Pounders/ Joel Stein/ Denis Mureau

11/04/97 Women On The Verger Presents:
Mary Elizabeth Rupich & Rene Cologne/ Bushido/ Amy Fairchild

11/05/97 Melissa Pearl/ 22 Brides/ Arlands Army /w/ Geordie Austen/ Arlan/ Thai Burrett/ Eric Keeling/ Rene Lopez/ Chris Mource/ Rosamund & 3rd Silk

11/06/97 The Visitors/ Kim Fox/ Lianne Smith/ Sam Bisbee
11/07/97 Saul Williams/ Midnight Voices/ Evan Gets & Lizzie Peress/ Andrew Viedak
11/08/97 Brenda Dickey/ Cyro Baptista/ Laine Henderson
11/09/97 Eric Nassau/ Robert Loss/ Michael Keley/ Hilary Spiegelman/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason
11/10/97 Ric Soshin/ Heliotrope/ Sine Qua Non/ Keith Wagner
11/13/97 Mari Okuko/ The Evolving Cosmos/ J. Trout/ Gio Bag

11/14/97 Taylor Haskins/ Deb Montgomery/ Muckaferguson/ David McCrae & Chelsea/ J.M. Huntley

11/15/97 Kevin Delancey/ The Werewolves/ Mitchell Rasor/ Alarm
11/16/97 Edward Miller/ Lee Chabowski/ Bobby Mitchell/ Dynamo Plaza/ Smoking Buddha

11/17/97 Jo Gabriel/ Tom McFarlane/ Rat Wakes Red/ Laura Berman/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason/ Blackworld

11/18/97 Stephanie St. John/ Mary Sara/ Foreign Legion/ Milk The Cow/ Grady

11/19/97 Lee Totten/ Tedyy Crockett/ Heather Eatman/ Amazing Headless Boy/ Kevin Henry Hassett

11/20/97 The Twigs/ The Telstars/ March/ Bill Foley/ Thing/ Motown Fellini
11/21/97 Michael Hewett/ Aram/ Paul Narvaez/ Paul Brill/ Starfish

11/22/97 Marc Rosenthal/ Crown Jewels/ Katy Clements/ Mark Mulcahy (CD Release)/ Chris Harford

11/23/97 NYU Graduate Program Poetry Reading/ Neptune 6/ Jade Monkey
11/24/97 Topless/ Julie D./ Jeff Saphin/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason/ Order Of The Dying
11/25/97 Managers Alliance Presents: (TBA)/ Blue Rain/ (TBA)
11/26/97 (TBA)/ Julie D./ Salvatore's Blaise Faire/ Sean Devine/ Erika Horsey
12/03/97 The Lonn Kind/ (TBA)/ Kit Mui
12/04/97 Jennifer Jackson/ Jake/ Chris Moore/ Barbara Solsky

12/05/97 Improv Commedy On The Edge: The Chainsaw Boys/ Candyburger/ Tony Jarvis/ Hot Sugar

12/06/97 Robert Mainwarning/ James Jewell & Shew/ Michael Dureland/ The Country Melvins/ David Corter & Byron Estep

12/07/97 (TBA)/ Steven Eddy Cainero/ Greg Jones
12/08/97 (TBA)/ Box The Compass/ (TBA)/ Powm 27/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason/ DJ Heath
12/09/97 Shana Young & Absinthe/ Ricky Byrd/ Golden Carillo/ Heather Eatman
12/10/97 Opening: "Rites Of Flesh"/ The Reverend B. Dangerous Freak Show
12/11/97 Mark Connoley/ Brian Perry/ Atoosa/ Veda Hille/ Quageroh Imazawa/ Akim Funk Buddha
12/12/97 Rome 56/ Gore Again/ Paul Narvaez/ Antigone Rising

12/13/97 Home Office Records Presents:
Brian Drwan/ Pawnshop/ Professor & MaryAnn/ Raw Rider/ Lil Mo & the Monicats

12/14/97 Joe Pagetta/ Jonathan Spottiswoode/ Mimi Ott/ Godless Mircopilot/ Manuel Mota
12/15/97 Chris Alastair/ Andy If/ Joel Stein/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason/ The Cruxshaddows
12/16/97 Passion Fruit/ Julia Simon/ China Forbes

12/17/97 3rd Annual Tunes For Tots Holiday Music Festival /w/
Friends Of Treehouse Music Group/ Kid Lucky/ Bill Foley/ Shimmerhead/ More TBA

12/18/97 Kevin Henry Hassett/ Katie Elevitch/ Mehuman Johnson/ Carl Chesna
12/19/97 Peter Fielding & Mark Leda/ Matt Turk/ Omolewar /w/ guest Storm/ Sounds Of Silence
12/20/97 Muse Mob/ Rat Wakes Red/ Bela/ Drazy Hoops
12/21/97 46 Bliss/ The Commuters/ Charming Hostess/ Pharoe's Daughter/ Vykki Vox
12/22/97 Laine Henderson/ Richard Gladstone/ Michael Bassett/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason
12/23/97 Live Honey/ Fernando Avila & Friends/ Tim Beattie
12/24/97 CLOSED
12/25/97 CLOSED
12/26/98 Jeff Aug/ Chazaray Facas/ Giojag
12/27/97 Peter Turney/ Samantha Jones/ The Rooftop Cowboys
12/28/97 Thom McFarlane/ Lovelorn/ Hinano/ G.T. Arpe

12/29/97 Mehuman Johnson/ Imelda De La Cruz/ John Truelove/ Miles Green/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason

12/30/97 Jessica Meider/ Rachel Loshak/ Frank Grimaldi/ Andy Rineheart
12/31/97 Martin Sexton/Guests



09/29/99 Dorothy Scott/ Christine Havrilla/ Prop /w/ Perez/ Power/ Director/ Billy Populas/ Daniel Dick

09/30/99 The Candy Bombers/ Steve O. & Matt Anthony/ Mari Lowrey/ Yoar/ Rat Wakes Red
10/01/99 Winston Binch/ Ari Hest/ Turning Point/ Jarred Gorbel

10/02/99 Nick Thompson/ Josh Max's Outfit/ The Rooftop Cowboys/ Female Bureau Of Investigation

10/06/99 Laylow/ Jennifer Maide/ The Precious Thing/ Pamela Laws/ Yolanda & the Plastic Family

10/07/99 Relief: A Benefit For The Kosovo Refugees /w/
Cliff Rames/ Book Of Sun/ Laura McAlister/ Bloom/ Laura Berman/ Gran Fury/ Julian Roman/ Cyndi Ramirez/ DJ Moni

10/08/99 Jay Pounders/ Durry/ Aida/ Ninth House
10/09/99 The Novellas/ Magus/ The Garden Verge/ John Lardiari/ Yind
10/13/99 Fucked Up and Photocoppied: The Instant Art Of The Punk Rock Movement
10/15/99 Medelin Zero/ Donna Lynn Brophy/ Che Christopher Stackhouse
10/16/99 Professor & Maryanne/ Gut Bucket/ Stephanie St. John
10/28/99 Goats In Trees/ Jessie Turner/ Katie Elevitch/ Danielle Gasparro/ Pono

10/29/99 Blackout -w- Guest/ Malix Yoga/ Diorgen/ Adrian & Terrell/ Little Egypt/ Angela/ Kim Howard/ Laura Ochoa/ Pettrice Gaskin/ Nyasha Lang/ Rafia/ More

10/30/99 Mimi Cross/ Amelia White/ Kelshera
10/31/99 Mike Sonia/ The Pan Emmery Mystery Band/ Wide Load/ Lard Dog and the Band of Shy
11/03/99 The Mud Pennys/ Alien Bennett/ Jen Chapin/ Bait & Switch/ Idress
11/04/99 Laylow/ Sal Principato Presents: Words, Music, Movement
11/05/99 Scout/ Zing/ Django Haskins/ Tom O'Brien/ Darren Jessee

11/10/99 Homegrown Mojo /w/ Mark Alden/ Jim Houser/ Michelle Plano/ Nicole Strafaci/ Vlana Zahajikewyez/ DJ Pete B./ The Holy Order Of The Puppet Lodge/ Ami Goodheart's Burlesque Extravaganza

11/11/99 Eric Roscoe Amble/ Jeff Black/ Hillary Epstein/ Mary Lee's Corvette/ Blue Henderson
11/12/99 Stephen Burton/ Laura Wolf/ Organic Grooves/ Liminial/ Josef/ Nickodemus
11/13/99 The Hillary Step/ Espadrille/ Driver X/ Angie Johnson

11/17/99 Peter Bavard/ Amy Fairchild & Jo Davidson/ Jason Mitchell/ Sara Slean/ Lorraine Farro/ Freeloader

11/18/99 Neal With An "A"/ Eric Miranda/ Marc Rosenthal/ The Manhattan Heroes/ Phineas Gage/ Buck 380

11/19/99 Blackout feat. Ahmad Larnes/ Andrew Dunham/ Buffalo Sol/ Diorgen

11/20/99 Clandestine -w- Tony Jarvis & the Undercover Amma Operation/ Ohm Boy & Key Command/ Skizum Muziks

11/24/99 Ledna Naess/ Ari Hest/ Woodshed/ Gone Again/ Bobby Baier
11/25/99 CLOSED
11/26/99 Ben Fenner/ Mike Daily/ Minand/ Yuk Flats
11/27/99 Sonya Hunter/ Paul Narvaez/ Milena/ Jarrod Gorbel
11/28/99 Atlas The White Prince/ Pony Express/ Luther McGuinness/ Catherine C. Graham/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason

12/01/99 Marcus Nordenstreng/ Kristen Boyce/ D'or/ John De Rosa of Dead Leaves Rising/ Mitchell Shaffer

12/02/99 Sky Cappelletti/ Patricia Vonne/ Solera/ Mehuman Johnson/ John Carlin
12/03/99 Aquavibe/ Traciana/ Lesli Nuss/ Karen Kuhl of Sexpot
12/04/99 Karen Novy/ The Precious Things/ Paul Brill/ Curtis Eller's American Circus

12/08/99 The Bindlestiff Family Circus/ The Magic of Johnny Smoter/ Puppetry by The Hobo Show/ DJ Pete B./ Keelhaul/ Disengage/ Red Giant

12/09/99 Paul Fairall/ Meghan Cary/ Roxanne Fontanna/ Danielle Gasparo/ Picasso Jones
12/10/99 GNYC Presents: New Mexikans/ Ed Von With The Weather/ Bluesyde/ Stereotypes
12/11/99 Life In A Blender/ Alan Andrews/ Pinataland/ Brian Dewan
12/13/99 Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason
12/22/99 Stephanie St. John/ Heather Larkin/ Glo Dimes/ Monique
12/23/99 Colieve/ Deridian/ Mary Connolly
12/24/99 Closed
12/25/99 Closed

12/27/00 Lisa Dewwy/ Justin Mikulka/ Ed Gorch/ Alchemy /w/ DJ Jason/ Murder In The Park/ 4th Annual Secret Satan Gift Exchange

12/29/99 Erin Kamier/ Rene Bouchard/ Rachel Loshak/ Drazy Hoops
12/31/99 Tony Jarvis/ Marc Rosenthal/ & Manhattan Heroes/ Ninth House


06/28/00 The Orchard Presents: Eric Schwartz/ Jen Chapin/ Annie Mirogue/ Dave's True Story/ Yoav
06/29/00 Mimi Cross/ Zing/ Scout/ Travis Graves
06/30/00 Chamberlain/ Yucca Flats/ Gutbucket
07/01/00 Hillary Epstein/ Sara Harmer/ Chris Brown & Katie Fenner
07/12/00 Jude Shepard/ Leslie Nuss/ Bill Dickson/ Max Fisher Group/ J.C. Mile
07/13/00 Simon Bye/ Chris Grace/ Michael Maxwell/ Colorhouse/ Hinano/ Lowen & Navarro
07/14/00 Glen Nano/ Aida/ Yoke/ Vadim Puezner
07/15/00 Mary Perna/ Holly Ramos/ Rachhel Loshak/ Matt Chaplin/ Jarred Gorbel
07/26/00 Omri Elisha/ Will Dally/ Charlie-In-The-Box/ Kevin Brady/ Ask The Dust
07/27/00 Deridian/ Colorhouse/ Robert Hagan/ Paxton

07/28/00 Brighter Sound Collective II /w/ Burnside Project/ Somnabulants-Mahogany/ Rhudets/ Dead Leaves Rising/ Flare/ Remora

07/29/00 Teddy Crockett/ Ari Hest/ Dachs/ The Graves

08/02/00 Nank Kim/ Leslie Nuss/ Colleen Sextan/ Deb Montgomery
08/03/00 Giant Fingers/ Smoke/ Baddigo

08/04/00 An Evening At McGurk's Suicide Hall /w/ Randy Russe/ Phil/ The Tremelo Kings/ Jim Lampos/ Picker Ryan's Folly/ The Howard Fishman Quartet/ Bliss Blood and the Moonlighters/ Kate Millet

08/04/00 Curtis Eller's American Circus/ Ward White/ Flaming Fire
08/09/00 Jude Shepard/ Craig Silver/ Heath Grandon
08/10/00 The Zipper Bits/ Yoav/ Buck 380
08/11/00 Jay Pounders/ P-A-L/ Klangstable/ The Noise Guild Project/ DJ Kreig/ DJ Leach
08/12/00 Los Martires/ Del Compos/ Mich Green/ Kevin Neaubernard/ John Lardiari

08/16/00 Made In Hebrew/ Mike Daily of Whiskeytown/ The Davenports/ Immigrant & Suns/ Clarence Greenwood

08/17/00 Steve Bonge Presents: The Beatnick Artshow
08/18/00 Remy De La Roque/ Ma'shell Jones/ Chico Ramos/ Dan Brody
08/19/00 Teddy Crockett/ Winston Birch/ Rowland/ Jarrod Gorbell
08/30/00 The Precious Things/ Tom Millormich/ Stephanie & the David Band
08/31/00 Drew & the Gathering/ Colourhouse/ Candy Burger/ Theo Eastwood
09/01/00 Deridian/ Marc Rosenthal/ Theophilus aka Tony Jarvis/ Tea Lennon
09/06/00 Hawk Kim/ Exegesis/ Dacks
09/07/00 Stef Gordan/ Crazy/ Kristen Young/ Yoav/ Kate May
09/08/00 Spokane/ Cat & Edie/ Invert/ Rebecca Hall
09/09/00 Jimmy Mulhollnd/ Paul Brill/ Eyley
09/20/00 Jude Shepard/ Aimee Van Dyne/ Jason Liebmen/ K.P. Devlin/ The Apostle Of Hustle
09/21/00 Somi/ Portersville/ Kristeen Young/ Christopher Stewart/ Smoke
09/22/00 Kieth Caputo/ Roger Human Being/ Happy Halloween /w/ Dame Darly/ Flaming Fire
09/23/00 Curtis Eller's American Circus/ Puerto Mutro/ Greg Fine/ Jarrod Gorbel/ B. Blush


03/28/01 Reverend Jen/ Steven Vitiello/ Blue Kangaroo/ Alex Gifford of Propellerheads/ Indigo/ Electrophillia

03/29/01 Shannon Moore/ Ari Heaist/ Five Floor Monica/ Lard Dog & the Band of Shy/ Nerve Generator

03/30/01 Skip Wilkins/ Greg Ribot/ Jim Nalet
03/31/01 3 Stories High/ The Movement/ Venus Square/ Nori B./ Jasmine Lee/ Carmen Renee

04/04/01 David Gold/ Noah Lyon/ Vincent Marino/ Loren Mares/ Paco Proamo/ Pasqualle Reca/ Miguel Villaigbos/ Nick Warner

04/05/01 Brian Dewan/ Polygraph Lounge/ Navy/ Ahab Jeamug
04/06/01 Andrias Jones/ Billy's Kids/ Peepland/ Chris Batton/ Dan Dilego
04/07/01 Drazy Hoops/ Five O'Clock Heroes/ Abby Travis/ Botanica
04/11/01 Manuel Meta/ Duende/ Yeav/ Jason Lelbmen/ Dan Bilakeslee/ Minaslan
04/12/01 Bradford Reed/ Polygraph Lounge/ The Taco Shop Poets/ Cameron Meshell

04/13/01 Brian Vargas & !Yatsta!/ Amy Fairchild/ Kenny White/ Jonothan Spottswood/ Tristian Kromer/ H2K

04/14/01 Oskar/ Carter Little/ Roger Human Being/ Shoe
04/18/01 Emily Curtis/ M-5ive/ Coctail Angst
04/19/01 L.P. Funk/ Polygraph Lounge/ Sandra Bazerelli/ Sabina
04/20/01 Katy Clements/ Morley/ Stef Gordon/ Ariel/ Yoke

04/21/01 The Dan Emory Mystery Band/ Guiniverse/ No One Will Marry You/ Mary McBride & the Pancake Boys/ SexFresh

04/25/01 Rhythms Of Aqua/ More
04/26/01 Huge In Japan/ Professor & Maryann/ James Jewell & Shea/ Samson/ Pinataland

04/27/01 Blackout featuring JC1/ Diorgen/ Ruclyl/ Kulture Runaway/ Cat & Eddie's Writer's Block/ Rowland Stubbens/ Mike Daly/ Florence Dore

04/28/01 Django & the Irregulars/ Smitty & Witch Hunt/ Oskar/ Leslie Nuss
05/03/01 Matt Turk/ TBA/ TBA/ Fade To Black
05/04/01 TBA/ Astro Children/ TBA/ Carl Fouche/ Neal Witman 'A'/ The Flaw
05/05/01 Ivan Klipslela/ Tony Jarvis/ John Cardian/ Jarrod Gorbel
05/09/01 TBA/ Sleep Circus/ Drew & the Gathering/ TBA/ TBA/ Jessee Johnson
05/10/01 Bill Popp & the Tapes/ TBA/ TBA/ TBA/ Bee & Flower
05/11/01 Michael Maxwell/ Hothouse/ TBA/ TBA/ TBA/ TBA
05/12/01 Stacy Rose/ Deborah Sessiver/ The Fountain/ The Rooftop Cowboys/ Obergine
05/16/01 Stef Gordon/Dharts Presents: Living Things/ Mike Wexler & 4th Rome/ Ask The Dust
05/17/01 Hillary Cousins/ Robert Burke Warren/ John Pinamonti/ Josh Roy Brown/ Tim Beattie
05/19/01 Ty Cobb/ Kevin Neal Bernard/ The Banjamin Cartel/ Henry Elsesser/ D. Henry Fenton
05/23/01 Miranda Lee Richards/ Kristen Hellman/ Danielle Gasparo/ Peter Galub/ Near
05/24/01 Slim Francis/ Reverend Vince Anderson/ Christina Gibbs/ Morricone Youth
05/25/01 ?/ The Hilary Step/ 30 Days Back To Yuma/ Chauncey
05/31/01 Aquashack/ Diva Machine/ Christian Gibbs/ Pinataland/ Free Radicals
06/01/01 Hillary Epstein/ Ray Chesna/ Megan Carey/ Joey Newton Situation/ Gutbucket/ The Rooftop Cowboys

06/02/01 Donna Brophy/ The I.D.'s/ Smitty & Witch Hunt/ Aida
06/13/01 David Aklva Klein/ Josie Lenz/ Yoev
06/14/01 Cat & Eddies Writers Block /w/ Pancho's Lament/ Clare Burson/ Matt & Paxton/ Parker/ Cordell/ Hoicomb Waller/ Adam Franklin of Swervedriver

06/15/01 Freeloader/ Butz/ Invert/ Giant Fingers
06/16/01 Tim O'Brien/ Derek Buchner/ St. Felix Station/ Drazy Hoops


03/27/02 Evan Golo/ The Candy Store/ Minasian/ Bad Jack/ James Armata
03/28/02 Chris Cofoni/ The Dizie Trixies/ West/ Vida Bleu
03/29/02 Roy Campbell/ Francois Grillot/ Dee Pop/ Milford Graves/ Peter Brotzman/ William Parker
03/30/02 Michael Thimren & Kevin K. / Sputnik/ Kneival/ Winterville/ The Lovely Samoans
04/10/02 Patty's Predicament/ Mimi Cross/ Nick Thompson/ Sinem
04/11/02 Jill Giora/ Julia Darling/ Mijandra Delfino
04/12/02 Jamie Larson Thomas/ Kirstin Mainheart/ The Ittinerant Locals/ Lard Dog & The Land Of Shy

04/13/02 The First Person To See An Elephant/ Disfarmer/ Pinataland/ Kleiner's Kabala Syringe
04/17/02 KFM/ Automatic/ 2 Chicks & A Casino/ Django Haskins/ Michael Boesen
04/18/02 Luke Hendon/ The Hacksaw Boys/ Eric Underwood & Eladia
04/19/02 Lovesick Lounge /w/ Blue Sanders/ Sandy Bell/ Saturn Return/ Colorhouse/ Skywriters
04/20/02 Derwyn Monaghan/ Brian Sendrowitz & Beat Radio/ Swivel Chair/ The Novellas
04/24/02 D'or Lata/ Yoav/ Shy Noblemen/ Ben Swift
04/25/02 Steve Lanzilotta/ Chris Batton/ Keith Caputo
04/26/02 Full Moon Party /w/ Puppet/ Billie Anne/ Stella Tuesday/ Steve De La Steve/ Bad Assadors/ DJ Flowdup/ Darvis & Camille/ Faschion Show

04/27/02 Jeff Martin/ Orion/ Lianne Smith & Neil Furid/ Aida Zilelian
05/02/02 Victoria Kearns/ Dana Parrish/ Moodroom/ Godboxer/ MP Brigade
05/03/02 Jed Davis/ Qed Rowan/ Yuke/ Winterville
05/04/02 King Kenny Presents: Get Lishious/ Aishq Cohen Band/ Christina Williams/ Jamie Lilly/ Yola/ David Cope/ Joany Mendenhall/ Citizen One/ TBA/ TBA/ TBA/ Richard Holst


09/17/03 Exhibit Opening & Artists Reception for:
R. Anthony/ M. Fogarty/ S. Lee/ Melinda Maclean/ K. Markie/ E. Merriman/
S. Meyers/ S. Pham Warrick
/w/ Dave Mullen's Butta/ Supermarket!

09/18/03 Songwriters for Howard Dean /w/
Jennifer Jackson/ Andrew Vladeck/ Will Hawkins/ Block/ Jack Hardy/ Ina Mae Wool/
Tom Glynn/ Special Guests

09/19/03 Foster Family/ David Raine/ Slutty Puppet and Friends

09/20/03 Rowland Stebbins/ Eric Miranda/ John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars/
Vampire Suite/ Lily Ire


07/07/04 Josh Altman/ Big Lovely Trio
07/08/04 Brendan Liffey/ Dewey Kincaid/ Susan Gardner/ Like Yesterday/ Orphan Train
07/09/04 Jeremy Parise/ Elaine K./ Wendy LP/ Small Time Histlers
07/10/04 Roman Elsner/ Lone Kitty/ Johnny Hi-Fi/ Paul Hamner
07/14/04 Kevin Smith/ Whale Watchers/ Joshue Radlin/ Kat
07/15/04 The Local Motive/ New Druids & Dan Myers/ Shandeth/ Chris Fuller
07/16/04 GNYC Presents: Natalie Sturgis/ Jared Booty/ Multi Pass/ G.A.M.E.
07/17/04 GNYC Presents: Branna Sage/ Carla Patulio/ Allyson Faith/ Charlie Irwin/ Jason Yudoff/ Derby/ Neil Cavanaugy

07/21/04 Bill Ricchini/ Toshi Reagon & the Big Lovely Trio feat. Fried Cash & Robert 'Chicken' Burke

07/22/04 ZJ Miller/ Fixer/ D'Atlee/ Leslie Carr & The Band/ Jamey Garner
07/23/04 GNYC Presents: A Night /w/ City Canyons/ Jillian Santella/ Sara Wendt & Friends/ Jessica Satar/ Blue Muse/ Jen Elliot/ Timothy Dar/ Morgan Avenue

07/24/04 Rene Collins/ Zack Hexum/ Bright Street/ Atomic Grind Show
07/28/04 Toshi Reagan & the Big Lovely Trio
08/26/04 Titan Moon/ Stark/ Circular Ruin/ Warrior Soul/ Aquadora/ Dead City Rejects
08/27/04 GNYC Presents: 45 High/ The Atomic Missiles/ Wildbore/ Sgt. More/ Outerbridge Crossing/ One Day Left/ Down To The Sky
08/26/04 Melissa Shannon/ Michelangelo/ The Little Woman/ Jeremy Parise/ Kinion
08/28/04 Squirrels From Hell/ 8 Head/ Brightstreet/ Censor
09/01/04 Chriss Hoff/ Maya
09/02/04 Wild Bone/ Trina Brown/ The Book Was Better
09/03/04 Elizabeth Ziman/ Laurie Vaughn/ Rebecca Capua
09/04/04 Krazy Jane/ Junky/ Gregg Richards
09/08/04 Julia Rose
09/09/04 The Cardinal/ Bea/ Abigail Payne & Friends
09/10/04 Gina Holsopple/ Siden/ Love Kilty/ Swell Mob
09/11/04 Brendan Liffey & Special Guests/ The Devil's Pretty Smile/ Brian Sendrowitz/ Playing Dead


11/02/05 Grace Milo/ Lpfunk/ Jesse White/ Don Dilego (CD Release Party)
11/03/05 Delaney/ Mitchell Schaffer
11/04/05 Swivel Chair/ The Heys
11/05/05 Benefit To Help CBGB & the Victims of Hurricane Katrina /w/ Ari Heist/ Jason Trachtenburg's Proverbial Fourth Wall/ Mike Errico/ Shot/ More

11/06/05 Yann Destal/ Revel Denir/ The Jay Sharp Experience
11/07/05 Matt Ryczek/ Matthew Peverly/ Pete Schmidt/ Alchemy Gothic Lounge /w/ DJ Jason/ Dark Eden/ If Man Was Five
11/08/05 Christopher Occhialini
11/18/05 Exhibit Closeing: Broads On The Bowery




Special Thanks to the following individuals/websites/blogs/bands/organizations/etc who've knowingly or unknowingly helped in any number of ways to fill in as many of the CBGBs dates and details as possible:

Alex Smith - Flaming Pablum
Assorted Flickr.com Image Uploaders
Deena Canale - It's All The Streets You Crossed Not So Long Ago Blog
GoNightclubbing.com (Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong)
Hector's Pages
Hilly Kristal
John Holmstrom - Punk Magazine/ The Best Of Punk Magazine
New York Punk & Hardcore Archive
Steven Lee Beeber - "The Heebie-Jeebies At CBGB's"
Sean Yseult - "I'm In The Band: Backstage Notes From The Chick In White Zombie"
Sesu Coleman and Magic Tramps.com
Tim Broun - Stupefaction
Dave Marin ( for all your help with 1976 - 1979 ads and dates)
Mark L. (for the 10/31/79 Rudies/ Helen Wheels Band poster)

...and special thanks to all the bands.


Simon Morris said...

What a great piece of work. I just discovered your archive. All I can say is "Good Work Fella" I have quite a few live recordings many of which match the dates on your site, and a few more not even mentioned. Sadly I can't confirm any of the dates 100%, but I can send you them all the same if you want.

NYCDreamin said...

Hi Simon - thanks for the kind words! This was a HUGE project, very time consuming. Thankfully I had some great help along the way. I've not updated for quite some time but still plan to do so at some point - probably after summer is over when winter drives me back indoors, LOL. I'd be glad to have any list of dates you could provide - I'll try to confirm them as best I can and add them at some point soonish. My email address can be found in my "profile" info on the front page here. Please reference: RE: CBGB Concert Dates. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

HI, I just saw your CBGB's website and wanted to tell you about a couple more entries that were missed.

A band called "Missing Joe" from Boston. they are mentioned here for 3 dates, but I have 2 more to add.

CBGB's March 31, 1999 and June 30, 1999. I have recordings from both dates.

NYCDreamin said...

Hi Anonymous (11/29/14) - thanks for reading and for passing along those "Missing Joe" dates - I've added them in. Much appreciated!

Jerry said...

Hi there. Great to find your site. Have been on an ( so far unsuccessful) search for some missing flyers or ephemera from shows I was at and had a CBGB's update for your list. In a former life I was the roadie for NOFX and I noticed this show missing from your list:

8/14/88 Verbal Assault, NOFX , American Standard, Wench @CBGB’s NYC NY

I know this to be true as I was there and kept a pretty extensive and accurate itinerary and diary.

A couple funny memories from this show... nobody really knew or cared who NOFX were at the time and I remember the place had a pretty decent crowd inside but as soon as NOFX played it was like a vacuum in there...almost everyone went outside....as soon as they were over and Verbal Assault came on ...everyone came back inside. We also didn’t sell one single shirt that night....but we still had a blast.

oh and most importantly I'm desperately looking for (a jpg) of a flyer / poster / Advertisement or any kind of photos that may exist for this show so please post it if you've got it.


Anonymous said...

I see at leas tone show that I was at, 2/27/88.

It's not listed, but i went to the show the night before also(2/26/88). I don't recall every band, but I do know that Roger Miller(from Mission Of Burma doing his electric piano thing) and a band called Dumptruck played.

Ken S said...

Wow, thanks for collecting/posting all of this.

I am thinking about doing some analysis on on this data (my idea of fun), and am wondering - do you have this info collected in any other format? I can scrape data from this website, but if it's already in a spreadsheet of some kind, that might save me some data processing steps....

BTW - I found this site by looking for a Suicidal Tendencies show I saw there in the mid-80's. ST doesn't appear anywhere in the list - so there are some holes for sure, but no shocker there. I did find 08/31/86 JFA show I was at, so that was fun to find.

NYCDreamin said...

Hi Ken S.
Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. Please feel free to analyze this all you like. This is it - no spreadsheet or any other version of this data available. As to future updates with additional info - there will likely be no further updates to this CBGB project as I have basically "shut down" ThisAintTheSummerOfLove as of early March 2016 - I have just run out of steam for this almost 8 year chunk of my life and am looking forward to moving on to other things. The website will remain online as is but I have stopped adding new content.

Evan said...

Thanks for posting this great information. One added piece of info - "Motor City Review" on 03/08/78 with The Traitors and The Pigs also had the all-black group "The Niggers" -- explaining "THE *******" on the scan from that advertisement.