Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Brief Metal Update From The Land Of The Rising Sun

Got an email update and some photos from one of our old headbanging partners in crime, Jeff G., who has been living and working in Japan for several years now. Jeff and I go way back to the early-mid 1980's when we were both into astronomy, model kits and early Venom records. It's always nice to find out what kind of crazy shit he's into at the moment. Here's the latest...

"Went to a show last week, thought I'd share with you. Had about 6 different bands, mainly from Hokkaido. The best one is from Sapporo called "Maverick". Very old school. Straight up metal sound. Got to talk with the lead singer/guitar player a little bit. They seem to be playing somewhere around here every weekend, so I'll definitely check them out again. (Can you pick me out in the crowd shot? just look for the white guy!!)

11/03/12 Maverick @ Pigsty (J. Gruetze)
11/03/12 Maverick with fans at the Pigsty, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
(All photos courtesy Jeff Gruetze)

"The band I'd really like to tell you about is from Osaka, "Galmet." Another all-girls band, this one has a bit more edge than Aldious. And, I'm actually getting to know this band. I've traded several e-mails with the lead singer Miki, and got to meet and hang out with everyone the night before the show. Very cool! Hopefully some day I'll be able to get down to Osaka and see them on their home turf."

11/03/12 Galmet (J. Gruetze)
Jeff with Galmet.

11/03/12 Galmet (Ruki/Ama) (J. Gruetze)
Ruki/ Jeff/ Ama

11/03/12 Galmet (Miki)(J. Gruetze)
Jeff / Miki

11/03/12 Galmet Setlist (at Pigsty)
Galmet's 11/03/12 setlist

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Jefuemon said...

heh, heh, never knew I'd be playing reporter!

Anyone interested in picking up their music, Galmet can be found here

and Maverick here

try not to faint at the price, that's average for a CD in Japan.

If Amazon is high on the shipping, try using a proxy like Celga their shipping might be a little cheaper.

Both bands really rock, and I look forward to seeing them again.

Jeff, AKA Jefuemon