Saturday, October 20, 2012

One For The Must See List: "Texxas Jam '78" (2012)

I've long agonized over not being old enough to have attended this one, from my standpoint what must have been one of the most amazing days of rock and roll in the entire decade of the 1970's. Stumbled across the documentry trailer (below) this past week while slumming around Youtube looking for something completely unrelated. The movie here is called "Texxas Jam '78," an Archway Pictures production released earlier this summer. IMDb lists release date as 07/04/12

Texas World Music Festival 1978 (day 1) (aka) Texxas Jam II - 1978
@ The Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX
/w/ Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush/ Aerosmith/ Ted Nugent/ Heart/ Journey/ Head East/ Atlanta Rhythm Section/ Eddie Money/ Van Halen/ Walet Eagan/ Blackstone/Cheech & Chong

Tickets: $13.00
Attendance: 100,000+
High Temperature: 104*

Additional footage...for such a monster show there is, surprisingly, very little available.

Ch. 8 T.V. News (Dallas, TX) Report /w/ Van Halen footage

Heart (Fan produced video)
Video uploader/creator, "Necrocosmicannibal," describes the Heart video:
"This is a video I put together of Heart Live at the 1978 Texxas World Music Festival (Texxas Jam) with a slideshow of pictures and memorabilia I collected from the web of the show. Only 5 of the photos are mine, as denoted by 'JD' in the bottom right. The rest of the photos are from the web - special thanks to the owners of those. The audio is from an old cassette tape of mine I had recorded later that year from Dallas/Ft.Worth radio station KZEW - The Zoo."

Aerosmith (full set including "Milk Cow Blues" /w/ Ted Nugent)
 (Aerosmith "Texxas Jam '78" VHS - 1988)

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Terry Sibley said...

You are absolutely right. Probably the greatest rock show ever on a single stage. I was there. I was 20 years old at the time. I'm 57 at this posting. I will never forget it.