Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old Postcards From New York City To Back Home #46: Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan Skyline

NYC Postcard - Brooklyn Bridge and Skyline (Front)

NYC Postcard - Brooklyn Bridge and Skyline (Reverse)
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

Sent to:
The Johnson Family, Minneapolis, MN


Card Reads:
"Dear Family, Well I have been a [?] for exactly eighteen months today and I guess I still being a [?]. The most recent [?] for promotions went up to and included 1 May. My date of rank is of 5 May so I missed it by only four days and I guess a miss is as good as a mile. Well anyway, at least I can look forward to a discharge which should come through at least by 1 December. [Crossed out line - As soon as I get some definate word on it.] I will surely let you know as soon as I get some definate word on it. It is rumored that I will be sent to the Great Lakes discharge and if I do I surely hope that I will get time to see Dick while I am there. I took Sunday evening dinner at the officers club here at the base and had a delicious broiled lobster dinner. Love Bob.

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TF Cornerstone said...

Even as we race toward the future, these reminders of the past are a candid look into the past. This postcard, though a routine lost knick-knack to some is actually a precious memory for one of the oldest cities in the United States.