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Modin's Rockin' Recollections #5: Nov. 15-16-17, 1991 - 98Rock Livestock II Festival @ Zephyr Hills, FL

06-11-11 Metal Modin

Yes, folks, you've come to know the face of the apparently hearing damaged individual above. And you know when that face appears here it means it's that time again...whether you want it or not...for our weekly trip down rock and roll memory lane for yet another installment of Modin's Rockin' Recollections. Last week Modin discussed his memories of attending the 1992 98Rock Livestock III Festival in Zephyr Hills, FL. This week we travel back, once again to Zephyr Hills, this time for the 2nd Annual 98Rock Livestock II Festival. Here's our ticket...

Troy's Tickets (11-15,16,17-91 Livestock II @ Zepherhills, Florida)

98 Rock Livestock II Festival
@ Zephyr Hills, FL
/W/ Soundgarden/Galactic Cowboys/Savatage/Don Dokken/Dangerous Toys/The Scream/Saigon Kick/Asphalt Ballet/Delores Telescope/Factory Black/Men From Earth/Bobby Friss/St. Warren/McQueen Street/Tall Stories/Heartless/Four Horsemen/Uncle Sally/Bleeding Hearts/Stranger/White Trash

...and now...the man with the 411 on what exactly went on during that crazy rockin' and no doubt sun-filled Florida weekend 20 years friend and yours...Modin!

... and that concludes today's episode. We hope you'll join us again at this same time next week for another of Modin's Rockin' Recollections.

One From The Archives: 10/31/07 Ozzy Osbourne/ Rob Zombie/ In This Moment @ Target Center, Minneapolis, MN

10-31-07 Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie/In This Moment @ Target Center, Mpls, MN (Poster - Top)
10-31-07 Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie/In This Moment @ Target Center, Mpls, MN (Poster - Bottom)
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

10-31-07 Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie/In This Moment @ Target Center, Mpls, MN (Ticket)
*Thanks to my buddy "337" for the ticket. He went to the show...I stayed home and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters.

10-31-07 Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie/In This Moment @ Target Center, Mpls, MN (A-List)

One From The Archives: 10/31/05 VH1/Metal Mania Stripped Across America Tour @ Myth, Maplewood, MN

10-31-05 Metal Mania Stripped Across America Tour, Maplewood, MN
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

10/31/05 Metal Mania "Stripped" @ Myth, Maplewood, MN

One From The Archives: 10/31/02 Impaler/ Rip Snorter/ God-Awful @ Turf Club, St. Paul, MN

10-31-02 Impaler/Rip Snorter/God-Awful @ Turf Club, St. Paul, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

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10/26/11 Lazarus A.D. Destroy In Return To Station 4 In St. Paul, MN

10-26-11 Warbringer/Lazarus AD/Landmine Marathon/Diamond Plate @ Station 4, St. Paul, MN (Top)

10-26-11 Warbringer/Lazarus AD/Landmine Marathon/Diamond Plate @ Station 4, St. Paul, MN (Bottom)
(Image and video NYCDreamin Archives)

I managed to make it out on Wednesday evening this week for an evening of crushing musical brutality served up on a bill featuring five...count 'em FIVE bands...for only $10.00! Not a bad deal at all by any estimation. Of course the band that brought me out was Lazarus A.D., the only band on the bill I can say I was really familiar with. But I was about to get an up close crash course on the others.

I arrived just after the doors had opened and a crowd of maybe 150-200 were milling about, waiting for the music to start. Soon, a band not listed on the flyer (above) took the stage. I never did catch their name either...but I was sufficiently interested enough in the band and their female lead vocalist to film one song by them...check it out...

I really do wish I had caught the name of the band. They seemed to go over well enough with the crowd. Of course, one drunk asshole couldn't contain himself...after their first song (not the song you just watched there), you heard from the rear of the crowd, "Take it OFFFF!!!" He apparently didn't understand this chick wasn't up there trying to be Britney Aguilera or some shit like that.

Anyway...the next band up was Diamond Plate. They're from Chicago. They play straight up thrash metal and they do it intensely and pretty damn well...I was impressed. Check 'em out.

Next up were a Phoenix hardcore band called Landmine Marathon. This was the first time I'd heard of them. They came out...and for the second time in the evening we were witness to another, more than capable female fronting a seriously seriously heavy band. It was kinda cool to see and hear for a change actually. I found this band to be all right I guess, but I was getting pretty psyched up for the next band, Kenosha, Wisconsin natives Lazarus A.D., whose members were now visibly circulating around the club, having a few beers with friends and fans. I stepped out for a smoke near the end of Landmine's set and actually ran into Lazarus A.D. bassist/vocalist Jeff Paul Paulick coming down the sidewalk. I said hello and he was cool and stopped for a couple minutes. I asked him if the band was gonna tour again after the Warbringer tour ends in a couple of weeks. He said they were going to Japan for a few weeks in November and then they were taking some much needed time off (The tour with Warbringer is the band's third U.S. road trek this year
) followed - possibly - by some recording after the holidays. A few minutes later I stubbed out my smoke and we both headed inside. He said to enjoy the show as he disappeared to get ready, I assured him I would do just that.

Landmine Marathon finished up their punishing set and a few minutes later the members of Lazarus A.D. appeard on the stage and began setting up their gear as the members of Landmine began to take theirs down and remove it from the stage. It should be noted each band on this evening did this - they brought their own gear out, set it up themselves for the most part, and then took it down after their set. Things ran pretty smoothly too. Lazarus A.D. were the 4th band on stage since just after 7:15pm, it was now just after 9:30pm. They signaled the sound guy they were ready to go. The lights went off...and was on!

Trough Your Eyes

Thou Shall Not Fear

Absolute Power

Light A City (Up In Smoke)

At around this point in the set the band also played another tune from their newest CD, the title track, "Black Rivers Flow." It is a great song and live it was even better. But because sometimes I'm an idiot...I managed to get my camera on "Record/Standby" mode for most of the song before I realized what I'd done. So, regretfully, that song is not included here. I got my shit together and did caputure the rest of the show without any further fuck-ups though...

Last Breath

The Ultimate Sacrifice


...and then it was done. Seemed a bit short for a co-headliner set to me...but when you have 5 bands on the bill...I guess. This being the third time I've seen these guys in just under 3 years, I thought they sounded great and gave it hell. The crowd, at this point numbering maybe 300 people, seemed to really get into it so that was cool. As soon as they finished up they began their tear-down as the members of the evening's headliner, Warbringer, appeared on the stage and began to set their stuff up. I'd never really seen them before and they looked like a bunch of seriously heavy dudes.

Maybe 20 minutes passed, if that, and when the lights went out for the final time, Warbringer were welcomed to the stage with an amazingly spirited display of fanaticism and loyalty from their local fans who seemed to be a rather rabid bunch, just chomping at the bit to have a few go-rounds in a pit while their band destroyed up on stage. And that they did...the kids raged on the floor and the band raged on stage. It was pretty powerful music...not for the meek. Not that any this particular evening's music was.

I hung around for about a half-hour of Warbringer's set and then, regretfully decided it was tme to call it an evening. You know the story by now...a 45-minute drive home from St. Paul, followed by a 4:30am wake-up call for work on Thursday morning. I think if this show had been on a Friday or Saturday evening, I would have stayed till the end. But, as it was, I'd seen the band I'd come to see. They had kicked much ass and I had been suitably impressed that not one band on the bill had sucked. Which, as you doubtlessly know...if you've been to enough shows that HAVE had bands on the bill that DO always a nice thing.

One From The Archives: 10/29/04 Type O Negative/ Amorphis @ The Quest, Mineapolis, MN

10-29-04 Type O Negative/Amorphis @ The Quest, Minneapolis, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Tonight! 10/29/11 Division Nine/ Dan Lee @ McKinney's, Benson, MN

10-29-11 Division Nine @ McKinney's, Benson, MN (Version II)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

And now...a word from our friends Division Nine...

"Join us this Saturday as we unleash our ghouly looks and rockin sounds on Scotty's (McKinney's) bar in Benson MN. Get there early as Professional Hypnotist Dan Lee will blow your mind, and REALLY brainwash you into loving us! Dan starts @ 7:30pm, we go on @ 9:00pm. look forward to seeing you all!"

Visit Division Nine on Facebook for more details.

Tonight! 10/29/11 American Head Charge/ Wrecking Day/ Gabriel and the Apocalypse/ Whither The Tide/ Burn Fetish @ Primetime, Burnsville, MN

10-29-11 American Head Charge @ Burnsville, MN is reporting that the recently reactivated Minneapolis industrial-hardcore unit American Head Charge were gathered in a Cleveland, OH recording studio on Monday, October 24 to record some material, including a cover of Patti Smith's "Rock And Roll Nigger," for a planned upcoming FREE digital EP to be released by the end of the year.

The band have also been out on the road recently. Tonight A.H.C. headline a multi-band, Halloween home-coming show at Primetime in Burnsville, MN.

Monday, October 24, 2011

This Saturday Night - 10/29/11 - In Celebration Of All Hallow's Eve, Division Nine To Play Satan's Music @ McKinney's, Benson, MN

10-29-11 Division Nine @ McKinney's, Benson, MN (Version II)
(Flyer Design: NYCDreamin Archives)

Visit Division Nine on Facebook for more details...

Modin's Rockin Recollections #4: 10/24 & 25/92 98 Rock Livestock III @ Zephyr Hills, FL

06-11-11 Metal Modin

Welcome to yet another edition of Modin's Rockin' Recollections - episode number 4. This week our Man On A Mission To Rock, you know him as Modin, will discuss some early 90's Florida-style radio station Rock Festival schenanigans...

Troy's Tickets (10-24&25-92 Livestock III @ Zepherhills, Florida)
(Images and video: The Troy Modin Collection via NYCDreamin Archives)

10/24 & 25/92
98 Rock Livestock III @ Zephyr Hills, FL
/W/ Lynyrd Skynyrd/ 92/ Jackyl/ Lynch Mob/ Life Sex Death/ Trouble/ Every Mothers Nightmare/ U.R.O.K./ Secret Service/ Stineherat Moon/ Copperhead/ Stranger/ Young Turk/ Heartless/Love Junkies/ Deeforce/ Spread Eagle/

...and just what was all that action like? Let's ask the man who was there...the man who had the coolest lunchbox in the whole 3rd grade back in 1978 and still has the coolest Cheap Trick cap in town now...the Rockin Recollector.....ModiiiiiiiiiiNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Tonight! 10/24/11 Cavalera Conspiracy/ Otep/ Earth Crisis/ Nuisance @ Station 4, St. Paul, MN

10-24-11 Cavalera Conspiracy/Otep/Earth Crisis/Nuisance @ St. Paul, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

One From The Archives: 10/24/83 Twisted Sister/ Queensryche @ The Paradise, Boston, MA

10-24-83 Twisted Sister/Queensryche @ Boston, MA
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

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Scene On The Sidewalk (And In The CD Shop) - Decomposing Birds Edition

I spotted this unfortunate fellow in the rock garden next to the sidewalk outside my building yesterday...

10-22-11 Decomposed Bird - Chaska, MN
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

...and a then, bit later in the evening while we were browsing at Cheapo Records in Minneapolis we came across this CD with a very similar image on the cover...

Psyche 'The 11th Hour' CD (2005)

One From The Archives: 10/23/06 Joan Jett & the Blackhearts/ Eagles Of Death Metal/ Valient Thorr @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

10-23-06 Joan Jett/Eagles Of Death Metal/Valiant Thorr @ First Avenue, Minneapolis (Poster - Top)
10-23-06 Joan Jett/Eagles Of Death Metal/Valiant Thorr @ First Avenue, Minneapolis (Poster - Bottom)
(Images via NYCDReamin Archives)

10-23-06 Joan Jett/Eagles Of Death Metal/Valiant Thorr @ First Avenue, Minneapolis (Ad)

After 30 Years In Business In Minneapolis, Shorty & Wags Original Chicken Wings & Ribs To Close October 30th

10-22-11 Shorty & Wags Chicken Wings & Ribs, Minneapolis, MN
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

The Gorgeous One had been asking me to take her out for the supposedly delicious chicken wings at Shorty & Wags (3753 Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis) for quite some time now. We had finally stopped by one evening earlier this summer when we happend to be in the neighborhood and upon our arrival were quite disappointed to find the place closed up for a few weeks while the owners took some vacation time. We made it a point to stop back again soon. I'd never eaten there, but the Gorgeous One has been eating there since she was a kid and swears they make the best chicken wings on the planet. Myself, I'm not a big fan of the chicken wing. Bones. Grease. Veins. All that other...crap. Too messy and not enough meat for all your effort. But she was adament - and I promised her we'd make it back soon and I'd at least give it a shot.

A few days ago she alerted me, in a near panic, that word was making the rounds on Facebook that after 30 years in business, Shorty & Wags is closing at the end of October. A quick phone call confirmed this bad news. Seems "Shorty" is "retiring," moving to Northern Minnesota to open a new place up there in a small town called Longville. So, upon learning this bad news, we decided we'd better trek into Minneapolis last evening for one last visit to the place before they close up shop.

10-22-11 Shorty & Wags Chicken Wings & Ribs, Minneapolis, MN

10-22-11 Shorty & Wags Chicken Wings & Ribs, Minneapolis, MN

The rumors are true. Signage all over the store reminded patrons they better get all the wings they can while the gettin' is good. You have one week left...

10-22-11 Shorty & Wags Chicken Wings & Ribs, Minneapolis, MN

As soon as we walked in I realized just what this southern Minneapolis neighborhood was about to lose with the closure of the place. At 7:00pm, customers were, at times, lined up about a dozen deep at the register while others who had alread ordered waited patiently for their food at the old-school, faded yellow lunch counter with battered, well used swivel-type stools. The Gorgeous One informed me the place had not changed at all since the first time she ate there many years ago. I immediately fell in love with the the plain, "non fanciness" of the place.

10-22-11 Shorty & Wags Chicken Wings & Ribs, Minneapolis, MN

And it smells really good in there too! Like a spicy chicken exploded back in the kitchen or something. I was kind of bummed there would be no ribs though. Seems with the place closing soon and all, they're running their stock down. Pretty much you got Chicken Wings and your choice of sides. They didn't even have any soda available for purchase. But you could buy the Pepsi machine for $500.00. After we placed our order and took our number ticket (#41) we sat down at the counter and waited for our food. I killed the time taking a few photos and marvelling at the understated, unmistakable 70's vibe of the place. The Gorgeous One sat, dreamily waiting for her wings, recounting some of her previous visits to the place with her family when she was younger.

10-22-11 Shorty & Wags Chicken Wings & Ribs, Minneapolis, MN

It's this kind of place...

10-22-11 Shorty & Wags Chicken Wings & Ribs, Minneapolis, MN

I got the impression that if you got to the front of the order line and then still didn't know what you wanted and made any of the customers behind you wait any longer things could get ugly and that you might be sent off without any wings at all...kinda like a chicken wings version of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

10-22-11 Shorty & Wags Chicken Wings & Ribs, Minneapolis, MN

After about 10 minutes or so we heard "Number 41!" That was us. We stood up and grabbed our order and, taking one last glance behind us, headed out the door to walk down the block to where we had parked our car - climbed in the car and decided to sit and eat our meal right there on 36th Street. We opened our to-go boxes and this is the warm, delicious smelling sight that greeted us...

10-22-11 Shorty & Wags Chicken Wings

I began to hesitantly pick one of my wings apart in the really sad way that I do so and after a few bites I agreed with the Gorgeous One - the wings were really good. all wings are...a big pain in the ass to pick all the crap away to get to the little bit of meat. I managed to eat 3 of them, enjoying each bite, before I gave up in disgust at the greasy mess my hands were becoming. I was thinking to myself, "Thank god for the man who invented processed chicken." (I know, I know. I'm pathetic.) I decided I'd concentrate on the just-as-delicious seasoned french fries. Dipped in some Ranch dressing...they were out of this world.

The only sounds eminating from my lovely dining companion were the smacking of her lips and "Mmmmm," and "MMMMMMM!" It was quite obvious from her silence she was enjoying each and every bite of what will soon be, for her and all those other chicken wing lovers in south Minneapolis, just another fading memory...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Limited Edition Joseph Holmes CBGB Images Now Available Exclusively Through

From the TATSOL email inbox...

Hello from We noticed your past coverage of CBGB's and thought you and your readers might be interested in two new editions we're releasing from photographer Joseph O. Holmes this Wednesday, timed roughly with the 5th anniversary of the club's closing. is an online art retailer, and we sell exclusive, limited-edition art by established and emerging artists. Joe Holmes' CBGB photograph series was shot in 2006, and we are now offering two prints from the series, for sale exclusively on our site. The editions to be released on Wednesday, October 19th are: CBGB (Register) and CBGB (Stage).

(Images copyright by Joseph O. Holmes - Used with kind permission.)

Lensman Joseph Holmes recently had the following to say regarding the time he spent photographing some of the final days of the iconic venue's existence...

"In September 2006, I spent ten days shooting the interior of legendary NYC rock club CBGB. Six weeks later the club closed its doors forever, and the fabled walls and stage were dismantled. A year after that, as former owner Hilly Kristal succumbed to cancer, a high-end clothing store negotiated to take over the space.

The club had been a favorite venue for countless rock and punk acts, but for those few days in 2006, my experience of the club was the exact opposite of most people's. I came to look forward to my visits as a time of peaceful solitude. I arrived each morning at 11:00 with my tripod and camera, greeted Hilly at his desk, and then passed into a silent and empty club. During the following three to five hours of shooting, I rarely saw another human. The club was so dark, even during the day, that I had to carry a flashlight. After framing each shot, I took five to seven bracketed exposures, with each exposure lasting as long as thirty seconds, and I ended up with more than 1800 individual frames.

And that's how I came to spend hour after hour sitting stock still in CBGB, alone in the dark among the empty beer bottles and broken guitar strings and abandoned drum sticks, waiting in the silence for the shutter to close."

Each of these spectacular images are available in 4 different size configurations ranging from 8"x10" up to 24"x30" - each size issued in limited editions:

Size 8"X10" - limited to 100 each.
Size 11"X14" - limited to 500 each.
Size 16"X20" - limited to 50 each.
Size 24"X30" - limited to 10 each.

You can also specify framed or unframed...your choice.

Christmas is just around the corner. You know there's some punk on your naughty list that would love one of these. For full ordering details and to grab up your very own piece of stunning Bowery nostalgia before they sell out, please visit

One From The Archives:10/20 - 25/69 The Who perform "Tommy" @ Fillmore East, NYC, NY

(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

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Plenty Of New York City Imagery In The Latest Music Video From Evanescence

Can't say I'm overy familiar with Evanescence and their music. I'm certainly aware of them, yes, and have heard maybe half a dozen of their songs over the past few years. But I don't know enough of their material well enough to really comment on it. I'll give it this: what I have heard does has its moments. That being said, I happened to catch their latest video, "What You Want" earlier today and was pleased to see plenty of New York City images throughout. Again, can't really speak for the song - not horrible and not amazing either - just not my thing really. has over 5 and a half MILLION views in the past what do I know?!? Enjoy...

New York City Images As Album/CD Cover Art #40: Kiss "Dressed To Kill" (1975)

Kiss Dressed To Kill (1975)
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Artist: Kiss
Title: Dressed To Kill
Released: 03/19/75
Photography: Bob Gruen says...

"On the final day of recording [Dressed To Kill], photographer Bob Gruen came in to shoot the cover photograph of the band, featuring Gene in arty clogs! This has become the classic photograph of the band resplendent in their street clothes and standing on a New York City street corner outside of the Port Authority subway station on 8th Avenue and 23rd Street, near to their old rehearsal loft."

One From The Archives: 10/19/08 Yngwie Malmsteen @ House Of Blues, Chicago, IL

10-19-08 Yngwie Malmsteen @ HOB, Chicago, IL
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Three years ago today my friend "337" hopped on a Greyhound bus and went to Chicago to see Yngwie Malmsteen tear it up at the House Of Blues. Of course I was invited. Unfortunately, I was unable to take any time off from work on short notice, so I was unable to attend. "337" said, upon his return, that the show was spectacular and that I should have been there. Yeah...I was thinking the same thing!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Sunday Evening Sermon Of Savage Aural Brutality: 10/16/11 Anthrax/ Testament/ Death Angel @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

10/16/11 Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Ad)
City Pages Ad (4.5" x 5.5")
(Images and video: NYCDreamin Archives)

10/16/11 Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Poster - Top)
10/16/11 Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Poster - Bottom)
Record Store Flyer (11" X 17" - Yellow Stock)

10-16-11 Anthrax @ 1st Avenue, Mpls, MN (Top)
10-16-11 Anthrax @ 1st Avenue, Mpls, MN (Bottom)
Venue Poster (Anthrax Only - 11" X 17" - Color)

10-16-11 Anthrax Pass Key, Mpls, MN
Anthrax - Venue Security Key

10/16/11 Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Ticket)
Event Ticket

I'm not gonna go on and on about this show - the video will speak for itself. It was an almost painfully loud yet completely awesome evening. Suffice it to say that on Sunday night, three 80's era thrash metal bands, each still relavent, each still recording and each still better than most of the bands of their genere that have come in their wake, managed to pack a sold out crowd of around 1,300 into the legendary First Avenue mainroom for an evening of old school thrash metal classics and some new tunes that will no doubt someday be considered classics as well.

Concord, CA based Death Angel kicked things off in grand blastin' style with an unfortunately short set of around only 6 tunes. This was the first time I've seen them and they sounded great and seemed to be playing for all they were worth...which is what one should attempt do when they know Testament will be taking the stage later in the evening. It's nice to be able to report that Death Angel are one of the better "opening acts" I've seen in quite some time. Saving camera battery for Testament, I only filmed two songs from Death Angel. This one is from their latest's called "Relentless Revolution."

After just one or two more tunes Death Angel finished up their set and were rewarded with a very strong and supportive response from the Minneapolis metal masses. I'm sure they will be back around here soon based on the positive crowd reaction. The stage crew went to work immediately and around 20 minutes later the lights went out and the part of the evening I was waiting for so impatiently for the past few weeks had finally arrived.

Those of you who have been reading here for any length of time are well aware that I'm rather fond of a sedate little San Francisco combo called TESTAMENT. As the lights went down and the sold out First Avenue crowd erupted and surged closer to the stage to get closer to the action, I hunkered down in my spot on the wall on the left side of the room and waited for the frenzy to begin. As the intro music finished up and the band appeared on the stage and took up their positions, a sizzling electric chill ran down my spine as the anticipation of what was about to occour reached it's zenith. And then...there they were! And with a hellishly gutteral bellow from vocalist Chuck Billy signaling it was time, the band launched into the first of their 13 songs of the evening: "The Preacher."

When that's just the first KNOW you're about to get your ass stomped! And that is exactly what happened as the band ripped through an hour-plus set of old and new material. The classics sounded great as ever and the newer songs...well...this isn't the same Testament they were back in 1987. The newer tracks are just uncompromisingly viscious. Volume at maximum stun level and making it all look so easy, Testament steamrolled on:

The New Order/ The Persecuted Won't Forget/ Envy Life/ Over The Wall/ Souls Of Black/ Into The Pit/ Electric Crown/ Henchmen Ride/ More Than Meets The Eye/ D.N.R.

...and as they pounded along towards the end of their set, this is what things were sounding and looking like: Chaos!

"Three Days In Darkness"

Then...there was just one more song left. I found myself wanting Anthrax to take the night off and for Testament to rage on for hours...but it was not to be. All good things must come to an end and THIS is how you end a show!

How do you follow that?!?

Apparently with an extended set change!

I figured, based on how quick the set change between Death Angel and Testament had gone, the same would be the case for the down-time between Testament and Anthrax. Wrong-o! It took forever. Must have been around a 45 minute delay between bands. Several times during the break in the action chants of "Anthrax! Anthrax!" broke out throught the crowd. Finally...after WAY too long of a wait...the lights dimmed once again and the crowd pushed up as close as possible as Anthrax came out and began their set which consisted of several tunes from their new CD "Worship Music" as well as a handfull of their 80's era classics.

Fight 'Em, Till You Can't/ Caught In A Mosh/ Madhouse/ Anti-Social/ I'm Alive/ The Devil You Know/ Indians/ Got The Time/

"In The End"

By this point in the evening my ass was literally falling asleep from sitting in one spot for way too long. Additionally, I WAS enjoying Anthrax's set, especially the fact they were giving material from their new album a chance in a live setting. But, as you can hear from the videos here...they were not quite killing it like Testament had done earlier in the evening. Nobody should have to follow those guys! While the rest of the room seemed to be in an Anthrax induced "State Of Euphoria," I was finding their set to be enjoyable but a bit anti-climactic. I figured by this point they had to be just about ready to wrap things up after just a few more songs and call it an evening, so I got a jump start on that and decided to call it an evening myself. I hopped down from my perch, made my way through the outer-rim mosh-pit madness occuring on the floor and a few minutes later, with my ears ringing like something that rings...I was making my way out the door and headed for home.

As I piled into the car for the ride home all I could think was "Man, I hope Testament comes back again...and SOON!" I know they will...but it won't bee soon enough for me. As I write this, two days later, I'm already ready to see them again!

*You can watch ALL the video from this show over on our Youtube page.

*City Pages reviewed the show and were a bit more kind to Anthrax. Read it HERE.