Thursday, April 28, 2011

One From The Archives: 04/28 - 29 - 30/06 New England Metal & Hardcore Festival @ The Palladium, Worcester, MA

04/29 & 30/06 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest @ Worcester, MA
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

One From The Archives: 04/28/05 Velvet Revolver/Hoobastank @ Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN

04/28/05 Velvet Revolver/Hoobastank @ St. Paul, MN
(Image via: NYCDReamin Archives)

04/27/11 R.I.P. Dag Stokke - Keyboards, TNT

(Image via VGNett)

Dag Stokke, keyboardist with long running Norwegian hard rockers TNT, lost his battle with cancer early yesterday (Wednesday, April 27). He was 44 years old.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes To Ace Frehley

1998 Ace Frehley
Ace Frehley circa 1998.
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Somehow, most of yesterday managed to slip by me before I remembered it was Ace Frehley's Birthday (he turned 60 years old). So we'd like to be the only site to wish the Spaceman a, uh..."Happy Day After Your Birthday!"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New York City Images As Album/CD Cover Art #14: Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue/Kuhn's Symphony For Blues (1958)

1958 Geoge Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue/Joseph Kuhn's Symphony For Blues LP
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

(A) George Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue
*The Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra conducetd by Hans Jurgen Walther

(B) Joseph Kuhn's Symphony For Blues
*The Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra conducetd by Heinrich Alster

Released: 1958
Cover Art: Joe Krush

One From The Archives: 04/27/06 Blue Oyster Cult @ Ameristar Casino, St. Charles, MO

Blue Oyster Cult @ St. Charles, MO (Top)
04/27/06 Blue Oyster Cult @ St. Charles, MO (Bottom)
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

04/25/11 - R.I.P. Poly Styrene

(Image Via)

BBC News (and several of our Facebook friends) are reporting this morning that former X-Ray Spex founder and vocalist and multi-talented solo artist Poly Styrene passed away yesterday at the age of 53 due to complications from Cancer.

A Tune For Tuesday: Queen "Flash/The Hero" (06/05/82 - Milton Keynes Bowl, England)

From the "Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl" DVD (released in 2004), this was filmed during the band's 1982 "Hot Space" tour. When the band hits the stage, it only takes a second to realize this is gonna be a seriously kick-ass show...

One From The Archives: 04/26/03 Soulfly/Sworn Enemy/E-Town Concrete @ The Quest, Minneapolis, MN

04/26/03 Soulfly/Sworn Enemy/E-Town Concrete @ Minneapolis, MN (Top)
04/26/03 Soulfly/Sworn Enemy/E-Town Concrete @ Minneapolis, MN (Bottom)
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Before It Was First Avenue...

We'd like to thank to photographer Stephen Cysewski for allowing us to reprint these great, pre-First Avenue "Uncle Sams" photos. The images date to around 1979/1980.

Some info on the buildings history from Wikipedia:

Built in 1937 as a Greyhound bus station (click HERE to see a photo of the building's original incarnation as the Greyhound Station circa 1960), The Depot, as it was called, was noted for its art deco style and amenities of air conditioning, shower rooms, and public telephones. The floor inside was a checkered terrazzo, while the sidewalk was made of shiny blue bricks with white trim.

The club got its start when the twenty-seven year old owners, Danny Stevens and Allan Fingerhut opened the doors for the very first time on April 3, 1970 to showcase a two set evening with Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen. In July of 1972, the venue was renamed Uncle Sam's and was part of a national franchise of the American Events Company. Along with Allan Fingerhut, Danny Stevens, Steve McClellan, Dan Lessard and Jack Meyers, the club's financial manager, took control in 1979, shortening the club's name to Sam's. With progressive rock making way for disco, the club name was changed to First Avenue on New Years Eve in 1981.

I asked Stephen for a quote concerning his memories of taking the photos, he had this to say in response to my question:

"I was visiting my father and went to Minneapolis and walked around while he was working. Just spent a couple days. In a way the photographs are really a continuation of the photographs that I took in the Seattle and Tacoma area, I was looking for real places with personality. What I took resonated with me visually. I was not really aware of the musical significance until later when I saw Purple Rain."

Flavor Flav Flies The Fried Chicken Coop

(Image Via)

Back in January, we reported that Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav was partnering with investors to open a Flav's Fried Chicken Shack in Clinton, IA. Big things were expected for the franchise, maybe even a chain of FFC's (Flav's Fried Chickens) around the country. Now it seems the wheels have fallen off the cart, with the NY Daily News reporting yesterday that Flav is pulling his name from the venture after just several months in business.

According to the Daily News story, Flav had this 411 on why he is getting out of the fried chicken business:

"Let me be straight up with you, I went inside there on April 2 and found potato salad that expired on February 28. And it's then when I realized I cant do business with this man and I really hope no one ate those potatoes."

Click the NY Daily News link above to get the full story on this earth-shattering development...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Suggested Reading: "Summer at Tiffany" by Marjorie Hart (2007)

Summer at TiffanySummer at Tiffany by Marjorie Hart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A fun and enjoyable little book. In "Summer at Tiffany" by Marjorie Hart, the author recalls her memories of the summer of 1945 - the year she along with her freind and fellow Iowan, Marty Garrett, travelled to New York City to spend the summer in Manhattan. With a lucky connection and some persaverance in the face of slight adversity, the girls soon found themselves working as the first female employees on the sales floor at the world famous Tiffany and Co. on East 57th Street.

This is the tale of two midwest born and raised young women on the loose n New York City and the things they experienced. Of course they were interested in obtaining some male companionship in the form of some respectful Military men, and of course, being the good looking gals they were, they easily scored themselves a pair of dashing sailors who escorted them around the big city to some of the more fancy night clubs of the city.

The ladies were in town and were witness to the events of the day of July 28th, 1945, the day a small aircraft crashed into the Empire State Building in the mid-morning fog and Marjorie recounts how they and the rest of the city felt about the tragedy.

Of course the War was on when they arrived in the city, but by August the girls were able to experience the celebrations when millions gathered in Times Square when the long battle finally drew to a close with the surrender of Japan.

These and the other summer adventures enjoyed by the ladies, along with stories about working at Tiffany and seeing celebrities and mobsters purchasing expensive jewelry, make up the bulk of the story. Included are the texts of several letters Marjorie wrote to her parrents back in Iowa that summer.

After the summer ended, Marjorie went back to Iowa. She made a Christmas-time return visit to the city in December 1945 to visit her sailor. She then continued on with her life, and did not return to New York City until 2004, nearly 60 years later. In 2007 her memories of an amazing and exciting summer of youthful adventure spent in the most amazing city in the world were published as she herself turned 83 years old.

04/23/91 Johnny Thunders Checks Out In New Orleans, LA

20 years ago today, 38-year-old John Anthony Genzale, known to the world as Johnny Thunders, passed away under mysterious circumstances in New Orleans, LA.

Johnny's friend and fellow NYC rocker Willy DeVille was staying just down the street at the time of JT's death and, years later, had this to say about the passing of the legendary rock guitarist...

Two years after Thunders passed away, in 1993, Guns and Roses paid tribute to the fallen Doll/Heartbreaker by including the Thunders-penned classic "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" on their controversial "The Spaghetti Incident?" CD. The track begins with the words "This one's for you Johnny..."

Tonight's Division Nine Gig In Benson, MN - Cancelled

04/23/11 Division Nine @ McKinneys, Benson, MN
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

*Due to a scheduling conflict caused by the talent booker at McKinneys, Division Nine will NOT be performing there tonight as previously announced.

Your next chance to catch the band in action will be on 05/21/11 at IDK Sports Bar & Lanes in Atwater, MN.

One From The Archives: 04/23/85 Venom/Slayer/Dark Angel @ Pomona Valley Auditorium, Pomona, CA

04/23/85 Venom/Slayer/Dark Angel @ Pamona Valley Auditorium, Pamona, CA
(Image via:

One From The Archives: 04/23/83 Fastway/Guests @ Hammersmith Odeon Theatre, London, England

04/23/83 Fastway @ London, England
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Garland Jeffreys "Coney Island Winter"

Our friend Doug Webb, who does the website Wild In The for Garland Jeffreys, has assembled some decades-old video footage and still photos of Coney Island into a video for Garland's new single, "Coney Island Winter."

Per Garland's website:

“Coney Island Winter” was directed and assembled by Doug Webb who created Garland's Wild in the Streets fan site and opens with footage from the 1952 short film documentary "Coney Island, U.S.A." It also includes samples from a 1991 episode of PBS’s American Experience ("Coney Island") and the evocative 2010 short film "Coney Island Dream", filmed and edited by Joshua Brown.

“The video captures the desolation, but also the allure, the fantasy and the humor of Coney Island that still fills my memories,” says Garland.

One From The Archives: 04/22/04 Kevin DuBrow/Attica @ Dibbo's, Hudson, WI

04/22/04 Kevin DuBrow/Attica @ Dibbo's, Hudson, WI
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

K.K. Downing Quits Judas Priest On Eve Bands Final World Tour

July 1983 Guitar World Cover (Judas Priest)
K.K. Downing (left) & Glenn Tipton (right) grace the July 1983 cover of Guitar World.
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Judas Priest issued the following press release earlier today announcing the surprising and immediate departure of founding guitarist K.K. Downing.

It is with regret that Judas Priest announce that K.K. Downing has formally retired from the band and will therefore not be joining them on their forthcoming "Epitaph" tour.

The band respect his decision and naturally all wish him well.

Having thought long and hard about how to proceed, Rob, Glenn, Ian and Scott unanimously agreed that they should go ahead with the tour and not let the fans down all around the world.

Fate also stepped in and delivered the perfect replacement - 31 year old British guitar player Richie Faulkner - he has blended into the band perfectly and is a great talent who is going to help set the stage on fire!

The Epitaph tour will includes songs from every Priest studio album and also tracks they have never before performed on stage plus all the old favorites!

With a new album due to be released next year, the Metal Gods are preparing to tour the planet once more - Heavy Metal at it's best complete with lazers, lights, bikes and Hellfire! It's a show not to be missed!!

UPDATE: 04/21/11
K.K. has issued a statement regarding his departure from the band...

"Dear friends,

It is with much regret that I will not be with you this summer.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your concerns about my health. Please rest assured that I am OK.

There has been an ongoing breakdown in working relationship between myself, elements of the band, and the band's management for some time. Therefore I have decided to step down rather than to tour with negative sentiments as I feel that this would be a deception to you, our cherished fans. However, I would urge you to please support the PRIEST as I have no doubt that it will be a show not to be missed.

All my love and respect."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New York City Images As Album/CD Cover Art #13: Lorin Hollander Live at the Fillmore East

Lorin Hollander Live At The Fillmore East (LP)
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Artist: Lorin Hollander
Title: Lorin Hollander Live at the Fillmore East
Recorded: 02/23/69 at the Fillmore East, NYC, NY

From the LP back cover...
"When it was over Hollander got an ovation of mammoth, volcanic dimensions. They would have torn him to shreds if he hadn't played just a little bit more!" - Joel Meltz (East Village Other)

The P.M.R.C. Files: "The Devil Made Them Do It"

(Image and article excerpts via:

Excerpts from:
"The Devil Made Them Do It"
by Kimbrew McLeod
Little - April 2011

The 1980s were ground zero for the Satanic Panics, when thousands of children were allegedly kidnapped, defiled and murdered in ritual abuse ceremonies. Even though police statistics made it clear there was no such epidemic, a nation of millions believed the hype.

The Cult Awareness Network offered information packets warning of the devilish dangers of rock music, as did the Parents’ Music Resource Center. The PMRC sold a $15 “Satanism Research Packet” that was filled with all sorts of misinformation gleaned from law enforcement and so-called experts.

Click the link above to read the rest...

Ross The Boss Featured In New York Daily Article

"Heavy Metal Hitter: Ross Friedman of Dictators Fame Helps Kids Bang Out Singles (And Doubles)"
New York Daily - 04/17/11

He cemented his early reputation by slamming out punk anthems like "Master Race Rock" and "Disease" for the notorious New York band the Dictators. These days Ross (The Boss) Friedman spends his days running a batting cage in Queens beloved by fresh-faced kids in Little League.

Click the link above to read the entire piece.

One From The Archives: 04/19/83 Twisted Sister/Infidel @ Lyceum Ballroom, London, England

04/19/83 Twisted Sister/Infidel @ London, England
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movies Set In New York City: Fort Apache, The Bronx (1981)

Movie night here at TATSOLHQ. My choice, an old favorite: The 1981 classic "Fort Apache, The Bronx," starring Paul Newman, Edward Asner, Ken Wahl and a bombed out South Bronx. I've seen the movie several times but this was the first time for the Gorgeous One. Her verdict? Thumbs up.

SoBo? You're Not In Manhattan Anymore.

SoBo District, Iowa City, IA
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

My New York City area friends are familiar with acronyms used to name neighborhoods around their city: SoHo (South of Houston), NoHo (North of Houston), NOLITA (North of Little Italy), TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal Street). So when one sees "SoBo" you'd assume maybe, uh..."South of Bowery," and you'd be correct.

Except you wouldn't be in Manhattan. There are no Gilbert, Dodge, Benton or Kirkwood Streets near the Bowery in New York City. Upon closer inspection of the map here, SoBo is really a shopping district located in Iowa City, IA. Who knew there was a Bowery there too? I'm guessing its history is not nearly as illustrious as its NYC counterpart, but then again, who knows?

New York City - Meet The 1960 Chevrolet Impala

Another vintage NYC video clip via EVGrieve...

Pristine 70's Era Footage of NYC's East Village-Based Hells Angels Chapter

Excerpts from the legendary 1983 film "Hell's Angels Forever"...enjoy this look back at life in a motorcycle gang during the 1970's - but not just any gang - meet the East Village-based New York City chapter of the Hells Angels:

*And once again I've forgotten where I ran across this...second time this week I've done that - so if you ran this video earlier this week and I'm not linking to you for this one - sorry! For the rest of you - enjoy the video...

Summer 1986: Billy Joel & Band Invade St. Marks Place, NYC, NY, Film Cool Video

On Friday, EVGrieve ran some great photos of folks attending various functions back in 1968 at the legendary Electric Circus, located on St. Marks Place in New York City. In the comments on Grieve's piece, "Tom" mentioned that back in 1986 Billy Joel had filmed his video for "Matter Of Trust" in the old Electric Circus building as well, a fact of which I was not aware. I remember the song - it was pretty big in the summer of '86, and I'm sure I saw the video a bunch of times as MTV was on our TV almost continuously from sunup to sundown that summer but I bet I hadn't seen the video since. It's actually pretty cool and the song sounds a bit better than I remember it...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scene On The Street: 04/16/11 Painted Buffalo Sculpture Art, Buffalo, MN

Stepped out for a bit earlier tonight to have an early Easter dinner with my Grandfather, who lives in Buffalo, MN, about an hour away from us. While there we spotted several majestic(?) and artful(!) examples of the town's namsake scattered about the city...

There's the "Buffalo" Buffalo...
04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN

There's this Karate outfitted guy outside a mini-mall that has a Karate studio located within as evidenced by the sign in the photo...
04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN

04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN

There was this wooden guy located out in front of a lawnmower/chainsaw dealship...they sell "Toro" products at this place...I found that amusing and apt.
04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN

04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN

Not too sure what this is all about...
04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN

04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN

Then there was THIS adorable young thing...
04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN

04-16-11 Buffalo Art, Buffalo, MN

...which made me think of this song:

Tonight: Cinderella/Scarlet Haze @ Medina Entertainment Center, Medina, MN

04/16/11 Cinderella/Scarlet Haze @ Medina, MN (ad)
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

UPDATE: 7:15PM - The Gorgeous One and I stopped at the Medina on our way back home from having an early Easter dinner with my Grandfather. We had hoped to catch the show - but we arrived to find the place packed and SOLD OUT. So we picked up a pair of tickets to see Tesla there on May 7th instead. And I suppose I could also mention that the Medina is where we've chosen to hold our wedding ceremony and reception in summer 2012.

Friday, April 15, 2011

East River Tunnel At 63rd Street - A Film Report (March 1970 - June 1971)

Saw this recently and I'll be damned if I can remember where...if it was YOUR site...I appologise for not giving you your props. Anyway - this is some cool-ass viewing for all you New York City history buffs - a great, 40 year old short film produced by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the New York City Transit Authority concerning the construction of the 63rd Street Tunnel under the East River. Pretty cool stuff...

Gabba Gabba Hey, 10 Years Ago Today

One From The Archives: 04/15/81 Rush @ Coliseum, Jackson, MS

04/15/81 Rush @ Jackson, MS (Ticket)
(Image via: NYCDReamin)

*Picked this one up at a record show a few years back for just a few dollars.

One From The Archives: 04/15/06 Morbid Angel/Behemoth/Krisiun/Despised Icon/Demonicon @ Star Central, Columbia Heights, MN

04/15/06 Morbid Angel/Behemoth/Krisiun/Despised Icon/Demonicon @ Columbia Heights, MN
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

04/15/06 Morbid Angel/Behemoth/Krisiun/Despised Icon/Demonicon @ Columbia Heights, MN (Top)
04/15/06 Morbid Angel/Behemoth/Krisiun/Despised Icon/Demonicon @ Columbia Heights, MN (Bottom)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Would You Buy Life Insurance From This Man?

April 1998 Penthouse Forum Magazine (Kiss)0001
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

From MSNmoney:

Would you buy life insurance from a man who dresses in spandex and coughs up blood?

Gene Simmons has embraced many personas over the years: the demonic, fire-breathing bass player for legendary rockers Kiss. A rabid merchandiser who oversees an empire built on his band's merchandise, ranging from T-shirts to designer coffins. The star of a reality series, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," gearing up for its seventh season on the A&E network.

His latest venture is helping to sell life insurance to high-net-worth individuals.

Read the full article HERE.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thrift Shop Find: Autographed 1971 John Denver Songbook

1971 John Denver Songbook (Autographed)

1971 John Denver Songbook (Autographed - Detail)
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Obviously we're not big John Denver fans here at TATSOL, but when I spotted this the other day on the shelf at a local thrift-shop I just couldn't leave it there, especially in light of the meager $2.00 asking price. When I got home, I did some looking online at other John Denver signatures and this appears to be the real deal. It's now for sale again (for a bit of a markup in price) if anyone is interested...just drop me an email.

One From The Archives: 04/13/0? Kreator @ Station 4, St. Paul, MN

04/13/?? Kreator @ St. Paul, MN
(Image via: NYCDReamin Archives)