Monday, September 5, 2011

A New York Minute: (Undated) Automobiles Clog 42nd Street, New York City

*Image and text featured in this post via UNKNOWN book.

(Undated) Cars Clog 42nd Street near Bryant Park, NYC, NY
*Automobile Manufacturers Association

"The Age Of Gasoline. During the decade of 1910 - 1919 the automobile began to dominate American life, and Henry Ford was largely responsible. By 1915 he had produced a million of his Model T's, thanks to his assembly line methods, his output was constantly increasing. He first used the technique in 1913. The motorcar clogged city streets by it's sheer numbers. The thoroughfare with traffic inching along [above] is New York's Forty-Second Street; Bryant Park and the Public Library are on the right."

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