Sunday, January 31, 2010

One From The Archive: 01/31/94 Fight/ Voi Vod @ Mirage, Minneapolis, MN

01/31/94 Fight/Voi Vod @ Minneapolis, MN (Ticket)
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

This was the second and final time I saw Rob Halford's band Fight. It was also the first and only time I've seen Canadian experimental/thrashers Voi Vod. Both bands were exceptional and at the top of their game at this show, I remember leaving the Mirage after the show and thinking, "Wow. Just wow!!" It seemed pretty cool that Fight was back so soon after their previous show here, just 2 months prior, and it seemed that it had been quite a long time since Voi Vod had been in town. I'm actually hoping to catch Voi Vod when they return here in March with Kreator. One other cool thing about this show - "PriestFreakNo.1" and I went to this one - just the two of us. We decided after all the problems we had the last time we saw Fight that this time we'd leave "The Alcoholic A-Hole" at home where he belonged.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New York Minute: Inside The Hotel Diplomat, NYC, NY (1986)

A fellow Kiss fan from over at the discussion board who goes by "StarryEyedGuy" has unearthed a few amazing (and rather disgusting) rare photos he took back in 1986 at the Hotel Diplomat, formerly located at 108 - 116 West 43rd Street (just west of 6th Avenue) in NYC.

(Images via: StarryEyedGuy's Photobucket - used with kind permission)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

CBGB Radio Is ON THE AIR! (*Updated)

CBGB Radio
(Image: NYCDreamin Archives) has undergone some changes as of late, not the least of which was the debut this past Monday (01/25/10) of CBGB Radio via the IHeartRadio network.


...CBGB Radio captures the spirit and intensity of the legendary club formerly located at 315 Bowery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The station features music from the influential artists that performed at the venue, including Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, as well as new underground rock artists. Additionally, listeners will hear snippets of artist interviews and commentary from those who knew CBGB best.


“If we can’t go to CBGB’s anymore, at least we have a place where we can listen to CBGB’s,” said Lenny Kaye, the influential musician, writer and producer best known for his work as guitarist for poet-rocker Patti Smith. “All that’s missing is the gruff and sweet voice of Hilly welcoming you to the dive…”


“CBGB was the center of a cultural revolution and remains synonymous with underground rock,” said Bob Gruen, the legendary rock photographer who captured countless indelible moments at the club. “CBGB Radio will continue the club’s legacy for millions of music fans across the globe.”

And now you can listen to CBGB Radio RIGHT HERE while you're visiting ThisAintTheSummerOfLove - the "radio" is located over on the right side of your screen. Just turn it on and rock while you read!
*LAST UPDATED - 10/19/14:
CBGB Radio is NO LONGER on the air and has not been for quite some time now.

A Pair From The Archives: 01/20/78 Cheech & Chong @ State Theater, Minneapolis, MN -AND- 01/21/78 Ramones/ Runaways @ State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

As I've mentioned previously, I enjoy running across old newspapers at garage sales, flea markets, etc. You just never know what you might find buried in those old, yellowed pages. A few years ago I picked up a small stack of old Minneapolis Tribunes (now the "Star Tribune") at a flea market for around $5.00 and came across these beauties. I was gonna run them last week but somehow I missed 'em, so here they are now...they appeared in the January 15, 1978 issue of the Tribune.

01/20/78 Cheech & Chong @ Minneapolis, MN (Ad)
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

01/20/78 - Cheech & Chong at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. Tickets were only $6.00, leaving you plenty of cash to buy some stash to enjoy before taking in the show.

01/21/78 Ramones/The Runaways @ Minneapolis, MN (Ad)

This one stopped me dead in my tracks. I stared in disbelief at the page...I couldn't believe I came across this one. 01/21/78 - Ramones & The Runaways @ State Theatre in Minneapolis. Tickets were only $5.50. God, I need a time machine...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One From The Archives: 01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage /w/ Flipp/ Chillakoot/ Faux Jean/ With/ Sunset Black/ Maximum Capacity @ The Quest, Minneapolis, MN

01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage @ Minneapolis (Ad No. 1)
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Ad#1 (above) for Flipp's "Teenage Rampage" 2001: This ad appeared in the City Pages at some point in late December 2000 and let local high-school bands know they could enter to win a contest called "Teenage Rampage" and if their band were selected as the winners, they would be chosen to headline a concert with local glam-punk rockers Flipp.

01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage @ Minneapolis (Large Ad - Top) 01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage @ Minneapolis (Large Ad - Bottom)

Ad#2: This is the full page ad that appeared in City Pages about a week before the concert. All the bands playing the show were listed. The winners of the Teenage Rampage 2001 were Chillakoot, a band of kids from Stillwater, MN. Second place went to a band called Maximum Capacity from Orono, MN.

So the final running order of the bands appearing was:
Maximum Capacity (Opener)
Sunset Black/With/Faux Jean/Flipp
Chillakoot (Headliner)

01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage @ Minneapolis (Postcard/Handbill)

This is a cool, full color "double postcard"-style promo handbill Flipp had printed up to promote the show. The reverse is similar to Ad#1 above, with complete details on how to enter the contest.

01-27-01 Flipp Teenage Rampage (Promo Postcards - Reverse)

Like usual when I'd go see a Flipp concert, the beers were going down like water at this one so all I can really say was I had a great time seeing them again as actual details are kinda hazy. I wish I could tell you how great the other bands were but to be honest I really wasn't there for them and was not really paying close attention, and now that nine years have passed it's kinda hard to recall many of the details.

Over at there are four great sets of photos from this show:
Set #1 - by Marc Bolduc
Set #2 - by Marc Bolduc
Set #3 - by Deb Amadeck
Set #4 - by Mike R.

Flipp hosted another edition of Teenage Rampage again in March of 2002. This was also the first time I got smart and brought a camera to photograph the band in concert. I wrote about this one last year. You can read (briefly) about it and see some of my photos HERE.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Runaways Movie Due In Theatres March 19th

I needed an excuse to run these smokin' hot photos of The Runaways (as photographed by Richard Creamer) that ran in Creem Magazine back in 1977, so I thought I'd remind you that the movie is due to hit theaters on March 19th.

The Runaways Pin Up (Creem Magazine - 1977)

The Runaways (Creem Magazine 1977)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A New York Minute: World Trade Center Views In Print Advertising

The World Trade Center, in its time, was certainly among the most, if not the most photographed buildings on the planet while the towers were standing in Lower Manhattan. I did some digging through the archives to find some advertisements that featured WTC images...

(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)
1977 Jim Beam "King Kong Coctail" Ad (WTC Views)

This one is from the January 27, 1977 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine and features King Kong standing atop the WTC towers. I think he's saying to Jessica Lange, "Hey, what say you and me get the hell out of here and head someplace nice and quiet for a drink where we can get to know each other a bit better without all these annoying fighter planes buzzing around."

1985 Olds Cutlas Ciera Ad (WTC Views)

Below, we see guitarist extrodinaire Steve Stevens of the Billy Idol band, looking cool and ripping it up on a Hamer guitar powered by some devastating Marshall amplification. I wonder if anyone in the towers yelled down to him to "turn that shit down!"? This one ran in music magazines from 1986 into 1987.

1986 Marshall Amps Ad (WTC Views)

Here an ad for the movie "The Squeeze" which starred Michael Keaton and Rae Dawn Chong. It premiered in theatres on July 10th, 1987. I've never seen this movie.

1987 The Squeeze Movie Ad (WTC Views)

This final one is from 1998 and extolls the virtues of Bacardi Limon citrus rum. The ad seems to convey the message that drinking the product will make you feel "all squiggly," at least that's what I get from it.

1998 Bacardi Limon Ad (WTC Views)

Ah, what the hell, one more Bonus Ad! 1985 - Be Dangerous on Rock Guitar!

1985 "Be Dangerous On Rock Guitar" Magazine Ad (World Trade Center, NYC, NY)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Few Cool Scores At Half-Price Books and Records in Edina, MN

So I decided to make a run to one of my favorite stores earlier this morning, "Half Price Books and Records" in Edina, just south of Minneapolis. Besides having a great selection of...uh...half priced books (and cheaper too!) they also have a lot of movies, computer games, a not-half-bad selection of vinyl and a slew of used CD's. I was there for the CD's...always looking to cheaply replace some of the cassettes residing in my still-too -large collection of those. I bought 'em by the score right up through the 90's.

Anyway...I found a few good replacement CD's for my collection and a few I didn't have including a copy of The Sex Pistols "Live at the Chelmsford Top Security Prison" recorded (mostly) on September 17, 1976! I'm listening to that as I write's great! And only $2.00 in near mint condition!?! Who gets rid of this stuff?!? But back to the story...

And then I spotted a copy of Anthrax's 1995 release "Stomp 442," which I already own on CD. But this one said "Expanded Edition" on the spine and I don't have that one. So I pick it off the shelf and look at the cover's autographed by drummer Charlie Benante and vocalist John Bush!

1995 Anthrax - Stomp 442 CD Booklet (Autographed by Charlie Benante and John Bush)
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

"Wow," I thought, "that's pretty cool!" I checked out the track listing on the back and indeed, I did not have the bonus tracks on this disc in my collection. So I open the jewel case to check out the condition of the CD and was disappointed to see it was rather scratched up...but then again pleasantly surprised to find ANOTHER cool thing about this disc. Attatched to the back of the CD booklet was a VIP pass from 1st Avenue in Minneapolis with the date of 05/20/03.

05/20/03 Motorhead/Anthrax @ 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (VIP Pass)

I knew immediately what concert this was from and when and where the autographes on the front of the booklet had been obtained - a show Anthrax had played here as openers for Motorhead. I didn't actually make it to that show (and I don't know why I didn't make that one...), but I DID have a handbill from that particular show in the archives.

05/20/03 Motorhead/Anthrax @ 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Handbill)

So it was a no brainer to pick up this CD for the bargain price of $5.98 and add it to my collection.
And this wasn't the first time I'd scored something like this at Half Price Books. A few summers ago while there browsing, I ran across an autographed copy of a CD by Lee Aaron and the Swingin' Barflies.

2000 Lee Aaron and the Swingin' Barflies - Slick Chick CD Booklet (Autographed)

I think I paid about $5.00 for this one too. I bought it even though the autograph was personalized, "To Steve with love..."

Lee Aaron, besides still being a hottie, is now known mostly as a jazz and blues singer, but for a period of time back in the 1980's...she was known as "The Metal Queen."

(Image via:

And, no, you dirty minded bastards, "Hot Wacks" was NOT a porno magazine (although she did appear in one of those as well...) - it was a well known music industry publication that features reviews of bootleg music material, such as the above mentioned Sex Pistols recordings.

Monday, January 18, 2010

1989 - The Great Rock And Roll Debate On The Morton Downey Jr. Show

Remember the Morton Downey Jr. Show? It was always an amusing show, but never so much as this episode that aired in 1989 featuring some great musical guests from the NYC hard rock/metal/punk communities: Ace Frehley (Kiss), Joey Ramone (Ramones), Scott Ian (Anthrax), members of Circus of Power and the Cycle Sluts from Hell and Johnny Z of Megaforce Records - all debating the perceived "evils" of rock music with a few of the guys from the Christian Metal band Barren Cross and some music critic douchebags. Enjoy...and be glad that we have more important worries in the year 2010 than whether or not rock and roll will steal your soul.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One From The Archives: 01/14/06 Anthrax/ God Forbid/ Sworn Enemy/ Manntis @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

01/14/06 Anthrax/God Forbid/Sworn Enemy/Manntis @ Minneapolis, MN (Ad)
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

01/14/06 Anthrax/God Forbid/Sworn Enemy/Manntis @ Minneapolis, MN (Ticket)

Four years ago today, the reunited "classic" lineup of NYC mosh-masters Anthrax made a stop in Minneapolis and played to a packed First Avenue crowd. Before the show, while "337" and I were walking on the sidewalk outside the club, we walked right by drummer Charlie Benante who had his face buried in his jacket to ward off the chill of the blustery mid-January Minnesota winter. We said hello - he looked up, said hello back and mentioned how cold he thought it was and continued on his way, ducking into the side enterance of the club.

The opening bands were all pretty good - I don't remember disliking any of them. I don't have much to say about the actual Anthrax was expected. It was cool to see the classic lineup up here, having fun, seeming to be enjoying playing together for the first time since the early 90's, but I still think John Bush (formerly of Armored Saint) is a much better vocalist then Joey Belladonna.

Once the tour was over, Belladonna and Danny Spitz were back out of the band and for the past two years or so there has been quite alot of change within the band. They hired a new vocalist - who recorded most of a new CD with the band - and then was either fired or quit - not sure what really went down with that situation - which caused plans for the new CD to be scrapped. Then recently there has been talk that John Bush will rejoin the's a metal soap opera and I don't really keep up with it. I do know that original guitarist (and watch-maker extrordinaire) Danny Spitz is working on a new project called "Deuxmonkey" with former Accept bassist Peter Baltes and others. Their new CD should be out soon with a tour to follow.

01/14/06 Anthrax/God Forbid/Sworn Enemy/Manntis @ Minneapolis, MN (City Pages)

Above - a photo of the reunited Anthrax classic lineup that appeared in the City Pages a few days before the show.

Below - a great clip of the classic lineup of the band performing "In My World" on an episode of "Married with Children" which originally aired on 02/14/92.

Info on this episode from an Anthrax discussion board:
It's Al and Peg's 20th anniversary, and Peggy wants only one thing from Al... Meanwhile Kelly and Bud win the "My dinner with Anthrax" contest, which means a house party with the thrash-metal band, but there will be no party unless they get rid of mom and dad first. The answer: tricking them into taking a Florida "vacation" that turns out to be a time-share sales scam where the salesman won't leave them alone.

The day Anthrax arrives, they get snowed in, and they can't get out of the house. There is no food except for a mysterious pack left in the fridge by Peg which the band inhales (they were really hungry) and soon the band starts hallucinating ("wow... the colors" - Charlie, "if it was on the fridge, how come this thing is so warm?" - Frank). After eating they play "In My World" and you see Kelly head banging to the song, Scott sing (speak) on the intro, and joe just sitting on the couch... They all end up smashing the house...

...ah, good times, good times.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Late 1981: Professionals Members Injured in Car Accident in Minneapolis

The ad in my previous post sent me scrambling to the archives to dig out this little news item from the January 21st, 1982 issue of Rolling Stone magazine...

Seems the band called The Professionals (formed by Steve Jones and Paul Cook following the demise of the Sex Pistols) was in Minneapoils to do a show here (most probably in November or December of 1981). At some point during their time here, they were involved in a head-on car collision which injured three members of the band including drummer Paul Cook. Steve Jones was not in the car at the time of the accident. The band split up shortly after they finished this tour.

01/21/82 Rolling Stone Magazine News Item - Professionals Car Accident in Minneapolis
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Here is a clip of the band from the 1982 cult classic movie "Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains", where they are introduced as "The Looters."

Next Week! 01/16/10 Robert Gordon & the Gang They Couldn't Hang / Special Guests @ Lee's Liquor Lounge, Minneapois, MN

01/16/10 Robert Gordon & the Gang They Couldn't Hang @ Minneapolis, MN (Ad)
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

One night only in Minneapolis - a very special evening with Robert Gordon & The Gang They Couldn't Hang featuring the all star line-up of Slim Jim Phantom, Chris Spedding and Glen Matlock. With special guests The Reckless Ones and the Fuck Knights.

Here is an additional flyer/handbill I found recently in a local record shop...

07/16/10 Robert Gordon & the Gang They Couldn't Hang @ Minneapolis, MN (Flyer)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Got Nothing So You Get This: The Village People "New York City" (1985)

I'm just about finished reading "And Party Every Day - The Inside Story of Casablanca Records," (which is a GREAT book that you should check out) and of course there is some information contained therein about one of the label's most successful acts, The Village People. I'm also busy getting our July 2010 trip to NYC all planned out. Thus, thinking of those two things simultaneously, I remembered this interesting little video clip from 1985. This one goes out to my friends over at The New York Nobody Sings...with my appologies.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New York Minute: Burj Khalifa (Dubai) -vs- Freedom Tower (NYC)

Construction on the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, began on 09/21/04. It opened yesterday amid great ceremony and fanfare.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the Freedom Tower, where construction began on 04/27/06 and the first steel columns were put in place on 12/16/09, recently got it's own Subway restaurant installed on the 5th floor.

The restaurant will continue travelling upward in the building as construction continues, allowing workers to grab their lunch without having to go down to the ground and then back up again.

You can follow along with the progress of construction HERE.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New York Minute Movie Marathon: The Bronx Is Burning (2007) and The Bronx Is Burning (1972)

We woke up this AM and it's -17* here. Good thing we had planned on staying in and having a "Bronx is Burning" marathon. We just got it (all 3 discs including bonus material) from NetFlix and we plan to spend most of the day re-watching this great 2007 made-for-TV movie.

Then there's the original "The Bronx is Burning," from 1972, which was inspired by the Dennis Smith book "Report from Engine Company 82, also published in 1972.

This one looks amazing but the only place to get it is on ebay and it's a bit pricey for a 51 minute movie. Maybe someday I'll cave in and buy a copy, but not just yet I guess.

Hope it's warm where you are - Happy New Year.