Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New York Minute: Inside The Hotel Diplomat, NYC, NY (1986)

A fellow Kiss fan from over at the discussion board who goes by "StarryEyedGuy" has unearthed a few amazing (and rather disgusting) rare photos he took back in 1986 at the Hotel Diplomat, formerly located at 108 - 116 West 43rd Street (just west of 6th Avenue) in NYC.

(Images via: StarryEyedGuy's Photobucket - used with kind permission)


jetboy said...

I remember when he originally posted these at KISSFAQ. Seedy indeed!

BTW, did you ever follow up with the original poster in this thread...looks like his uncle is sat on an NYC nostalgic's goldmine;

NYCDreamin said...

Yeah, I remember that thread. I would love to see what he managed to find in all those issues of the Voice - tons of Dolls/Mercer Arts Center/Hotel Diplomat show ads no doubt as well as others from Max's and early CBGB ads. Lucky guy! If I was him I would have started a blog and put up a bunch of that stuff - tons of people would be interested in that stuff I think.

jetboy said...

Agreed. The ads, gig reviews and especially the live/band photos would be very interesting to see. I wonder how many people like his uncle have these things and let them sit unused in boxes in attics, basements etc across NYC?

Anyway. keep doing what you're doing!!


Term Papers said...

Looks like the Diplomat, then in it's final days, may have been at one time a conteneder for #1 Filthiest Hotel In America.

Anonymous said...

Looks like my apartment. Haha!

NYCDreamin said...

@ Anonymous: Yeah, I had one that looked like that too back in the day LOL! Here's a perfect refrigerator for a place like this:

Notice the kicked in bottom...all the booze. Only a jar of miracle whip, some peaches and an empty plate. Those were the days LOL!

Anonymous said...

Woah... Shasta! Livin' it up!

Anonymous said...

im just witting this little thing to ask if you have any photos of the old filthy Diplomat Hotel, sepecially the Grand ball room and the hall ways just outside the Grand Ballroom let me know!!!
Im at is my email.
My interests in the old building was when is was built purposely for the New York Elks LOdge#1. When it wasn't filthy and it was brand new and the place to be if you want to join the Elks.

Now with that said if you have any pictures of inside the Diplomat it does'nt have to be Elks related pictures any modern day pictures of the Diplomat Hotel before it was wrongfully torn down by big Banking interests
would big of big help and beneficial!!! So look through all your old Kiss and Sting pictures or odd nights at the diplomat and see if you might be that person with some of those long stored away pictures that make you say wow look at how I dressed that night in the Diplomat Hotel.

If you also have a story or remember any thing about the old Diplomat, fun stories, odd stories, drunken stories, or even a room 1408 scary story about the Diplomat even thought the Diplomat was only 12 or 13 stories tall. Still email me at

It doesnt matter how long from now you read this still shoot me an email tell me about the old Diplomat Hotel.... Jason C.

I need Diplomat Hotel in NYC Pictures........

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my spelling and grammar on the last board.
This keyboard sucksssss....
cheap ass crapola.

In all seriousness,

If youve got pictures of or inside the Diplomat Hotel that was located at 110 west 43rd street. Email me ASAP at

I might even pay you a little bit of money depending how good the photo or photos are....