Sunday, January 31, 2010

One From The Archive: 01/31/94 Fight/ Voi Vod @ Mirage, Minneapolis, MN

01/31/94 Fight/Voi Vod @ Minneapolis, MN (Ticket)
(Image via: NYCDreamin Archives)

This was the second and final time I saw Rob Halford's band Fight. It was also the first and only time I've seen Canadian experimental/thrashers Voi Vod. Both bands were exceptional and at the top of their game at this show, I remember leaving the Mirage after the show and thinking, "Wow. Just wow!!" It seemed pretty cool that Fight was back so soon after their previous show here, just 2 months prior, and it seemed that it had been quite a long time since Voi Vod had been in town. I'm actually hoping to catch Voi Vod when they return here in March with Kreator. One other cool thing about this show - "PriestFreakNo.1" and I went to this one - just the two of us. We decided after all the problems we had the last time we saw Fight that this time we'd leave "The Alcoholic A-Hole" at home where he belonged.

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