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One From The Archives: 01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage /w/ Flipp/ Chillakoot/ Faux Jean/ With/ Sunset Black/ Maximum Capacity @ The Quest, Minneapolis, MN

01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage @ Minneapolis (Ad No. 1)
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

Ad#1 (above) for Flipp's "Teenage Rampage" 2001: This ad appeared in the City Pages at some point in late December 2000 and let local high-school bands know they could enter to win a contest called "Teenage Rampage" and if their band were selected as the winners, they would be chosen to headline a concert with local glam-punk rockers Flipp.

01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage @ Minneapolis (Large Ad - Top) 01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage @ Minneapolis (Large Ad - Bottom)

Ad#2: This is the full page ad that appeared in City Pages about a week before the concert. All the bands playing the show were listed. The winners of the Teenage Rampage 2001 were Chillakoot, a band of kids from Stillwater, MN. Second place went to a band called Maximum Capacity from Orono, MN.

So the final running order of the bands appearing was:
Maximum Capacity (Opener)
Sunset Black/With/Faux Jean/Flipp
Chillakoot (Headliner)

01/27/01 Flipp's Teenage Rampage @ Minneapolis (Postcard/Handbill)

This is a cool, full color "double postcard"-style promo handbill Flipp had printed up to promote the show. The reverse is similar to Ad#1 above, with complete details on how to enter the contest.

01-27-01 Flipp Teenage Rampage (Promo Postcards - Reverse)

Like usual when I'd go see a Flipp concert, the beers were going down like water at this one so all I can really say was I had a great time seeing them again as actual details are kinda hazy. I wish I could tell you how great the other bands were but to be honest I really wasn't there for them and was not really paying close attention, and now that nine years have passed it's kinda hard to recall many of the details.

Over at there are four great sets of photos from this show:
Set #1 - by Marc Bolduc
Set #2 - by Marc Bolduc
Set #3 - by Deb Amadeck
Set #4 - by Mike R.

Flipp hosted another edition of Teenage Rampage again in March of 2002. This was also the first time I got smart and brought a camera to photograph the band in concert. I wrote about this one last year. You can read (briefly) about it and see some of my photos HERE.

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