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One From The Archives: 11/25/00 Flipp @ The Quest, Minneapolis, MN

11/25/00 Flipp @ Minneapolis, MN (Ad)
(Images via: NYCDreamin Archives)

After seeing Flipp for the first time ever just 9 days previously at their in-store gig at the Best Buy in Richfield, I found myself at the Quest in Minneapolis to see the band for the second time in as many weeks.

11-25-01 Flipp @ Quest, Minneapolis, MN (City Pages A-List)

I had been quite impressed with the mini-show they put on at Best Buy but this concert was the real deal - Flipp in all their glam-punk glory. The band performed songs from their self-titled debut CD, and from the new release "Blow It Out Your Ass," for which promotional pairs of tidey-whities with the name of the album emblazoned on the ass, had been printed up. Several lucky people walked away from this show with pairs of those, I was not one of them. They were also giving away copies of a cool "Flipp Tour Book" which I managed to score a few copies of.

After seeing the band the first time, I thought I had a pretty good idea what this show would be like...I was wrong. The show at Best Buy had been a rockin' little affair but this show was completely over the top crazy. The band were drinking on stage, took a few hits from a few joint that were lovingly tossed their way (what do you expect when the drummer's name is Kilo Bale?) and generally made a mess of the place with guitarist Chia Karaoke tossing a box of "Flipp Cereal" around the place during his solo, and then the busted pillows full of feathers that seemed to appear from nowhere near the end of the set that were tossed around. I remember thinking to myself, "I'm glad I'm not the guy who has to clean this up." Late in the set the band pulled some lucky kid from the audience up on stage with them, (which I was to find out they did at nearly, if not every, show) and lead vocalist/guitarist Brynn Arens strapped a guitar around the kids neck and said "Play!" - so this kid got to jam with the band on one song - he looked like he was having the time of his life up there! "337" and I certainly were enjoying ourselves - the music was rockin', the show was entertaining as hell, and the drinks were going down well, which helped make things seem all the more crazy.

I knew after this show was over I'd be seeing Flipp again - soon - and often. And I did. I managed to see the band about 10 times in just 3 years. Then, sadly, just 3 years after this show, on November 21st, 2003, they performed their final gig at the Medina Ballroom in Medina, MN - and hundreds if not thousands of Flipp Fans (affectionately known as the "Crazy Sick Fuckers") have been in a state of mourning ever since at the loss of this great American rock band who deserved so much more recognition than they ultimately received.

11/25/00 Flipp "Blow It Out Your Ass" CD Release Concert @ Minneapolis, MN (Autographed Poster)

This is a HUGE poster advertising this concert. I saw it hanging on the side of a building in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis a few days before the show. I had my "337," who was driving, pull the car over so I could hop out and grab this beauty. I didn't bring it to this particular show but about six months later I DID bring it to another Flipp show and had the guys all sign it. Freaky Useless (Bass) says to me as he's signing the poster, "Niiice! I don't even have one of these...want to sell it?" "Not really..." was my reply. "I wouldn't either," he remarked back.

You can see a great set of photos from this show, including a pair of the above-mentioned "Blow It Out Your Ass Undies," on the band's official website by clicking HERE.

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