Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Maple River Band

The Maple River Band - CD Front and back cover images
(Front cover illustration by: Billy Kettelson Kruse)
(Back Cover Photo by: Marilyn Bos)

In the course of some recent personal business dealings I have made the aquaintance of one Ralph Bailey. After we had concluded our first meeting, we began discussing music as I am apt to do with just about anyone I meet, and he was telling me about this band he had several years back called the Maple River Band. And yesterday when I went to meet with him for a second time, he surprised me with a nice gift - an autographed copy of a long out-of-print album (now available on CD) that the band had recorded back in 1980 titled "Go For It!" which was originally released on Eagle Records, a small indie label located in Good Thunder, MN.

Ralph worked with his son William in 2006 to digitally re-master the album so the could reissue it on CD so it could "get back out there." The album is an eclectic mix of old-school blue-grass-blues and country-folk-rock. It is quite an interesting listen and it features 10 tracks, 2 of which were written soley by Mr. Bailey. He also did the arrangement on the band's cover version of "C.C. Rider." The running time is just over 30 minutes. As it is not my usual listening material, I hesitate to review it further other than to say that it is quite good and a nice change in style and a great addition to my collection - very different from my usual assortment of punk and metal. As soon as I listened to it I was thinking it would be right up John & Eden's alley. Who knows - maybe they already own a copy of the original album. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if they did, being the avid vinyl collectors they are.

The CD is currently available through (where you can hear samples of the music on the CD as well) and I will soon be discussing with Mr. Bailey the possibility of distributing the CD via the website, which I feel would be an excellent distribution source for the disc.

Ralph is still out there making music with his friends ("Ralph Bailey with Strings Attatched") and he was telling me they have a semi-regular gig at the original Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop in St. Paul, MN. Their next gig is scheduled for June 1st. I'll have a graphic of the flyer for that show shortly.

The Maple River Band was:

Patti Selsvold Tryhus - Vocals/Piano/Fiddle
Steve Tryhus - Vocals/Accoustic Guitar
Ralph Bailey - Vocals/Electric Bass/Accoustic Guitar
Larry Cooper - Vocals/Harmonies

Additional musicians appearing on the album were:

Len Kalakian - Five String Banjo
Amy Bungum - Cello
Al Bjerke - Electric Guitars/Pedal-Steel Guitar
Dean "Bix" Bixenman - Mandolin


"The Good Thunder Barroom Brigade" - Chorus Vocals
Don Ziemann/Harry Petrowski/Herb Robinson/"Cubby" Giese/Ted Comnick

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Cam(: said...

Ralph sings, C.C. Rider&, White&fish, &rain song (:
Ralph wrote Northern Lights&&C.C. Rider