Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Laura Kennedy Benefit Show Details Announced

As previously reported HERE, details surrounding the 01/17/09 Laura Kennedy Benefit Concert in Minneapolis have been emerging. Here is the latest from LKLF...

Minneapolis punk legends the Suicide Commandos will be making a special appearance.

So to recap:

Bush Tetras/Skoal Kodiac
/W/ Special appearance by Suicide Commandos
@ Nick & Eddie
1612 Harmon Place (near Loring Park)
Minneapolis, MN
9:00pm - $30.oo Suggested Minimum Donation

"Who Remembers The St. Adrian Company...?"

The question was posed recently, and I had to answer that I'd only barely ever even heard of the place. All I knew was that it was part of the Broadway Central Hotel complex - and was destroyed, along with the hotel and the Mercer Arts Center, on August 3rd, 1973. Turns out, the bar had closed up shop months before the collapse.

The person who asked the question DOES remember. And he wrote a great piece titled "St. Adrian's 1971" that he has agreed to let me reprint here. Thanks to you, Ed! Check out the original publication and several other works by the author at:

"St. Adrian's, 1971"
by Ed Siejka

Squeezed between office buildings
On lower Broadway
Desolate and out of the way
Faint neon sign marks the place
For the downtown art scene.
Poetry readings on Sunday afternoons
Only the regulars show up
Invited or not
Some mount the stage and
Recite a piece or two
To scattered applause.

The beat goes on
Summer nights fly by
No Sunday readings now
It's Saturday and it's a different place.
Crowd mingles
Three deep at the bar
A/C working on overtime while
Marvin Gaye's What's Going On plays
Jazzy and soulful
A monster hit
To no one's surprise.

A hangout for anyone
Bodies waiting to meet
An Agent.
Or maybe a Publisher.
Or a Rep.
Anybody. Somebody. Anyone know someone important?
Naw, this ain't the place
This is St. Adrian's
A place for
Working class dreamers.
Pretenders and losers.
Lost children and
Casual loners on the prowl.

Carol, alone in a corner booth
Glass of white wine in her hands
On the rocks of course
Smiles at everyone like Mona Lisa.

Jack Micheline
Bronx' original Beat
Wrote River of Red Wine in '58
Manuscript under his arm
Waits for someone
To buy him a drink

Elaine, beautiful in a peasant blouse
Scent of musk oil like a halo
To the young men
Who watch her hands
Move like deadly weapons

Stan's a photographer. Sleepy, one night
Left his equipment in a car
Morning arrives and
Broken windshield screams
You've been robbed.

Junior, a sculptor, needs rent money for a walkup in the East Village
Otherwise he'll live on someone's couch
Gil does commercials
Until he finds an old lady
Then Hollywoood here he comes
And Glenn is a writer with lots of ideas
But no paper and no place to go.

No one asked what I did for money
Or where I lived.
I was accepted with a simple sitdownhaveadrink.
Sometimes there'd be ten of us
Squeezed in a booth or
Around a table
Talking and talking.
Any topic not important
Just to meet and forget for awhile
The nagging lonliness and rejection.

It's well past midnight
Chairs scrape the floor and there's an echo in the walls
Left behind are empty glasses and stale beer
As the place begins to empty out.
We leave
Hitting the still streets
Looking for a cab
Or the nearest subway
But before we do
We promise to meet again.

More "St Adrian Company" memories coming soon...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy and safe Thanksgiving wishes to you all...

118 Years Later, What Have We Learned?

"How The Other Half Lives" (1890)
by Jacob A. Riis

There is nothing in the prospect of a sharp, unceasing battle for the bare necessaries of life to encourage looking ahead, everything to discourage the effort. Improvidence and wastefullness are natural results. The installment plan (or CREDIT) secures to the tenant who lives from hand to mouth few comforts; the evil day of reckoning is put off till a tomorrow that may never come. When it does come, with failure to pay and the loss of hard-earned dollars, it simply adds another hardship to a life measured from the cradle by such incidents.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Laura Kennedy Update/Mpls. Benefit Show Details reports Bush Tetra's orginal bassist Laura Kennedy underwent her liver transplant surgery yesterday - Tuesday, November 18. Please visit her blog and send her your get well wishes and words of support.

As previously reported HERE there will be a benefit/fundraiser show for Laura in Minneapolis. The details have been announced...

Bush Tetras /W/ Skoal Kodiak
@ Nick & Eddie
1612 Harmon Place (near Loring Park)
Minneapolis, MN
9:00pm - $30 Suggested Minimum Donation

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dolls To Record New Album/Launch World Tour in 2009

Great new this AM...New York Dolls will begin recording a new album in January 2009. The album is being produced by Todd Rundgren, who produced their debut LP back in 1973. There will be a world tour following the album's release.
Read the full story at

Thursday, November 13, 2008

07/09/47 - 11/12/08 RIP Mitch Mitchell - Drummer, The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Sad news reached us here overnight...Drummer Mitch Mitchell, the last surviving member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, has passed away at age 61 - apparently of natural causes.
More information at