Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pre-Punks Let Their Freak-Flag Fly At Mercer Arts Center Part VII


PART VII - Additional Information


01/12/70 New York Magazine - 'Broadway Off-Central'
12/..../70 Village Voice - 'Life And Death In The Broadway Central'
11/02/71 New York Times - 'Mercer Stages Are A Supermarket'
12/22/71 New York Daily News - 'Theatres By The Bunch'
03/12/72 Bergen County (NJ) Sunday Record - 'Historic Hotel Home for Theatre Dream'
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03/30/72 Village Voice - 'A Pinch Of Moog, A Dash Of Light'
10/26/72 Rolling Stone - 'New York City's Ultra Living Dolls'
10/26/72 Rolling Stone - 'Random Notes'
11/16/72 Village Voice - Teenage Lust Concert Review
08/04/73 New York Daily News - 'Village Hotel Falls; 17 Hurt'
08/04/73 New York Daily News - 'The Walls Came Tumbling Down'
08/..../73 New York Daily News - 'Bitterness And Sadness Grip 150 Hotel Victims'
08/04/73 New York Post - 'Probe Hotel Collapse; Six Still Missing'
08/04/73 New York Post - 'And Their World Crumbled...'
08/04/73 New York Post - 'He's Dead! He's Dead!'
08/04/73 New York Post - 'From Rags To Riches'
08/04/73 New York Times - 'Broadway Central Hotel Collapses'
08/04/73 New York Times - 'Mercer Arts Center Is Undamaged, Mostly'
08/04/73 New York Times - Dazed Survivors Describe A Kaleidoscope Of Terror'
08/05/73 New York Times - 'Hotel Had Been Fined Before Collapse'
08/05/73 New York Times - 'Rescuers Search Despite Danger'
08/05/73 Sunday News - 'Eye Illegal Work On Fallen Hotel'
08/06/73 New York Daily News - 'Man's Body Found In Collapsed Hotel'
08/06/73 New York Times - 'Body Of Elderly Man Found In Ruins Of Broadway Central Hotel'
08/07/73 New York Post - 'Survivors Of Collapse - 20 Pets'
08/07/73 New York Post - 'Found A Second Body In Rubble Of Hotel'
08/07/73 New York Times - 'Mercer Arts Center Rises From Rubble; Plans To Reopen'
08/07/73 New York Times - 'Officials Doubt Inspections Will Avert Future Cave-Ins'
08/07/73 New York Times - 'City Council Unit Calls Hotel Collapse Inquiry'
08/07/73 New York Daily News - 'Inspections Ordered On Pre-1901 Buildings'
08/07/73 New York Daily News - 'Hotel Collapse Leaves Plays Without Theatres'
08/08/73 New York Daily News - 'Tale With A Happy Ending'
08/08/73 New York Daily News - 'To Dog In Fallen Hotel, Firehouse Is A Home'
08/08/73 New York Daily News - 'Wrecked Play 'Cuckoo' Finds A New Theatre'
08/08/73 New York Times - 'Hotel Inquiries Are Started As 2nd Body Is Found'
08/08/73 New York Post - 'Mercer Arts Center Digs Out'
08/09/73 New York Times - 'Theatre Owner Reports Warning Of Hotel Collapse'
08/09/73 Village Voice - 'The Life And Death Of The Broadway Central'
08/10/73 New York Times - 'Inspection Report In February Termed Condition Of Hotel'
08/10/73 New York Times - 'Operator Of Hotel Denies Blame'
08/11/73 New York Times - 'Two More Bodies Found In Rubble'
08/??/73 (Unknown Publication) - 'Rock Group Rolls Out Of Hotel Just In Time'
08/16/73 Village Voice - 'Welfare Hotels - These Questions Must Be Answered'
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08/24/73 New York Times - 'Inspector Says Hotel Got Warning Of Hazardous'
08/24/73 New York Times - 'Hotel Owners Win A Delay On Raizing'
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10/05/73 New York Post - 'Hotel Wall Blamed In Collapse'
10/15/73 New York Post - 'City Probers Checking Hotel Collapse Inquiry'
10/15/73 New York Post - 'Broadway Central Sued for $3M'
10/25/73 New York Post - 'A Switch On Collapse Testimony'
11/01/73 New York Post - 'City Cites Abuses In Hotel Collapse'
11/02/73 New York Times - 'B'way Central Cave-In Laid To Owners Failure To Fix Wall'
11/12/73 New York Post - 'B'way Hotel - Was Wall Removed?'
11/20/73 New York Times - 'Sued Owners Sue Over Hotel Collapse'
06/15/83 New York Times - 'City Freed Of Liability In '73 Hotel Collapse'

More Information On Mercer Arts Center - 'The Kitchen' - Click On 'The Kitchen'


edsiejka said...

Does anyone remember St. Adrian's..a dimly lit hang out/bar...located on the other side of the Mercer Arts Center...

NYCDreamin said...

Hi edsiejka - St. Adrian's is mentioned in PART 1 of this story on the Mercer. I don't know much about the place (St. Adrian's) - do you have any memories or information?

Anonymous said...

Hi NYCdreamin-

I have a large file of information on St. Adrian's including e-mails and conversations with former manager and wait staff. Contact me at