Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tonight! 02/14/16 "Sally Can't Dance: A Tribute to Motorhead" @ The Bowery Electric, NYC, NY

02/14/16 "Sally Can;t Dance - A Tribute to Motorhead" @ Bowery Electric, NYC, NY


Tonight! 02/14/16 AC/DC @ Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN

For those about to rock...We salute your ability and willingness to dig deep to have the privilege of doing so! AC/DC, seen above all nice an de-wrinkled by some really poor and obvious photoshop job done for their current tour advertising, returns to the Twin Cities tonight for what I imagine will be most likely the final time. One of the few that got away over the years for me. I never saw them live for whatever reason each time they rolled through. And now, without Malcolm Young? I just can't force myself to do it, especially given the ticket prices for this one: $117.50 - $142.50?!?

Gimme a friggin' break already! Much like some of these classic bands coming through on "final tours" - maybe my days of attending any arena shows at all are too coming to an end. I can go see three or four shows at Neisen's or Pickle Park for that price and good bands too - Y&T, Uli Roth, Glenn Hughes, Kix just to name a few coming up soonish here in our area. And so many of those 80's era bands are surely just a few years from following the Sabbaths and AC/DC's of the world off the big stage for the "final time." And with money being so tight and economics the way they are these days for so many people, I can't justify one band like AC/DC getting all the cash when I can spread it around a bit - and get more for my concert ticket buying dollar as well.

Lets just do a 'fer instance here:

It's Valentines day.
You gotta take your Baby to the AC/DC show too, right? She loooves that one AC/DC song...what is it? "You Schtupped Me All Night Long" or something like that? Yeah! She loves that one!


(2) X $117.50 (cheap seats) = $235.00
(2) X $?           (assorted B.S. ticket fees - say approx.) $25.00
(1) X Event Parking @ $20.00
(1) X Gas - Round Trip to and from show: $5.00 - $7.00

You're around $280-ish give or take already. And you haven't even bought flowers, candy or a card for your lady yet. You haven't included a few $8.00 sodas or $10.00 beers and maybe a $10.00 snack at the show. Oh! Dinner! Before the show or after. Minimum of $25 on up to a more realistic $50 or more depending how nice you want dinner to be. And it's Valentines day. You want it to be nice, not some White Castle/Arby's/McDonalds bullshit. You get my drift.

A Valentines Day date with my Baby to the AC/DC show for damn near $500.00 in total for the evening? That's not happening this year, or any other.

If you wanna give it a whirl, the Gorgeous One and I hope you have a great time!

Xcel Energy Center - 7:30pm.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ace Frehley "Origins: Vol. 1" All Covers Collection Scheduled for April 15, 2016 Release

07-05-15 Ace Frehley @ Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, IA0026
(Photo: NYCDreamin Archives)
Ace Frehley - live at Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, IA 07/05/15

According to a piece published yesterday over at, Ace Frehley's long-promised "star-studded" collection of cover songs will finally be available to fans beginning on April 15th. The 12-song set will contain the following tracks, all songs Ace says were either personal favorites or influential to him in some way.

White Room (Cream)
Street Fighting Man (Rolling Stones)
Spanish Castle Magic (Jimi Hendrix)
Fire and Water (Free)
Emerald (Thin Lizzy)
Bring It On Home (Led Zeppelin)
Wild Thing (The Troggs)
Parasite (Kiss)
Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)
Cold Gin (Kiss)
'Till The End Of The Day (The Kinks)
Rock And Roll Hell (Kiss)

The first track released (out now!) from the album is the Space Man's cover of Cream's 1968 Acid Rock classic "White Room." Read the full news item from Rolling and get your first listen to that brand new Ace track at the link below!

"Ace Frehley Announces New LP, 'White Room Cover', Paul Stanley Reunion"

Ace Frehley "Origins: Vol. 1" (Released 04/15/16)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Boston Rock/Talk Podcast: Episode #32 - /w/ Eric Bloom (Guitar/Vocal - Blue Oyster Cult)

01/29/16 Blue Oyster Cult @ Medina Entertainment Center, Medina, MN
(Photo: NYCDreamin Archives)
Eric Bloom - Blue Oyster Cult Live at Medina, MN 01/29/16

Many thanks to my always-in-the-know friend Mark for sending over the link to this recently published, very cool interview that Blue Oyster Cult guitarist/vocalist Eric Bloom did with the Boston Rock/Talk podcast.

Bloom discusses some of the history of Blue Oyster Cult throughout the years, as well as his own latest incarnation in J.K. Rowling's new novel "A Career of Evil." Coming in at nearly 45 minutes, this is do not miss stuff if you consider yourself an BOC fan of any kind.

One From The Archives: 02/08/91 Funhouse/ Nixon Pupils/ Clock Sheila @ 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN

02/08/91 Funhouse/ Nixon Pupils/ Clock Sheila @ 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
(Image: NYCDreamin Archives)