Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Today! 07/22/14 Black Diet/ Les Nessman/ The Oddfathers/ The Hepperly Band @ RAGBRAI 2014 @ Waldorf College Campus, Forest City, IA

07-02-14 The Oddfathers @ Target Field, Mpls, MN (0072)
(Photo: Bryan Kuntz - NYCDreamin' Archives)
Minneapolis-based "new classic" rockers The Oddfathers trek south to Iowa for only the second time ever and will be performing tonight as part of the entertainment schedule at the Forest City, IA stop on the RAGBRAI 2014 bike tour course.

RAGBRAI 2014 Forest City Stop
/w/ Black Diet/ Les Nessman/ The Oddfathers/ The Hepperly Band
@ Waldorf College Campus, Forest City, IA

*Music starts at 4:00pm and runs through midnight.
*This is a FREE event and is open to the public!

07/22/14 RAGBRAI 2014 @ Forest City, IA

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Released: 07/20/99 E.ric S.inger P.roject "ESP"

1999 ESP Promo Postcard (Front)
Promo Postcard (Front)
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

1999 ESP Promo Postcard (Reverse)
Promo Postcard (Reverse)

1999 E.S.P. CDBooklet (Autographed by John Corabi)
CD Booklet - Autographed by John Corabi

Thursday, July 17, 2014

02/23/44 - 07/16/14 RIP Johnny Winter

Reports came in overnight that Texas-born Blues guitar legend Johnny Winter passed away early yesterday in Zurich, Switzerland at the age of 70. More details HERE.

Starts Today! 07/17 - 19/14 Moondance Jam 23 @ Walker, MN

07/17 - 19/14 Moondance Jam 2014 @ Walker, MN

-Full event details: MoondanceJam.com

Starts Today! 07/17 - 20/14 Rock Fest 2014 @ Cadott, WI

07/17 - 20/14 Rock Fest 2014 @ Cadott, WI

-Full event details: Rock-Fest.com

One From The Archives: 07/17/94 1st Annual Detroit Kiss Convention @ Northfield Hilton, Detroit, MI

07/17/94 1st Annual Detroit Kiss Convention, Detroit, MI

It's a RAID!!

The scheduled special guest at this convention was Peter Criss. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley made an unannounced, surprise visit (along with members of local law enforcement) to reclaim several original costume pieces from the "Kiss Museum" that was displaying the items at this and other preceding Kiss Conventions. Gene and Paul claimed the items had been stolen at some point from one of their storage warehouses.

Here is some fan-filmed footage of the raid in progress!

...and here, a few years after it all went down, former manager Bill Aucoin explains some of what led up this whole incident happening in the first place.

One From The Archives: 07/17/98 Vixen/ Knight Crawler @ Medina Entertainment Center, Medina, MN

07/17/98 Vixen/ Knight Crawler @ Medina Entertainment Center, Medina, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

One From The Archives: 07/13/73 The Brats/ Kiss/ Planets @ Hotel Diplomat, NYC, NY

07/13/73 Brats/ Kiss/ Planets @ Hotel Diplomat, NYC, NY (Ad 1)
(Ad 1)

07/13/73 Brats/ Kiss/ Planets @ Hotel Diplomat, NYC, NY (Ad 2)
(Ad 2)

07/13/73 The Brats/ Kiss/ Planets @ Hotel Diplomat, NYC, NY (Paul Stanley Desinged Ad)
(Ad 3 - All three ads were hand drawn and lettered by Kiss' Paul Stanley)

The Brats/ Kiss/ Planets
@ Hotel Diplomat, NYC, NY
Attendance/ Capacity: 500 / N/A

*This was the first of only two shows Kiss would play at the Hotel Diplomat.

07/13/73 Kiss / Brats/ Planets @ Hotel Diplomat, NYC, NY (Kiss Issued Comp. Pass)
A Kiss-issued complimentary pass to the show.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Latest Round of "Remember That One Time At CBGB's?" Updates

June 2014 - Tom Cook Drum Case /w/ Vintage CBGB Sticker
(Photo: Bryan Kuntz / NYCDreamin Archives)
Drum case with a vintage early-mid 1990's era CBGB & OMFUG sticker. The case belongs to drummer Tom Cook of The Oddfathers. He played the club a few times in the 90's with (one of) his previous bands, The Magnolias.

I would like to very sincerely thank reader Dave Marin for contacting me a few weeks ago after he found our massive "Remember That One Time at CBGB's" live concert list and database. Dave kindly took the time to scan and send us around 160 Village Voice CBGB ads dating from 1976 - 1979. After sorting through it all  during the past few weekends I've just finished added 62 of those ads (the rest were already included) resulting in an addition of approximately 500+ new show dates we did not previously have. If you're new here and haven't seen our database or if you just want to have another look now that updates have been added - just click right HERE. Warning! Please be patient as the page loads - it is h-u-g-e and may take a minute or two to complete loading.

Tonight! 06/12/14 The Magnolias/ Tomorrow/ The Basement Kings/ H2 Oh @ Excelsior Brewing Company, Excelsior, MN

07/12/14 The Magnolias/ Tomorrow/ The Basement Kings/ H2 Oh @ Excelsior Brewing Company, Excelsior, MN

-The Magnolias.com
-The Magnolias/ Facebook

Tonight! 07/12/14 Ripsnorter/ Pabst Blue Rebellion/ Generic Jack @ The Red Carpet (Keller Bar), St. Cloud, MN

07/12/14 Ripsnorter/ Pabst Blue Rebellion/ Generic Jack @ The Red Carpet (Keller Bar), St. Cloud, MN

-Pabst Blue Rebellion/ Facebook

Released: 07/12/94 Alice Cooper "The Last Temptation"

Alice Cooper "The Last Temptation" (Released: 07/12/94)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

One From The Archives: 07/12/94 Lollapalooza 1994 @ Harriet Island, St. Paul, MN

07/12/94 Lollapalooza 1994 @ Harriet Island, St. Paul, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Friday, July 11, 2014

01/29/49 - 07/11/14 RIP Tommy "Ramone" Erdelyi - Producer, Songwriter, Drummer - Ramones

July 2012 NYC 327
(Photo: Shot by Dave Cromwell for Bryan Kuntz/ NYCDreamin Archives)
Tommy Ramone and the author of this blog at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC, July 2012. Tommy appeared as a guest speaker with long-time Ramones road manager Monte Melnick at a special screening of the Ramones documentary "End of the Century" during the inaugural edition of the CBGB Festival.

Just now seeing a very sad confirmation on my Facebook newsfeed (from former "New York Rocker" Editor and Publisher Andy Schwartz) that Tommy "Ramone" Erdelyi has died. Tommy, the last surviving original founding member of the Ramones, was 65 years old. He passed away just after Noon local time at his home in Ridgewood, Queens, NYC. He had been treated recently for complications stemming from Cancer of the Bile Duct.

Our pal Tim B. over at Stupefaction has additional details as penned by Andy Schwartz. You can read that piece HERE.

Tonight! 07/11/14 The Oddfathers/ The Feds @ Grandma's In The Park, Hibbing, MN

07-02-14 The Oddfathers @ Target Field, Mpls, MN (0072)
(L to R:) Brynn Arens/ Tom Cook/ Krys Baratto/ Casey Gooby
The Oddfathers make their Hibbing MN live concert debut tonight.
(Photo: Bryan Kuntz / TATSOL / NYCDreamin Archives)

Friday 07/11/14
The Oddfathers/ The Feds
@ Grandma's In The Park, Hibbing, MN
-Gates open: 6:00pm
-Music starts: 7:30pm
21+ / $5.00

...as part of the Hibbing Jubilee 2014.


Oddfathers bassist Krys Baratto did an interview with Hometown Focus.us recently.
You can read that HERE.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The CBGB Festival Returns 10/08 - 11/14 in NYC, NY

Visit CBGB.com for details as they develop.

Kicking Off "Taste" Day 3 With Big, Loud Style: 07/05/14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of Minnesota 2014, Waconia, MN

07/03 - 06/14 A Taste of Minnesota 2014 @ Carver County Fairgrounds, Waconia, MN

With a successful appearance at their gig at Target Field earlier in the now week behind them, The Oddfathers returned once more to the concert stage for the second time in just four days this past Saturday. They were the first band scheduled to play on Day 3 at Taste of Minnesota in Waconia, Minnesota. We had originally been planning to make the trek to see the band in St. Paul, where the four-day festival was originally to be held. The fact that the whole thing was moved out to Waconia just a week before it was scheduled to take place was a piece of good luck for us as we're just a mere fifteen minutes from there.

So after a full day of hanging out at Taste of Minnesota the previous day we were up and out the door just after mid-morning and on our way back out to Waconia. The weather was spectacular and we were excited to be meeting up with a few friends at the show. We actually ran into one of them and his son just as we were pulling in to park the car upon our arrival in Waconia. Even though we could have parked a bit closer we chose to park in the same place we had the previous day and just enjoyed the walk over to the fairgrounds.

It was still a bit before 11:00am and the gates would not open early, so we waited, but luckily not for long. There were already a pretty good number of people lined up on the sidewalk waiting to get into the Taste for day 3 and I was taking that as an additional sign, combined with the high numbers of people on site the previous day, that hopefully the 2014 return of the Twin Cities' 4th of July tradition was going to be very successful overall.

As soon as the main gates opened at 11:00am we were through quickly and were among the first people to walk into the fairgrounds for the day. It was kind of bizarre actually: where last night several thousand people had been out enjoying a rock show by Starship...there were now just a few people beginning to roam around. But a good number of people were following us into the grounds so it was certain that the entire area would begin to fill up quickly. We figured we'd not want to waste any time and began to make our way over to the "Entertainment Center" Building. As we got closer I couldn't help but be a bit bummed out that the 2nd stage wasn't outside someplace with maximum exposure to the people coming into the festival grounds instead of being shoved into this building.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (002)

There they are on the sign - The Oddfathers. Saturday at 11:30am. We were in the right spot.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (001)

It was now maybe 11:10am - after fielding a quick phone call from our other friend who was still en route for some additional driving directions - we wandered inside to see what was happening. Show prep was still underway with a few of the Oddfathers crew guys on stage taking care of last minute details.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (003)

We settled in to wait as a few other people began to make their way into the building, including a few family members, friends and associates of various members the band. The friend we were waiting for soon arrived...and literally he was just in the nick of time; it was now 11:28am and the band was to go on any minute.

With little fuss and no real intro of any kind the band came out on stage, plugged in, and, after a brief good-morning greeting from front man/ guitarist/ vocalist Brynn Arens, the band charged right into their first number, "Hey You." The song, the first track on the band's most recent CD release, "In Part I" seems a natural show opener and it has indeed occupied that position for many, most or maybe even all of the bands shows since at least this past February.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (008)

The band were turned up nice and loud and sounded really very good actually for playing in what is essentially a giant tin shed with open sides. "Shake You Up" was the next song on the set list.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0010)

As the band played on a few more people wandered into the building every now and then. Some stayed for a song or two and then walked out. Some others, obviously liking something about what they were seeing and hearing, stuck around to watch more of the show. The band was sounding very good and they all looked to really be enjoying themselves, big smiles from all four as they played and there seemed to be even a bit more than usual of the jovial and animated interaction between the three guys out front - you could just tell they were having a great time already and it was still very early into their set.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0011)

Brynn paused briefly after this to have everyone in the room say hello to his father who was one of the aforementioned family members in attendance for this show. Typical son that he is though, he then wasted no time, immediately hitting up the old man for "some cash...for a corn dog. With mustard." He did say "please" though, so he still has his manners.

"Chasing Saving Grace" was the next song. This track debuted about almost a year ago now and seems to be sticking around in the bands live set list from show to show. I tend to like this one as it has a bit more substance to it than some of the poppier numbers in the bands song catalog.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0013)

As guitarist Casey Gooby was just kicking into a feedback drenched intro to "Whisper In My Ear," Brynn was the first one to remove his jacket...

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0020)

"The Ride" was up next, a song that remains one of my very favorites in the bands live set. I like the solid, stomping "thump" drummer Tom Cook propels the band along with on this number. One more additional cool thing about this song is that both Casey and Krys contribute some vocal lines here and they do sound great backing Brynn. I would really like to hear these guys do more of this kind of vocal thing actually.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0023)

The next number saw the band taking things down a notch for just a few minutes for the New York City inspired ballad "Bleecker Street." As Brynn jumped down from the stage and ran to the back of the room and grabbed up a surprised Ms. Cook, drummer Tom's Mom, from her seat and brought her back to the front of the room for a dance, the band played on without missing a beat.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0028)

For their next number, the band would do something kind of special, for only the second time in front of a live audience. When they played at Target Field earlier in he week, part of their set had been billed as a "tribute" to the 30th anniversary of Prince's "Purple Rain." Well, we had arrived to the game a bit later and had, really sadly, missed them do that "tribute." But we were in luck today...the band decided to give it another go. And man, was I glad they did! They all came in together on a pretty rockin' version of "Purple Rain"  - for about a minute and thirty seconds - before stopping very briefly and then switching into a really, very cool sounding cover of The Replacements track "Can't Hardly Wait." Casey Gooby was just totally on fire during the solo during this song, and I think he knew it: you could see the look of satisfaction on his face as he ripped the solo, stomping around the stage intently to the beautiful noise of his own solo. It was great to hear and lots of fun to watch.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0031)

The band would offer up one more cover to finish off their first set. The Oddfathers covered the 1974 Kiss track "Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll" for a Kiss tribute CD / charity project titled "A World With Heroes" late last year. It's pretty obvious the guys in the band are all big Kiss fans and it's always cool to listen to them blast this song live like they own it. This isn't some "artful interpretation," that sounds nothing like the original - it's a full-on worship-fest, as close to note for note as they can get it in the excitement of playing it live. I think they love it. I know I love it when they play it. This time it got a bit playful and chaotic.

After the first chorus, Brynn jumped off the stage and grabs his mic stand and brings it with him out on the floor and begins to offer it to anyone who will sing the next verse. Not really getting any enthusiastic takers on the singing thing, he sets the mic down and is turning around and reaching back to the stage for his guitar next. Oddfathers crew guy Dan already anticipates this move and is there waiting with the guitar as Brynn turns to reach for it. He takes the guitar and strums a few chords before handing it to our somewhat surprised pal Mark, who gives it a few strums and is then sort of stuck with holding the guitar. Meanwhile, the mic stand has been snagged by the guitar cable and is in danger of tipping and hitting the floor when it is saved by a quick thinking guy down front. Brynn has now gone to the other side of the stage and is doing some kind of up-close and crazy pose for a photo that someone is taking. That photo can be seen HERE, actually. Then, another moment or two later, Brynn, mic stand and guitar are all back on stage to finish the song as the people down in front of the stage are still laughing and some others who have probably never seen the band in concert before are trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0033)

Coming back from about a 20 minute break, the band were ready to play a second set, which was kind of a nice surprise. The next band, long-time Minneapolis/ St. Paul favorites The Flamin' Oh's weren't scheduled to go on until 2:30pm, so The Oddfathers still had enough time to squeeze off a few more rounds of live rock and roll before their time was up. As they took the stage, Brynn once again made the plea to anyone who would listen: "Someone...bring me a damn corn dog!"

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0034)

For a while back when the band first started gigging, "Eight Track Stereo" was the usual opener of the main set. Today it appeared as the opening track of set number two. Coming back from the break all four guys had tossed their jackets and would now be playing with just their vests, something I don't think I've ever seen all four of them do at the same time before. (And yes, some of the following photos still show them in jackets, the photos are semi-out-of-order for purposes of article spacing...deal with it.)

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0037)

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0042)

As the band started playing the opening notes of the next track, "Lonely," I was all whipped up and excited as this is another of my favorite live tracks from the band and to the best of my knowledge they have not played this one live for some time now. It was good to hear it again. The band is playing the intro and Brynn says "Hello!" to Tom Cooks young daughter who is dancing happily in front of the stage, clearly enjoying Daddy and his friends and their crazy, loud rock and roll music. And just as the song is really about to kick into the first verse, there is slight delay as...out of nowhere...comes the much sought after...corn dog!

The microphone is taken from it's stand and the corn dog is carefully put in it's place. A few bites are slowly savored as the band continue to extend the song intro. Finishing a bite, Brynn asks if everyone is having a good time. The small but enthusiastic crowd yell back in the affirmative, that, yes they are indeed having a good time. How could you not? Chewing down one more bite of corn dog and placing the remainder of the much treasured food on a stick under a rotating police light atop an amp, he returns the microphone to it's proper place and the song finally gets underway. By mid-song as they are getting more seriously into it the whole band are sounding like they intend to go out banging! Krys and Tom providing a thick bottom groove and Casey came in with another blistering guitar solo at the end. For me...this song, "Lonely," would make a very welcome permanent comeback to the bands live set.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0064)

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0063)

The band segued right into "Great Big Dummy" from "Lonely" with no real break in between. This is always a high energy, upbeat upbeat song in the set and this time through the band were just blasting away with all guns blazing. During the song more curious people were poking their heads through the wide open side entrances to the building. Brynn noticed them right away and motioned to them and invited them to come in and join the party. As the band went into the ending section of the song, Brynn returned to his corn dog, retrieved it from the amp where he had placed it and took a big exaggerated bite. Chewing enthusiastically, he next turned and at mid-stage held the corn dog aloft for all to see and admire. A few more chews then he turned, held the corn dog near his mouth, moved it away, and made a quick movement with his arm...and spewed out the chewed up bits onto the stage floor! After doing this he tossed the corn dog down, a bit forcefully, to the floor in front of the stage. It was all pretty funny and it completely went over my head (at the time) that he had been doing a Gene Simmons impersonation, the corn dog on a stick subbing for a "flaming torch" and the chewed, spit out bits of it subbing for a "burst of flame." This all became a bit more apparent to me after running across this video that someone posted to Youtube. (So far this is the only video of the band's performance from Taste of Minnesota that I've been able to find on Youtube - the audio is a bit rough sounding but it's a great video!) Watching it back, it is so obviousnow and I can't believe I didn't "get" what he was doing as he was doing it.

Oddfathers crew guy Kevin is obviously impressed with his band...and their sense of humor.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0047)

After exclaiming that his mic "smells like corn dog!" Brynn makes brief introductions of the rest of the band and then says that some people had asked them during the break to do the "Purple Rain"/Replacements jam again, to which he says they were glad to comply.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0048)

So they played through the Prince/Replacements jam a second time and I realize, as they're blazing through the song, that the solo section through the ending is from Skynyrd's "Freebird." It never sounded quite so cool when Skynyrd did it.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0049)

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0056)

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0059)

With only enough time left for one more song it was time for The Oddfathers to wrap up their Taste of Minnesota 2014 performance. It probably came as no surprise to those who have seen the band previously the set closer would be what it was, the hard rocking "Another Tear Goes Dry" from the band's limited edition 2012 vinyl debut, "Double Live 45."

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0060)

Stretching the song out to over six minutes with a lengthy mid-song audience participation segment, the band played this one as well as they've ever played it and as they brought the song and the show to an end Arens, Gooby and Baratto stood facing their Kustom backline, feeding back while drummer Cook worked the pace to a frenzied smash ending. As all this was occurring, the band were also suddenly being enveloped in a cloud of fog coming from behind their amps. It looked pretty cool. And with a final "Alri--I-I-I-I-ght!" from ringmaster Brynn, that was that, the band brought their two-set Taste of Minnesota show to an exciting close.

07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0067)

Brynn's once highly regarded and much loved corn dog.
Used. And abused. And tossed aside like some cheap garbage.
Another sad casualty of rock and roll excess.
07-05-14 The Oddfathers @ Taste of MN 2014, Waconia, MN (0066)

Your next chance to see The Oddfathers LIVE in concert is tomorrow night!

"Party In The Park" with The Oddfathers/ The Feds
@ Grandma's In The Park, Hibbing, MN
Doors at 6:00pm
Music at 7:30pm